5 Mods you NEED to make Skyrim SE awesome on Xbox One!
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  • Niggatron 3000

    not to be rude but rather than just seeing you talk for 80% of the video maybe you could just show a bit more of gameplay with the mods. please.

  • GameSlimia

    When you want mods. But you also care about achievements

  • Jay Large

    I do wish mods didn't cancel out achievements

  • Tim Larkin

    The 5GB limit may be increased in the future. Mods are new to console, so they are taking baby steps.

  • TheJackalPhantom

    PC has a ingame mod page too, also Nexus mod managers is easy peasy ;)

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Dunno why but I've noticed that all Brits pronounce Bethesda, Bethesder

  • Pure Gaming

    Wow Xbox looks so much better than playstation... sony what have you done?!

  • Hawk DA Bear

    You have really pretty blue eyes. Still not subbing.

  • naywils

    PC has the same mod menu in game with all the same mods, still better to use a manager though.

  • Floral Lotus

    I know im not the only one that sees that dead pixel or piece of dust on her hair the entire time, I wiped my screen for minutes

  • Kieran Jones


  • Daniel Araya

    Is there a xbox one mod to hide headgear?

  • Spirit531

    im genuinely pissed these texture and shader mods arent on ps4

  • BeenTrill Brandon

    Are there regular gamer girls??? I'm talking about girls who just play games and go about there business, or do they all follow the same exact Pokémon anime stereotype?

  • Masterown35

    Bethesda really failed with this IMO. They could have do so much better in remastering the game

  • Zach A

    PC makes these mods look so sad. And 5GB cap wtf that is insanee. i have 136GBs of mods and im not even finnished how can they expect console gamers to expericence skyrim to the max like PC gamers when they are out of storage after 10 mods😂 GG feelsbadman

  • ashy 420

    I love her! She is like me and it's great.

  • The Marine708

    Wait you cant get achievements with mods...

  • Emiliano Zapata

    is there a mod for holding more inventory on xbox?

  • Remus Ultor

    Thanks for this video, it really helped me.

  • Mike Oxlarge

    I feel like people who don't play on PC are incompitent."It's so easy to mod on xbox, you don't need to download a certain program"Like, Modding is so much better on PC.Oh well, what did I expect? Peasants will always be peasants.

  • Aaron Korthout

    I have all of these mods. I would recommend them ALL. They are SO WORTH IT!

  • Jackson Johns

    she looks like Miley Cyrus

  • Amber Lilly

    Pc gamers are just looking at the remaster like 😂 also got it for free so that's a plus

  • William S.

    I don't want to watch a girl with contacts talk about 5 mods in 16mins, can you please leave a list of the mods in the description?

  • scatman Gutierrez

    are you a breton in real life?

  • ervin simonian

    do mods disable trophies?

  • DoKkU NeKkU

    I think modding on pc would be easier

  • Peep

    We need a mod on Xbox that lets you re create your character like showracemenu command

  • The Daedra

    Just discovered your channel and wow, you need to definitely cosplay Ciri from Witcher 3.

  • nιĸarυ raιden avavel

    The Mods for the females aren't working for me. I added one mod which was the god mode ring, Sheogorth's Cheat menu, and Alternative Start, but the Mods aren't working for the Female looks anyone know what I should do? e.e

  • Mason Perkins

    is her dog wearing underwear at 2:45

  • WiffyLight

    Thank you for making this. A lot of people don't show comparisons. Good job

  • KrisPeeBacon

    Lol love how she's Ali-A's girlfriend yet unfortunately she doesnt have as many subs as him D:

  • Kaisian

    Goddamnit PlayStation. I used to think you were cool 😂

  • Kevin Schaper

    I know this has nothing to do with anything you talked about but your eyes and complexion are amazing. I'm glad you do these mod vids

  • Gbemi Aiyewumi

    Awesome vidOverlooked a lot of these mods but I'm definitely gonna try them out now

  • Gregory Gregson

    With the Adorable Females mod, can anyone point me in the direction of a similar for the PC version of SSE?

  • Taylor Minato

    2:40 That was a dog??? I thought it was a stuffy xD

  • Burning_Dorito

    My game looks better than Tim Larkin's pony tail Thank youy

  • Rafael Burgos

    8:54 or u can cover her in dwarven armor

  • FrostKratos

    skip to 4:33 to a her list. btw i don't get why "adorable female" is a stupid name since that's what the mod actually does

  • Corey Johnston

    I recommend Realistic Waters Two and Alternate Start also.

  • Little pretty psycho gamer girl Gothic

    You don't have to go Galathil to change your character face and download house mod for whiterun that you bought before

  • ronald knutson

    the first one is useless too me because I play khajiit );

  • kura malik

    wow you are so pretty in this video. i love your smile 😍

  • Pika Pika

    The pikachu in the back was a little intimidating....

  • Gabriel Cesar

    SMIM works with Skyrim Graphic Overhaul?

  • MT Martinez

    thank you for this great explanation of the mods!

  • Alec Fortescue

    They removed killable children.. :{

  • M.Rizal Fahmi

    what name a mod for make lydia good face

  • Gavin Turner

    this video was dubbed with Hermione's voice huh?

  • Super Cat

    I'd have cheat room installed for the ease of character creation.

  • Skyrim Rules!

    can the hair mod work for khajiit races?

  • g0dk1ller123

    5gb limit, hahaha that's cute. I have more than that with just hair mods which is already 6gb worth of HDD space xD (I have no life...)

  • Tropical Sunset

    this was really helpful thank you Clare 😊😊

  • Chandler Pate

    a wild pup has appeared

  • O A

    the faces and hands skin is alot more different to the body even with body mods

  • XxLilBoiOlliexX

    Hmm...How in the world do I have 8GB in my Xbox for Skyrim SE? I have one of those Xbox packages w/ Minecraft what're they called?

  • Abigail Moore

    By the way you need the dawn guard pack to get your face changed. If you don't have it she won't be in the sewers.

  • Dream Villain

    What are external assets and why does PS4 not allow them? Also does anyone honestly think PS4 will ever have access to mods using them?

  • BeastMastuh 64

    the mouth looks awfull with those mods

  • dantae666

    please put warnings on story spoilers thank you

  • Gold Roger

    Few  mods that should be used.. idk if they even exist on xbox but it's the ''better killing animation and realistic blood (or something like that)

  • Milen Tanev

    ty a lot.I was looking for a mod that makes characters more realistic and not like a potato or a pornstar.

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