Skyrim Remastered Console Mods - 5 AWESOME Mods to Download! (PS4 Mods & Xbox)

Skyrim Remastered Console Mods - 5 AWESOME Mods to Download! (PS4 Mods & Xbox)
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Check out the Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods & Xbox Mods Below!

Phenderix Magic Evolved
(Xbox One)
Dovahkiin Keep PS4
(Xbox One)
Rich Merchants of Skryim
(Xbox One)
Psiijic Robes
(Xbox One)
Cheat Mod (PS4)
(Xbox One)
Open Cities Skyrim

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  • TwoDynamic

    Ok few things, epic skyrim intro nearly done, giveaway winners announced next video and ill also be upping the quality of these videos in the coming weeks, also i know ive said this alot but fallout 4 modding series coming back soon :)

  • Byonic-Reaper

    When are Fallout 4 mods coming to ps4?

  • Christian Rositz

    what's wrong with these kids in the comments trying to act like they're the king of everything just because their parents bought them a computer

  • Creme

    feel bad for you PS4 players, hope Sony decide to stop being cunts and give you full mod access.

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    it is year 2287 human race have not seen or heard anything about f4 mods for ps4 after nuclear disaster in 2077 humanity forgot, but those that remember exist in the wasteland fighting fallout 4 creators (bethesda) that were mutated after being exposed to high level of radiation

  • CaleRED

    I love this! Although I am a PS4 user.. Just do Xbox One mods and mention if they are on PS4 as well. And if there weren't that many ps4 mods, add a few ps4 mods at the end.

  • Benito Mussolini

    Sony is pissing me off with their "we don't allow external assets" phrase

  • Randy Orton's Dick Bulge

    Show Sony they goofed. Just do xbox ones let's try and force Playstation to listen to there customers. Xbox does a far better job at listening. Maybe that is because Microsoft are loosing the "console war". Most likely that is why they are being more open.

  • phenderix

    thanks for including my mod in your video! :D

  • MarkovWarlord

    Microsoft is getting back at Sony because of all the exclusive gear on Destiny.

  • Tyler Newcomer

    Leave us PS4 users behind. I don't wanna hold this series back.

  • Martin Greer

    i think you should do these videos as console specific as in do xbox then playstation etc

  • Jon Starkwalker

    Somebody make a mod that turns horses into velociraptors :D

  • Brinjal Ninja

    Wait there Will be more mods on the ps4 right

  • Lukas Sandstedt

    If youre gonna do this series twice a week, then you can do one with ps4 and one with xbox mods.

  • Aiden Llamas

    there has to be a settlement mod like how fallout settlements are, cause I wanna build a house the way I want it and where I want it

  • Noctis 4095

    Make one half of the video for PS4 then the other for Xbox one and put the time where it starts for Xbox one or PS4 on the description so we can skip to it

  • Sean

    Bro this made me proper excited for Christmas thanks bro

  • anatsu

    meh, the mods here are so weak, doesn't fix vanilla skyrim at all. Guess I'll just play it on PC instead.

  • Richie Petruzzo

    In Dovahkiin Keep all my mannequins walk around

  • elaminb2

    Ps4 owners wish they had a Xbox. I have both 😂

  • Demon Pickle

    cheat mod made me not want to buy the game

  • Ryan Blackman

    Are they going to add a mod where you can spawn anything you want

  • Grantite

    So there IS a bound dagger! Thank God, I thought my magic assassin was pointless.

  • A Potato

    5 ps4 mods and 5 xbone mods. there

  • Hillary Clinton

    Needs more vampire mods. Like the bat-like appearance some volkihar vampires get.

  • Jake Sargisson

    I'm really exited to get my new pc so I don't have to worry about not having all mods available

  • Frosty-Popcicle

    Cheat "menu" only to get iron ingots to craft daggers... haven't downloaded any yet, want to get as many Trophies I can before using mods

  • Invective

    Do the mods still prevent you from saving in the same file and stops achievements?

  • Dauri

    5 for each console but if that's too much 3 for Xbox and 2 for ps4

  • Verehren

    You skipped Better Vampires.

  • Chloala

    dovahkiin keep is too big imo

  • John Smith

    He forgot about fallout 4 XD

  • Fabien Dolan

    Is there a mod that removes spider models and sounds from the game? (I'm arachnophobic)

  • Taine Goldfish

    is there an alternate start mod

  • TheBakedBean

    I'd like split videos because if I'm only ps4 then all I want to see is ps4 mods, thanks

  • Keith Jones

    I'd prefer of you split the series please. it's a rather big let down to see the Xbox mods ps4 can't have. and I'm sure the Xbox users will get tired of seeing such basic mods

  • Mr. Niceguy

    any cheat mods for this game, don't plan on taking it very seriously so I was just wondering

  • Jose Martinez

    just do top 20 mods of the week, like 10 ps4 and 10 Xbox, and if the mod is in both Xbox and ps4 then bing down the count down or pick a different mod

  • Spidey_unboxer

    GET OONNNNN WITH IT! Jesus freaking Christ I hate you tubers who talk and talk and talk and talk before getting the purpose of the video started

  • Tyler Luke

    Just a quick warning that will without a doubt get buried in the comments:If you play with open cities..... It WILL break multiple quests. Some of these quests can be fixed with console commands, but you console players don't have that luxury. Just a warning. It's still great.

  • Manny

    console users, if you just want this game for mods, i suggest you get it for PC.

  • HighTendenciezzz

    Xbox mods are so much better. Come on Sony!

  • chris lyons

    I don't like the cheat mod

  • Cajun Squad

    I just want a castle where the guards treat me like I’m the queen and I want my “family” to move in along with a town that treats me as their queen as well .. or king depending on your character also guards that are not imperials or stormcloaks just my own personal guards that escort me around the town and escorts my family .... and I want to be in full command of the town especially in command of the guards like let’s go kill dragons or go hunt or bring me so and so or throw this person in jail .. who comes in who goes out ... what stores and who runs them .. which I know would be tons of hours of work but it’s not impossible.. may be a lot of glitches but in time it could work .. to be honest it should have been apart of skyrim originally since the Dragonborn is the only one saving skyrim.. the Dragonborn needs more credit for the hard work ... like I really shouldn’t have to assist 3 people to become thane of your little town because I literally just killed a dragon to save your asses !! Hello and I really shouldn’t have to choose imperial or stormcloaks I should be able to make them hash it out because I hate the choosing and the battles.. and I also would love the pregnancy stuff in it .. newborn baby and all grows up to be 21 and stops growing because nobody grows ever they just level up .. they can grow up with actual game time and so on ... it would make gameplay awesome and interesting especially having your family go dragon hunting with you... anywho skyrim is a wonderful game even without all the mods I’m happy I bought it

  • jordan gutierrez

    playstation needd to pick up its slack on the mods

  • Officially Jack

    Hi guys! I was just thinking about getting this on xb1 and I don't know if remasterednis the same thing as special edition. Could someone answer this ASAP pls? Thx

  • Edgar Etchingham

    seperate vids please, i am an xbox player though, so im at an advantage

  • SuperDarkness25

    so id like to see the mods together because as a ps4 user who saw every fallout mod video you did and grew so excited just to get pissed off to learn ill never get to see the ones i loved on ps4. and its ok to be disappointed if certain ones arent available but i just hope you can keep it fair. i check the mods on skyrim every day and nothing really super has caught my eye except "magic evolved". and hope you can find better ones. i really want to play the game as a dremora or have a dremora follower

  • ItsJacobPal

    Get a pc, problem solved xD

  • YETIeFER69

    SOMEONE please make a playable DREMORA MOD PLS!!!!!

  • Nani Nani?

    PS4 mods? haha what's that?

  • Kyoki No Ryoshu

    Just do two videos one for Xbox one for PS4

  • Dank Memes III

    Is there a reason that PS4 only gets 1 GB? And less mods?

  • Dragonborn

    The dovahkiin keep is definitely the first mod I'm going to get for my console:)

  • Burton Jekel

    Do one or two videos a week both combining them and add like honorable mentions if it is only on like one console since I would watch it if it is only Xbox and others wouldn't watch it if it is only for ps4

  • Lorenzo Brands

    is ps4 getting mods? i thought sony didnt want that

  • Aphnex

    Can anyone tell me if there are any or will be any graphical/texture mods for Xbone Skyrim?

  • Tubby 990

    does skyrim have any weapon mods

  • Ave Cast Games

    i have a ps4, so please dont only showcase xbox one mods, thanks.

  • Irmirin X

    Where's alduins armoury

  • MrDannyFC22

    Why do guys play as women? It makes no sense to me! Honestly are you really that interested in seeing Women I sexy outfits? and don't give me that shit about not seeing a guys arse constantly because Skyrim is First person for the majority.

  • surftildead 361

    it would be dank of they gave you console commands for remastered

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