9 of Skyrim's Craziest Mods

IGN takes a look at some of our favorite wacky mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Ayden Crocker

    I was literally crying of laughter when Thomas the train came down as Alduin, and the guard was shouting "What in Oblivion is that!?" ..............TOOT TOOT

  • Hugo :D

    WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THAT?!?!?!Toot-toot!

  • Rimfaxe96


  • Daybreak Blue

    Mod it. Mod it until it crashes.

  • Bruhama

    Skyrim is the best game to come out in the past decade.

  • benster358

    You can tell that a game's good if people are still modding for a very active community years after release

  • Michael Clavelli

    Was there ever a mod that turned the bears into Care Bears?

  • Alex Manolache

    3:20 I almost died of laughter

  • apa123APA

    Like 70% of these were pure nightmare fuel.

  • Robson Matheus

    As a arachnophobic i can say that the Peter Parker Spider is far more terrifying than original spiders, phew

  • jaf7979

    bethesda pls pls pls release The Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr 

  • Zeemanhuismerk

    Very lore friendly. I guaruntee it!!

  • Niklas Freericks

    Tourette crabs are hilarious :'D

  • Moss

    Man I do wish I had a gaming PC sometimes...Some day, it will happen.


    Seems like a random time to post this one

  • Puella Magi Homura Akemi

    Oh god IGN. The opening speech is already fucked up.."that make skyrim as gorgeous and functional as any next gen title"I dont know ANY Next Gen title that works better than Skyrim. Jesus IGN.Do you call The Evil Within with 30 FPS lock that goes down to 20 FPS on console Next Gen? I cant think of any Next Gen games that exist at all cause in the end Skyrim looks better than all of these even without mods and is more functional as well.

  • Valeri Tua'one

    i got an ad before this that said " Hey are you really watching people play video games? why don't you just go get a girlfriend"...thanks

  • Nicolas Gomez

    That spider mod made the frostbite spiders more terrifying

  • Mano

    5:14 Chickenborn and his army will stop Alduin

  • Efren Arevalo

    >Looks at all of my realistic modsI knew I'm playing Skyrim wrong

  • SkyliteDestiny

    Half of these mods have gotten me crying from laughter

  • AGlover90291

    3:06 i'm dying of laughter

  • azad ahmadi

    Only game that should be remastered.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Mudcrab: HOLY SH*T! XD

  • Nick H

    I like the mod where the game doesn't fucking freeze during a loading screen after you haven't saved for like a half an hour.

  • EGB_ 469

    0:58 The only reason to watch this video.

  • socks

    you cant spell ignorance without ign

  • jose santos arita flores


  • AssEater75

    why not 10 mods, oh because you cant count to ten and go to eleven like you do with all your ratingsBest graphics 11/10 -ign

  • ZephrimZantosa

    Soon you all will be paying for these Mods. Mark my words, these are the last days of Free modding.

  • Jacob Birkhead

    Alduin the Tank Engine wins in my book

  • Henry Hein

    I lost it at the thomas the tank engine mod

  • musicboyjake88

    If I was a bandit in the world of skyrim and I seen a giant chicken man with supernatural powers riding a giant chicken into battle, id quit bandit life and be a farmer.

  • dvdfan100


  • Van Kleiss

    We need a mod that replaces Dragon sounds with Shia.

  • Slnci

    Please make a part two this was brilliant

  • Nathan Baldassero

    "I'm gonna getcchaaaaa!" lmao

  • Tartarus

    WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THATLOL Thomas the tank engine xD

  • Joe Wuh-Puh

    I love skyrim I just wish I had a gaming PC to experience the modding side of it

  • Gaberini

    That's a fine lookin Skyrim

  • Lediga

    That Mudcrab Tourette mod was'nt even funny.

  • mengjia

    that first one oH MY gOD I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • Booqueefius Johnson

    where the hell has machinima been all these years?

  • Nachtmahr Mond

    Posh Mudcrabs combined with Samuel L Jackson Mudcrabs is great.

  • Bryce D

    There are wayyyyy better mods than these!

  • yeaboy172007

    I wish they will remastered this for xbox 1 and ps4

  • Mani Mo

    Not a pc gamer so I don't know half of the mods available for wonderful game. Would love to see more videos on the mods of Skyrim. Don't necessarily have to be wacky mods just really good and interesting ones that make the game better and ever fix the game. I sure hope Bethesda is taking note of all the mods and gets pretty good ideas on what to do for their next Elder Scrolls title.

  • sk81991

    Skyrim so fun it's never ending quests how more games should b made

  • Uroš Grandovec

    I think that Peter Griffin has something to say about the chickens!!

  • Triforce Hero

    I would throw my money at Bethesda if they released skyrim remastered on ps4 and xbox one

  • How DARE you

    The Mr Krabs mod for Mudcrabs and the Cosmic Cow mod are pretty great too.

  • Mr. Universe

    The true hero of Skyrim is....the Ikea-Born!

  • welly thegod

    Do mods change each other, e.g if u have a mod that adds a metal dragon and also the train one does the new metal dragon become a train?

  • Kain Kiser

    I lost it at the tourrets crab sniper shot 😂😂😂

  • Das Apfel

    Probably the best game of the century.

  • Lillian Banda

    The chicken man is our new overlord

  • VelvetKevorkian429

    Watch GameSpot's Top 10 Skyrim Mods Weekly show for better coverage on these mods.

  • Prozto CheLoVeK

    Skyrim chickenborn... -COC-CO-CO!!!!!

  • The Muncher of Da Biscuits

    The Northeren kingdom in the north.....Really?

  • Leto Graham

    I died when the Tourettes crab yelled holy shit after being hit by an arrow

  • l Omerta l

    hahaha tourettes mudcrabs

  • Phil Wise

    Mods like this are cool but you really do a while play through with them on?

  • Le tron d'arbre Qui parle

    My favorite crazy mod if Skyrim is the mod that let you sommund a bear platine luth.Just try it!

  • Oliver Reeves

    The mudcrab mod is the best

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