Skyrim: The Movie (Episode 200) - Battle for Whiterun

Seems like we're only just getting started.

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  • Dtobez

    You killed a stormcloak.......

  • Shadow Walker

    I ate chocolate and drank sweet tea

  • Beautiful Venice

    Anyone die of laughter when he asked Ralph if he was high 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kai wettcott

    i did this at lvl 13 what took you so long buddy XD

  • YukkiArtz.

    I WAS eating chips a whole bag with some fanta

  • SuperTehGaming

    thumbs up if you are lying down in bed or eating something while watching this :)

  • Ryan Slaven

    arrows don't weigh anything

  • Skyrim Helt

    I love the videos and omg the things you say I mean you are by far the best Clash and I will NEVER unsubscribe your the best there is

  • Kekles

    Guard:Glad you were with us Clash:Get the fuck outta here best thing ever

  • Kanzu

    dude dude hey dude (whispers) FUS RO DAH!

  • Clash

    Hope you guys enjoy, this one took awhile to upload! :D <3

  • MrCazden

    Its epic just epic clash your awesome and btw im posting this comment before i watch the vid cause i already know its gonna be EPIC cant wait to watch it i will write after i like and fav it :D

  • mokmok8080

    I want to thank you for the upload, and the many hours of entertainment you have given me over the last year. <3

  • mokmok8080

    @MrAcer311 STFU with Kony goddammit! we know what it is about and he is not doing it just since yesterday it is going on for years and you are not an activist posting "Kony 2012" in every comment section on every f*king video. I want to watch CLASH!!

  • mokmok8080

    I came from the twitterz and the youtube's, I love the Movie!

  • mokmok8080

    @MrAcer311 OKay, but dont spam KONY2012

  • mokmok8080

    @MrAcer311 I already watched it but, but i dont like you spamming it and thinking that you make a difference, writing KONY 2012 in a video does not make a difference.

  • mokmok8080

    @XxRyanxX212 no, just most are lactose intolerant.

  • mokmok8080

    @DALLAZBOI214 Dont do this.

  • mokmok8080

    i drank some pear-apple juice, btm Clash have you read my tweets for tips?

  • warriordx8

    if you wanted to keep barbas the immortal dog that can kill dragons by himself, you would have to stop doing the rest of that quest and not retrieve the axe, just do something else and he ill follow you and be your companion

  • warriordx8

    I almost rage quit the video when you sold the elven sword of expelling because that is the rarest and best overpowered money making and enchanting raising enchantment in the whole game! :(

  • warriordx8

    i ate a cream cheese, and grape jelly sub sandwich xD and drank a mocha frappe

  • anduril38

    Great vid's you've made, I'm quite impressed :)

  • Zack2k

    that is drelas wdgfehrtrthrth

  • Zack2k

    it took me 2 days to get to episode 200

  • cfojo

    I'm going to have to ask you to stop that..that's making people nervous.

  • InfestedWaffle101

    one person didn't have time to finish the video.

  • shevor616

    i ate peanuts for movie time

  • Noah Eagle

    you killed a STORMCLOAK

  • Noah Eagle

    i had a blueberry muffin with some BK and cream soda

  • siN

    You think ur cool because u killed a few skellotons im gonna fus ro da u of a mountain

  • PwningStarapter

    I want clash inside me......

  • dilligaff1979

    so not what i expected was thinkin machenima type stuff not playthrough sheesh don't hand me a rice cracker and tell me it's a tim tam

  • Animay Woo

    The cow was fighting for skyrim

  • MufMuffin

    1:02 top right eagle head rock lol

  • Aekuma

    Clash, you are a traitor to Skyrim. You just killed hundereds of Innocents. And betrayed the Jarl. You should just go die.

  • Darksonic73

    clash are you going to do the skyrim dawngaurd DLC?

  • Jessica Do

    only 400 likes like what the fffuuuucccckkkk

  • Michail Highland

    I came from the twittersss but I cant watch any skyrim videos as it'll be a spoiler for me (haven't started playing skyrim) but I know this movie is gona be awesome because it's from clash <3

  • Alexsan

    @xbox360news4u same here

  • MsWinter1961

    Did anyone notice that he attack one of his own LOL

  • Adaephon.exe


  • ItsPureLuck27

    I wish you would get balanced magic mod, it makes impact proc only 50% of the time (makes spells hit harder though). 100% stagger is so cheesy :(

  • derpy playsmc

    you should havge realised this when you joined the mage collage in winter thingiemagig you can use fear to disable pressure plates

  • derpy playsmc

    i ate burritos and tacos

  • MrBubbller

    i didnt eat or drink anything! =O ^^

  • Liquicitize

    Drelas was that asshole

  • TheForgottenGamer

    ummmmmmm a random kid and cow lol

  • kareokeleidescope (aka) Aurora

    you got the glass sword in dawnstart sanctuary :) Glass swords are awesome

  • kareokeleidescope (aka) Aurora

    I hope you get to the Dark Brotherhood videos soon :) Did you find Cicero near Loreius (?) Farm? I'd love to see a video of your reaction to meeting him.

  • Homo Sapien

    celary with salad cream on im so hugry :(

  • 67TrianglesInARow

    I'm not entirely sure if at this point he realizes that he's gonna need several perks to be able to unlock the daedric and dragon armor perks. :/

  • RunkkuRusina

    0:00:00 epic speech whit an epic music :D

  • RunkkuRusina

    1:12:13 Anal's Of the Dragonguard

  • Tragulon

    So many random shenanigans everywhere.

  • The Bros Do Games

    Anyone somehow reading ths and knowing where he got that fire shout

  • FatherSnacks

    i love how kootra's Shadowmere died yesterday right before Clash's Shadowmere died

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