Skyrim: Stones of Barenziah (unusual gems) & No Stone Unturned quest

IMPORTANT NOTE: Proudspire Manor is no longer accessible with the Fletcher's Key. Unfortunately it got patched in patch 1.9. Now you have to buy the house from Falk Firebeard for 25k septims (the steward in The Blue Palace), after completing quests "The Man Who Cried Wolf" and "Elisif's Tribute".
Stones of Barenziah and the quest "No Stone Unturned" in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The locations of all the 24 stones, and the Crown of Barenziah.
The reward is Prowler's Profit effect, which will increase the amount of gems found in all loot.

Time list of locations in the video:
1. 0:25 - Whiterun - Dragonsreach
2. 2:04 - Solitude - Dainty Sload (ship)
3. 2:49 - Solitude - Reeking Cave (under Thalmor Embassy)
4. 3:33 - Solitude - Blue Palace
5. 3:50 - Solitude - Proudspire Manor (the key glitch wont work anymore, buy the house, link for info:
6. 4:30 - Markarth - Understone Keep (Dwemer Museum)
7. 4:58 - Markarth - Treasury House
8. 5:17 - Markarth - Dead Crone Rock
9. 6:28 - Falkreath - Sunderstone Gorge
10. 7:44 - Falkreath - Pinewatch
11. 8:32 - Falkreath - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (requires starting the DB questline)
12. 10:12 - Windhelm - Palace of the Kings
13. 10:30 - Windhelm - House of Clan Shatter-Shield
14. 10:49 - Windhelm - Stony Creek Cave
15. 11:36 - Windhelm - Ansilvund
16. 14:03 - Riften - Black-Briar Lodge
17. 14:42 - Riften - Mistveil Keep
18. 15:04 - Morthal - Rannveig's Fast
19. 16:08 - Whiterun - Fellglow Keep
20. 16:32 - Whiterun - Jorrvaskr (Companions' headquarters)
21. 16:57 - Whiterun - Hall of the Dead
22. 17:17 - College of Winterhold - Arch-Mage's Quarters (requires playing the 2 first quests)
23. 17:40 - Winterhold - Hob's Fall Cave
24. 18:18 - Winterhold - Yngvild
The Crown of Barenziah - 20:22

- do not obtain all the 24 stones before talking to Vex about the unusual gem. Leave at least one stone unobtained and start the quest. Otherwise the quest will glitch and you can not complete it.
- sometimes the quest will count that you have found more gems than you actually have. For example the quest reports that you have collected 15 stones, even tho you have collected only 13. This will not affect the quest in a negative way, since when its counted to 24 by the quest, you can complete it, even if you havent collected all the 24 stones.
- I recommend not to go to the Tolvad's Cave before this quest sends you there. Otherwise you might not be able to enter the required parts of the cave.
- as a small trivia, the complete crown has 25 stones in it..
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