Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 Vampire Quest Line - Bloodstone Chalice

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 Vampire Quest Line - Bloodstone Chalice

One of the Biggest DLC's of the year, so excited.

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  • icedraikon

    The Vampire Lord thing should come with a warning: Don't use when in rooms with low ceilings.......

  • Kalyn Schaffer

    ur supposed to drink the skooma sample way quicker, and no killing except for the ppl in the mine. Also pick pocket the guy in front of the cage for the key.

  • Bri Cox

    When I started the quest, they keep saying that I am mortal... and they keep trying to kill me

  • DropShot Pb

    Vampire would work well if you used the soup that regenerates stamina , that's an easy counter

  • Tomato boi

    when i need to talk to garan for some reason everyone starts attacking me, help !

  • cydnflr

    when you get embrace of shadows FEED

  • Faik Tagiev

    There is a vampire quest line?Never thought there is, always killed all those bloodsuckers.

  • MonkeyTrain48

    Werewolf's can own vampires on skyrimbecause a werewolf has more strength and can knock enemys away and they can scare their enemy's: A vampire just uses magic and it loses magic if it runs out of magic  it cant do anything bet transform back to regular form bet it can get away from a werewolf bet i still think its cool.

  • i Germaine

    How did you get there?

  • Bryce Gastelum

    Should I be dawn guard or a vampire?

  • Pableira The Pereira

    i need the dlc to become a vampire lord?

  • Durp Gaming

    Is there a difference between Skyrim - Dawn guard and normal skyrim?

  • jack greenway

    The sun stops you from healing

  • jack greenway

    The sun stops you from healing

  • Kyle Divan

    The reason you thought he was blind was because he wasn't hostile dips hit or anyone in the shoot a place

  • John B

    I like to be a vampire

  • Fuzzy Gaming every week!

    i dont get it, when im not in vampire lord mode they say i am not 1 of them. and i cant talk with them.... but in vampire lord mode i cant speak, so wtf?

  • marlin michell

    U could of used bats for the time u failed

  • Pizza Dude

    i became a vampire and there is no selections to talk

  • Abaas Mohamed

    Nice video keep up the good work bud. : )

  • Ludvig B.L.

    so do i just follow the story quest or is it a spical quest that i need to find?

  • Drew Redli

    Is it for the elder scrolls V or is there another game completely?

  • George Mad

    hello i went there i transformed into vampire lord and after i accepted the mission i had to revert form to do the mission to say ''its time'' but i cant says im not a vampire please help

  • juraj336

    Nice video! But maybe talk mpre.

  • Sarina Rose

    Lol you killed the vampire cattle and used it as a minion haha

  • Catt Cornett


  • Raging Gaming

    you must feed a lot or all guards will attack you I know I use to be a vampire got a cure and became a werewolf

  • D4yzOv3r

    after you end up in the cell use a lockpick to open the cell door

  • D4yzOv3r

    after you end up in the cell use a lock pick to get out

  • D4yzOv3r

    @ GameRiotArmy keep it up you videos have been very helpful

  • D4yzOv3r

    dont kill the guy guarding the door but instead talk to him for he will let you in and talk to the lady in the front because she will give you skooma and you'll end up through the door which he used a lockpick to unlock, also the guy on the right of you in the last room is a friend talk to him.

  • Lt.Chezzm

    When ever I start this quest, I keep on getting killed by everyone at the main dining hall!

  • k c

    how to you get to that building at the start because the quest looks easy and all but how do you get there to start it?

  • rubens monteiro

    humans fight humans, why cant vampires fight vampires?

  • Dakota Slytherin

    Wait is this when you start the game? And if not can you post a vid. Of the very beggining please

  • Roman

    I don't get it, why he is playing as a girl?

  • emile blackshadow Dabeastindahouse

    I don't get it vampires fighting vampires what's going on

  • cameron clark

    yes ithink you can loot a dawnguard soldier he might have one and some bolts

  • FighterPilot_788

    @21Yourface its weird makes u gay

  • supersam14000

    if your a vampire can u still get the crossbow and other armor

  • MrBiggBunny

    Hey dude, arrows are WAYYYYY more effective if you pull the bow back all the way.

  • Jake Dragonfire

    everyone makes that mistake. it's nothing to worry about. it was very funny tho keep making these vids

  • GameRiot

    in the second part dude

  • GameRiot

    opps I didn't know that oh well

  • Jake Dragonfire

    you may have not know this but the people at redwater den are peaceful at first. But I like how you just went in there and started killing that was awesome

  • Monkeyd luffy

    can you show the perk tree

  • GameRiot

    thanks dude 5 parts are up with more coming this week

  • TheLochlann

    I wonder... Can you be a vampire from the original skyrim and join the dawnguard?

  • Reno Cook

    im never becoming a vampire cause it ruined one of my 3 acounts on best one im a werewolf basically i say screw vampires

  • Ross Mc

    you dont regen anything in sunlight and the three attributes get decreased more as you go up in the stages of vampirism which increase everyday you go without feeding until stage four which has the best powers but the worst weaknesses but really you should just fight at night or inside

  • Ross Mc

    thank god i was waiting for this for ages didnt really wanna watch the dawnguard

  • GameRiot

    Thanks for the Support if you want to see more Vampire content make sure you let me know by watching and liking the video

  • hungryjoe12

    Vampirism, the stats get lower. Sorry for double post, phone decided to post before I was done.

  • hungryjoe12

    The sun stops your stamina, health, and magicka from regenerating, as well as lowering the bas stats for them, while outside. As you progress towards stage 4

  • j0hke

    I'll just watch and see how this side differs from the "Good path".

  • Roberto Alvarenga

    when u say that it means that u are pronoucing a way to say first without sayng it so that people don't get mad at u and only people that look well in your comment can see that...

  • Dickface McGee

    you just made no sence

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