Skyrim - All Rare & Unique Spells


In this video I run through ALL Unique Spells in Skyrim. Things get a tad silly.
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • Camelworks

    NathanNDW - Your comment dosen't have an option to reply. It is Reign of Darkness by Thy Art.

  • Asil Veral

    the way you announce the magicka costs makes this video seem like an infomercial for old wizards

  • Warlord Legends

    The Flaming Familiar can't one shot skeletons? Really?

  • Drunken Meño

    did u just assume the gender of a mistman

  • von Darkmoor

    cast vision of the tenth eye, still cant find John Cena

  • Althrui

    "This is Kim Kardashian's final form"

  • Malteester

    Starts game: "I'm going to play a stealth-Mage archer, relying on speed and stealth!"10 mins later: "yeah, now I'm a two handed heavy armour tank."

  • Cars Simplified

    I haven't gotten deep into mage territory in Skyrim, so a lot of these I have never seen before. I think the most obscure spell I ever used was transmute ore.

  • Omar Amrani

    Unbound Dremora requires you to do a quest in the college of winterhold and can only be used in the quest in a certain place.

  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    why is everyone on youtube dyslexic

  • xShadows

    So you can cast a few spells, am I supposed to be impressed?

  • jonathin666

    just found your channel. now I have to binge watch all of your videos....

  • SkylordMorgana

    would of Been Nice If you told us where you get it

  • Tyler M

    For the Summon Unbound Dremora spell, the reason it isn't working is because when you Learn that spell the man explains that it only works at prepared summon locations

  • Josh Wu

    A seeker guess if harry doesn't appear for a quidditch game it will have to do

  • Dee Jaay

    while it's a cool video, if I ever hear magicka to cast again in my life I will mass suicide

  • ChickenDragon

    This is kim kardashian's final form! like.

  • Timpin D.

    Dead/dread thrall is by far one of my favorites, because if you don’t feel like carrying a lot, you can put a lot of heavy things in a dead person’s inventory, then reanimate them with no penalty. When you want the things back, just kill the thrall, take the stuff, and reanimate when finished.

  • Fast Paced Sound

    You assumed mistman's gender

  • GRunner

    Lightning Kamehameha? That's it, I'm going mage on my next run.


    Do you mean to tell me I've racked up nearly 1000 hours on this and there's still stuff I haven't heard of?

  • zomBgone99

    Here's an idea, use Command Daedra on a conjured Ash Guardian to make it no longer hostile.

  • Irish Fries

    Camel:summons seeker Camel:this is Kim Kardashians final form Me:dead

  • Jack Nasty

    "Kim Kardashians' final form" Im dead lmao

  • Dman41000

    Im subscribing to you for that Kim K joke. That is all.

  • arseniclullaby87


  • Victorybep

    What is the place his character is in?

  • J. E. H.

    How many unique spells are in morrowind?Unlimited

  • The Disciple

    Be careful with those flames!

  • Vaping Dad

    the reason the unbound deadra spell doesn't work is because you need to use it in a specific place for a quest

  • AJ Santiago

    Summon Unbound Dremora only works at the top of the College of Winterhold where the summoning location is (eye symbol on ground)

  • Missdevil666

    Being funny isn't your best skill he? XD

  • Lucas Phoenix

    Transmute made my character rich. Love you Transmute.

  • SkullMinePro

    Isn't it strange, I started off a Wizard, now I have moved onto a Warrior who uses NO magic. Now I'm a Thief/Assassin who uses magic, isn't it strange?

  • JohnnyMaverik

    48 gold to cast... pay to win Bethesda -_-

  • Julius Mol

    6:18 "This is kim Kardashian's final form" You sir earned my upvote

  • Secunda

    The Vision of the Tenth Eye spell is actually quite handy to use when you're exploring dark rooms in Keeps and stuff when looking for chests or anything lying around, it's like using the Khajiit power to see in the dark, that's what I use it for anyway as I'm not a Khajiit and have shitty non-fabulous eyes I really like your videos btw dude :)

  • Thegame .Dev

    uh ash shell and paralyze aren't unique, they're actually identical.

  • Magix Yolo

    Wow wow wow, what's the magic?

  • zunn66

    Get this man some moisturizer

  • Louise Karlsson

    The answer might already been posted here somewhere, but what mod is he using for the location he's at? Looks cool!

  • Hammmyburger

    These are not the spells you are looking for.

  • Titouan Cherel

    Hi camel I just wanted to know: Where can we find the bone horse?And +1 suscriber

  • Vita Necro

    Why not include how to get them as well?

  • SmarkDepper

    Summon a horse!? O_o my carry weight problems solved!

  • UntrainableWizard

    I had no idea half of these spells existed, and I've been playing since the games launch...

  • dfire351

    I think the summon unbound dremora spell was only for a specific Winterhold college quest and is of no use at any other time.

  • Ethan Wright

    when I heard flame thrall or dead thrall I imagined green jesus turned into a DK or into a fire mage or a frost mage then I undestood in wasnt thrall

  • Chloe Tyrannosaurus

    Storm anarcorch I need that one see I'm trying to get all storm related spells Due to fact my skyrim name is skyrah so makes sense and storm troll and I got little now storm related spell spark lightning strike and lightning rune

  • lilfogythkr03

    Summon unbound dremora can only be used on top of the Collage of Winterhold, where the conjuration teacher set up the ritual

  • jacksepticeye Poop

    go get this guy some moisturizer

  • Zavex Capricious

    also command daedra works on any summons, so you could have done the ash guardian that isn't under your control

  • Maeve Hastings

    where is that tree place? it looks amazing.

  • dave smith

    You should have made the video comprehensive by telling WHERE to find each spell, and if it requires DLC.

  • Paul Richter

    The unbound dremora only can be summoned in the ring where you first summon it...Plus it says 999 seconds but it is perminent...

  • Lab Matt

    I miss Oblivion's spell-making...

  • RoboticsBay

    Are some only available through DLC?

  • Fernando Garcia

    I fucking love your Mayhem reference. It's amazing that a youtuber nowadays knows good music!

  • Skadi

    I hate skeletons so I always use my familiar

  • Wisdom Speaker

    I remember the transmute spell.( the spell that turn iron to silver and silver to gold). Made alot of money to make.

  • swag monkey

    paralyze and hardened ash are the same

  • Niko

    I wish i had a spell that made your jokes funny

  • LeWrenchDeNBP

    Did I hear Figue Folle in the beginning? S P O O K Y

  • P3NZ1PLAY5

    How do i get these spells?

  • Der Versteckte Elch

    When you're getting remastered for free c:

  • Ichi242

    what about the bound bow it's a savage

  • Riley Sheehan

    so what kind of gloves/gauntlets are those?

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