Butch DeLoria Calls Pest Control - Fallout 3 Prank Call

After James' escape from Vault 101, the Vault becomes infested with Radroaches. Some of the roaches then proceed to attack Butch DeLoria's mother. Butch, not knowing who else to turn to and desperate for help, decides to seek aid by contacting the outside.

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Prank call done with the voice of the video game character, Butch DeLoria, from Fallout 3.

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    Oh and I know the thumbnail's wrong but I'll change it.

  • Rekt

    Dude you write the best descriptions I swear

  • i am fennec fox

    "i can show you a real tunnel snake ;)" i fucking lmao

  • Ethan Peckham

    why are people answering the phones always named Debby

  • lulz

    "I can show you a real tunnel snake"Hangs upDEAD

  • cannon0457

    "I can show you a real tunnel snake ;)"

  • Ineed Music

    "Where do you live?""Help my mum then il tell you!!" I can imagine her like wtf.

  • TheNeokiller666

    do a handsome jack prank call

  • Mephostopheles

    This is the single most perfect thing on the planet.

  • RollerConnor Gaming

    Holy shit 101 dislikes Lmao xD get it vault 101

  • ColdGlassOfWater

    Call someone with Fawkes soundboard

  • ★PolychromeCosplay★

    Nearly whispered "Tunnel snake..." When she picked up. xD

  • Memer Meme

    At the last one I'd be legit worried if I didn't know about the game.

  • Mr Jay

    Was at work when he said the vault... Bitch. Ahahahha wt a fuckin timing

  • ricky boughen

    hahaha you can join the tunnel snakes

  • kreszallat

    After hearing her screaming still don't wanna help her? What a ... bitch!

  • edward karem

    i laughed like a monkey in banana season

  • Enclave Trooper

    soft voice ..tunnel snake. lmaoo

  • Echo Bond

    I am pretty sure "Bitch" is not in Butch's original script...HEHE

  • FrostbittenLynx

    You just earned a subscribe. Funniest vid I've seen in months.

  • chewchewtrain


  • JustHumanGaming

    I can't help but feel bad for some reason knowing that their time was wasted like that, I don't know why I sort of feel like that. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • Braindead Bogan

    How is this not a meme yet

  • Sergio Tudor

    "what city do you live in?""uh-uh"-"you go in there and help my mom,then I'll tell you"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mercazo

    breathes into mic TUNNEL SNAKE. LOOOL

  • Donald Joseph

    So he's a greaser?

  • x mark

    I look like I want to chit chat?

  • MarioMasters


  • Odin Bueno

    you really need to learn how to impersonate these characters to add to the Convo. the funny dies when they can't answer the prankeds question

  • Dan Skelton

    Vault 101. In the dorm?

  • NoodleCakeGaming

    love how you called the pest control this made my day thanks for making the best prank calls😂😂😂

  • See- 3pio

    'Tunnel Snakes rule!'

  • Salt and Vinegar crisps

    Were did you get this funny soundboard

  • dragon98747

    how fall out three should have ended

  • Nightcore. Net

    Y do I cringe at this XD

  • LT CBT

    Make more videos with this guy 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Sam Dalton

    biwwy Yus biwwy needs to call

  • Xibit Anikin

    And this video has 101 dislikes...

  • totallynotahacker666 69

    hey hello?i can show you a real tunnel snake ;)))slam

  • colebowlin68

    1:09 Oh my fucking God...

  • ZukesTv

    Whats the song at the end?

  • Jesus Reyes

    "The Vault.... Bitch" lmao

  • Louise Slate

    Evil toaster calls apliance store

  • AJ Puckett

    You gotta help me, my moms trapped in there with the rad roaches!

  • Clayton Keehn

    Dude I laughed so hard when he said I'd show you a real tunnel snake ;)

  • Jayce Greenland

    that was so funny it made me cry

  • The Faction


  • Rex Galilae

    Do some Star Wars and Assassins Creed ones too

  • Ima Secrat

    Has anyone ever noticed the fallout references in these videos.

  • Chilled Gaming

    "i can show you a real tunnel snake ;)" slam

  • Brooklyn Nicholas

    Butch DeLoria My mum is traped with the radrachears

  • Marcelo Costa

    ahahahahahahahahahahah very good !

  • MisterObscurity

    There is a tunnel snake in my pants

  • Sir Caco D. Mon

    I mean who can pass up the opportunity to join the tunnel snakes?

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