9 of Skyrim's Craziest Mods

IGN takes a look at some of our favorite wacky mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Daybreak Blue

    Mod it. Mod it until it crashes.

  • Harry van de Sunweb

    For some reason when i installed the train mod it replaced alduins shouts by train noises and that was it. I eventually forgot i even had it installed so when i fought alduin, he made train noises...

  • Rimfaxe96


  • Alex Manolache

    3:20 I almost died of laughter

  • Phacteria

    Trainwiz is the god of lore-friendly modding of any Elder Scrolls game.

  • Grey Warden

    The game will never be complete until there is a mod to turn all dragons into falkor from the neverending story

  • Arkay

    how you stop the game from crashing

  • Arjun Rajput

    1:11 "Train Soul Absorbed" I quit.

  • Miasimon

    If you can still get 10fps, or play for 30 minutes at a time, you didn't mod it enough.

  • uberandy666

    The spider-man mod is waaaay creepier than regular spiders O.o

  • marcus porter

    Oh man. If I get the PS4 version, I hope Kittez makes a Tourettes Crab mod for it.

  • Grigoriy Dubrov


  • The thing from The underworld

    I'm sad I don't own PC version ( ps3 = no mods) I must get my hands on a copy . I must be the chickenborn

  • Somerandomwizard

    My favourite mod is the real fus ro dah mod, when you use the shout, it has the audio of the one in the trailer

  • Nonbisco The Reptilian

    This helpes a lot since i am intending to give skyrim the most insabe mods call it the dank scrolls and play it MUAHAHAHAHA

  • Vonek DS

    I lost it when mudcrab shouted "Holy Shit!"

  • AGlover90291

    3:06 i'm dying of laughter

  • Hunter Winmill

    Imagine really useful dragons with bend will

  • SpicyDragonWings

    Oh damn that "holy shit" killed me

  • Nicolas Gomez

    That spider mod made the frostbite spiders more terrifying

  • Super Cat

    As a professional aracnophobe, I can agree that the Spider-Man spider is more terrifying than regular frostbite spiders.

  • mengjia

    that first one oH MY gOD I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • Silvazeking200

    The Frostbite Spider-Man looks like something from Dead Space...

  • Dumbledoresarmy13

    I like handyman. It's technically not lore-unfriendly or anything, but you can go out and kill bandits with a dinner fork or kill a bear with two tankards from the tavern.

  • Newtoschool

    4:07 I done with this game xD

  • Darthplagueis13

    Funfact: If you have Randy savage and the train dragons installed only Alduin(and I´m not quite shure about that, maybe also only in the intro scene) will be the macho that Skyrim never deserved...

  • Cj Sawyer

    "I'm gonna getcha" had me dead

  • Wildfire Goat

    Skip to .38 seconds so you don't have to listen to the intro.

  • MasterCat

    0:58 I just lost it XD.

  • LuckyPieceOfTrash

    I can't find macho dragons

  • musicboyjake88

    If I was a bandit in the world of skyrim and I seen a giant chicken man with supernatural powers riding a giant chicken into battle, id quit bandit life and be a farmer.

  • Benjamin Von Gahlen

    the first mod is the best mod of all times ;D thomas and frinds

  • konri17

    5:10 Welcome to the Chicken Nation

  • Le tron d'arbre Qui parle

    My favorite crazy mod if Skyrim is the mod that let you sommund a bear platine luth.Just try it!

  • dvdfan100


  • LoL Pranked

    Is the chicken on the Xbox ?

  • That_One_Cat_Bird_ Named_Trico

    The ad that came up before this started was a Skyrim remastered ad.

  • Nathan Baldassero

    "I'm gonna getcchaaaaa!" lmao

  • Bernardo Freitas

    Someone, please, I'm desperate, how do I uninstall Skyrim Ultimate Killer mod (nothing I've ever did worked, not even the official uninstaller)?

  • Official KTAdude

    The Thomas dragon mod is absolutely terrifying

  • Muhajir

    "Mod it till it crashes"- Skyrim

  • Ian Taylor

    You didn't link the mods?! D:

  • Touch My Cabals

    Crazy how a 2011 game can look better than 2015/2016 next gen titles

  • Angèle PandyKaody

    xD These bears are... awesome

  • Amnesia The Psycho

    Chickenborn is best born. Also the best snack.

  • TheWombat 25

    I cant find the chicken mod help me


    what in oblivion is that....CHU CHU

  • Booqueefius Johnson

    where the hell has machinima been all these years?

  • perry mackay

    also you forgot project p.e.w

  • Dathi O'Dowd

    where do u find the armor for the chicken mod

  • DJ Cali

    When skyrim comes out on XB1 and PS4 I'm getting Macho Dragons as my first mod

  • Borno

    the tourette crab mod remembers me my little brother

  • Christian McWilliams

    Dose anyone know were i can get the Dr.zoidberg mod i must know

  • Bảo nguyễn

    Lol i am dying :)))))))) uhnhxbbcc;)₫5:dchudvbig?)&8743:(₫₫₫&);(

  • Benjamin Delgado

    All Hail The Chicken Born

  • Ratman The Grey

    The Bears remind me of portals turrets

  • Lexang レクスアンッグ

    Explosive chickens...interesting

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