Skyrim Remastered Console Mods - 5 AWESOME Mods to Download! (PS4 Mods & Xbox)

Skyrim Remastered Console Mods - 5 AWESOME Mods to Download! (PS4 Mods & Xbox)
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Check out the Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods & Xbox Mods Below!

Phenderix Magic Evolved
(Xbox One)
Dovahkiin Keep PS4
(Xbox One)
Rich Merchants of Skryim
(Xbox One)
Psiijic Robes
(Xbox One)
Cheat Mod (PS4)
(Xbox One)
Open Cities Skyrim

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  • TwoDynamic

    Ok few things, epic skyrim intro nearly done, giveaway winners announced next video and ill also be upping the quality of these videos in the coming weeks, also i know ive said this alot but fallout 4 modding series coming back soon :)

  • Christian Rositz

    what's wrong with these kids in the comments trying to act like they're the king of everything just because their parents bought them a computer

  • Harry Francis

    feel bad for you PS4 players, hope Sony decide to stop being cunts and give you full mod access.

  • Grantite

    So there IS a bound dagger! Thank God, I thought my magic assassin was pointless.

  • Tyler Crebs

    I'm only using mods to improve gameplay and graphics. I will not use any mods that are overpowered or help me cheat. I'm already kinda pissed because I got my smithing to 77 today from crafting lots of shit. Then crafted these dumb monk robes from s mod that got me to 100 so I kinda cheated. I ow it may sound wierd but I don't want to cheat. I only have mods that give more loot in dungeons and such that's all. But use mods that make the game harder so even it out :)

  • James Peach

    Show Sony they goofed. Just do xbox ones let's try and force Playstation to listen to there customers. Xbox does a far better job at listening. Maybe that is because Microsoft are loosing the "console war". Most likely that is why they are being more open.

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    it is year 2287 human race have not seen or heard anything about f4 mods for ps4 after nuclear disaster in 2077 humanity forgot, but those that remember exist in the wasteland fighting fallout 4 creators (bethesda) that were mutated after being exposed to high level of radiation

  • Byonic-Reaper

    When are Fallout 4 mods coming to ps4?

  • Rekamix

    Sony is pissing me off with their "we don't allow external assets" phrase

  • Aiden Llamas

    there has to be a settlement mod like how fallout settlements are, cause I wanna build a house the way I want it and where I want it

  • Brinjal Ninja

    Wait there Will be more mods on the ps4 right

  • Renze

    LOL, title has PS4. Nice joke.

  • You read this your a Cunt

    I have no option for mods in menu

  • MarkovWarlord

    Microsoft is getting back at Sony because of all the exclusive gear on Destiny.

  • Phoenix. Gaming

    In Dovahkiin Keep all my mannequins walk around

  • Barrack obamas Igloo

    Bro this made me proper excited for Christmas thanks bro

  • Praedyth's Timepiece

    i think you should do these videos as console specific as in do xbox then playstation etc

  • anatsu

    meh, the mods here are so weak, doesn't fix vanilla skyrim at all. Guess I'll just play it on PC instead.

  • Bunny Hoppin

    open cities mod for xbox. welcome to 2012

  • phenderix

    thanks for including my mod in your video! :D

  • Pontifex - Freelance Graphics Designer and E-SPORTS Promoter.


  • Invective

    Do the mods still prevent you from saving in the same file and stops achievements?

  • BeastHackz5859

    what was that one spell where you were shooting logs out of your hand

  • BaldManLogan

    Shouts aren't in the developer room

  • Daniel Harding

    Are you able to have your wife/husband stay with you in the keep?

  • The Wandering Dovahkiin

    i would like to play skyrim legit through....but mods I could be God right when the dragon attacks brooooo

  • Jeremiah Hopkins

    cheat mod made me not want to buy the game

  • Yamara Explicit

    RIP gay ass ps4 players. lolExcuse me while I have fun on my alienware laptop that actually runs games on a maximum of 60 fpscheap ass niggas

  • MrDannyFC22

    Why do guys play as women? It makes no sense to me! Honestly are you really that interested in seeing Women I sexy outfits? and don't give me that shit about not seeing a guys arse constantly because Skyrim is First person for the majority.

  • darcy grimm

    Looks like open cities isn't on PS4... :( ugh I wana die.

  • The Awoken

    Try to do half ps4 half xbox

  • Noel da Costa

    Separate videos. The whole point of these videos is to save me time, so I don't have to test the mods myself. So.. if I have a PS4, it's just an annoying waste of time to have to hear about Xbox mods. So far I haven't been able to find anyone who just reviews PS4 mods. So I've been wasting a lot of time.

  • ken bernier jr

    How do you download them

  • Gamesallround

    Separate videos, I can't believe that Xbox one will have better mods than PS4 I'm a PS4 user which isn't fair at all😡

  • FireRed

    question, can I install the 360 spells mod on skyrim cracked PC? ideally want to know :/ please

  • DXG Agoodyuk

    i couldn't find the cheat room mod

  • Tom Burns

    Does he know that last mod is just qasmoke

  • cara stokes

    do them on separate vidioes

  • Lorenzo Brands

    is ps4 getting mods? i thought sony didnt want that

  • Oliisawesome right now

    You download these mods from your console how? Please help.

  • JimmyWatchingGames

    i have a decent pc, 980, i7, but i still get 10-20fps drops with enb and like only 20-30 mods? why?

  • Ashton Hammond

    wer is falskaar m8 best xb1 mod if you Ignore the small bug of the absolutely fucked main quest error 404 key not found I cri evury tim I look at my quests and I see the quest to get the key the crippling depression is taking over

  • Demyx

    So I can get those spells on ps4? I was sceptical about buying special edition but Imma do it now.

  • Elsabe Van Niekerk

    Have they said anything about PS4 mods on fallout

  • Shadow_Blaze@ShadowBoltsAcademy

    how do you get mods onto ps4's version of skyrim

  • Devon Asher

    Do mods deactivate trophies/achievements like in gta with cheats?

  • Gabriel Marengo

    Are there ps4 mods that put new armour into the game?

  • Digital_Fuzion

    Do mods disable trophies?

  • bastiisalive

    annnnd here we are on Asia...still no mod support for Ps4 :) ...not even an 1.02 patch ....

  • Tyler Newcomer

    Leave us PS4 users behind. I don't wanna hold this series back.

  • John-Michael Barnhill

    Are there any Skyrim PS4 mods similar to those in Fallout 4 as far as leveling up or gaining XP at the click of a button???

  • Slap Slap Slap Clap Clap Clap

    how is the performance for open cities on xbox one? any problems?

  • Distance

    Can anyone tell me if there are any or will be any graphical/texture mods for Xbone Skyrim?

  • Rift Shep

    I say just review mods that can be on xbox one, i am playing on PS4, but MAYBE Sony will be cool and allow for external assets, and if that happens it means you already have the videos showing them off. It is dissapointing that Sony are so stubborn when it comes to mods, especially as I do feel mods being on console is a huge step for console gaming, but only time can tell, still, I am happy that mods in console is slowly becoming something that might be expected rather than a luxury with bethesda games

  • Scitch2781

    a mod bricked my xbox one please help ? it wont turn on

  • elaminb2

    Ps4 owners wish they had a Xbox. I have both 😂

  • Thecoolguy667 _

    tbh, I played this game a lot on the ps3 and I was a pretty big skyrum nerd back then😂, but its just painful to see that they'd hand out everything in the game on a silver platter, I mean its a great game and those mods take away the sense of accomplishment, and just from the game overall, like maybe OK some mission mods might be good but don't get a mod that will kill the fun of the game

  • Jordan Ehdieb

    Fucking filthy console peasants. PC has had these mods for years. Your shitty consoles have the processing power of a potato. PC has thousands more mods than your shitty little consoles. Degenerates.

  • madcat20056

    Where's the fo4 mods for PS4

  • Jose Robles

    sorry for the noob comment but do i require to have your internet connected for the entire time once you downloaded the mod or once downloaded can i dissconect my internet i ask because i dont have unlimited internet i have to use my phones hotspot for updates on my xbox one please explain thanks

  • jordan gutierrez

    playstation needd to pick up its slack on the mods

  • Terry Meme

    As an Xboner user, I'd like to see a split however why not a small series with mods that can be used on both consoles.

  • Fabien Dolan

    Is there a mod that removes spider models and sounds from the game? (I'm arachnophobic)

  • Tubby 990

    does skyrim have any weapon mods

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