9 of Skyrim's Craziest Mods

IGN takes a look at some of our favorite wacky mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Ayden Crocker

    I was literally crying of laughter when Thomas the train came down as Alduin, and the guard was shouting "What in Oblivion is that!?" ..............TOOT TOOT

  • Hugo :D

    WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THAT?!?!?!Toot-toot!

  • Umbral

    you call this crazy, I call this an average visit to the nexus

  • Daybreak Blue

    Mod it. Mod it until it crashes.

  • Robson Matheus

    As a arachnophobic i can say that the Peter Parker Spider is far more terrifying than original spiders, phew

  • Niklas Freericks

    Tourette crabs are hilarious :'D

  • Harry van de Sunweb

    For some reason when i installed the train mod it replaced alduins shouts by train noises and that was it. I eventually forgot i even had it installed so when i fought alduin, he made train noises...

  • Alex Manolache

    3:20 I almost died of laughter

  • Triforce Hero

    I would throw my money at Bethesda if they released skyrim remastered on ps4 and xbox one

  • benster358

    You can tell that a game's good if people are still modding for a very active community years after release

  • Efren Arevalo

    >Looks at all of my realistic modsI knew I'm playing Skyrim wrong

  • Mano

    5:14 Chickenborn and his army will stop Alduin

  • Valeri Tua'one

    i got an ad before this that said " Hey are you really watching people play video games? why don't you just go get a girlfriend"...thanks

  • King Jay

    Without mods when I was playing Skyrim on console I already knew it was one of my favorite games to ever be released. That being said, after starting to play the game on PC with mods, I now know for sure that this is the greatest game ever made. The modding community helped take Skyrim to another level and now whenever big name companies release a game I'm so shocked that they don't allow for it to be modded. The modding community can not only increase a game's lifespan exponentially(look at how well Skyrim still sells on Steam, especially when on sale) but attract tons of new fans as well.

  • Bruhama

    Skyrim is the best game to come out in the past decade.

  • SkyliteDestiny

    Half of these mods have gotten me crying from laughter

  • EGB_ 469

    0:58 The only reason to watch this video.

  • Michael Clavelli

    Was there ever a mod that turned the bears into Care Bears?

  • musicboyjake88

    If I was a bandit in the world of skyrim and I seen a giant chicken man with supernatural powers riding a giant chicken into battle, id quit bandit life and be a farmer.

  • Zeemanhuismerk

    Very lore friendly. I guaruntee it!!

  • Nicolas Gomez

    That spider mod made the frostbite spiders more terrifying

  • jaf7979

    bethesda pls pls pls release The Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr 

  • Olek Kolodziejski

    Mudcrab: HOLY SH*T! XD

  • Dash

    My favorite Skyrim Mod?The Crab People playable race mod. You can play as a giant crab on two legs. 

  • jose santos arita flores


  • AGlover90291

    3:06 i'm dying of laughter

  • Jesse Brown

    and yet, we get no download links to any of these mods, really guys?!

  • sickofitall89

    Barely scratching the surface ... there are millions of mods for Skyrim probbly , Nexus has the biggest part but damn , China and Japan have a large variety of mods too.

  • Henry Hein

    I lost it at the thomas the tank engine mod

  • Uroš Grandovec

    I think that Peter Griffin has something to say about the chickens!!

  • SuplexMachine_

    We need more games like Skyrim and Fallout

  • AssEater75

    why not 10 mods, oh because you cant count to ten and go to eleven like you do with all your ratingsBest graphics 11/10 -ign

  • MasterCat

    0:58 I just lost it XD.

  • socks

    you cant spell ignorance without ign

  • VelvetKevorkian429

    Watch GameSpot's Top 10 Skyrim Mods Weekly show for better coverage on these mods.

  • DruidsCalling

    WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THATLOL Thomas the tank engine xD

  • Nathan Baldassero

    "I'm gonna getcchaaaaa!" lmao

  • Nachtmahr Mond

    Posh Mudcrabs combined with Samuel L Jackson Mudcrabs is great.

  • Panduka Kariyawasam

    Man I couldnt stop laughing at the heart rippin mod...

  • Rickie Spanish

    I'm still waiting on Tourette's dragon shouts. Maybe some day...

  • Kar Laeda

    Skyrim chickenborn... -COC-CO-CO!!!!!

  • Slnci

    Please make a part two this was brilliant

  • The Salt Miner

    Brronies ruin anything they so much as look at, they're worse than weabs.

  • Miasimon

    If you can still get 10fps, or play for 30 minutes at a time, you didn't mod it enough.

  • Mr. Universe

    The true hero of Skyrim is....the Ikea-Born!

  • Hana

    If you're not playing Skyrim with 100+ mods, you're doing it wrong

  • uberandy666

    The spider-man mod is waaaay creepier than regular spiders O.o

  • How DARE you

    The Mr Krabs mod for Mudcrabs and the Cosmic Cow mod are pretty great too.

  • yung plum

    Alduin the Tank Engine wins in my book

  • noregrets92

    "What in Oblivion is that!?""What cruel god would give a train a face!?!"

  • keoa

    I'm crying so hard, these are too hilarious

  • Corno Van der lnde

    BEST.GAME.EVER! i need a ps4 version of skyrim !!

  • Bryce D

    There are wayyyyy better mods than these!

  • Gonza97

    Me 10/10 Good modsIGN 0/10 Theres no good graphics:v

  • die

    "WHAT IN OBLIVION IS THAT?!"Train Deathstare Intensifies

  • Gaberini

    That's a fine lookin Skyrim

  • mengjia

    that first one oH MY gOD I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • nina martinez

    replace the dragons with... JOHN CENA!

  • apa123APA

    Like 70% of these were pure nightmare fuel.

  • Jacuun


  • DankFlab •

    The lack of Lute Bear makes me question the validity of this list

  • Joe Wuh-Puh

    I love skyrim I just wish I had a gaming PC to experience the modding side of it

  • Neoprimal

    That Zoidberg Mudcrab was priceless! :D

  • Kain Kiser

    I lost it at the tourrets crab sniper shot 😂😂😂

  • Van Kleiss

    We need a mod that replaces Dragon sounds with Shia.

  • Lillian Banda

    The chicken man is our new overlord

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