Skyrim Dragonborn - Dwarven Black Bow of Fate [The Kagrumez Trials]

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Found only with the Dragonborn add-on content.
The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is a reward available after completing the Kagrumez Trials in dwemer ruin Kagrumez, located south of the Temple of Miraak on Solstheim.
In order to finish the trials, one needs to find at least 4 Kagrumez Resonance Gems. There are 5 of them in the game, so feel free to leave one of them behind.
- 1 sold by Revus Sarvani, south-west of Sun Stone
- 1 is found in Fahlbtharz
- 1 is found in ​Nchardak Aqueduct
- 2 of them are found on a Reaverin in Kagrumez
After every use on the trial table, they are returned to the inventory.
The bow has a 50% chance for each attribute to absorb 25 pts (health, stamina and/or Magicka).
The base damage is on bar with Elven Bow, so its not very powerful on damage alone, but the effects will make it an effective bow.
Improved with Ebony Ingot, benefits from Dwarven Smithing perk.
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    i must admit,you are good at being an archer

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    i never knew how to get past the arrow puzzle with huge ominous blue button circle lol, I had all the gems but that one. Never knew what came from the gems themselves besides the dungeon, cool vid

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