Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Full Soundtrack


1- Untitled (The Green Kingdom) 0:00
2- DETECTION (Sean Evans) 5:45
3- Blizzard (Light Club) 9:40
4- Voyager (Jasper Byrne) 12:50
5- She Meditates (Light Club) 16:25
6- Dust (M|O|O|N) 18:45
7- Disturbance (Endless) 23:47
8- Technoir Feat. Noir Deco (Pertubator) 27:47
9- Guided Meditation (Old Future Fox Gang) 31:36
10- Simma Hem (Riddarna) 33:47
11- Divide (Magna) 37:48
12- Hollywood Heights (Mitch Murder) 42:04
13- Richard (Life Companions) 45:10
14- Chamber of Reflections (Sjellos) 47:21
15- Decade Dance (Jasper Byrne) 50:33
16- Interlude (Chromacle) 55:13
17- New Wave Hookers (Vestron Vulture) 1:00:39
18- Around (Modulogeek) 1:04:29
19- In The Face Of Evil (Magic Sword) 1:07:21
20- Untitled (Dag Unenge) 1:11:33
21- Remorse (Scattle) 1:14:37
22- Frantic Aerobics (Mitch Murder) 1:17:55
23- Sexualizer Feat. Flash Arnold (Pertubator) 1:21:42
24- Java (Old Future Fox Gang) 1:26:45
25- Rust (El Huervo) 1:29:13
26- Delay (M|O|O|N) 1:34:09
27- We're Sorry (Life Companions) 1:42:26
28- Bloodline (Scattle) 1:44:31
29- Roller Mobster (Carpenter Brut) 1:47:43
30- Keep Calm (Endless) 1:51:18
31- Run (iamthekidyouknowwhatimean) 1:54:38
32- Ghost (El Huervo) 1:59:31
33- Hotline Theme (Benny Smiles) 2:03:08
34- Quixotic (M|O|O|N) 2:06:48
35- The Way Home (Magic Sword) 2:12:33
36- Richard (Dubmood) 2:16:49
37- NARC (MegaDrive) 2:21:12
38- The Rumble (CiniMod) 2:25:56
39- Le Perv (Carpenter Brut) 2:32:04
40- Miss Minnie (Auto Delta Time) 2:36:20
41- She Swallowed Burning Coals (El Tigr3) 2:41:27
42- Acid Spit (MegaDrive) 2:46:06
43- Slum Lord (MegaDrive) 2:50:48
44- Future Club (Perturbator) 2:55:48
45- Fahkeet (Light Club) 3:00:37
46- Abyss (LipPi Sound) 3:03:29
47- Abyss Intro (LipPi Sound) 3:08:29
48- Black Tar (Nounverber) 3:10:07
49- Escape From Midwitch Valley (Carpenter Brut) 3:11:42

You can buy Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on Steam for about 15 bucks here [It's pretty fucking great]:

Here's the link to the remix EP:
  • fruit salad

    For those of you asking where Simma Hem is in the game, the end of the song is sampled in Jake's apartment theme.I'm just posting this because I get notifications every ten minutes asking that same gosh dang thing

  • Crickey

    It's really sad i used to play hm and hm2 just by downloading them. I feel bad for not supporting the developers of this masterpiece on steam. My favorite game so's just....amazing. I would support them if i got the money.

  • Anton Oleg


  • Hani Mezaache

    My preference goes to "New Wave Hookers" and "Blizzard"

  • Nick Martin

    1:23:17 What the fuck? Sexualizer is completely out of key. Is this because of copyright or something?

  • August Kravtsov

    Didn't expect a Swedish song to be in there...

  • GamesFun

    Escape from Midwitch Valley makes me want to create a real life 50 Blessings.

  • Sơn Tùng Phan

    it's been almost a year playing this and today i just found that evan can take off his shirt and use a gun XD

  • Kavala OnTheGame

    I can say just ... : Perfect! and relaxing music

  • Fenectio

    Right clickinspectconsolepaste this document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0].playbackRate = 4This is your brain on drugs+chemicals+glue combo with S rating

  • Uninteresting YouTube commenter

    The first song "Untitled" (The Green Kingdom) has such an amazing looming doom vibe to it. It really makes you feel like the end of the world is coming, but in a very peaceful way.

  • AquaDX

    I know I'm not the only one getting tired of these Youtube Red advertisements

  • Militus

    Hotline Miami 3: Shitty reception

  • Jj Cowling

    roller mobster is fucking amazing.

  • windows95ism

    3 years later this ost still lit like JFK's flameHot shit

  • Blueburger1223

    After I saw Thor Ragnarok trailer I thought the song in it sounded familiar.

  • WarHatch

    So many ads on an illegally uploaded soundtrack...

  • steampunch

    I don't care where the music came from, it's glorious. Blizzard is probably my favorite.

  • Szymon640

    every time i hear 22:30, my penis gets fucking hard

  • Shaique Ali

    its like daft punk and skrillex collab album , but they are on a combo of crack and LSD

  • Seth Porter

    This soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful..


    the first track sounds like its from a war movie?

  • Artmex

    where is the song that is at the end of each level ?

  • Kristopher Wilson

    Play divide in two different windows, a few seconds apart overlapping eachother, sounds awesome,

  • Jack of all traders

    I feel like they put keep calm after roller mobster because they knew about how outraged we'd get when we find out the fans died

  • Hamsandwich 00

    Honestly, if they made a third one, they should name it "Hotline Miami 3: Call Dropped"

  • james wintergreen

    the fact that turbo killer isn't on here makes me a lil sad

  • mica santos

    best one is "The Way home" for sure, altogh the level is hard as fuck when u do it the first time

  • Duphe

    7:14 do you hear the doves too?

  • Baron Bacon V, phd

    if only the game was this good

  • Random Dino

    Hotline Miami 3: Stop calling this Number Faggot.

  • The Muffin Man

    this soundtrack is badass

  • Martin Brhlík

    God i love Guided Meditation

  • Da Steelerz

    Loved the soundtrack - hated the game. Because I suck.

  • Sum dud

    the soundtrack for this series feels like an acid trip. bright yet after it's done you just feel, idk.

  • marvDE

    Daaaaaamn :D Voyager (Jasper Byrne) (Track 4 12:50) what a sick beat! And I've got 3 hours of this stuff ahead of me... ._.

  • Juan Contreras

    Hotline Miami 3: Right Number

  • AverageO

    It was pretty clear that Hydrogen was the goat on the first game's soundtrack, but on this one I'm not sure. Divide, Le Perv, NARC, and Quixotic are probably the only ones that come close to doing that.

  • Zoneling

    Adding a ton of adds to content that isn't yours like a total asshole. Nice job.

  • Cody Sisco

    Hotline Miami 3: If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again, if you need help hang up and then dial your operator

  • Tigrou Superfiotte

    WAAAAAAAY too much ads !! are you kidding ??? is any of the money going to the artists ??? Then it would be fine .. But I higly doubt it .. :(Please answer me, Thanks

  • Dillon Pritchard

    i really like this soundtrack and enjoy it but its unlistenable through this (legitimate) medium. youtube has literally crammed more time in ad's into it than there is content and it gets real tiring to deal with, thankfully i can just get it elsewhere, but they are really trying to kill free music and it bothers me

  • Emir Demirhan


  • Youtube Sucks

    Gotta admit that I didn't play the game (yet) but I love this soundtrack for working, it blends perfectly and helps with concentration/focus

  • Aeraea

    Hotline Fairbanks Alaska 3: No Reception

  • EthanFilms

    lol at best song roller mobster

  • LordBoxen

    Those katana fucks and fat bois made me want to die in hard mode, I'm just happy I beat it.

  • Jakub Tyrakowski

    The only correct way of listening to this soundtrack:6- Dust (M|O|O|N) 18:458- Technoir Feat. Noir Deco (Pertubator) 27:4711- Divide (Magna) 37:4815- Decade Dance (Jasper Byrne) 50:3317- New Wave Hookers (Vestron Vulture) 1:00:3919- In The Face Of Evil (Magic Sword) 1:07:2122- Frantic Aerobics (Mitch Murder) 1:17:5523- Sexualizer Feat. Flash Arnold (Pertubator) 1:21:4226- Delay (M|O|O|N) 1:34:0928- Bloodline (Scattle) 1:44:3129- Roller Mobster (Carpenter Brut) 1:47:4333- Hotline Theme (Benny Smiles) 2:03:0834- Quixotic (M|O|O|N) 2:06:4839- Le Perv (Carpenter Brut) 2:32:0441- She Swallowed Burning Coals (El Tigr3) 2:41:2742- Acid Spit (MegaDrive) 2:46:0644- Future Club (Perturbator) 2:55:48

  • MongolianCh0p

    2:03:08 should have been the game's actual theme song

  • tylerboy565

    I like how DETECTION is seemingly inspired by Force Marker from Heat.

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