Skyrim Dragonborn - Dwarven Black Bow of Fate [The Kagrumez Trials]

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Found only with the Dragonborn add-on content.
The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is a reward available after completing the Kagrumez Trials in dwemer ruin Kagrumez, located south of the Temple of Miraak on Solstheim.
In order to finish the trials, one needs to find at least 4 Kagrumez Resonance Gems. There are 5 of them in the game, so feel free to leave one of them behind.
- 1 sold by Revus Sarvani, south-west of Sun Stone
- 1 is found in Fahlbtharz
- 1 is found in ​Nchardak Aqueduct
- 2 of them are found on a Reaverin in Kagrumez
After every use on the trial table, they are returned to the inventory.
The bow has a 50% chance for each attribute to absorb 25 pts (health, stamina and/or Magicka).
The base damage is on bar with Elven Bow, so its not very powerful on damage alone, but the effects will make it an effective bow.
Improved with Ebony Ingot, benefits from Dwarven Smithing perk.
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  • Orcidea

    Harrison Moskowitz - once again someone who cant use Google+. You have blocked people who are not in your circles, so I cant reply to you.Its all about Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy. Simple really.

  • Matthias Fourcroy

    what is the sword he used?

  • Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix

    6:12 Best dodge I've ever seen in my entire life

  • FinlandForceTeam

    11:40 for some reason i cant put the control cube there..? help

  • Sgt GreySandles

    Orcidea i the dunmer guy wasnt there for me for the first stone

  • PoisonedCoats

    20:00 I remember having to kill that dragon with the Wabbajack cause I didn't have anything else lol

  • Logan Lee

    It's not twenty it's tweny one

  • Remnant lV

    My bow does 27 damage ;-;

  • Levi Hayden

    Only if it was a built in enchantment like zephyr

  • Daniel Stokker

    24 min vid forgets to show the spider and sphere followers in kagrumez

  • James ferland

    what is the spell you have that highlighted the enemies

  • Fishunkin Official

    Anyone know what is his dual swords name?

  • Panos Yannatos

    This is a seminar about how videos showing ANYTHING should be done. From video and board games, to food recipes and dance lessons, this is the most helpful-no-waste-of-time-and-100%-to-the-point video I have seen. As the saying goes, "this is how I would've done it!"

  • Silver Dranglor

    Your shots were so powerful that they not only killed the Dragon's bodies, but also their souls

  • DreamZ Gaming

    its impossible the second one I shot 1000 arrows and it did nothing what a waste of time and I don't have terrible Ame

  • sten faille

    i must admit,you are good at being an archer

  • Kaiser Soze1969

    Thanks for the video. I am a Level 60 Oric and damage is 62. So I guess the bow is level to you when you get it.

  • Cthulu DemonLord

    WTF i went the first way in the first dungeon not even considering the oter way WOW Im real good

  • Selena Aviles

    What kind of bow is that? And the base damage?

  • RobertG23998

    Isn't that the Oblivion theme?

  • Rockfield00

    I know it's BEEN a Looooong time but, U have my like! Very Helpful THANKS!

  • Xphyton

    lel 24 mins of moaning

  • EEProductions EJW

    does anyone else hate adds on the middle of videos?

  • Jay Campbell

    What's the strongest dragon in the game?

  • nikyplays

    hhhaaha burn bitch burn :D best part of the video :P had the same problem as you untill i found a folder that ads an absorb soul power to the player :P i think the link is still on the official forum for skyrim... either way a guy made a vid about it already so you can check it out :P

  • kendric crosby

    Never mind you did already, sorry.

  • kendric crosby

    How much damage does your bow do, because you keep on hitting things like theirs no tomorrow.

  • kJayy

    i found this ebony bow a long time ago and the bow i have bow is better then the lack bow of fate :/ the bow i have now does 84 damage

  • Alii GG

    so i have 2 and i could leave the one in nchardak

  • Shadow0Striker

    Is there a place where I can get rings to increase my smithing? It's hard to make my smithing up to 90 or something :/ or is there a trick you can show me how to get my smithing up? If so I would be happy :) love your videos by the way.

  • Jennyfer Bérubé St-Georges

    Thanks you realy helped me out but i can't get the 3th one because i haven't done the main Dragonborn quest yet but I will finish it soon with my friend :)

  • John B

    I can't find that npc you get the first stone off

  • Mute Plays Norsk Gaming

    damn that hardcore mod dosent match you. that dragon almost killed you

  • Max Georgi

    Is ur armor enchanted with sneak?

  • Adiuvat

    orc you are awesome this helps me a lot

  • Lay Tech


  • jonas kongsro

    Dude... Where in hell have you been!!!!!

  • Sparklez Guy

    I prefer the dragonbone bow(Legendary) with a chaos enchantment

  • Devin Parker

    Hey  man i was wanting to know how you got your smithing 100 because it seems you are using dragon bone weapons. if it is patched the way you did it do you  know of any great ways besides the iron dagger one?

  • Jay

    what is the bow you use

  • Gerrin Harrell

    That dragon bone bow is OP.

  • FrogBich

    Your visage of mzund was smiling. Mine was screaming

  • rafael rivera


  • Imperial Dog

    How do u get your dwarven ruins to look so colorful ?

  • Thomas K

    How does he almost 1-shot the giants without critical hits? Is he playing on an easier difficulty or is archery the way to go?

  • Harrison Moskowitz

    how do you get your weapons to have that much damage, and how do you get your armor that good? Also good video!

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