The Beginning Of Enderal, The Most Massive Skyrim Mod Yet

Enderal is a total conversion Skyrim mod that adds a whole new continent and tons of fully voice acted quests. Here's how it starts.

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  • Spartan 117

    I should make my alarm clock sound "Bring me a nice crisp piece of meat"

  • 25FUN52

    4:40 I think that's how vegans see meat eaters lol

  • Shen Demoni

    The beginning scared the living shit out of me, I wish more psychological horror showed up more often in RPG's

  • NiceGuyVsAsshole

    I can't believe this is a mod... amazing work

  • whatthefraggingheck

    BRING ME A NICE CRISP PIECE OF...meat. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • MaxsSeveredHead

    Definitely a woman playing lol

  • Marshall Dan

    God, I hate Kotaku. SJW enabling bastards.

  • Arthur Dent

    "Bring me a nice piece of meat..." x10 starting to see why they killed this guy.

  • yugio godman

    she executed that guy so damn hard he went to oblivion

  • Keman Phillips

    The length of this intro is giving me fallout 3 flashbacks.

  • Thomas Thott

    I love the beginning. It really hooks you with its psychological horror.

  • Benjie Leshansky

    The voice acting is surprisingly good, but Skyrims mediocre animation ruins it a bit. Plot looks extremely interesting though.

  • Emperor Palpatine

    .... the beginning is like from a horror movie...

  • Luluko

    that I must give bethesda even if their vanilla games have a crapy story and the games play more like actions games than rpgs nowadays, atleast the fan community can release content without worrying about that it gets taken down (not like nintendo stuff)and to the mod yeah its prlly 5times more interesting than vanilla skyrim already played through the german version

  • NakedMan

    Skyrim's combat system will make me puke again anyway. No, thanks.

  • The Memorgia

    like a bad harry potter fanfic

  • Bloody Kojak

    Obligatory Fist me daddy

  • Charity Fleites

    Dude talk about psychological manipulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who did the dialogue? AMAZING!

  • Asterms 234

    imagine if nintendo made skyrim and this mod came out....

  • Tepper

    The writing is excellent in my opinion. It's more natural then the things i heard in Skyrim if i recall correctly. And the scene, where the father went crazy was actually frightening to me. It's really something when the character makes such a 180 and repeats someting like bring me a nice crisp piece of meat several times while sounding more and more demonic and angry af when he sounded so unnaturally nice a second ago. He beeing nice was just an bad act and since the anger is so sincere it came across as so believable when he turned. This whole game leaves more of a mark on me then any of the new releases.

  • LilBitey

    is there an actual game in all this? lol

  • MrAdamFC

    Brilliant Exposition . " I totally forgot about them They're dead ". Seriously who would talk like that " Just been shopping I got milk, bread and also I totally forgot the families dead . Want to help me get the stuff from the car ".

  • Kris Strong

    lmao "but i didn't kill them daddy" that's the difference between paid script writers and somebody who does it as a hobby.

  • Random Nigga

    He noticed the chicken and didn't kill it.This bothers me greatly.

  • Emster Erick

    I can tell you this right now. Anyone with a playstation 4 will never get this mod for the upcoming Skyrim. Xbone players....maybe....and it no reason to even mention PC. Also this seem like a good story. I hope the people who made this get great things in the future.

  • Money Shot Mark

    a man choses, a slave obeys

  • OIo oIO

    Thank you for putting the Kotaku header in the beginning so I could switch to another video.

  • Davo Q

    Damn, couldn't have been written any worse if they tried.

  • Sabastian Duke

    the dialog is trash. crap voice acting as well. other than that it's interesting.

  • ButtsnifferStinkerface Animefan69

    I see no problem with the voice acting, as some here have mentioned, and think the script is great. Kotaku, having been on the Hate Whitey/European bandwagon of our, "current year" White Genocide 21st Century, I wont expect any realism however with some elements in the plot. Looks like a greater overhaul mod, with creative talented workers behind it no doubt; it shines and I like what I see so far. A little bit of a cringe at the beginning though when the deep voiced brostar was hating on traditionalist European society though, "I miss the good ol days!", and ofcourse he took a straw-man swing at how allegedly terrible the position of the female was treated in ... European man's society. --- Let's be honest, libfvags and Conservacucks hate Europeans and they'll push any nonsense they can to put a stop to our future existence; lets also be honest that the European society has always been open-hearted to a person's existence, rather male or female, and we love our women just as much as ourselves. Why would we mistreat our women or make her any less free within her own right? GAY! Please keep the PC hate-Whitey stuff on the low. So far, it seems to be at a tolerable level in the script writer's realm fortification within the game context.

  • Srithor

    Is the affectionate form "Daddy" used in serious Fantasy literature?

  • F4c2a

    How can Kotaku cover such a sexist game, have they gone back on all the fine SJW ideologies they promote!? Shameful!Disliked.

  • Jǫrmungandr

    It's not a mod though, it's a total conversion, a new game

  • Davey Jones

    Goddamn that is some good story telling. I don't see stuff this good in games or movies most often.

  • Kaoru Sugimura

    "Women nowadays just don't want men to court them anymore"So, there are feminazis in Skyrim as well?! O.O

  • The Rose Experience

    Skyrim still? Time to move on everyone, let it go.

  • Elfdaughtergames

    This looks awesome! Will this be available on the Skyrim Remaster release for console?

  • ParsianTV

    how the heck this is a mod? this is far above and beyond anything else considered as a mod. This is a very polished game that can be sold independently. The voice acting, the amazing story telling and graphics makes me wonder if this was made by a huge team of professionals.

  • thehucklebillyfenn

    I feel like the shouldn't even count as a skyrim mod. It deserves better. It an entire game made with the skyrim engine.

  • This Is Google

    I don't know man.. Sometimes I look down while standing in the scolding hot shower while thinking to myself "Will my meat every be crisp enough for my dad?"

  • YourAboveAverageKevan

    changes brightness setting up twice during gameplayReal professional, Kotaku. Good thing you didn't use a mic as well. Always do mic/screen check recording first. You guys hiring? Maybe could show you a thing or two.

  • ender drache

    And now you will go on an epic quest... to find mother mabucka and defeat her evil son Remor and...uh that's what this game is about right? Am I confusing it with something?

  • Sammy Bravo

    Downloading it rn XD btw some of the links for the installation (not launcher) are not working. Im using the torrent and so far that is working. The other links download it but they end up corrupted...

  • Mark Allan

    I think the father went crazy and became a Cannibal and forcing his son to kill his sister and mother cooking them so his father could have a nice crisp piece of meat! you know real life is a lot scarier than anything a horror movie or video game could ever produce. I've heard Tales of people swinging small babies by their legs like a baseball bat so they can hit a thrown softball. fathers and uncles and sometimes Brothers slamming them up against the wall because they won't stop crying and even worse things I'm not even going to talk about.

  • HolyMolyOllyPolly

    1:28 Thug lyfe. ) ( \ / X / \

  • Daniel Revas

    I've been playing this and really wanted to love it after putting over 1100 hours into Skyrim, but I can't get excited about it. An impressive feat by the Devs to be sure, I just don't enjoy it.

  • Rigiro Karuma

    it aint a mod anymore if it completely changes the whole entire game. Simply it "IS" a new game based on Skyrim's graphics. which I think is pretty legit.

  • Jack.

    Does your character port over or not? Is it a fresh start? Thanks in advance!

  • MrSirBossMan

    I don't think you can call this a Skyrim mod when it has such an un canon story

  • miguel nano

    yes kotaku we know we are watching a video from you. we are on your channel for god sakes.

  • CrunchyFinn


  • Adam Davies

    The dialogue could have been written better, but the voice actor is perfect and the rest is as professional as it can be.

  • Tyg Rahof

    One could make some good money installing this mod for us Luddites. I can't even begin to fathom the complexity of things to do to get this installed. My friend lost everything; and I mean everything trying to install this mod.

  • BoardGMusic

    Overdone and stilted dialog aside the narrative in the mod with its darkly (morose?) undertones are... refreshing. I like f^&*ed stuff in my RPGs. Those are the best especially in skyrim.

  • Propane Daddy

    Neato a foxy black woman with a Christie Mack porno haircut going on dangerous swashbuckling scooby doo adventures in a medieval fantasy world!

  • Thread212

    Looks like fun, can i get this on nexus?

  • Gregory Stevensh

    its the BEGINNING of the ENDerall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imperial Senator Avitus Livius Aquila

    Ew Kotaku is trying to play through this mod a week after gaming channels played it. It's time for them to stop. This needs to stop.

  • PIXELS io

    That scared the mess out of me 0:00 first mission

  • Bart van Erkel

    BRING ME A NICE PIECE OF MEAT BRING ME A NICE PIECE OF MEATcompleted: i nice summer daylmao

  • Why Anything

    This isn't a mod really. Calling this a mod would be like calling New Vegas a mod. Same engine, same general setting, totally new game.

  • Kopuz

    Wouldn't you take out the entrails before you skin? other wise you could contaminate the meat with entrail juices.

  • Jesse Handrich

    This is impressive, but why does this have three introduction sequences that seemingly have nothing to do with each other?

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