Absurdly Modded Fallout 4

A new behind the scenes let's play series that gives me an opportunity to test out some sillier mods that normally would have never made it onto Fallout 4 mods weekly.

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Vault Girl On Thumbnail:


Mods so far:
Summon Ghoul pistol
Playable Children
Expand Dong
Rip A Guy's Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It
Immersive Facial Animations
Really Useful Fallout
Macho Claws
  • Preston garvey

    Preston garvey , Commonwealth minutemen , here to tell you all about those settlements that need our help , here i'll mark it on your map

  • Caden Price

    This is how mama Murphy sees the world

  • MoxxiOmegle

    "I'm not feeling this pipboy" Hello kitty mod "Thats better." lol'd.

  • bestsnowboarderuknow

    Lol, holy shit piper... your eyebrows are on fleek today

  • Jevilz

    This dude seriously has some issues with female characters in games

  • Why Life

    5:52 it is exposed for a second 😂

  • anominon

    What was the mod that made everyone's expression a trollface?

  • Papatartus UwU

    3:41 who else thought the death animation was way too dramatic

  • Chris Hurley

    As Cyanide once said:"MY PEDO METER'S GOING OFF"


    So I guess Nat is the only suitable replacement for Braith?

  • Cyrus

    I'm calling the cops...

  • The Meme-Museum

    MxR: You misses the holeMe: That’s what she said

  • Tim Moore

    “You just missed the whole.” (Insert Lenny Face Here)2:41

  • Adam Bro

    Watching a child punching another child in first person... Awesome

  • CaptainKitty

    It's never ever surprising to see women so sexualized by mods LOLLove the gaming community

  • owo uwu

    So, you start off as a slooty wife, get instructed by Dovahkiin, then walk inside Thomas the train, beat up Nat, get a Ghoul Gun, go to Conchord, fight off raiders, grab Power Armor, defeat a Deathclaw well dressed for fighting, head to Diamond City and attempt to kill Nat again but fail.That's how you play the Unimmersive Child Build with mods

  • Excuse mE

    Fellow non edgy people, scrolling down will result in you instantly seeing in weebs displaying their opiniob. You have been warned.

  • Sherlock Kenway

    Him:I think you just missed the hole!Me:THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

  • Space Cocaine

    You could say that those raiders were... DISARMED. (Distant da-dum-tss)

  • CriticoolHit

    omg when figuring out how to install this to build a "family" play-through with all mother/father/shaun/myself I never stopped to consider NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE OVER THE TERMINAL KEYBOARD. (or buttons for that matter)Mission abort.

  • Shorky Owen

    "Yes! I'm not a slut anymore"-MxR 2017

  • Azu

    "i think you missed the hole" thats what she said

  • Spoonie06

    Plot Twist that gun you are using is [Sex Pistols]

  • Mikael K

    This video made me question mod community of Fallout 4

  • Adam Singh

    At 1:06 when he counted down at 1 my video showed the thumbnail

  • Thomas Parker

    How did you get that hud. Is it a mod?

  • bleach kun

    the fbi should be knocking at my door any minute now

  • Yika Mrathul

    "Rip A Guy's Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It" ...I approve 👍

  • XyerDark

    "Mods that don't qualify for Fallout 4 Mods Weekly"Well, no mods for tiddies then.

  • Bryan Sollberger

    I can proudly say I have that deathclaw mod for Skyrim dragons

  • -Astra-

    I also wish to know what ENB & trees/grass mods I was seeing was

  • Sam-pson Smith

    okay i love the gorilla-dog meat mod.this is just perfect.

  • Kazuhira Miller

    Love the shadbase thumbnail

  • Josh Cottle

    How lore friendly are these mods?

  • 713gerald

    "I, I think you just missed the hole."

  • Chris Touhil

    Omg the way you built this video was perfect plz make more

  • Erick Carranza

    He sounds like pewdiepie lol

  • Paladin Danse

    Top 10 anime battles 2019

  • Gizmore

    4:09 And at that point I was sure that MxR is Shadman...

  • Ichidy

    Which mod add pictures for "charisma" + "critical hit" please ? ( 0:39)

  • brent. A

    I couldnt stop laughing the whole video😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Hank Hill

    jumping of a ledge with power armor be like... Stand by for Titanfall

  • — Nomady —

    Rip A Guy’s Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With ItMm impresive good

  • Bird Up

    So you are a kid who's husband died, and now you are looking for your son?So I guess either pedophilia is allowed in America, or you are in the middle east.

  • UW-Gaming

    i... i think you just missed the hole ;)

  • _DEWG Gaming_

    No exaggerated facial expressions, 0/10

  • gage walker

    preston garlicrip xddddd

  • Drembox

    I just loved this video, thx for this moment!

  • [null] [null]

    Ghoul Gun 10/10 best choice for out of all mods 100% DEA-- I mean, awesomeness!

  • Dogs Daily

    Nice Breaking Bad reference XD

  • Carnage

    Does anybody know wich retexture mod is he usin' ? Their really high

  • Frosted Flakes

    You should have continued this play through

  • 1Meepman

    1:41 Middle school girls in a nutshell.

  • Joseph Bailey

    picture fix heart gyvvtfm whereas finish ownership brilliant successfully whom.

  • Nick the try hard

    "I think you just missed the hole" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  • Soupy Wistle

    You totally missed the HOLE!!!

  • rayhatdichgefickt

    The PipGirl3000 got me😂😂😂

  • ecks dee

    hi. (sorry for bad english)

  • Angel O

    Absurdly Modded Skyrim. Instant 2mil views.

  • Mahelania RektBB

    I really love this series, MxR

  • antonio39777

    What graphics mod is he using?

  • Eye Attacker

    He stuck the fusion core up the power armor's butt hole! XD

  • Jack's GTA Videos

    You should see my modded game. My character wears a power armor frame as regular clothing that can’t be removed

  • Shalz

    "you dont just assrape random raiders"speak for yourself...

  • Chris Bertke

    I have been lost. But now I am found. These videos.... hahahaha I love it

  • Thomas Bach

    MxR uses Shadbase confirmed? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Byron BG

    Rip a guys arm off is the best

  • Aardee !

    2:16 Yes*.*Yes it does*. *Don't forget Shaun Either

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