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  • Melvin Wei

    LOL I never progressed past the hour mark in this video in terms of plot progression, I just leveled up my character until I could jump ten times higher than Michael Jordan in his prime and kill dragons in one hit, then the game seemed pointless to me. I joined all those guilds and passed a ton of missions and killed a lot of dungeon freaks. Thanks for showing me the rest.

  • TheWalkingAmongTheDead

    There are no cutscenes in Skyrim...

  • XenoMorphica

    Nice one dude! I love how you make it so its like we're actually watching a movie and not just a game. So good!

  • ripdose

    nice upload will u do the ps4 version?

  • Amer Eiman

    I Love Medieval Game So Much !!

  • OverjoyedTepig

    Dragons? I thought they were just ledgends!Ledgends don't burn down villages.

  • Terraleigh Vaipo

    Absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to putting this together. The time you spent in gameplay and then editing I can only imagine. But thank you and I look forward to more of your work.

  • syncopatedglory

    thanks so much for this. i tried to play this game's main quest line and just... gosh. the game's story has not aged well. super underwhelming. hilarious watching you contend with the game's bugs though :P oh, bethesda.

  • Super Soldier

    Why go with the stormcloaks first?

  • After Supper Vlogs得

    2:26:32 Alduin the handsome dragon: Die now, and await your fait in SovengardeDovahkiin: NO!

  • Oeo

    nice ive been looking for smthin like that for long :)

  • Woodchuckchips Chipschuckwood

    You always waste time with meaningless Game play Shitt....?? Oh you think your some Badass RPG Player...Sorry.

  • Tezkal1

    Level 10 and fight against Alduin wit noob spells...The difficulty was very easy ? ^^

  • Harry Belafonte

    started with no subs, i got happy, then it seems there was a pause that was edited out and the subs kicked in, wow , Terrible thumbs down, A movie lets u turn subs on and off, u should use the youtube caption Feature so we can turn subtitles off, Pure garbage, im thumbs down number 3

  • girlygamesize

    wow this dude makes skyrim look hard :/

  • GoldenAfrican


  • Anthony Imbriano

    The finish musical sounds like draped men would think of: not bad

  • Dylan McAllen

    this is VERY well made, I still hope fir many more!!!

  • Pulur Kun

    U litterally just played through the main story .....

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