Luck In Speedrunning #1

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2 & 1:
  • Sam Wildeshire

    Boi finds two shinies within 40 minutes of each other.I've beaten every generation and never found a single one.


    The Pokemon clip starts at 8:17 because really that's all I came here for

  • leerobbo92

    Some context would really help with some of these. I have no idea what was going on in that first clip.

  • Wild_ Rush123

    8:25 the shinies are here

  • Mayks Spark

    That dude found 2 shinies in 30 minutes, and i can't walking on the same zone for 5 hours :(

  • Omega Dark Oni Ω

    lol que suertudo el del final xD

  • TheIncredibleMasterE

    I'm pretty sure the odds MIGHT be higher considering Emerald's bugged RNG...But in any case, that's a shiny frame worth remembering lol

  • Minecraft Gaming

    We're up all night to get lucky

  • Andre Wietstock

    No Super Mario 64 in this video?

  • tacos tout chaud

    GladJonas + mario = speedrun fails

  • ramonestefano

    I noticed that you make your intros arround classic games. Can we get to suggest the game for the next intro?Also, can you do meme taxes of your own? I mean, seriously, but not meme tax necessarely, a thing of your own. I wanna see your brilliance in action.

  • Michael Peterson

    first clip makes me so.... uncomfortable, his heart legit was this close to a heart attack, like WTF he ACTUALLY held his chest, was that luck or a sign that he needs to go outside more??

  • Habanero Grande

    So the truth finally comes out. It was a long journey, but we did it boys.

  • Strippin'Chicken

    Took me 2 months to find a shiny and this guy gets two in 30 mins...

  • diaz sichbear

    y tu, has econtrado un shiny?? EN mi puta vida he visto uno

  • Waseem

    Number 2: this guy reacts like he has a stroke everyone he gets a shiny pokemon. I hope this guy doesn't die or anything

  • kemix1006

    I do believe that shiny catcher jizzed in his pants afterwards

  • Some Weirdo on the Internet

    Well, you know what they say on Twitch...“Thank RNGesus!”

  • Acel Damia

    Too many of these you have no clue why it was a fail/what was special about it. You just see people freaking out for a game you have no clue about.

  • bakedme

    How does his dodrio know spore

  • Sarah

    I know GTA is a flexible (and buggy) sandbox, so it generates a lot of "lucky saves," but there too much GTA in this video IMHO.

  • Outside998

    The Speedrunfails/gladJonas plot thickens! I need to write the fanfic now!

  • Yashiro Nanakase

    Lol! Only now i saw ur avatar. Haha

  • ImVeryBrad

    The mariokart one was siiiiick

  • S4ltyLH


  • SteveN TF2

    Hmm... I seem to remember GladJonas having more than 1 "Luck in Speedrunning" videos 🤔

  • Håvard Haarberg Eriksen

    Do more of these videos please, subbed for this very video, don’t let me down :)

  • BOO el pequeño fantasmita8

    Wait did you put your profile picture because of my comment in the last video??

  • CubicFlan

    Man, I wish I even knew what shinies were when I encountered my very first two in Leaf Green... the second being literally two steps after the first. I was so confused and thought my game was broken. I can only imagine my reaction to something like that nowadays.

  • El Gugul

    Nice video GladspeedrunJonas

  • AWildHemontHasAppeared

    That outro music! Hit me in the feels.

  • kachafas1

    I played like 170 hours total of pokemon and I only encountered 1 shiny , a beautiful shiny eevee.... I used 20 pokeballs and couldn’t catch it cuz if I hit it I would one shot him

  • Seaside Doe

    1. Needs to play the lottery of the area they're in rn, if they're not banned already.

  • tepig360 pikachu720

    It take me bit of time to understand I'm on a speedrun fail video

  • Prof. Gio

    Now I Can’t Really Tell The Difference Between Speedrun Fails And Glad Jonas...

  • cricketbrick

    Thanks but I’d rather win the lottery

  • goodmaki

    We are reaching levels of soy previously thought impossible.

  • aciarduce

    The two shinies was awesome! You know what isn't awesome? Every other clip being San Andreas...

  • CaptmagiKono

    Youtube is so amazing, I like how I have not been getting your video notifications, even though I got the bell.

  • DarkEmpowered OwO

    Wow I actually got bamboozled by your youtube profile pic. I thought you were actually gladjonas pretending to be speed run fails

  • Robeeb

    Love the new profile pic.

  • Lovuschka

    NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! It's over NEIN thousand!

  • Irene Parkin

    That last guy was extremely lucky to get two shinies in 30 minutes of each other.

  • Camilo Buritica

    That channel pic tho. We knew you were GladJonas all along!!!

  • Stereo

    Your pfp looks like GladJonas was confirmed an echo fighter for Mario

  • MarbleSwan666

    Did that guy say wow thanks for the host, 11 viewers... doesent seem like we need that

  • NewZen

    I knew it! I knew gladJonas was a fake!!

  • Snacks The

    SpeedJonas. glad to see you two fused

  • Santarrosa44

    The new profile pic is Awesome! SpeedJonasRun Fails

  • Laggy !

    the new pfp is so hilarious, i like it

  • superior AI

    lol, thought it was gladjonas at first.

  • railfanallen

    Loving the new Avatar SRF.

  • JaTho

    Too many GTA speedruns. I understand if this channel owner is a GTA speedrunner but it’s too many of them in my opinion.

  • -SKY- of Wonderland

    Legend said that if you watch this video for the shinies, you'll more likely encounter a shiny Pokemon

  • Ziah N

    Click bait was real this time

  • Gabriel E Solis

    Carnal cambiaste la foto de perfil de YT ö

  • Guillermo Gonzalez

    8:18 que wea el edo caroe

  • Yukinx

    Den ersten Typen kenn ich sogar

  • El Josue

    La fusión de glad y Speedrun :v

  • Eichelschläger Eichelkäse

    Boah so richtig cringe diese Deutschen

  • bing bong man

    4:00 what game is this?

  • Vanessa Skoff

    Free funny clips2:432:432:43

  • Zuxyr

    The first dude need a ball drop

  • Darth Citharae

    Not sure how it works with this randomiser, but with pokemon emerald it isnt the usual 1/8000 chance of finding a shiny. Pokemon emerald has a random "shiny frame" that if you encounter a pokemon on this frame, it will be shiny, and each time you turn off your game, the timer starts again until the shiny frame. The shiny frame will always be at the same time in a save file. So once you (somehow) find it, its pretty easy to just keep finding shinies.

  • Alien Baby

    Lol I got lucky in sapphire and started with a shiny Mudkip.

  • Ryley Clarke

    What megaman game is that

  • Lance Johnson

    That’s busted. I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was a child and still don’t have a single shiny I caught myself in the wild. I hunted for shiny Groudon in my SS but that took hours and hours of SR’ing.

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