Skyrim: The Movie (Episode 200) - Battle for Whiterun

Seems like we're only just getting started.

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  • Dtobez

    You killed a stormcloak.......

  • Namavoid Kreeper

    that cow is fuckin awesome!

  • Shadow Walker

    I ate chocolate and drank sweet tea

  • Skyrim Helt

    I love the videos and omg the things you say I mean you are by far the best Clash and I will NEVER unsubscribe your the best there is

  • jenny santana

    i have that game it just that i lost it😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😥😥😪😪😭😭😭😭😪😪😥😢😢😢😢😧😧😧😧😦😦😦😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😯😯😯😯😫😫😫😩😩😩😩

  • Plz add Awesomesniper112

    Burgers cheese and chips

  • Ryan Slaven

    arrows don't weigh anything

  • Beautiful Venice

    Anyone die of laughter when he asked Ralph if he was high 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Bros Do Games

    Anyone somehow reading ths and knowing where he got that fire shout

  • kai wettcott

    i did this at lvl 13 what took you so long buddy XD

  • Isaac Alejos

    Yeah I hooked up my tablet to my tv and watched ALL of your videos on big screen and for every video I had "movie food" which includes popcorn, candy, and an icee

  • YukkiArtz.

    I WAS eating chips a whole bag with some fanta

  • bob marly

    i ate taco bell and got stoned becose every time you kill a gard i kill a boll then i realized thats what the move was all about woops lol kill some more

  • Tragulon

    So many random shenanigans everywhere.

  • linkslokomosword

    Rebel Bull Going Rambo!

  • Hector Peterson

    I have watched all the videos your amazing

  • denglade søpølse

    i think its you computer there is somthing wrong with not the game

  • angel lopez

    Still useing firebolt wtf use fireball

  • bossinggames

    you killed a stormcloak at 05:46. didn't you hear him saying "What are you doing."

  • Trent D

    Popcorn and cocolate milk

  • Trent D

    Suger on top, pretty please with you on top

  • Trent D

    Please do the elder scrolls online when it comes out pretty please,pretty plese with suget

  • Joslyne Goonting

    i ate pizza drank water and ate pudding

  • Ryan Thai

    I ate wind and air know the truth was McDonald's

  • Mateusz Krawczyk

    05:46 you killed one of your own guys

  • izik smith

    i ate chicken biscuits mashed potatoes and corn

  • Kira Vu

    Air I ate air I was desperate dude im sorry

  • derpy playsmc

    i ate burritos and tacos

  • derpy playsmc

    you should havge realised this when you joined the mage collage in winter thingiemagig you can use fear to disable pressure plates

  • BlackOpsMaster10263

    well i learned one thing from this video: never trust clash on the battlefield.

  • ass wipes

    A Popsicle, hot Cheetos, water, sprite, and! Apple O's

  • GoblinGamingMC

    i miss dis series please come back with elder scrolls online pretty please!

  • Nixter Phoenix Fire

    oh and Clash how did you know that I ordered a pizza XDDDDD

  • Nixter Phoenix Fire


  • Drew Hitchcock

    I ate a bowl of Cheerios

  • Marc Costa

    I'm at the jagged crown quest for the stormcloaks.

  • dman15973

    Arrows weigh nothing!! But are able to be sold

  • deathshadowolf

    during his talk in the begining the music fit perfectly

  • warriordx8

    I almost rage quit the video when you sold the elven sword of expelling because that is the rarest and best overpowered money making and enchanting raising enchantment in the whole game! :(

  • warriordx8

    i ate a cream cheese, and grape jelly sub sandwich xD and drank a mocha frappe

  • warriordx8

    if you wanted to keep barbas the immortal dog that can kill dragons by himself, you would have to stop doing the rest of that quest and not retrieve the axe, just do something else and he ill follow you and be your companion

  • DINO

    i have had that glich but my screen turned blue and white lol

  • Grace Clayton

    What's a movie ? I mean like a episode movie...

  • NinjaBannana

    i ate bacon butties and drank dr pepper

  • MsWinter1961

    Did anyone notice that he attack one of his own LOL

  • SuperTehGaming

    thumbs up if you are lying down in bed or eating something while watching this :)

  • matthew isaacson

    what about his house?

  • Adaephon.exe


  • snowbobful1

    Same here, I was a little disappointed in him lol. I find the Imperial Quests are funner and stuff

  • siN

    You think ur cool because u killed a few skellotons im gonna fus ro da u of a mountain

  • siN

    Dont raise difficulty u suck already

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