Butch DeLoria Calls Pest Control - Fallout 3 Prank Call

After James' escape from Vault 101, the Vault becomes infested with Radroaches. Some of the roaches then proceed to attack Butch DeLoria's mother. Butch, not knowing who else to turn to and desperate for help, decides to seek aid by contacting the outside.

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Prank call done with the voice of the video game character, Butch DeLoria, from Fallout 3.

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  • Rekt

    Dude you write the best descriptions I swear


    Oh and I know the thumbnail's wrong but I'll change it.

  • i am fennec fox

    "i can show you a real tunnel snake ;)" i fucking lmao

  • Yuto Amakawa

    do Arnold Schwarzenegger please

  • Ino Yamanaka

    Arnold Schwarzenegger please!!!! omfg I can imagine XD!!

  • Darth Xodius


  • Reikskämpfer

    I can Show you a real TUNNEL SNAKE! ;)

  • kpmh2001

    "i can show you a real tunnel snake"DED

  • Mike Wright

    Calls up again and screams "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?". Fucking amazing. This is my favorite of your videos.

  • TheSunFiles

    I died at the I can show you a REAL tunnel snake.. part.

  • Valorene

    Nearly whispered "Tunnel snake..." When she picked up. xD

  • Rage guy

    Lady tells butch to have a nice day when his mom is being attacked

  • Exalted Gamer

    The Vault. Bitch.I died right there omg yes! XD

  • AWRaine

    "I'll show you a real tunnel snake..."

  • Spinelli

    I swear you can get arrested for prank calls? 😂😂😂

  • Messy Doge

    0:36 lol best friend forever I fucking turn into a tin can

  • Twitchy Plays

    GLaDOS calls cake shops or the Engineer calls hardware stores.

  • HeadHunter

    "I can show you a REAL Tunnel Snake". Bwah, almost killed me laughing.

  • Patrick Weber

    Call a few Mosques with Homosexual Characters.

  • Mephostopheles

    This is the single most perfect thing on the planet.

  • terry aqualad

    lmbo rat roaches I bet she like I'm crying right now roaches attacking my mom you go there then I tell you bro the audio was perfect do more this

  • Cyplex

    i died at"i'll be your best friend, you can join the tunnel snakes!"

  • Gimmy Boi

    i can show you a real tunnel snake ;))

  • SpartanKyng117

    I'll show you a real Tunnel Snake ;) ...

  • Darrell Patts

    I need to know your address so I can send help. UH-UH. YOU GO UN AND HELP MY MOM THEN ILL TELL YOU

  • david Martinez

    I can show you a real tunnel snake LMAO

  • Flats the Flounder

    And that stupid robot destroyed the cake!

  • Helpertin


  • NoVaKane

    he's the adoring fan omg lol

  • Detox02111993

    hahahahhahahahaha I love you dude

  • Josh Z

    zuthar would love this..

  • The Planet Neptune

    "I'M BUTCH-"

  • Liberty Prime

    I show you real tunnel snake X D

  • Grim75 vlogs A grim75 channel

    if someone played fallout 3 and this happened to them

  • Tanner Shackelford

    do all the overwatch characters

  • ColdGlassOfWater

    Call someone with Fawkes soundboard

  • Big Daddy

    Chris Redfield or Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Nopopo Lasturber


  • NapstablookGaming

    101 what? the vault..quick bitch

  • HeyItzKono

    Me: Hello? Butch: You gotta help me! My mom's trapped in there with the radroaches!Me: Get a damn Fatman and mini nuke it.

  • Levy Mcgarden

    do Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Kynaz Fawkes

    Why about Betty from Tranquility Lane ? :P

  • ncwlightning

    I died at roaches are in there attacking my mom.😂

  • CubGames Fan

    At the last one I'd be legit worried if I didn't know about the game.

  • mabv Euu

    do dog calls a church xD


    I'll show a real tunnel snake

  • Michigan: :Garnet

    Which fallout is this?

  • Courier Six

    Dude when you put that radroaches atacking Butches mom I died 😂

  • Mr Jay

    Was at work when he said the vault... Bitch. Ahahahha wt a fuckin timing

  • UnifiedCorpse

    "im BUTCH" xd

  • MikeDindu

    I was laughing so hard I literally almost shit myself, not even ashamed to admit it.

  • JustHumanGaming

    I can't help but feel bad for some reason knowing that their time was wasted like that, I don't know why I sort of feel like that. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • The Scarecrow

    I look like I wanna chit-chat?

  • Violet

    (Imagine this in the normal pre-war world) Gets call "THERES ROACHES IN THERE ATTACKING MY MOM!"

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