The Elder Scrolls Online The Alliances and Arrival Trailer 【HD】

The Elder Scrolls Online is the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise -- and will bring the legendary experience online for the first time. Bethesda Softworks released two intense cinematic trailers, "The Alliances" and "The Arrival," for their upcoming massively multiplayer online game The Elder Scrolls Online. The video game will be released for Windows PC and Mac on April 4th, 2014 and is available to pre-order from their official online store and Amazon. The Elder Scrolls Online will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 30th, 2014.

Developed by the team at Zenimax Online Studios, 'The Elder Scrolls Online' merges the unmatched exploration of rich worlds that the franchise is known for with the scale and social aspects of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players will discover an entirely new chapter of Elder Scrolls history in this ambitious world, set a millennium before the events of Skyrim as the daedric prince Molag Bal tries to pull all of Tamriel into his demonic realm.

Developer: ZeniMax Online
Release: 4/4/2014
Genre: MMO/RPG
Platform: PS4/Xbox One/PC/ and Mac
Publisher: Bethesda

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  • UOG050

    Imagine TESO with these graphics :D.

  • Aidan Reigler

    3:18Keep in mind that's a Breton lol.I feel like the dagger fall covenant and the ebonheart pact would join sides nowadays, cause elves hate everyone who isn't an elf.

  • Jack Strayfeald

    So the Badass assassin has now tuned evil and has control of his own undead army ....well shit

  • OnceWasARose

    Why do the undead always attack the Imperial City? Those guys really can't get a break.

  • Carter Kinoy

    2:59 - Needs a Wilhelm scream.

  • Jennifer O

    I really hope The elder scrolls VI will have graphics like this, I would pee myself.

  • Veggieburger

    This isnt a trailer. Its a short film.

  • rio20d

    The Elf Chick from Aldmeri Dominion is just the real badass in that last fight scene against the daedra warriors, in my opinion that big Nord warrior from Ebonheart Pact would've died if it wasnt for that Elf using her magic to break that chains..causing one of it to hit that big monster's head that the nord was fighting, you can see that Nord also struggled to fight at 09:37.  She was without a doubt, the hero in that fight scene against the daedra minions,Aldmeri Dominion all the way baby!!!

  • Mike Algiers

    If only the Daedric armor actually looked like that.

  • Tico o

    Always wondered whether game makers could make a very very large and amazingly detailed game, but then instead of selling it as a CD, why not have their own portable hardrive where they can store the large amounts of data?Just curious, surely this would let us have games with this kind of quality????

  • II LiMiiTz xX

    Who else just think they should of had an update to skyrim that brought in multiplayer

  • Wolfywoo

    early accsess starts sunday! i cant wait!

  • ercipollahouse

    If the actual game was good one-thousandth of how this trailer is made, now it should be like the best game ever...

  • Sashow1000

    The Elder Scrolls series has been raped and stabbed in the heart...

  • Simon Holmes-Brown

    Got nothing on Dark Souls that's where real gaming is at. Cool movie though the game is MMO so will just be a click fest. Zero skill

  • Ethan Mancuso

    Of corse the awesome dude has to turn into the zombie. Ugh

  • The Inspector

    The only thing telling me this is an elder scrolls game is the occasional showing of the imperial tower. Maybe a few legionnaires. Other than that looks like any other fantasy game.

  • Liberty Prime

    Am I the only one planning to defend the Empire?

  • Aveduardo HUE

    Best trailer , I love Skyrim and now multyplayer !!! anybody here love skyrim like me ?

  • 52262 933626

    it would almost feel better if this were a TV series or a movie. Other than a game. what better than the lore of the Elder Scrolls.

  • iczeky

    I want this to be a movie but i don't think Bethesada has enough time for that.^^

  • Tal McManus

    The only thing i hate about the game is combat...

  • Kampylakos

    at the moment ESO is really playable at last.. meaning you can really enjoy playing. Still, its not a fantastic mmo but surely a decent one. keep calm and wait for Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade. because the daka daka is never enough!

  • You and Me


  • Yayo Rodríguez

    This guys should do movies instead of games, they look so much better xD

  • Demonflesh spawn

    Also, the Nord Warrior's the most badass one there, as he chose to take on something 50 times his strength and size with nothing but a battleaxe and his sheer combat skill and awesomeness, deals it a huge deal of damage before being put at risk - inevitable for something so large and strong, no matter how great a warrior one is - and then survives the collapse of one of the biggest monuments on Tamriel that buries his enemy with no magical assistance!If that's not Elder Scrolls badassery, I don't know what is...

  • Lena Oxton

    This game does not deserve that title, lucky me it's not part of the main cannon.

  • Hola Joseph

    This has ruined TES games for me.

  • Özgün Demir

    why the fuckers won't make this to an animation movie? :(

  • Jed's Tubes

    Coolest game trailer I've ever seen. Can't wait until games start looking and playing exactly like this. 10 more years, maybe? BTW there's no way those daggers could have penetrated that plate armor at that speed. :)

  • Cillian Downes

    you can see molag bals face in the clouds at the end of the trailer when it zooms out

  • Stiff Limb

    12:54 , anyone else sees that huge ass demon looking thing in the clouds to the right?

  • Boyka Fighta

    this cinematic trailer is better then movies O_O

  • Stay Up

    Why isn't this out as a FILM? 

  • madcat789

    What happened to the Breton? 

  • dragonbane44

    Even in animated fight, cams are shaking so much. God! Cool poses 10/10; actual fight 3/10


    2:39 getting sniped after you've respawn.

  • Jon Doenut

    That's a longass trailer

  • Nathan Weber

    8:05Literally me when someone attacks me in Skyrim.

  • Solaire

    I will appear once more!

  • mega dragonis

    alguien sabe que es esa cosa se que vienen del plano de oblivion por la armadura daedrica pero no se que es esa cosa

  • Carmilla's Faithful Servant

    You see this is why High Elves are the best race ;) we always are the one saving everyone else

  • Jan Majer

    7:18 this monster needs God of War :D

  • Sierra Bauman

    This aint no fan made trailer. Awsome.

  • Eric Cartman

    10:45 Magic man drop=?

  • Master Asia

    6:54 I was unaware Mr. Sinister worked for Molag Bal

  • Matt Smith

    Seems like they spent more time on the trailer then the actual game lol

  • Boston Towny4life

    I wasent to big of a fan of this game but I'm gonna give it another shot once it goes buy to play on march 17th.question: Will update 6 (one with the crime and justice system) be released that day to? I seriously feel adding crime to ESO will make the game thousands of times better

  • orest kendzora

    elder scrolls is ruined it feels like lord of the rings and not wat it supposed to be

  • Dillon Mckelvey

    Bruh that dude looking like scorpion I can't wait till this game comes out on console

  • GoldenEye

    The have ruined skyrim

  • Osias Passi

    Need to make a movie series.. Lol

  • Snow Lion

    This game is a disgrace to tes lore, those of you who bought into this game should be ashamed.

  • Anthony

    Who's the Rogue featured in "The Alliances"?

  • TheProjaCraft Reloaded

    What is Tamriel? I heard that in Skyrim.

  • Roulon du Toit

    I really hope I'm still alive at the time when games really have this look and fluidity about them.

  • Nitro

    MANY say that this game is shit. Is it really shit? It looks so damn amazing I wanna buy it, but the critics and the fact that you have to pay for a DAMN MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION prevent me from buying it.

  • Vein Nebula

    to bad ESO is nothing close to this game we see here In the trailer it was so promising

  • Jesse Faries

    So which faction wins? The Ebonheart pact because of the birth of Tiber Septem years later? Whats canon?

  • bomb bmber

    i thought they were daydrick trying to make a second war with tamriel

  • Bane

    I bet %98 of people commenting never played the game.You can't compare a MMO game to Skyrim for gods sake.

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