5 Mods you NEED to make Skyrim SE awesome on Xbox One!
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  • Star Wars Legacy

    I found your channel from your first Skyrim Special Edition video and eversince I have been really enjoying your Skyrim content. Really well done, keep up the great work Clare!

  • GameSlimia

    When you want mods. But you also care about achievements

  • Floral Lotus

    I know im not the only one that sees that dead pixel or piece of dust on her hair the entire time, I wiped my screen for minutes

  • lxl KHARMA lxl

    1. Adorable females, Natural eyes, KS Hairdos Lite.2. Wet and Cold.3. Project hippie.4. Vivid Weathers.5. is a spoiler, watch at your own risk.2 out of the list she recommended are Static mesh improvement mod SE and Unofficial Skyrim Special edition patch.Have fun.

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Dunno why but I've noticed that all Brits pronounce Bethesda, Bethesder

  • Kelpo

    a hot girl talking about skyrim huh?I'll keep watching

  • Gerald L

    Why do people insist on spewing incorrect facts without taking five seconds to Google and check if what they are saying is right or wrong? PC has the exact same mod menu. It is incredibly easy to Google these things and save yourself from looking like an idiot.Some people just do not deserve technology.Also, stop shouting into the mic, incredibly annoying to listen to.

  • Jason Infantry

    SPOILER ALERT!!!! Don't watch #5

  • Pure Gaming

    Wow Xbox looks so much better than playstation... sony what have you done?!

  • Tim Larkin

    The 5GB limit may be increased in the future. Mods are new to console, so they are taking baby steps.

  • The Daedra

    Just discovered your channel and wow, you need to definitely cosplay Ciri from Witcher 3.

  • Trinity

    Thanks for the tips, but seriously? No spoiler warning?! you just spoiled the ending of the entire game! sigh..... great

  • Juggled Lotus

    Yes you are very pretty. But you have way too much face time for a mod video. I was skipping ahead to find out what is even in the video but several times it's back to your face. Kind of makes me want to bop you one, but that's just me.

  • Julia-6

    Thanks. I've added a bunch of mods last night. I'll add these. I'd recommend adding Ars Metallica, too.

  • Jay Large

    I do wish mods didn't cancel out achievements

  • Jide_

    her "some PC users have over 150 GB of mods"me"no we don... (I look at my nexus mod manger) never mind then"

  • rogermcpapa _

    she look like she got coffee breath

  • dantae666

    please put warnings on story spoilers thank you

  • DarthPingu07

    it's about time the Dragonborn grew some nuts. Personally, i'm shouting Delphine off that mountain. I can't stand her. Such an arrogant POS who does naff all yet questions the PC? Gtfo. ughh lol

  • Bernard Black

    too much talk not enough skyrim footage. I think people want to see relative pics/vids rather than you talking.

  • Irish

    Its very irritating that you make a mod video and dont link any mods in the description.

  • FBMxLiKeAbuddee

    So my j'zargo died... I thought cats had nine lives or something.

  • Daniel Araya

    Is there a xbox one mod to hide headgear?

  • Austin Yattaw

    lol jk skyrim just got added

  • Alex Alexandru

    Clare, You eyes are gorgeous! Skyrim Hottie!

  • DoKkU NeKkU

    I think modding on pc would be easier

  • Im Mihawk

    I want to use the graphic mod and the patch but that will disable the trophies

  • Ajax Elste

    "Some PC moders will have 100 gigs of Skyrim mods" That is so me. 😆

  • Kevin Michaels

    Why punish pc gamers by preventing achievements when we've had the console commands since day 1? :S

  • TheJackalPhantom

    PC has a ingame mod page too, also Nexus mod managers is easy peasy ;)

  • Gold Roger

    Few  mods that should be used.. idk if they even exist on xbox but it's the ''better killing animation and realistic blood (or something like that)

  • Bill Shull

    You did a great job on the video btw.

  • Kain Locklave

    The PC interface with mods is exactly the same, not sure why she's saying it's more complex.

  • Ryan Prasad

    Video starts at 2:12 you will thank me later

  • PATE Gom

    Do you think Clare Siobhan looks beautiful for you?

  • Dildo Cumfart

    is it Just me or does her face just look punchable

  • Zach A

    PC makes these mods look so sad. And 5GB cap wtf that is insanee. i have 136GBs of mods and im not even finnished how can they expect console gamers to expericence skyrim to the max like PC gamers when they are out of storage after 10 mods😂 GG feelsbadman

  • Raven I prefer it

    yes a girl gamer it's time I was lonely!

  • NightsGamingHD01

    the mod version is great on pc with the special edition not just xbox

  • Scott S.

    Fyi you can load mods the exact same way on PC. Although, why would you want to?

  • naywils

    PC has the same mod menu in game with all the same mods, still better to use a manager though.

  • Thijs van Abs

    You can also use the cheat mod that lets you change your appearance and a lot more. A more easy and more convenient way. :)

  • Sher Shah

    All Skyrim players will get likes, because I love Skyrim!

  • Oskar Jones

    Your cool... I will sub

  • Savanna Merino

    I love you, this is amazing!!

  • kahf dija

    All of these improvements just made me realize how lazy Bethesda is, relying on players to mod their game and do the polishing for them

  • Jake

    the dog... the dog made me sub

  • SealthruX

    Console peasants hahaha

  • Wisp

    just remember if you put any mods on you wont get any achievements

  • TrigrHoppi

    what i dont understand is why is it easier for modders to give us amazing textures and features yet Bethesda doesnt put as much effort in. Granted they improved alot in Fallout 4 but it just annoys me that it takes fans to make the game better for the rest of us.

  • KryptonicMatter

    Who else thinks that modded Lydia in the thumbnail looks like Enid from The Walking Dead?

  • William Wallace

    These Mods really changed my game "Dramatically" well "Lass", thank u.

  • Our Tale

    How can you be 27 and look soooo young, btw your beautiful @.@

  • Alpha or Elite

    The mods are nice but it disables your achievments, and its better than fallout 4 because you can have 5 G on skyrim and 2 G on fallout 4

  • Spocklee

    were you moded with the adorable females mod

  • Eric McQuisten

    Yep... its dem eyes!Wow - just makes you smile!

  • Battling Cookie

    My bday getting skyrim tomorrow can't wait :)

  • Jack Marlow

    Ew God. The female ones look godawful. They look plastic and fake.

  • MrMisterMan


  • White Hyde

    I will do mods after done with achievements. only half way because I'm chill! ;)

  • carmelo oquendo


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