Skyrim - All Rare & Unique Spells


In this video I run through ALL Unique Spells in Skyrim. Things get a tad silly.
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • Cars Simplified

    I haven't gotten deep into mage territory in Skyrim, so a lot of these I have never seen before. I think the most obscure spell I ever used was transmute ore.

  • Asil Veral

    the way you announce the magicka costs makes this video seem like an infomercial for old wizards

  • Malteester

    Starts game: "I'm going to play a stealth-Mage archer, relying on speed and stealth!"10 mins later: "yeah, now I'm a two handed heavy armour tank."

  • Irish Fries

    Camel:summons seeker Camel:this is Kim Kardashians final form Me:dead

  • xShadows

    So you can cast a few spells, am I supposed to be impressed?

  • danos devlin

    Most of these aren't unique spells, no details to get the spells at all and just pure filler through out the video that goes on for an excruciating amount of time. Poor video

  • Greg Putnam

    So a lot of these are with the Dawngaurd or Dragonborn DLC

  • Timpin D.

    Dead/dread thrall is by far one of my favorites, because if you don’t feel like carrying a lot, you can put a lot of heavy things in a dead person’s inventory, then reanimate them with no penalty. When you want the things back, just kill the thrall, take the stuff, and reanimate when finished.

  • tybot866

    Turn undead isnt unique... I find it litterally everywhere...

  • J. E. H.

    How many unique spells are in morrowind?Unlimited

  • Julius Mol

    6:18 "This is kim Kardashian's final form" You sir earned my upvote

  • Secunda

    The Vision of the Tenth Eye spell is actually quite handy to use when you're exploring dark rooms in Keeps and stuff when looking for chests or anything lying around, it's like using the Khajiit power to see in the dark, that's what I use it for anyway as I'm not a Khajiit and have shitty non-fabulous eyes I really like your videos btw dude :)

  • UntrainableWizard

    I had no idea half of these spells existed, and I've been playing since the games launch...

  • hello sir!

    Go cast your fancy magic someplace else.

  • Lucas Phoenix

    Transmute made my character rich. Love you Transmute.

  • Ross carter

    Unbound dremora can only be cast on top of the college of winter hold. SMH

  • Vita Necro

    Why not include how to get them as well?

  • Ailurus

    These are not the spells you are looking for.

  • Jake Santoro

    So recently I came across a glitch that might've been found already but I'm not sure. Currently on Skyrim SE (PS4) I have both Lydia and Serana as fully functioning companions. I'm not sure how I did this though.Basically I putting this out there for anyone to see any of those players who like to do research and whatnot so that someone else can figure out how I actually did it and spread the word.the only things that I think could matter is...I should mention that until I met Serena I hadn't had any follower except faendal for a brief moment to get his house key off him because I was doing stealth stuff. (first the brother hood, then the thieves guild)before starting the dawgaurd I did the companions quest up until the point that I'm supposed to drink the blood and then I leftI completed the Dawnguard dlc (I sided with the Dawngaurd) before I did the dragon rising quest.after completing the dawngaurd I had Serena turn me into a vampire I went back to the underforge and did the werewolf vampire hybrid glitch (You press the button to become a vampire lord at the exact moment you drink the blood. When you turn into a werewolf you immediately turn into a vampire lord. Use revert form to become human or elf or whatever. have serena bite you again. there are plenty of tutorials on this.) The reason I'm mentioning this is that ordinarily when you become the werewolf in this quest, you black out and when you wake up Aela is waiting for you and she is supposed to replace your follower. This time though she didn't. both her and Serana followed me until the end of the mission. Probably because of the glitch. I don't know if this is the cause but it might be so I'm putting it out.After completing the mission the silver hand I went to whiterun and did dragon rising. (still with Serana) and of course Lydia became my housecarl.She approached me to say hello and I noticed the dialog option "Follow me, I need your help." was grey which meant she was going to say something I had heard before, and since I hadn't been told no I was curious and I clicked it.she said yes and started following me and now I had two followers. I thought maybe this was intentional so I went to riverwood to test itI asked faendal to join me and he said no because I had someoneI had Lydia leave and then I asked again and he agreed I asked Lydia to join and she denied I asked faendal to leave asked again and she agreedso it seems like I can change the second follower to whoever I want which is good but..I asked serana to leave and then asked faendal to join me and Lydia and he deniedI asked serana to join me and Lydia and she denied I told Lydia to leave and got serana back I asked Lydia to join and she denied So if you do figure out how I did it don't tell serana to leave

  • Jack Nasty

    "Kim Kardashians' final form" Im dead lmao

  • SkullMinePro

    Isn't it strange, I started off a Wizard, now I have moved onto a Warrior who uses NO magic. Now I'm a Thief/Assassin who uses magic, isn't it strange?

  • Tony Montana

    I always used to hide in a cornor and throw the conjure dremora lord to kill scary spiders for me in caves 😄👍


    Do you mean to tell me I've racked up nearly 1000 hours on this and there's still stuff I haven't heard of?

  • Anonymous person

    so you can cast a few fancy spells, am i suppost to be impressed?

  • Makayla Hinz

    So what about locations???? Because maybe some people want some of these spells?

  • Naiba Nefast

    I gave a like for the metal bits.

  • Niko

    I wish i had a spell that made your jokes funny

  • jacksepticeye Poop

    go get this guy some moisturizer

  • T.M:NOVA

    Be careful with those flames!

  • Magix Yolo

    Wow wow wow, what's the magic?

  • Chloe Tyrannosaurus

    Storm anarcorch I need that one see I'm trying to get all storm related spells Due to fact my skyrim name is skyrah so makes sense and storm troll and I got little now storm related spell spark lightning strike and lightning rune

  • Dee Jaay

    while it's a cool video, if I ever hear magicka to cast again in my life I will mass suicide

  • M J

    Skyrim spells are so mediocre, more creativity needed

  • Kazuma - kun

    The flaming familiar would be so much cooler if it did NOT explode. I'm against the idea of Kamikaze (despite my obvious Otaku lifestyle) and it would be cooler to just have a firey wolf companion that sticks around longer than three seconds. But I suppose it gives you a reason to keep casting conjuration during combat, rather than just one or two at the start.

  • arseniclullaby87


  • Mackenzie Rader

    can you do a video of how and where to get these spells? And maybe doing a video of how to find new shout locations b/c i have killed so many dragons but have no use for there soul at the moment cuz i can't find any locations yet.

  • JohnnyMaverik

    48 gold to cast... pay to win Bethesda -_-

  • Nick Calmatui

    The best spell I used yet is some apprentice level spell named undead summoner

  • STCCB - Skyrim Terraria Castle Crashers and Bloons

    paralysis and ebony flesh are not unique

  • Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third

    I don’t know why spells involving Daedra are so damn hard to get when Daedra are so rare to come across in the first place.

  • Titouan Cherel

    Hi camel I just wanted to know: Where can we find the bone horse?And +1 suscriber

  • Althrui

    "This is Kim Kardashian's final form"

  • Reaper Panda

    What songs do you use in your cutaways.

  • Darth Vader

    "Woa! Woa! Woa! Watch the magic!"

  • Clorox Ambassador

    3:00 Everybody do the flop!

  • von Darkmoor

    cast vision of the tenth eye, still cant find John Cena

  • game Smither

    lol did anyone else hear he said magicharp once

  • Chase Eckhardt

    I liked the video I subscribed to it 🤘🤘🤘😎😎😎💩💩💩

  • Tony Graham

    Go cast your fancy magic someplace else!! 😡

  • Gonzalo de santa ana

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch the magic!"

  • Kazamezo

    You didn't have to say the rank and cost of every single spell you know?

  • Achievement Unlocked:Went Full Retar d

    Problem is , you get the Unbound Dremora spell from Phinis Gestor , and he has an altar for you. Only in the altar will the spell work, because you must summon him there and beat him 2-3 times to prove your might, and then you'll get the summon dremora lord.

  • shredar

    The Ash spells are DLC?

  • Neko Senpai

    he said "up next..." and then an advert came on and opened with: deep fried halumi coated in BBQ sauce

  • Drunken Meño

    did u just assume the gender of a mistman

  • gibson guitar

    "this is Kim Kardashian final form" love it

  • Wittier

    Sea bears hate circles!

  • TrooperBoot

    This is Kim Kardashian's final form

  • ZHC

    careful with that fire!

  • Dog Love

    Get this man some moisturizer

  • Laing99

    Kim Kardashians final form 😂😂

  • xX_-GamerBoyz-_Xx

    Because summon unbound dremora is specifically for a quest. It isn’t supposed to be used afterwards.

  • zunn66

    Get this man some moisturizer

  • George M

    6:20 Kim Kardashian’s final form😂😂

  • Sydney Morgan

    How do you get the emitter steam blast

  • Chara The Curious

    * Summons a Seeker. *"And this is Kim Kardashian in her final form. "You can't be serious! There's no way. I don't see her big fake butt.

  • Anthony Orsini

    I'm going to make sure I conjure Kim Kardashian's final form! Lol

  • Warlord Legends

    The Flaming Familiar can't one shot skeletons? Really?

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