5 Mods you NEED to make Skyrim SE awesome on Xbox One!
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  • Niggatron 3000

    not to be rude but rather than just seeing you talk for 80% of the video maybe you could just show a bit more of gameplay with the mods. please.

  • Jay Large

    I do wish mods didn't cancel out achievements

  • Tim Larkin

    The 5GB limit may be increased in the future. Mods are new to console, so they are taking baby steps.

  • GameSlimia

    When you want mods. But you also care about achievements

  • justin snyder

    Installing mods on the PC for Skyrim SE is the exact same for Xbone.

  • naywils

    PC has the same mod menu in game with all the same mods, still better to use a manager though.

  • Hawk DA Bear

    You have really pretty blue eyes. Still not subbing.

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Dunno why but I've noticed that all Brits pronounce Bethesda, Bethesder

  • Pure Gaming

    Wow Xbox looks so much better than playstation... sony what have you done?!

  • Daniel Araya

    Is there a xbox one mod to hide headgear?

  • SpidyBoyyo

    im genuinely pissed these texture and shader mods arent on ps4

  • Shelby Ortega

    Are mods free on Xbox one for skyrim??

  • BeenTrill Brandon

    Are there regular gamer girls??? I'm talking about girls who just play games and go about there business, or do they all follow the same exact Pokémon anime stereotype?

  • ashy 420

    I love her! She is like me and it's great.

  • Aaron Korthout

    I have all of these mods. I would recommend them ALL. They are SO WORTH IT!

  • Cornellien Pégasus

    mon frelix j'ai bien kiffé ta vidéo

  • Nightcrawler 235

    do i have to be online to activate the mods?

  • ryan cuttingham

    she looks like Miley Cyrus

  • Mike Oxlarge

    I feel like people who don't play on PC are incompitent."It's so easy to mod on xbox, you don't need to download a certain program"Like, Modding is so much better on PC.Oh well, what did I expect? Peasants will always be peasants.

  • Tales Of A Penguin


  • William S.

    I don't want to watch a girl with contacts talk about 5 mods in 16mins, can you please leave a list of the mods in the description?

  • James Blue

    I guess no one will tell me so I'll have to hope there not bad for my Xbox one 😞

  • kakashii sanchez

    Love the video and guess I'll stick around to see more mods

  • Masterown35

    Bethesda really failed with this IMO. They could have do so much better in remastering the game

  • UndBecks

    Could you list the mods in the description?

  • Savanna Merino

    I always want to improve my characters!!! THANKS

  • Brian Schmeltzer

    2:45 dog jumps into oblivion

  • thefaithfull Bataringa

    thanks clare just downloaded these my game looks fantastic

  • Raven I prefer it

    yes a girl gamer it's time I was lonely!

  • nickolas pearce

    play the flash / speedster mod it is for xbox one and PC

  • Andrey Marik

    I not understyt, я не понимаю ( аааа

  • Aydensunnyshine 45



    i know this is out of the page but... I love this girl's eyes <3

  • David Acosta

    oh god, did not expect the spoiler at the end there

  • Spocklee

    were you moded with the adorable females mod

  • Joshua Woodall

    These mods are very popular, every body everywhere says to get these, guess I'll jump on the band wagon.

  • Rainbow Dreemurr

    When you see a pup in the background all focus on pupper

  • mrsniper12333

    why does she look like roman atwood's wife..?

  • Mason Perkins

    is her dog wearing underwear at 2:45

  • Savanna Merino

    I love you, this is amazing!!

  • ervin simonian

    do mods disable trophies?

  • KrisPeeBacon

    Lol love how she's Ali-A's girlfriend yet unfortunately she doesnt have as many subs as him D:

  • Kaisian

    Goddamnit PlayStation. I used to think you were cool 😂

  • Taylor Minato

    2:40 That was a dog??? I thought it was a stuffy xD

  • TheUnknownTurtle

    My game looks better than Tim Larkin's pony tail Thank youy

  • Gbemi Aiyewumi

    Awesome vidOverlooked a lot of these mods but I'm definitely gonna try them out now

  • Nicholas Vanderveen

    Clare Siobhan If your using nexus on pc, what mods do you use for females along with Apachii, I couldnt find natural eyes or adorable females for skyrim se on nexus.

  • FRESH tidez

    project hippie fucked up the water and brings back the 2011 versions water so i got rid of it and jks skyrim keeps being uploaded and deleted again but i have it again

  • Corey Johnston

    I recommend Realistic Waters Two and Alternate Start also.

  • Zach A

    PC makes these mods look so sad. And 5GB cap wtf that is insanee. i have 136GBs of mods and im not even finnished how can they expect console gamers to expericence skyrim to the max like PC gamers when they are out of storage after 10 mods😂 GG feelsbadman

  • Ron the Bird

    the mouth looks awfull with those mods

  • Rainbow Dreemurr

    Do the men at least have man buns?!

  • Rafael Burgos

    8:54 or u can cover her in dwarven armor

  • FrostKratos

    skip to 4:33 to a her list. btw i don't get why "adorable female" is a stupid name since that's what the mod actually does

  • Gabriel Cesar

    SMIM works with Skyrim Graphic Overhaul?

  • MT Martinez

    thank you for this great explanation of the mods!

  • Gavin Brunk

    The pikachu in the back was a little intimidating....

  • Gavin Turner

    this video was dubbed with Hermione's voice huh?

  • M.Rizal Fahmi

    what name a mod for make lydia good face

  • g0dk1ller123

    5gb limit, hahaha that's cute. I have more than that with just hair mods which is already 6gb worth of HDD space xD (I have no life...)

  • James Blue

    hey clare I wanna start using mods for Skyrim I wanna use mods to help make the game look better and sound better and stuff like that and some other mods for armor and that kind of stuff , we talk before but I honestly forgot everything you told me I ended up going through some stuff and didnt start yet and now I forgot everything can you please help me again🙁

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