Luck In Speedrunning #1

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  • Sam Wildeshire

    Boi finds two shinies within 40 minutes of each other.I've beaten every generation and never found a single one.


    The Pokemon clip starts at 8:17 because really that's all I came here for

  • leerobbo92

    Some context would really help with some of these. I have no idea what was going on in that first clip.

  • Wild_ Rush123

    8:25 the shinies are here

  • ArrowTheWolf

    BuT FiNdIng A SHinY LOsES FrAmEs

  • Mayks Spark

    That dude found 2 shinies in 30 minutes, and i can't walking on the same zone for 5 hours :(

  • r2flanet

    I remember when I first played Pokemon, I did not know what a shiny was... I found a shiny magikarp and ran away as I did not care for magikarps and did not know that it was special... When I found out.... I almost killed myself.

  • Omega Dark Oni Ω

    lol que suertudo el del final xD

  • tacos tout chaud

    GladJonas + mario = speedrun fails

  • Minecraft Gaming

    We're up all night to get lucky

  • TheIncredibleMasterE

    I'm pretty sure the odds MIGHT be higher considering Emerald's bugged RNG...But in any case, that's a shiny frame worth remembering lol

  • ZestyLotion

    Idk what happend but I just started pokemon go eevee on my switch and legit played for less the 10 mins and found a shiny golbat. I had to google it to make sure and then I started freaking out. That's my first shiny in any pokemon game ever

  • Habanero Grande

    So the truth finally comes out. It was a long journey, but we did it boys.

  • A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE Pain

    I don't understand what happen with the others game, aside from pokemon of coz.

  • Andre Wietstock

    No Super Mario 64 in this video?

  • David Reyna

    If I saw a shiny in a speedrun f it I'm catching

  • Warwick

    Song at 5:18 is Over My Head by A Day to Remember.Thank me later.

  • kachafas1

    I played like 170 hours total of pokemon and I only encountered 1 shiny , a beautiful shiny eevee.... I used 20 pokeballs and couldn’t catch it cuz if I hit it I would one shot him

  • BOO el pequeño fantasmita8

    Wait did you put your profile picture because of my comment in the last video??

  • Área 8-Bitz

    Bro i found i shiny a time ago, in the start of the game ;-;

  • SteveN TF2

    Hmm... I seem to remember GladJonas having more than 1 "Luck in Speedrunning" videos 🤔

  • Håvard Haarberg Eriksen

    Do more of these videos please, subbed for this very video, don’t let me down :)

  • ImVeryBrad

    The mariokart one was siiiiick

  • Thatmooncat and Imp Max

    Well. I play through Alpha Sapphire three times. One shiny, second play through. Then X, no shinies. Then Sun, no shinies. Then Ultra Sun, no shinies. Then Blue, no shinies. This dude: Ooh, a shiny cool. 40 minutes later Wow, cool. Another shiny. HE DIDN'T EVEN SEEM TO CARE THAT MUCH!

  • Aflay

    Who would win?One pro streamer’s relaxed attitudeOr 2 shiny bois

  • ramonestefano

    I noticed that you make your intros arround classic games. Can we get to suggest the game for the next intro?Also, can you do meme taxes of your own? I mean, seriously, but not meme tax necessarely, a thing of your own. I wanna see your brilliance in action.

  • Fuckermaster

    Lots of these are not even luck, its skill

  • Outside998

    The Speedrunfails/gladJonas plot thickens! I need to write the fanfic now!

  • kemix1006

    I do believe that shiny catcher jizzed in his pants afterwards

  • -SKY- of Wonderland

    Legend said that if you watch this video for the shinies, you'll more likely encounter a shiny Pokemon

  • Prof Gio

    Now I Can’t Really Tell The Difference Between Speedrun Fails And Glad Jonas...

  • The Shy Gamer

    Top ten best fails:1 new super Mario bros U deluxe

  • LowFrame

    The first clip: oOoOhH mY hEaRt

  • Yashiro Nanakase

    Lol! Only now i saw ur avatar. Haha

  • MinusTheRogue

    gets two shinies in 30 minutesMe: played more then 500 hours emerald back in the day, never encountered one!

  • UGamer1212

    Tbh I clicked cause I though it was gladJonas


    People actually whatches speedruns? Even make complations? Wow

  • Seaside Doe

    1. Needs to play the lottery of the area they're in rn, if they're not banned already.

  • • - VESZTÉSEG - •

    Well, you know what they say on Twitch...“Thank RNGesus!”

  • Zach Lawless

    This is probably the first video (or one of the few rare videos) on here that doesn't involve anything from SM64. #MindBlown

  • Le Rana

    Gta san is such a meme game.

  • giannis riskos

    finds 2 shinies in 40 minutesdude, it took me over 2000 hours of gameplay to get a shiny garchomp and a shiny graveler (I didn't catch the graveler though, it exploded itself😭😭)

  • diaz sichbear

    y tu, has econtrado un shiny?? EN mi puta vida he visto uno

  • TheAnimetion

    Ironic that your channel is called “Speedrun fails” and you post a video called “Luck in Speedrunning” Lmao

  • _Shirus_

    the problem is they always speedrunning the game that i'm seeing first time in my life, so when they screaming "CLIP THAT" i didn't even notice anything....

  • tepig360 pikachu720

    It take me bit of time to understand I'm on a speedrun fail video

  • Camilo Buritica

    That channel pic tho. We knew you were GladJonas all along!!!

  • RadiLime

    8:25i found a shiny.and didnt know it.then i accidentially closed my emulator and lost all my progressend me

  • Maxwell_ Edison

    subtitles explaining wtf is happening would honestly be great. You kinda have to know everything about speedrunning these games to understand most of these clips.

  • valkrieknights

    Someone in regards to most of these clips: OMG you don't even know how lucky he was!Me: yup. You're right. I don't even know what happened. Was it good? Was it bad?

  • ElTeilZ

    La fusión de glad y Speedrun :v

  • Thanos Thanos

    One time I found a shiny zubat 😃 yayNext day I was angry I threw my game on the ground and my brother moved one space and encountered a shiny spheal 😵

  • d0uble00h3lix

    The first guy made me never want to watch compilation videos again.

  • Keodron

    I found more impressive the amount of people that spends their time on GTA's speedruns.

  • will morrissette

    doesn't emerald have shiny frames instead of the regular randmomizer?

  • Snacks The

    SpeedJonas. glad to see you two fused

  • Imageflexion Meowskivich Cartoons

    Guest starring JustAPancakeSo I see that you and GladJonas are merging into one being.

  • CaptmagiKono

    Youtube is so amazing, I like how I have not been getting your video notifications, even though I got the bell.

  • iCJayy

    I know it’s probably not the same but I was playing Pokémon LetsGo Eevee and I went to the Cerulean Cave with the intentions of levelling up Pokémon. I caught maybe 4-5 Chancey before a shiny Lickitung spawned! After the shiny Lickitung encounter I caught 2 more Chancey then a shiny Chancey spawned! 2 shiny within 10 minutes!

  • Acel Damia

    Too many of these you have no clue why it was a fail/what was special about it. You just see people freaking out for a game you have no clue about.

  • DarkEmpowered OwO

    Wow I actually got bamboozled by your youtube profile pic. I thought you were actually gladjonas pretending to be speed run fails

  • Alexandru Goga

    I honestly don't even know what's going on in 99 percent of the games because there weird games.

  • Alien Baby

    Lol I got lucky in sapphire and started with a shiny Mudkip.

  • Colin Gross

    Way too many GTA clips...

  • roastingpotato

    Emerald has a issue with the internal clock,meaning that if you have a file with a shiny,you will encounter more shinies throughout your play through

  • Strippin'Chicken

    Took me 2 months to find a shiny and this guy gets two in 30 mins...

  • Teague jelinek

    Speed run fails luckiest speed runs Wut?

  • Zuxyr

    The first dude need a ball drop

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