5 Things You Didn't Know about the College of Winterhold

The College of Winterhold is filled with strange weird funky things. Let's talk about some of them!
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  • Invisible

    fact number 0: the college is for some reason the most boring and underwhelming area in all skyrim

  • N 177

    I don't even have noticed that Mirabelle dies in the questline! Since...2011.

  • Catmandew 1

    That moment when you realize you found all the missing mages on accident....

  • Chaos Chaos!

    Shalidor:LOOK AT THE FLICK OF MY WRIST creates the college of winterholdDeadric Princes:Cool dude

  • Candle Candle

    The college sucked. Everyone either treats you like an idiot during your fetch quests which concludes with you becoming their leader or you swing an axe about, and they make you their leader.

  • Dar Paz

    Tofdirs favorite saying is "I have no idea!" and "I don't know!"That is what old wise wizards say.

  • JPaul C

    Nirya's chin can be sharpened on a grindstone

  • Dawson Glawe

    Pfft, Skyrim videos in 2018. Catch up.JK, yesterday I hunted a sabre cat just for a trophy for my house.

  • Branch Tree

    0:00 - 0:06And they still haven't fixed that bridge by... uhm I don't know maybe MAGIC?

  • Jack Wilson

    The winterhold college just like most things related to mages in skyrim is really boring.....i mean seriously it feels like Bethesda hates mages because not only is it really hard to play mages at hard dificulties but leveling up destruction magic is extremely slow and painfully boring, Might be just me tought.


    Phinis Gester < Penis Jester

  • I Kill Everything I Fuck

    I was wondering why the College of Winterhold didn't last very long. The whole thing was pretty much just one long quest length.

  • CaptmagiKono

    Immersive College of Winterhold, is probably one of the best mods for Skyrim, imo. This could be due to how disappointing the vanilla version of the college is.

  • SightseeingSkyrim

    I actually found 2 of the missing appretices, always wondered about them

  • Daniel Charland

    This explains a lot. I always felt that there were a lot of loose threads from things that characters say, but I always figured that I just hadn't found the right secrets. Now I know that they don't actually exist. Too bad, I'd totally marry that elf lady in spite of my general dislike of high-elves for being arrogant and wanting to destroy the entire world of men because of their god-complex.

  • • OfficialEvan •

    I was wondering why their was a charred corpse by the sea thanks for the explanation

  • Ulixes

    I apparently have the same eyes as Tolfdir and that has actually made my day. My right is brown and left is green. Whoo heterochromia!

  • leftofyou

    I think the mod Cutting Room brought a lot of these back into the game. Going to look into a College overhaul mod after this thanks great one!

  • Krosis Seyn

    Your Skyrim videos are always great.Edit: This one is no exception

  • nikola jurican

    Rhexx make video about augur of dunlain

  • Honest M'aiq

    You're the mages guild. You have the strongest mages in Skyrim province. Your founder literally created a college via magic. Yet you can't conjure up a freakin' hammer and fix the bridge.

  • Blondehuntress

    Wait, i dont think mirabelle has ever died for me

  • Ernest Prat Garriga

    That guy got murdered to death by the skeevers

  • Valesto93

    The magical anomalies level boundary and reset is probably because the cap is right around the max number that can be saved in 16 bit datatype, and the reset to lvl 1 is the overflow

  • Lusiggy

    Oh hey notification, it's been a while since I watched rhexx. Well back in I go

  • Unlimited Bits Gaming


  • Asher Aumack-Raner

    It would've been nice if he mentioned the rings that you can find in the library. That's always a fun little thing that I do while in the mages guild

  • David Wineholt

    I think you should do a TES lore video on "The Necromancer's Amulet" history. The quests in both #Skyrim and #Oblivion are some pretty epic questlines in the all #TES games and I never really seen many videos made on it yet.

  • cheeselord sheogorath

    Wizards freezeimg mead just use some frost magic or leave it out side it is skyrim

  • Gandalf the GOAT

    Says "im going to make a mage build" 5 hours later has 65 archery and 20 destruction

  • Charred Husk

    So i messed up on one save and did the college of winter hold quest line after i broke the game...and was lv999. I just gave up until i broke weapon damage and then came back.

  • Patrice Boivin

    I don't see why Bethesda didn't "finish" producing some of these quests using a patch

  • ThibautVDP

    i wish those old obsolete game files would be removed from the game. it's just so much wasted space.

  • Keegan Stormblade

    1.) I think I went out of my way to try and find those guys once. What a shame those guys are dead...2.) Damn! I should use console commands to add some guards to the College next time I play the game. Also, I had no idea about the chest being there. Maybe I should use TCL in more locations.3.) So that explains why those things tank hits really well...5.) Yeah, I heard about that "Rogue Wizard" quest. I'm still not entirely sure why it was implemented though.

  • Tropithan

    Sick video Rhexx, do you play Xbox One?

  • Safebox Gaming

    The reason for the levelling glitch with the magic anomalies is due to the variable type used to store levels, which would appear to be an unsigned short with a max value of 65,535. If this number is surpassed (as is the case by the player levelling up by 1), the value resets to 0 which Skyrim's engine won't allow so it pushes it up to the next valid value which is 1.

  • Hugo Flores

    What's up guys I played Skyrim before i want a new version another Skyrim game a new one

  • Silver Wyvern

    They gotta do a damn Winterhold DLC for Skyrim or ESO!! It's all cool we got the fancy Psijic island and Altmer Nazis, but the real magic of Tamriel in my opinion was in Winterhold and it's story. The Bosmer can keep their tree songs, Khajit their moon magic, and Argonian Hist magic... I want the great college! We get Dominion Nazi college, and isolationist scholars instead. The Dunmer have their trinity and Telvanni mages have their nostalgia, cool, but in ESO us Bretons don't really have a cooler place to go than Winterhold, considering it accepts everyone... or hey you could start giving us actual landmarks like the Direnni tower or some of the others, that would be cool.

  • Red

    I can understand having to cut these quests b/c the game had to ship, but given Bethesda's buggy-at-release tendency, why even bother? Even if they could release these games without much issue, why not just patch these back in at a later date as some free dlc akin to Witcher 3?

  • supperzuppezwo

    wait i think i know that voice, are you jerry liu?

  • Thor's Hammer

    How powerful are the Daedric Princes in their true forms?

  • michael liggett

    I must've bugged my pc version awhile back because meribelle survived the questline. on one play through so either that or it is possible to stop her death but it is hard and tricky and I lucked out if that the case

  • Arturo Hernandez

    This is some good detailed content holy shit

  • Immortal Wolf

    im not so certain the first deal with the apprentices was ever meant to be a whole quest, it was likely just another of those things to breathe a little more depth into the world. the elder scrolls games have had a large number of unmarked "quests" that are just there to add flavor for those willing to do the work to find them.

  • Georgi Stavrev

    open consoleclick anomalytype "kill"enterHad to do that, anyway. Since my game crashed every time I hit one of those bastards...

  • Phil Dicks

    Of all the organizations in Skyrim, the Bard's College and College of Winterhold were my biggest disappointments. One makes you a glorified gofer, and the other makes you Archmage, but leaves you with a meh feeling.

  • SightseeingSkyrim

    Another great video, keep it going rhexx!

  • Tatty Bojangles

    I found Ilas-Tei years ago, now I know who he is

  • Pure_Magic

    I love you Rhexx, Keep making skyrim lore it's the best!!!

  • Cutter Howell

    Your videos give me such a raging dragon bone.

  • Ysmir Wulfharth

    First Like then watch 👍🏽😁

  • SightseeingSkyrim

    Nice, 101 likes and 0 dislikes

  • Dippy Fresh

    Love these lore videos you do, keep up the good work

  • kyle kinsey

    in regards to fact 4. I was under the impression that every one in the world could use magic.

  • Matt Lewis

    Early af! Just had that feeling Thank u rhexx!

  • Tanner 9905

    I’m level 1500 and haven’t even started mages guild questline, does this mean I’m never killing them unless I level up another 36000 times

  • Lore Master23

    Hey Rhexx! Great video! Ever thought of making Lore for a universe of your own making? Might be cool!

  • Mace Windu

    I think this is the earliest I've ever been

  • Tomáš Ramšák

    Good job, nice video 😊

  • Plokman040

    Hmm magic passed on by Genetics where have I heard that before. Oh right in Harry Potter and Angie Sage's Septimus Heap series in fact for HP Dudley was planed to have a wizard kid and meet Harry at Kings Cross years later. Miss Rowling took into consideration that Uncle Vernon's hate for Magic was so great his DNA would snuff any trace of the Magic Gene so if that means Harry's kids will be the only grandkids of Harry's mom's gene pool to have Witch or Wizard kids is still unknown I'd hope that Uncle Vernon's hate would be diluted after a generation. Dudley is one thing that redeems his family too. After the events in Order of The Phoenix Dudley actually saw reason and felt pity for Harry as well as empathy and realized all his life not one person he knew would of saved him that night except Harry. He knew Harry saved him not just as a way to get something he saw Harry save him his worst bully besides his dad risk his very soul to save him.Also I do hope my first few sentences here don't sound sarcastic. I realize they could sound that way very much so but that was not my intent.

  • wagwan taliban

    this games 7 years old.....play new games!

  • Avvak

    i'm not sure why the magic anomalies glitch the f out but i know that a 16 bit integer can hold somewhere similar to that amount, and when you go over that it probably loops around to 0(maybe the level can't be 0 and it goes to 1)

  • Arkham Wrath

    Fight Magical Anomaly with TGM !!! LOL

  • Whitefang 73005

    Lol the dude with the skeevers never showed up, just the skeevers

  • Benjamin Halford

    The anomalies are actually, I believe, just over 1.75 times the player character's level. As such, when the player is at level 37,448, there level is 65,534. However, when the player levels up again to 37,449, they become level 65535.75, rounding up to 65536. Which is the highest unsigned binary number that can be stored, in 16-bits. So with that, the devs must've programmed it to be stored as a 16-bit int. Very interesting when trying to reverse engineer, or debug the game.

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