Skyrim - The Story of the Dragonborn

This is a movie/playthrough of the main storyline of skyrim. It is made with a not fully functional videocart though... You can see that in the video, but the effects are minor. Except at 3 hours and 4 minutes, the screen is black for a half a minute, but that is no big deal because it is mere conversation.

Computer specifications:
RAM: 8,00 GB
PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3,40 GHz 3,70 GHz
  • Charolete el Bridget

    Lore is basis and the bedrock of Elder scrolls. It is the truth and yet it is covered in shadow. Most people do not understand and therefor develop a bias that of which he or she will carry. If you look at lore and develop an understanding before you conclude your opinion bless your soul, but if not and you become like the ignorant populace that plays Skyrim and screams death to the Thalmor. Do not be fooled by the shallow facts that the game in general gives you, look deeper, search and you will find that Elder Scrolls is much more vast than pitiful understanding. Once you see all sides, develop your conclusion and form a bias and if you argue that you do not have the time to search for the answers, curse you, because most of the Storm cloak loving ignorant idiots say the same. Look into tradition and see why it is so. Do not become one sided, know the whole story, and most of all, know who will bring Tamriel the most prosperity in the future, know who has already destroyed it, and know who will destroy it if they can even land their hands on it.

  • Soccercrazyigboman

    That Sovngarde theme always gets me

  • Vinthie Vinthie

    boys, dogs, elders, there's nobody i won't fight!

  • Xing

    You sure are a Stormcloak through and through

  • Dutch Gretzky

    +ZTRCTGuy Badass archery skills, Nederlander.

  • SoullessPotato

    Stormcloaks are better!@

  • The Poet

    Whats wrong??? someone stole your sweet roll

  • Alex Santa

    In their tongue he is dovahkiin... DRAGONBORN

  • Juci Shockwave

    I face Dragons with no fear in video games, but in real life I would be making chocolate brownies in my pants. :P

  • Keith Geisert

    what I love most about this game other than its freaking awesome you get to adopt it hits home for I am adopted

  • necrose002

    If it wasnt for the stormcloaks the thalmor wouldnt be in skyrim nearly as heavily as they are now. Since they keep drawing attention to skyrim the empire is forced to waste troops putting down their own people while in reality if people jus worshiped talos on the low and let the empire regain its strength we could overthrow the thalmor they are just elves afterall. They caught the empire off guard but now the stormcloaks might cause the enslavement of man just because they wanted to pitch a fit...

  • Debora Hassingboe

    am i the only one who think that he got the quest about stealing madesi´s ring wrong?

  • William Owen

    you should have cut the video efore looking at lokiir at the start and used a console command to put him in thiefs guild armor

  • T Tihema,Tairua Tihema Knight

    what armor is that 3.09.18

  • Lil Spycrab HD

    finnished everything XD

  • interplexer

    damn music is too loud......

  • FreddyCougar20

    Is this the >complete< main quest line only???

  • FK OFF 44

    How did he get that ebony armor

  • ivan nunez

    how did you get an ebony ax that quick

  • Junior 21

    do i get the nahkriin mask if i follow this story?

  • Rhi Hauiti

    i miss this game but i acsedentily

  • BlueFire Playzs

    my god im playing the game and waching it at the same time on the game im getting killed I should stop

  • Gunner Emery

    Imperial cause they believe that everyone should be allowed in Skyrim and not just Nords. Inperials ftw

  • Miss Skyline

    Best Game Ever.... kinda wish all the dragons became there new horses XD

  • Xaelvik 1

    I remember thinking this five years ago, and it still stands after hearing it again: Farengar, who works for Jarl Balgruuf, has one of the worst voice overs I've ever heard in a video game (and I've heard some bad ones).

  • Keaton Mcmahan

    I wanted to see the guy's head come off

  • Drake Army

    have you guys found the secret about a dragur helment

  • Andy The Shpee

    I picked the storm cloaks and killed the torturer.StormCloaks ARE better.

  • Reisen0629

    why didnt you buy a gtx 500 serires

  • Crimson Halo

    I picked the imperial cuz he seemed like a cool guy, it was that bitch who wanted to kill me, but afterwards I killed his dad, chickens must be freaking sacred, then I joined the storm cloaks, so yeah. I guess I made the right choice


    looooooooov it play this game all the time

  • Lee Midnight FullMoon

    and here I am, knowing like literally nothing about Skyrim xD I'm coming from Lindsey Stirling's cover (?) of the Skyrim theme (?)

  • Energy Warriors Kaintence

    Sovngarde freaks me the frick out

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