Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Full Soundtrack


1- Untitled (The Green Kingdom) 0:00
2- DETECTION (Sean Evans) 5:45
3- Blizzard (Light Club) 9:40
4- Voyager (Jasper Byrne) 12:50
5- She Meditates (Light Club) 16:25
6- Dust (M|O|O|N) 18:45
7- Disturbance (Endless) 23:47
8- Technoir Feat. Noir Deco (Pertubator) 27:47
9- Guided Meditation (Old Future Fox Gang) 31:36
10- Simma Hem (Riddarna) 33:47
11- Divide (Magna) 37:48
12- Hollywood Heights (Mitch Murder) 42:04
13- Richard (Life Companions) 45:10
14- Chamber of Reflections (Sjellos) 47:21
15- Decade Dance (Jasper Byrne) 50:33
16- Interlude (Chromacle) 55:13
17- New Wave Hookers (Vestron Vulture) 1:00:39
18- Around (Modulogeek) 1:04:29
19- In The Face Of Evil (Magic Sword) 1:07:21
20- Untitled (Dag Unenge) 1:11:33
21- Remorse (Scattle) 1:14:37
22- Frantic Aerobics (Mitch Murder) 1:17:55
23- Sexualizer Feat. Flash Arnold (Pertubator) 1:21:42
24- Java (Old Future Fox Gang) 1:26:45
25- Rust (El Huervo) 1:29:13
26- Delay (M|O|O|N) 1:34:09
27- We're Sorry (Life Companions) 1:42:26
28- Bloodline (Scattle) 1:44:31
29- Roller Mobster (Carpenter Brut) 1:47:43
30- Keep Calm (Endless) 1:51:18
31- Run (iamthekidyouknowwhatimean) 1:54:38
32- Ghost (El Huervo) 1:59:31
33- Hotline Theme (Benny Smiles) 2:03:08
34- Quixotic (M|O|O|N) 2:06:48
35- The Way Home (Magic Sword) 2:12:33
36- Richard (Dubmood) 2:16:49
37- NARC (MegaDrive) 2:21:12
38- The Rumble (CiniMod) 2:25:56
39- Le Perv (Carpenter Brut) 2:32:04
40- Miss Minnie (Auto Delta Time) 2:36:20
41- She Swallowed Burning Coals (El Tigr3) 2:41:27
42- Acid Spit (MegaDrive) 2:46:06
43- Slum Lord (MegaDrive) 2:50:48
44- Future Club (Perturbator) 2:55:48
45- Fahkeet (Light Club) 3:00:37
46- Abyss (LipPi Sound) 3:03:29
47- Abyss Intro (LipPi Sound) 3:08:29
48- Black Tar (Nounverber) 3:10:07
49- Escape From Midwitch Valley (Carpenter Brut) 3:11:42

You can buy Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on Steam for about 15 bucks here [It's pretty fucking great]:

Here's the link to the remix EP:
  • Artmex _cz

    where is the song that is at the end of each level ?

  • PaladinPizza

    3:16:21Now THAT is how you finish a soundtrack!

  • JackRabbit

    Hotline Miami 3Stop calling this fucking number

  • Jack Horn

    have any of you guys noticed that the begining of the song ghost sounds like the song, tears of... from silent hill

  • Rafael Brito

    18:45 sooo good, it's the one from the score screen, right?

  • arsenzocht

    Hotline Miami 3: Hello, thank you for calling tech support how can I help you?

  • Aiden Pearce

    Why are there two songs called Richard?....Jacket intensifies

  • Ashi

    ColdLine Flo Rida 5: The Right Number This Time Because the Last Person Didn't Get it Right

  • Andrew

    This soundtrack is better than HM1 but the game sure as fuck isn't.

  • antyszwed

    God I feel like this hippie

  • Nintendo 64

    ¿ǝʅdoǝd ⅁NIꓕꓤՈH ǝʞᴉʅ noʎ oᗡ

  • MongolianCh0p

    2:03:08 should have been the game's actual theme song

  • predator5775

    Is it just me, or is this part of Sexualizer distorted? 1:23:14

  • SamFury

    "don't come to school tomorrow"

  • jordanius

    dust makes me fell like I'm walking down the bad part of town and guys are looking at me strange

  • SoFloAntoniNope

    I wish more games could have god like soundtracks.

  • nomadic_girl2001

    Hotline Fairbanks Alaska 3: No Reception

  • SmittyWerbenJagerManJensen

    Those katana fucks and fat bois made me want to die in hard mode, I'm just happy I beat it.

  • Casul Souls

    Wait...Carpenter Brut did Roller Mobster? That explains why its so awesome

  • WindmillStalker

    Never played this game or its predecessor but both soundtracks are absolutely epic.

  • Ian M

    "Delay" by Moon is nice.

  • rhys doyle

    When Fahkeet (Light Club) 3:00:37 comes on i imagine strobelights gunshoots and screaming

  • C4LLOR

    18:45 is the best moment in my life.

  • SimplyNuclear

    3:00:37 You know what you gotta get...

  • androo2300

    1:59:31. (Ghost (El Huervo)) <--- Silent Hill 1 samples?

  • Zephex

    I swear whenever Keep Calm plays in game it's for less then 15 seconds

  • Juanmer17

    Which song is the one from the part where play as the whole animal gang (specifically when you play as bear), is the best one.

  • ACNetwork

    I love this soundtrack I listen to it every day

  • Arnonnymous

    1:22:38H O T L I N EM I A M I

  • Scubbles

    18- Around (Modulogeek) 1:04:29good song

  • Zeracan

    Its frustrating I can imagine the essence of the emotions the tune I desire listening to yet am unable to even remember the beat.

  • Old School & Hardcore

    the best soundtrack EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Upton

    which song plays at 1:48:00


    Tracklist:1- Untitled (The Green Kingdom) 0:002- DETECTION (Sean Evans) 5:453- Blizzard (Light Club) 9:404- Voyager (Jasper Byrne) 12:505- She Meditates (Light Club) 16:256- Dust (M|O|O|N) 18:457- Disturbance (Endless) 23:478- Technoir Feat. Noir Deco (Pertubator) 27:479- Guided Meditation (Old Future Fox Gang) 31:3610- Simma Hem (Riddarna) 33:4711- Divide (Magna) 37:4812- Hollywood Heights (Mitch Murder) 42:0413- Richard (Life Companions) 45:1014- Chamber of Reflections (Sjellos) 47:2115- Decade Dance (Jasper Byrne) 50:3316- Interlude (Chromacle) 55:1317- New Wave Hookers (Vestron Vulture) 1:00:3918- Around (Modulogeek) 1:04:2919- In The Face Of Evil (Magic Sword) 1:07:2120- Untitled (Dag Unenge) 1:11:3321- Remorse (Scattle) 1:14:3722- Frantic Aerobics (Mitch Murder) 1:17:5523- Sexualizer Feat. Flash Arnold (Pertubator) 1:21:4224- Java (Old Future Fox Gang) 1:26:4525- Rust (El Huervo) 1:29:1326- Delay (M|O|O|N) 1:34:0927- We're Sorry (Life Companions) 1:42:2628- Bloodline (Scattle) 1:44:3129- Roller Mobster (Carpenter Brut) 1:47:4330- Keep Calm (Endless) 1:51:1831- Run (iamthekidyouknowwhatimean) 1:54:3832- Ghost (El Huervo) 1:59:3133- Hotline Theme (Benny Smiles) 2:03:0834- Quixotic (M|O|O|N) 2:06:4835- The Way Home (Magic Sword) 2:12:3336- Richard (Dubmood) 2:16:4937- NARC (MegaDrive) 2:21:1238- The Rumble (CiniMod) 2:25:5639- Le Perv (Carpenter Brut) 2:32:0440- Miss Minnie (Auto Delta Time) 2:36:2041- She Swallowed Burning Coals (El Tigr3) 2:41:2742- Acid Spit (MegaDrive) 2:46:0643- Slum Lord (MegaDrive) 2:50:4844- Future Club (Perturbator) 2:55:4845- Fahkeet (Light Club) 3:00:3746- Abyss (LipPi Sound) 3:03:2947- Abyss Intro (LipPi Sound) 3:08:2948- Black Tar (Nounverber) 3:10:0749- Escape From Midwitch Valley (Carpenter Brut) 3:11:42

  • A crazy hobo

    coldline San Francisco -2 : correct letter

  • dank hamster

    Divide is probably one of the best on here

  • HalfPro

    Divide magma ..... hell yeah

  • pixelfizz

    Divide is a gift from the gods

  • alex1233321

    haha i like how you include its your fave title :D its mine too :D

  • James Jorden

    Hotline Miami 3Booty Call

  • The Trashcan

    3:00:37 GOTTA GET A GRIP

  • Zomb The Degenerate

    Run and Bloodline are so fucking awesome

  • hikeskool

    Divide (Magna) 37:48 prolly my fave.

  • ToOppin7711

    Where is the song Pursuit? ;-;

  • Colin Bennett

    Who say's I should head over to Undertale's soundtrack, link this, and say it's better, along with a little "Fight me"?

  • Manuel Flint

    one of the best Divide (Magna) 37:48

  • Stasiu :3

    I just love music from 80s :D

  • Bingo Mandingo

    Divide, hands down. Not even a contest!!!

  • FRAQ

    This game have too much songs :cc im getting sad again

  • Ja Kowalski

    Untitled makes me so sad :(

  • BertinDoutnik

    I don't know the game, but the soundtrack is OP......

  • Romain Gd

    Future Club (Perturbator) 2:55:48OMMGGGGGGGGG !!! :O

  • Azir

    My favourite is probably Dust

  • signingupfornothing

    These songs make my heart hurt. But in a kind of nice way.

  • mason trevelyan

    part of me wants to listen to this on acid so good

  • DrDingus45

    Everybody loves Carpenter Brut, but god damn Mega Drive is something else to me.

  • Andrew Wiggin

    Ew, why does Sexualier sound pitched weirdly?

  • Jeffrey Carrier

    agreed on selection of best song, that break tho!!!

  • Herman Melville

    Drive the freeways of Los Angeles at 2AM listening to "Dust" by MOON. It'll change your life.

  • Roberto Ramirez

    Nightdriving to this soundtrack

  • Zechariah DuBois

    Why the fuck can't I buy this soundtrack fucking anywhere. I would literally suck a dick to find the soundtrack but I can't find it nowhere! Not on iTunes Amazon music Google Play Music, fucking nowhere! Not even a goddamn CD just collectors vinyls on Amazon for like $200 😤

  • shoshenkis

    Seriously I have been looking at the comments and the icons and you guys are a bunch of psychos lol

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