Skyrim: Stones of Barenziah (unusual gems) & No Stone Unturned quest

IMPORTANT NOTE: Proudspire Manor is no longer accessible with the Fletcher's Key. Unfortunately it got patched in patch 1.9. Now you have to buy the house from Falk Firebeard for 25k septims (the steward in The Blue Palace), after completing quests "The Man Who Cried Wolf" and "Elisif's Tribute".
Stones of Barenziah and the quest "No Stone Unturned" in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The locations of all the 24 stones, and the Crown of Barenziah.
The reward is Prowler's Profit effect, which will increase the amount of gems found in all loot.

Time list of locations in the video:
1. 0:25 - Whiterun - Dragonsreach
2. 2:04 - Solitude - Dainty Sload (ship)
3. 2:49 - Solitude - Reeking Cave (under Thalmor Embassy)
4. 3:33 - Solitude - Blue Palace
5. 3:50 - Solitude - Proudspire Manor (the key glitch wont work anymore, buy the house, link for info:
6. 4:30 - Markarth - Understone Keep (Dwemer Museum)
7. 4:58 - Markarth - Treasury House
8. 5:17 - Markarth - Dead Crone Rock
9. 6:28 - Falkreath - Sunderstone Gorge
10. 7:44 - Falkreath - Pinewatch
11. 8:32 - Falkreath - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (requires starting the DB questline)
12. 10:12 - Windhelm - Palace of the Kings
13. 10:30 - Windhelm - House of Clan Shatter-Shield
14. 10:49 - Windhelm - Stony Creek Cave
15. 11:36 - Windhelm - Ansilvund
16. 14:03 - Riften - Black-Briar Lodge
17. 14:42 - Riften - Mistveil Keep
18. 15:04 - Morthal - Rannveig's Fast
19. 16:08 - Whiterun - Fellglow Keep
20. 16:32 - Whiterun - Jorrvaskr (Companions' headquarters)
21. 16:57 - Whiterun - Hall of the Dead
22. 17:17 - College of Winterhold - Arch-Mage's Quarters (requires playing the 2 first quests)
23. 17:40 - Winterhold - Hob's Fall Cave
24. 18:18 - Winterhold - Yngvild
The Crown of Barenziah - 20:22

- do not obtain all the 24 stones before talking to Vex about the unusual gem. Leave at least one stone unobtained and start the quest. Otherwise the quest will glitch and you can not complete it.
- sometimes the quest will count that you have found more gems than you actually have. For example the quest reports that you have collected 15 stones, even tho you have collected only 13. This will not affect the quest in a negative way, since when its counted to 24 by the quest, you can complete it, even if you havent collected all the 24 stones.
- I recommend not to go to the Tolvad's Cave before this quest sends you there. Otherwise you might not be able to enter the required parts of the cave.
- as a small trivia, the complete crown has 25 stones in it..
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  • Crabby beans

    I stole the key but it won't work

  • Xylarxcode

    The irony of this quest is that, by the time you have completed it, you're most likely so stupidly rich anyway that the additional gold the perk will make you is irrelevant. Who cares if you have a couple hundred thousand gold. You're never gonna spend it all anyway, since there's nothing TO spend it on. Money is only an issue in the early stages of the game and this quest is so long and takes you all over the place that it's impossible to do it and not be at a decent level with a large stash of valuables waiting to be sold already at your disposal.Unless you ignore loot on purpose, but you shouldn't have to handicap yourself just so you could make use of one perk.

  • Barney Quinn

    I trust you aren't considering any... steals key ... thievery

  • sonnie browning

    for anyone like me who has used this video to find them all. i feel like we have been on a journey together and traveled far around skyrim. finally completed this quest and ill drink to that!

  • Daniel Phillips

    I got 21 of them with no guide but I got fed up of trying to find the final 3 and they take up a lot of carry space.

  • AppleJack Arts

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  • hunter goetz

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  • trippleblah

    I've already got 13 but I can't remember where I got them all, so I'm gonna have to go to 13 locations where I've already gotten the stones. Woohoo -_-

  • Lewis White

    For those who are playing the game currently, the key you loot from the solitude fletcher doesnt work anymore. You have to talk to Falk Firebeard in the blue palace, he'll tell you to clear out wolfskull cave, then you have to do a mini quest for jarl elisif were you take king torygg's horn to the shrine of talos. Then finally you become Thane lf solitude and you can buy proudspire manor from Falk Firebeard

  • Rogue Citizen

    Want a supremely easier version of this guide, ready? Ok, go to the first easy to get locations that don't require a quest line or joining a faction shown in this guide, then when you find a stone, go into sneak mode, hover the cursor/cross-hairs over the stone then click/press the button to take/steal as fast as you can. If you can squeeze off 3 taps/clicks per second, the game will reward you with 2-3 additional stones. You should be able to finish the quest much faster and it won't glitch the quest. Have fun, play responsibly. :p

  • Oddie 43

    when you're high the skyrim music is amazing

  • Ink Warden

    That sinking feeling when you somehow missed one but have no idea which location you skipped. Time to run the gauntlet again, let's take it from the top...

  • Mohamed Chibani

    We Khajiits don't steal goods, we borrow them. Killing brother Vasha hurted me a lot. Mai'q, J'Zargo and Vasha were my friends until J'Zargo went to that magician College, until Mai'q start an aventure on the roads of Skyrim and until you killed Vasha. I have nobody left. Kharjo is a nice guy, but he never stays in the same place

  • NICK

    Is it bad that I put 23 hours into skyrim in 3 days? ._.

  • Dante

    24 gems in 24 minutes, coincidence? I THINK NOT

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  • Diamond Rocks 22

    Who here wishes that they can put on the crown

  • cbb88christian

    After all this time now I've got the ultimate edition I've come back to this guide. When I started playing your guides helped me a lot, now they will again. Thanks for all the help!

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  • AVA Sammy

    This is the best guide I've over used in ANY game!

  • Kaleb Spell

    This vid is pretty old, but for anyone seeing this, if you can click or tap fast enough you can get 2 or even 3 stones from 1. It doesn't glitch the quest either ( i just learned that this glitch doesn't not on xbox 360 or ps3, sorry)

  • digitalk jr.

    thanks for informing me that its a total waste of time

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    I got the all and didn't want to cheat so to get the house one I played 8 hours straight getting 25000

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    For the Proudspire manor just complete the 2 quest to be able to buy the Proudspire manor and when you go to buy it and he ask if you want it for 25k say ill take it and as soon as you do that exit out of the conversation and put your gold in the cupboard that is by him and hell give you the key and you wont lose money

  • ToxicDummy

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  • Carnage 50X

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  • Star Strudel

    Any excitement I felt about discovering the first few of those tiny boxed bastards disappeared when I realized that 1) they didnt stack properly, and 2) they were weighing me down and couldn't be removed from my inventory for storage. If I'd found this video sooner, it would've saved me a lot of constipation! Also: thank god for mods.

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    Thank you so much :) I've been looking for these blasted stones forever :) Though the reward seems a bit lame. What did you think of the reward the first time you got it?

  • DexMaster881

    Took me 2 years to do it without the guide. Once I did it I killed whatever can be killed in Riften.Worst quest in Elder scrolls.

  • Aaron Robbins

    thank you so much I found 19 on my own and was going crazy over this quest!this was super helpfu!ROBBINS207420

  • Oliver Turan

    IMPORTANT even though it says take, it counts as stealing if you dint know the person

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    I've never understood what is the point of this quest...We get 24 gems scattered all around the continent and when all of them are collected the reward is a buff that give additional gems from containers and mobs. The stupid thing about it is the only way to get it legitly without cheating with walkthrough using is to just look in all houses in all cities and then clear every dungeon you see so at the point you get all the gems you have became so wickedly rich that money does not matter anymore. If you didn't managed to get so rich you will be so high leveled already that one enchanted item from a dungeon will take all the money of a merchant when you sell it so gems are completely unimportant.

  • survival of the misfits

    It was a pain, thanks for making it easier.

  • Todd Pickens

    You have no idea how much this has helped! I've had 23/24 for two years! But I finally found the last one thanks to your video. The one I didn't have was next to a dragon word wall and I assumed I got it haha. :)

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  • RyanKaufman

    Even having a mod that put quest markers on all the stones made this quest still far too worthless. They could have done something cool with it. I get that no one's going to collect 24 items of bullshit in a giant world, but something would be nice. "Get a crown then get a useless ability" is not great.

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    This helped me soooo much Thank you :D

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    I just went to the place where the crown was without finding any of the gems, but the place to go where the crown is is blocked off by a bunch of rocks, so i used the bucket glitch, and took the crown back to vex and i got the prowlers profit, without getting any of the stones.

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