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Picking a race in Skyrim can feel a bit overwhelming, but once you find that perfect fit between you and your avatar...MAGIC is born!!!! Join Jacob and The Leaderboard as we walkthrough each race’s traits, abilities and ultimately, What Your Skyrim race Says About YOU!


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Research by: David Jenkins
Written by: David Jenkins
Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson
Edited by: David Jenkins, Nicky Fung

Graphics and Thumbnail: Alex Batchelor, Elvin Apolonio
Channel Manager: Darrian P. Mack
Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen

Music Provided by Epidemic Sound:
ES_Battle - Johan Hynynen
ES_Dark Path - Johan Hynynen
ES_Have To Go Home - Magnus Ringblom
ES_Lord Of Dance 3 - Johannes Bornlöf
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ES_Welcome To The Djungle - Magnus Ringblom

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  • FudgeMuppet

    You must be a Khajiit because you're good at stealing a tonne of our footage for use throughout this entire video without permission. Not cool. ;)

  • Groundbreak Games

    My family were Vikings. There is only one race to play.

  • Whoopedy Doo Dooders

    Vegan is life for Wood Elves? They are cannibals, sir.

  • Ondolemar

    What if I told youYour Skyrim Race didn't really mean anything because they're character models on a screen that can be used in any way the player wishes?

  • G Melford

    Bosmer are the complete opposite of vegans!They’re eat meat only.

  • BADCompanySarge

    Interesting to see footage from my builds here. Sure would have been nice to ask me if they could take my footage and use it before actually making and publishing the video.

  • Jess Smith

    Fun fact, Bosmer, due to their pact with their forest god are purely carnivorous. They are not allowed to harm or harvest anything from the forest plant life. So they eat only the other living animals and another fun fact one another. They are one of the only races where cannibalism is accepted and by their meat mandate required. So yeah, we are not as granola as you think

  • Sub-Par Asmr

    Wood elves are actually carnivores

  • your mom

    i just play khajiit because i like cats.edit: yes i also like using claws as combat weapon, way better than early weapons anyway lol

  • Tarvoc

    3:03 - "For you, vegan is life."...Dude, the Bosmer aren't just proficient hunters, some of them are goddamn cannibals. In fact, doesn't their moral code prohibit them from eating plants or something?

  • Agustin Caniulao

    This one is a khajiit. Yet this one hates zootopia

  • BDD

    Half of the footage is from the channel "fudgemuppet".And you didn't even put the into the description

  • JustinNathy

    Khajitt main here. Which is odd considering I hate cats passionately. They just have such a rich culture, and I feel like most of them get unfairly labeled as uneducated or untrustworthy. Makes me wanna represent ✌🏼

  • Sammythesleebs DORK FACE!!!!!!

    i went for kajiit because cats look cool

  • Kayana Koe

    "For you, Bosmer, vegan is life!" [Bosmer are legally bound to be carnivorous]

  • ItsDarkzzz

    My main race is dark elves

  • Behr Judysson

    I play as a Nord mainly. For me it has to do with ancestry. So the pride part was spot on, but not the rest. I hated sports growing up. Other than that, great vid. May the Allfather protect y'all.

  • Myriam Ouellet

    1:43 they are also immune to every disease ever, so Hey! NO ASTHMA! I DIED

  • Tyrannosaurus rex

    You could of gone with Goth jokes with the dark elf mcr isn’t Goth for those of you who don’t know

  • missymuffin

    this is basically a buzzfeed video- awfully poor comedy- pretty much 0 research- stolen content

  • Nivag Nadrog

    It's sad that I play bosmer yet this guy knows nothing about bosmers.

  • Thomas Otten

    So apparently I like Zootopia and live in Florida

  • Nathan Rod

    ...I-I-I’m not a furry. ...But I did like zootopia... hmm...

  • XxDark Blade

    I was a khajiit and that does not sound anything like me accept that animal part

  • Lava Cookie

    I'm not saying what race I play but you better not call me a furryEdit: screw you


    Bosmer only eat meat. This was poorly researched

  • Jango Yifftail

    My main is a Khajiit mage... you got the part about being a Furry right anyway. lolz

  • Charmader Orange

    I️ play a kajiit because they make good thieves, and I️ don’t need to waste money on a dagger until upper levels.

  • Spuzateek


  • secretlyA melon


  • Vicky099 •

    I use the Imperials sometimes because Oblivion was my childhood fav game and I usually use kahijt because i like cats and they are cool and argonians are crocodiles, witch is cool.... Dark elves look evil

  • CliffJumper gaming

    i am argonian because argonians are my homies

  • TWS Live

    I’m wood elf for the reason that I’m a thief and an archer. Which are both pros for wood elves.

  • Dark Studios

    This is highly inaccurate. I always am a Khajiit way before Zootopia came out and I love certain races because of buffs I get as them.And Khajiit are just awesome in general.You non-sneaky thief.

  • For The People

    Video: You're cool...Me: Raise eyebrow.Video: You listen to jazz and don't brag about it.Me: (facepalm) Stuck in the 60s I guess.

  • Red Green

    Argonian: You like a combination thief/warrior play-style. Sneaking up on people and taking their stuff might as well be the whole game to you. And should you need self defense, you've always got your trusty bow to take out people from a safe distance.Breton: You value efficiency in your game... or maybe you just got blasted by mages one too many times. Either way, that magic resistance is one of the main reasons you chose this race. That and their natural conjuration ability for your sweet, sweet bound bow that pairs so excellently with your stealth.Dark Elf: You got into the Elder Scrolls with Morrowind and you spent Skyrim trying to recapture the nostalgia of those days. Sneaking around somewhat recaptures those feelings but the game has changed and before long, you begin to make new fond memories taking out foes from afar with your trusty bow.High Elf: Magic, magic, magic, magic. It's all about the magic for you. What else is there to the game but charging up that magicka, enchanting up your bow, and sneaking around as a stealth archer.Imperial: You don't want to be held down by any kind of play-style. With that strange but useful passive, you don't feel tied down to a class and are free to hone any skill you want. Be it stealth or archery or both.Khajiit: Why worry about play-styles when you can be a sexy cat. You may not be a furry, but who doesn't love cats... especially humanoid cats. You may be a furry. Regardless, no one will have time to laugh at you as you unleash devastating stealthy strikes from you bow, killing them where they stand.Nord: Magic is for chumps and thieving is for losers. You are a proud and true warrior to the cold-resistant bone. You're quick to rush into battle but it wont matter, as no one will see you coming due to your stealth and you mow down everyone with your bow.Orc: And odd choice to be sure, but you know what you're doing. You like a challenge and, while the Orsimer lack the appropriate starting skills, by level 15 you are already the seasoned stealth archer you knew you could be.Redguard: Umm... I don't know anyone who plays as a Redguard, so I'm not sure. To be honest I kind of forgot they were a playable race. Well, no matter why you chose this race, god knows you're gonna be a stealth archer.

  • guy Overthere

    Silk pijam- how did he know?!

  • Jasmine Williams

    The imperial is so me!😂

  • fauklaw

    You know nothing about bosmer, being a vegan in their culture is a literal crime

  • Starski Bodewig

    Your wrong about everything

  • fnaf jaden

    That is correct I'm a agagoin and I save a lot of gold

  • Melanie Hull

    I play as an Orc called Kilora, shes badass, she cool and I choose her because Orcs are cool. I am nothing like your description of a player of a Orc. I am a introvert, I stay inside rather then see the "sun", I prefer to fight with words because I'm a fat weakling and fighting with words is the only why I could win a fight, I were baggy tops, with baggy jeans- cuz fatness and I think I'm fairly smart- I love books, fantasy and sci-fi and mannnnn I love peace and quiet, no conflict-nothing. I guess what I'm trying to say is= you can be what ever you want to be and anyway most people I knew who play Skyrim choose their character because of character stats or imaged story proposes or eye candy- whatever. :)

  • Hazzball Gaming

    I was actually hoping you'd say "you chose to become a wood elf because you watched bear gryll's survival documentaries as a kid and it really inspired you. And when you manage to save up enough money for a VR device you'll get skyrim vr to feel the true experience of survivalism." or something along those lines. shame.

  • princessbinas

    I play Altmer because I like playing as elves when I can. The bonus is also solid in my opinion. As for money, I bought houses to give myself more space for what I find in dungeons like ebony armor and ebony weapons. I also help NPCs when I can, which is often.

  • anti brony master race

    I picked the imperial because I love the idea of bringing order under a giant empire. I also wanted the blonde blue eyed nord look while still having the Italian aesthetic.

  • Esper

    I play as a Khajiit, and what you said as like 30% true, but that's because i sometimes play as a argoniion (I spelt that wrong) and dark elves and what you said for them was also like, 30% true so... I'm weird

  • FireRaptor220

    me a dark elf optimist who chose the race just to explode and burn down everything

  • Ares

    lmao....I just picked a Redgaurd becuase I'm black

  • Ale Pinilih

    Soo the bretons are Barney Stinson

  • Uruburus

    No dragon race? well i guess argonian will do

  • Skylinestar Skyfer

    Im red gaurd but i like rock more than jazz

  • Mario Thompson

    i knew there was a reason i love playing orcs loledit: in skyrim anyway.

  • pyromaniac000000

    You literally did ZERO research on this did you? Wood elves? Vegan? They only eat meat, even eating other wood elves!

  • 101 wiz

    I'm a khajiit=furry and as a khajiit I can confirm that

  • daredevil in a suit

    I'm an imperial assassin archer. What does that mean???


    KAJITS FOREVERwell I was ok about zootopia

  • Gilles Touré

    I'm Argonian, and all you got mildly right was that I like lizards, but I don't enjoy them too much.

  • The duck Is Lit

    Should I change to The Lizard Is Lit?

  • No u

    The wood elves only eat meat normally They eat the people that they kill when in valynwood

  • Starski Bodewig

    I hate zootopia too btw

  • Edith Brown

    Race redguard you got it right

  • Chloe Dropbear


  • ImaginedFoil 335

    I picked Imperial because of the extra coins. You can never have enough

  • Kurai Konekoi

    Actually I chose Khajiit because I have owned cats all my life and cats are one of my favorite animals. Not to mention their culture has roots in egyptian, arabic, and even some middle eastern cultures which I happen to have interests in. I support furries, but am not one myself. Quite honestly most of this was not true and I would of thrown different traits in with each race, but it was still a good video so good job. On a side note if choosing khajiit means you are a furry than you know what argonians should not get off easy either since they are yet another anthropomorphised animal just they don't have fur they have scales instead. XD I liked the Orc and the Dark Elf one XD

  • Kerrie Rivers

    Ok. While all that seems logical as a base assumption on the characters already in play...I'm altmer, but for the fact that I play a good dragonborn and think it's awesome to be the one thing that people can hate the most but be the person who saves people instead of destroying them, for me it makes a great story/game. I also only wear workers clothes, I don't do armour... Or 'fancy robes' I'm pretty sure you'll find the same story a lot with others and their races not being what's expected.

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