7 Times Violence Wasn't the Answer

Occasionally you run into an enemy who you can't beat by conventional violent means. Take the non-violent moral high ground though and you're rewarded with victory and more leftover bullets to use on the next baddie. Embrace tranquility, contemplate these times violence wasn’t the answer, and subscribe for a video like this one every Thursday!

Take The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, for instance, in which you had to let a bear wail on you to prove your respect for nature, or the Resident Evil remake, in which your best option against the monsterrific Lisa Trevor was to show her a sarcophagus full of bones instead of shooting her body full of holes. Hurray for pacifism!

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  • Jetpack Cthulhu

    Violence isn't the answer, it's a question, yes is the answer.

  • JStryker47

    You misunderstand, Luke. The princess was actually sending the mouse to save the prince. You see, there's a part near the end of level 8, where you appear to get trapped. But if you wait a few seconds, the mouse comes along and steps on the panel that opens the door to let you out. Afterwards, the cutscene shows the princess petting him. So yeah, the mouse does deserve some credit because the prince couldn't have made it without him.

  • Derek Floyd

    If violence wasn't the answer, you clearly didn't use enough of it.

  • David

    "To be fair to Burt, the small child is in to it."I don't think that will hold up in court...

  • eagle219406

    I know one you missed. "Tricking the Doppleganger". Tomb Raider original/Anniversary. Lara encounters the skinless doppleganger at Natla's Island. It turns out however it is harmless (unless Lara attacks it). If she does, the doppleganger reflects back a huge bolt of energy at Lara. It seems all it does is mimic Lara's moves, in the opposite direction. It does however keep Lara from advancing. When copying one of Lara's moves, it jumps on a pressure plate that closes off the exit. It can only be opened by a lever on the Doppleganger's platform. The solution is that Lara's platform has an identicle lever which opens up a vent on the end of her own platfotm where she jumped on. You then get lara down and activate handhold to the oposite platform, with help from the doppleganger, then maneuver onto the opposite platform the doppleganger was on. The doppleganger will head towards the platform Lara vacated, as Lara jumps onto the platform, the doppleganger will mimic her, falling through the open vent into molten lava below, leaving Lara a clear path to the exit. This must be done within 30 seconds, or the vent automatically closes back up. You think that one counts as a time violence wasn't the answer?

  • Brent Dreher

    Yesterday: a video about how to cheat in wrestling.Today: a video about not using violence.I'm getting some mixed messages here....

  • rashkavar

    You picked FF7's Zombie status boss? Not FF4's scene on Mount Ordeals? That scene actually packs a narrative impact into your choice to not attack. It's the scene that I was referring to when Undertale came out and I said "oh, someone made a game that's all about that one scene in FF4 writ large. Cool!" For those who've not played FF4, you play Cecil, a Dark Knight of the evil Kingdom of Baron (I have to assume that the writers didn't know exactly what Baron meant at the time). The game starts just as he begins to act on his questions about whether or not murdering innocent villagers is a good thing to do and he eventually realizes that the evil Kingdom of Baron is indeed evil. (To be fair, the "evil" descriptor is not actually a part of its formal name.) So he decides to fight against it...and is handily defeated in short order. Eventually he winds up in one of the villages he attacked back when he was a bad guy, and the elder, seeing his remorse about the attack, sends him off to Mount Ordeals where he can cleanse himself of the dark power that he learned to harness in the Kingdom of Baron. Once there, Cecil finds a ritual stone, out of which walks a reflection of himself. Thing is, this isn't Prince of Persia, you don't just sheathe your sword and be done instantly. This reflection of his darkness and aggression attacks you repeatedly, and will kill you if you treat it like most FF duels. You have to keep yourself alive while not attacking for...I think it's 10 attacks or something? A while, anyway. Meanwhile, the people from the village who the elder had watching Cecil to make sure you were actually going through with this and not continuing to be the evil bastard he started out as are finally convinced that you're a good guy.Oh, and the game does the amazing thing it loves to do with stats. Cecil stops being a level 20-odd Dark Knight (or higher, if you're the level grinding type), and becomes a level 1 Paladin. Granted, that game's stat chart for a level 1 paladin is fairly comparable to the expected level for that point in the game (possibly a couple of levels behind), but if you're the type who level grinds, oh boy does that hurt. Getting off that mountain alive with your only physical fighter knocked down that far is not easy. (This isn't the only time the game does narrative stuff with stats. I particularly love how it handles Tellah, whose physical stats reduce as he levels up because he's getting older and increasingly frail - he's at the point of old age where vigorous exercise does more damage than good, and it shows in the stats. Also, he's got less MP than it costs to cast his best spell, because he's so frail that he can't handle that kind of magical energy anymore. And when he does cast it in a story moment, he dies. It's the best party character death in Final Fantasy to date. Aerith runs off on her own and gets stabbed. Tellah dies a motherfucking hero in an incredible blaze of glory. I just wish the SNES had the kind of FMVs that the PSX era games could offer, or that one of its remakes had taken the time to do that.)

  • Millennial Gameplay

    Im surprised you didnt add the Cecil Harvey becomes a paladin fight in FFIV, remember when becoming a paladin violence is never the answer but defending a whole bunch is... apparently

  • chavamara

    Is there a reason we forgot about the ENTIRETY of Undertale? And there's the climactic final fight against Vader in Force Unleashed!Or Priscilla the Half-Breed (Luke, you monster!).

  • Af Munso

    Andy: "only good cowboy is a dead cowboy... and John Marston"Me: "but... Andy... J-John is d-dea-dea..." (breaks down crying)

  • Andy Mcp

    Violence is never the answer my friends...AND I'LL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE!! WHO WANTS SOME!??

  • SB0083

    No mention of Undertale? The whole game encourages you to not take the violent route. Not merely one boss. ALL enemies...

  • heBRUhammer86

    When fighting Lisa and her many faces. "Don't look into her eyes! Oh god! More eyes!"

  • Robert Anderson

    Times violence wasn’t the answer-Final Fantasy IV. You literally can’t continue the game if you try to attack Dark Knight Cecil with Paladin Cecil. You have to defend or use white magic.

  • DuskTheUmbreon

    Come on, you mentioned a generic undead Final Fantasy boss in 7, but forgot Final Fantasy...4? Whatever US release 2 was.When you purify Ceicil and change him from a Dark Knight to a Paladin you have to also fight your mirror. Except fighting back makes it take ages (if not actually impossible), so all you have to do is let him hit you a few times and you win.

  • M Mitchell

    Uhmmm... Far Cry? Just be a decent dinner guest.

  • Gryphono

    Was I the only one that was shocked to see that the time in Final Fantasy IV didn't make it in? You know, when the main character Cecil decides to change from a Dark Knight to a Paladin to fight the empire's corruption. You literally had to de-equip your weapon, and let me tell you. That was so damn confusing, considering you literally never had to do that before in the series, so you have to figure out the un-equipping controls while getting whaled on by an invincible version of your past self. Fun times.

  • Willermousse

    You mention Final Fantasy but but dont mention Gogo the mimic from Final Fantasy V!You had to fight your way through an underwater tower without running out of time and drowning to death. Then, when you reach Gogo you literally have to sit there doing nothing while watching the clock run out, or else you will lose the fight.He eventually praises you for your mimicry of his own inaction, and concedes the battle to you.After this you claim your treasure, a crystal that grants the 'Mimic' character class, and then you leave as fast as you possibly can because you are STILL RUNNING OUT OF AIR.

  • Nisansa de Silva

    Does that werewolf mission in Witcher 3 count?

  • Michael Leddick

    Not to nitpick here, but the boss in the cave of the GI from FF VII isn't really appropriate for this list. You can still beat him with violence, it's just a little harder. Final Fantasy has established early on in their games that Undead enemies tend to be harmed by white magic and healing items. The same thing can be said about the Iifa tree in FF IX, the Zombified Evrai in FF X, the second part of the battle with the fake president in FF VIII, and Scarmiglione's second fight at the top of Mt. Ordeals in FF IV. Speaking of Mt. Ordeals, a more appropriate entry for the video's list is Cecil's fight in the cave at the top of Mt. Ordeals, where the only way to win is to defend for 3 turns. BTW, I apologize for any misspelled names.

  • Lord Scribe

    I for one found myself having a hard time not putting a bullet between Natalia's low-res eyes in Goldeneye 007 any time I was forced to escort her through a mission. Does that count?

  • edalB tsaL

    SIR! Violence isnt working!Me-"quickly, use more violence!"but sir-"MORE DAMN YOU!"

  • connor olive

    I expected the boss fight with Florianne in DAI to be on here tbh. I mean, she was harder than the final boss, imo. I reloaded to the beginning of the wicked eyes and wicked hearts quest to get enough approval to expose her.

  • Arthur Morgan

    I mean you could've just used your shield for the bear

  • Jess Steel

    Former Mrs. Skywalker 😭 RIP expanded universe. Still sad about it.

  • Jace 00

    Umm... Saren from the OG Mass Effect. If you Max out Renegade it Paragon, you can convince him to shoot himself.

  • Adam Chambers

    "like all reflections, he wants to make you feel bad" 😂😂😂

  • TheValiantBob

    I'm surprised the Final Fantasy entry wasn't Final Fantasy 4, where in order to to become a paladin of light, dark knight Cecil has to face his inner darkness! AKA, just guard for a bunch of turns while your evil clone wails on you and eventually gives up. Yay, the power of light?

  • Joe Kerr

    How dare you promote nun violence!!!! I can't believe........................oh...........wait............that's non-violence you say? Not nun violence? ok my bad :D

  • SigmentKurosai

    Why does everyone say "kill Barry for his Magnum"? Jesus, they give you one in the cemetery before you even see Lisa for the first time.

  • nathaniel hood

    I'd have to say Final Fantasy 12's Magic Pot. You could set the game to automatically attack anything hostile near you which it counts as. It's found in an area thick with monsters late into the game, though the Magic Pot wouldn't attack until you attacked first. Considering it has more hp and defense than most bosses, ridiculous spell casting abilities, and can absorb the damage of literally every element in the game, it's a fairly tough cookie. The easiest way to beat it is to give it an Elixer, a rare item that heals one character for their full hp and mp. Doing so lowers it's stats intensly and makes it so it won't fight back. Which is good because most of it's stats are maxed out and it could wipe out most parties at this level in seconds

  • Ironic Dutch Moonshade

    In Civilisation V when you go to war with India, and they nuke you to death. Seriously, what is it with Ghandi and nuclear weapons in this game?

  • The CastAway DC

    "The only good cowboy is a Dead Cowboy. Except John Marston" Andy does remember how that game ended, right?

  • Gold Fish

    I'm suprised Undertale wasn't on here. And when I say that I mean the entire freaking game.

  • Caleb Kopp

    How about KotOR( Knights of the Old Repulic) II, with the battle against Darth Sion.At this point you have fought the dude twice and been unable to kill him both times.At the end, you have to talk him into letting go of his hate for him to die. Even if you have no skill in Persuasion, just beating him up isn't enough. You still have to talk him into giving up, with a persuasion skill check that you're basically forced to win. Then again what do you expect fighting a guy who cannot die and whose body will hold together no matter what?

  • MerlynMusicman

    Assuming before I watch that the thumbnail is referring to Mysteries of the Sith, that last mission is one of the best designed 'fps' maps ever (or certainly at the time; I can't claim to have played every map ever but it was something else ;)

  • O A

    1: Dark Souls Friendly NPC's

  • Sir Prize

    Skyrim: A Daedra’s Best Friend. If you kill Barbas you get a near useless axe, but if you let him live you get a Daedric artifact that will boost your speech and magicka

  • Raven Henderson

    It's staggering how much graphics have improved since the old days...

  • hunny_bites Gaming

    "i wanted his magnum!" ME: NO it was a PERSONAL VENDETTA! i went to get the shotgun and he didnt come save me from the dropping ceiling ;_;

  • Bha'al the Lord of Murder

    Um no, use a phoenix down in ffxii its less rare and kills just as quick

  • Calmest Pilot21

    Bears in Oblivion look surprisingly adorable

  • flying dutchman

    What about that one quest in The Witcher 3 where you meet an undead dude who is the worst fighter in the world and spent an eternity losing over and over again and you had to let the guy win so that he could rest in peace.

  • CheosPlays

    Final Fantasy 7? What about Final Fantasy 4 when Cecil had to fight himself to become a Paladin

  • Patrick Phelan

    The shrimp and onion ring thing may seem like it's not reference to a classic horror movie, Luke, but that's because you're not considering rhotic... rhoticness! As you can tell by the teleportation/horrorDNAmerging pods in the background, this is clearly a reference to the Cronenberg/Goldblum classic, and in this case, would be called......sigh..."The Fry".

  • Lochie Sinclair

    Andy: "The only good cowboy is a dead cowboy!"John: "Hold my sarsaparilla..."

  • Scorpius1691

    Prince of Persia was such an awesome game - 1 real-life hour to win.

  • Timothy McLean

    I didn't kill Lisa Trevor, she killed herself. Loophole!I didn't kill Gi Nattak, I healed him! Lethally. Loophole!

  • Reinecke Fox

    I dont know if this is also mentionable for this list but what about Lands of Lore 1 "Throne of Chaos" final Boss Scotia where you have to use the Mirror of Truth (or so called item) to prevent a 3 phase bossfight in a locked up arena you can't win - even if you want!There are some YTubers out there let's played this game and trying to use the most powerful weapon called "Westwood stick" (which is a reference to the Westwood Studios programming this increadible Dungeon Crawler back in 1990s) but it is impossible so VIOLENCE is not the answer - a mirror of truth is it and then you can just kill the boss :) in one hit :) does it count for this list here?

  • Zellrang aka Shinrei (ZaS)

    what about Oni? if you don't kill your regional Commander Griffin, although the last boss would have some backup, he will stay as a human being while Griffin will come and help you with his own reinforcement however if you DID kill him, even though you're gonna fight the last boss 1v1, he's gonna turn into monster and gonna beat even harder to beatand then there's also the zombie in half minute hero, in mission 30, if you don't kill the last zombie girl, the rusted sword that you obtain during this mission will turn into a hero sword, the strongest sword in the gameand just like ff7 or vice versa since it's about ff6, you could use phoenix down to instakill the phantom train

  • Binary

    "Non violence is the way, embrace tranquility" Pft, tell that to Merilwen's meat grinder

  • The Sentinel

    I'm a simple man. I see Mysteries of the Sith, I click

  • Rupti

    Why does the name box at the start say "Andy"? I thought his name was Impartial

  • DavidHokeyHoke

    Gigyas from EarthBound. You aren’t supposed to attack. You have to pray and lull him to sleep.

  • Aodhan Drain

    In Final Fantasy 4 (2 for the original SNES in NA), there were two fights where you could win without attacking the enemy. The first was Cecil vs Dark Knight Cecil, where the dark knight kills himself with his own darkness attack. The second was Rubicante after Edge gets his full blitz attacks unlocked (in that game after a time Rubicante gives a speech and then loses). I don’t know if these are the same in the remake or not though.

  • Intera UK

    Remember when Horse Armour was shocking?Those were the days.

  • Christian Blanchard

    The funniest amd most memed bad spoken dialogue in gaming!Here's to you Commander Boreale of the Blood Ravens in Dawn of War!

  • Nguyen Huu Vinh

    How about Echo, the game where your enemy adapt to your play style. So if you try to run & gun like an average COD player, you not gonna make it to the first round because just like those robots in West World, they gonna learn from your violence behavior, change their program and shoot you down. Instead what you have to do is just casually walk around and eating lots and lots of grapes.

  • Karby m

    Why wasn't Until Dawn on this list?So many times violence screwed you over or set forth unfavourable outcomes.

  • IamCoalfoot

    "Jedi Knight 2: Kyle be Back" actually killed me, I laughed embarrassingly hard. ;)

  • Harris Hoin

    Silent Hill 3If you attack Claudia then the evil god inside you is born and you get a game over, instead you have to get rid of it with the magic medicine that was conveniently in your locket all along (yay horror games.)

  • Kanoodles

    Although violence could be the answer, it won't end well for the characters in Dishonored.

  • Diana Winters

    Metro 2033/Last LightThe game was signifigantly easier if you just stealthed past everything.


    Ff3 in the USA had a boss like that .... healing him killed him way faster .. it's in the 2 tower section of the game ....

  • Christina Nightraven

    What about the moment in the Borderlands 2 Bunkers & Badasses DLC where If Brick hadn’t decided to punch the dwarf king you could’ve gained a new race of allies. Of course later when violence turns out to be the best answer when you meet the sorcerer’s daughter he decides not to punch her. sigh You tried, Brick.

  • Ocarina Of Burr

    70% of the comments: Final Fantasy boss Cecil10% of the comments: "umm Undertale duh!"20%: People telling the Undertale fans their idea is invalid because you choose to be nonviolent, as violence is still a valid option.From a fan of Undertale: the 20% are right, you can win either way.To the other 70%: Cecil is great and all, but GHOST TRAIN!

  • Ben Borthwick

    I see your Legend of Zelda animated TV series reference Luke, and I respectfully nod.

  • Shenorai

    Final Fantasy IV.As Cecil undergoes a trial to become a Paladin, he battles a copy of himself. You fight, you die. You Defend and do not strike back - given your copy of the game wasn't glitched - you win.

  • Lee McDonald

    "The only good cowboy is a dead cowboy! And John Marston..."So...just a dead one?

  • Wolf 80207

    Okay I keep hearing about how you need an elixir or how you need an x potion to beat the Cosmo canyon boss in ffvii when ANY healing item or spell works on it even a Phoenix Down has about a 50% chance instakill there is no reason to use anything powerful at all during that fight

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