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  • Melvin Wei

    LOL I never progressed past the hour mark in this video in terms of plot progression, I just leveled up my character until I could jump ten times higher than Michael Jordan in his prime and kill dragons in one hit, then the game seemed pointless to me. I joined all those guilds and passed a ton of missions and killed a lot of dungeon freaks. Thanks for showing me the rest.

  • ripdose

    nice upload will u do the ps4 version?

  • XenoMorphica

    Nice one dude! I love how you make it so its like we're actually watching a movie and not just a game. So good!

  • OverjoyedTepig

    Dragons? I thought they were just ledgends!Ledgends don't burn down villages.

  • TheWalkingAmongTheDead

    There are no cutscenes in Skyrim...

  • Terraleigh Vaipo

    Absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to putting this together. The time you spent in gameplay and then editing I can only imagine. But thank you and I look forward to more of your work.

  • syncopatedglory

    thanks so much for this. i tried to play this game's main quest line and just... gosh. the game's story has not aged well. super underwhelming. hilarious watching you contend with the game's bugs though :P oh, bethesda.

  • Amer Eiman

    I Love Medieval Game So Much !!

  • After Supper Vlogs得

    2:26:32 Alduin the handsome dragon: Die now, and await your fait in SovengardeDovahkiin: NO!

  • Oeo

    nice ive been looking for smthin like that for long :)

  • Woodchuckchips Chipschuckwood

    You always waste time with meaningless Game play Shitt....?? Oh you think your some Badass RPG Player...Sorry.

  • Super Soldier

    Why go with the stormcloaks first?

  • Harry Belafonte

    started with no subs, i got happy, then it seems there was a pause that was edited out and the subs kicked in, wow , Terrible thumbs down, A movie lets u turn subs on and off, u should use the youtube caption Feature so we can turn subtitles off, Pure garbage, im thumbs down number 3

  • Tezkal

    Level 10 and fight against Alduin wit noob spells...The difficulty was very easy ? ^^

  • girlygamesize

    wow this dude makes skyrim look hard :/

  • GoldenAfrican


  • Anthonyg Gordon

    Nice Fan Film but the game needs to be cut down more. I think you should of skipped the looting parts though to get the progress going and possibly walking to see people parts. And you walked out on dialogue still going. Shouldnt have recorded walking out. You should play more of a camera man. I might have to do one of these myself. I think I can condense it down to 2 hours and a half maybe. I know this is a hard game to probably get close to two hours but skip as much unnecessary things as possible. Over all, I think you did a better job then most I've seen on youtube.

  • Anthony Imbriano

    The finish musical sounds like draped men would think of: not bad

  • Dylan McAllen

    this is VERY well made, I still hope fir many more!!!

  • Pulur Kun

    U litterally just played through the main story .....

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