5 Mods you NEED to make Skyrim SE awesome on Xbox One!
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  • Niggatron 3000

    not to be rude but rather than just seeing you talk for 80% of the video maybe you could just show a bit more of gameplay with the mods. please.

  • Tim Larkin

    The 5GB limit may be increased in the future. Mods are new to console, so they are taking baby steps.

  • GameSlimia

    When you want mods. But you also care about achievements

  • Hawk Bear

    You have really pretty blue eyes. Still not subbing.

  • Jay Large

    I do wish mods didn't cancel out achievements

  • Kieran Jones


  • naywils

    PC has the same mod menu in game with all the same mods, still better to use a manager though.

  • Wisp

    just remember if you put any mods on you wont get any achievements

  • TheJackalPhantom

    PC has a ingame mod page too, also Nexus mod managers is easy peasy ;)

  • Floral Lotus

    I know im not the only one that sees that dead pixel or piece of dust on her hair the entire time, I wiped my screen for minutes

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Dunno why but I've noticed that all Brits pronounce Bethesda, Bethesder

  • White Hyde

    I will do mods after done with achievements. only half way because I'm chill! ;)

  • Daniel Araya

    Is there a xbox one mod to hide headgear?

  • Pure Gaming

    Wow Xbox looks so much better than playstation... sony what have you done?!

  • Spirit531

    im genuinely pissed these texture and shader mods arent on ps4

  • Zach Rogers (Z Soul)

    Ugh... can't believe I got banned on Xbox over GTA 5 lmao I've switched to PS4 and now Sony is butt hurt about mods!!! This really can't get any worse lol

  • Dalton K

    Nice, going to try some of these out now. Cute dog.

  • Julia-6

    Thanks. I've added a bunch of mods last night. I'll add these. I'd recommend adding Ars Metallica, too.

  • Our Tale

    How can you be 27 and look soooo young, btw your beautiful @.@

  • Masterown35

    Bethesda really failed with this IMO. They could have do so much better in remastering the game

  • The Daedra

    Just discovered your channel and wow, you need to definitely cosplay Ciri from Witcher 3.

  • snuppiioo1

    The women mods are interesting but i don't think it is really a good immersion to have a warrior, etc. looking like supermodels.

  • Billy 2 Smooth

    thx a million I didn't think these graphical enhancement mods work doable One console this completely changed the way my game looks even your video doesn't give it justice the game is quite gorgeous now. I'm so glad I got this game on Xbox One S instead of my PS4 Pro that I got on the way because even though the PS4 Pro can run this game and Native 4K it doesn't have the mod so it won't look as good

  • DoKkU NeKkU

    I think modding on pc would be easier

  • YoLo FaDeZ

    Does anyone know that the cheat room is an amazing mod

  • Nathan Shabdolt

    why did the mushroom get invited to the party ? cos he was a fungi (funguy) :D

  • ervin simonian

    do mods disable trophies?

  • J05H.M

    What is this title it's so messed up

  • jason c

    You're such a better you tuber then your dickhead boyfriend

  • Gregory Gregson

    With the Adorable Females mod, can anyone point me in the direction of a similar for the PC version of SSE?

  • Alec Fortescue

    They removed killable children.. :{

  • BeenTrill Brandon

    Are there regular gamer girls??? I'm talking about girls who just play games and go about there business, or do they all follow the same exact Pokémon anime stereotype?

  • Alex Jackson

    This was so helpful. Installed all of the above. Game looks superb. Thanks a bunch <3

  • Peep

    We need a mod on Xbox that lets you re create your character like showracemenu command

  • WiffyLight

    Thank you for making this. A lot of people don't show comparisons. Good job

  • RIchard Gomez

    Actually tools like LOOT make modding a whole lot easier.

  • Gamer Elin Girl Gothic

    You don't have to go Galathil to change your character face and download house mod for whiterun that you bought before


    How do you level up after level 81 on PS4

  • Gold Roger

    Few  mods that should be used.. idk if they even exist on xbox but it's the ''better killing animation and realistic blood (or something like that)

  • Dream Villain

    What are external assets and why does PS4 not allow them? Also does anyone honestly think PS4 will ever have access to mods using them?

  • Chillhelm der Breite

    Is there a mod for darker nights on consoles? I actually don't have to care, since I'm on PC, but it would pretty much suck if you didn't have access to that.

  • Emiliano Zapata

    is there a mod for holding more inventory on xbox?

  • Kat5uki

    How did she manage to get the BJIN mod running? I downloaded the "All in one" and it makes some of my characters like this: https://gyazo.com/d1a94be608feda7ea3198c7a1e7eb2a0 I tried looking for the required mods but all I could find were the usual Skyrim versions of the other mods. Any suggestions?

  • zacchh “krazyzach” aldridge

    PC makes these mods look so sad. And 5GB cap wtf that is insanee. i have 136GBs of mods and im not even finnished how can they expect console gamers to expericence skyrim to the max like PC gamers when they are out of storage after 10 mods😂 GG feelsbadman

  • WhosFaulty

    What’s the point when it disables achievements.

  • ronald knutson

    the first one is useless too me because I play khajiit );

  • KD Sweets

    Wish Bethesda would allow graphic improvement mods and character improvement mods and still allow us to get achievements as they don't really effect the game to much!

  • Douglas Rau

    This is literally the first thing I have seen that has made me wish I owned an X-Box One.

  • Mr Wolfman

    Sorry but "to make skyrim looks amazing" anyway great video have a good day, make more videos! And ples reply to Instagram DMs or at least read them ples, yours sincerely a good fan, Alessandro.

  • TheMasterGurra

    clare do you have a dead pixel on your recording software becuse its bugging me allot

  • Q&A Gaming

    Girls should be banned from games. It's just a phase you cancerous shot

  • Jason Infantry

    SPOILER ALERT!!!! Don't watch #5

  • Squirtle

    What is that tall blue oval thing in the left corner of your room? A speaker?

  • Julia Buettner

    Omfg a girl youtuber who plays video games! I'm so subscribing

  • WarthogDriver99

    Why is the video so long.... Just make it 10 minutes and show the difference between them


    Like or die sub for 90 years of good luck

  • Kain Locklave

    The PC interface with mods is exactly the same, not sure why she's saying it's more complex.

  • Kalfax plays

    sorry.. but u can't make xbox one's skyrim look amazing.. u need a pc for that.

  • periurban

    All of these also work fine on PC.

  • LaZe VIRAL

    what order should I download them in ?

  • Kingin C

    Could I find these mods on ps4 skyrim: Special Edition?

  • Lucky Shot Films


  • kangee

    Thanks for the tips, but seriously? No spoiler warning?! you just spoiled the ending of the entire game! sigh..... great

  • Silent Gam3r

    is this on ps4 aswell

  • Omar Natour

    Is your face a mod Clare?

  • Aaron White

    Is there a mod to make the xbox one graphics look more like ps4?

  • Steven Swift

    Pretty sure eevee did a pee on your couch 😂

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