The Elder Scrolls Online - All Cinematic Trailers

New Version including the 'Confrontation' cinematic:

Trailers used:
-Announcment Trailer
-The Alliances Trailer
-The Arrival Trailer
-The Siege Trailer

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence

New Fallout 4 Trailer out now!!!
  • AEG xPredator

    Holy Shit! We've just reached 1.000.000 views! Unfrigginbelievable!Thanks to all of you!New version including  the 'Confrontation' Cinematic online NOW!


    Stop shaking those fucking cameras!!! It's fucking annoying to watch !!!!!

  • Max Tung

    The nord warcry make that monster sound like baby

  • Greyler

    what fraction is the guy with the bow?

  • Noy Yai


  • SaRfaRaZ AhMad.

    This is a amazing fight.

  • Neil Gallardo

    I think it would be better if they just made a movie instead of a game. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a LoTR style movie set in the Elder Scrolls universe and also the game suxxxxxxxxxxxxx....

  • Omar Gentles

    This is bigger that the game itself... This is a movie that better than most movies that exist!

  • smol kookie

    Which one is the vestige?

  • Huong Do

    ad cho hoi phim này tên là gì vậy.

  • Schuback

    The real game is nothing like this.

  • Cody Anderson

    The game sucked but at least the elves weren't ugly this time

  • vijaylakshmi kunchu

    I know this video is pretty old. but it'd be nice if someone answered me. what's the staff used by the elf with the Nord in 1:20? is it possible to get it in game?

  • Tom Schrank

    daedra pop out of the skyelf lady:these guys with u?Nord guy: I thought they were youBreton guy: they look mean

  • Cody Anderson

    These trailers could've made an excellent movie

  • the gaming seals

    I thought this game was gonna be great but it sucked ass

  • TheWishmaster

    that Nord is one Badass motherfucker. 

  • Frost

    Anyone else dagger fall ?

  • John Wilbur

    This is why we need an Elder Scrolls movie. This video is Tamriel at it's most bad ass.

  • Awesome Sauce567

    whats that big troll thingy that came with the "Daedra"

  • tehy hehy

    dude that elf slut is hot but game fucking sucks

  • Biker

    so given the premise to this game, I guess ginger's not have souls is a good thing 😉

  • CallMeLum

    Why is the hot elf chick not wearing any pants or torso protecting armour?

  • Nathan Lewis

    I got the eldor scrolls was quit difaculte mission but there no way you kill were wolf if I was playing not even army take me with my were wolf and I used my Dragon speeches and powers destroy Enything very good game though

  • Pernion

    As much as i love the nords, that badass nord is kind of a dick. (Well i do know that nords are dickheads)

  • Iván García Valle

    Where is the empire in this game?

  • cobaltssfans

    I feels like watching movies.. nice videos.. a thumbs up from me.. (y)

  • Josué perez hernandez

    armadura del arquero donde matan a los imperiales porfavor gracias

  • NumberBC

    Imma buy this game for Joey

  • Wesley Molt

    Hmm, seems Trufflehunter was right, a common enemy CAN unite the oldest of foes.

  • Gamer2478

    What was the assassin doing, he can't win a fight against a warrior face to face, he should've backstabbed him for 1000 times dmg

  • Denis Martins

    só falta um filme.tenho certeza que vai ser campeão de bilheteria

  • Cuong Hoang

    hay quá. k biết có phim này k nhỉ

  • segura2112

    I'm kind of surprised someone hasn't made a Elder Scrolls movie like they did with StarCraft 2.

  • 2sp00ky4m3 #

    I dont understand this Who is fighting against who?

  • Jayboytheman

    There is like draug and dadric armor

  • فارس الشرق

    حلووووووو ......عراقي مر من هنا

  • Vuldemurt

    When did the nord get hit by the second arrow though?

  • ThatOneGuyWhoWontDie

    Evem voldemort didn't have that much power

  • xX esc_phr34k Xx

    i finnaly decided to get this cuz im so despirate for tes 6


    is there n e more like this,.

  • Correia Luqueny

    i wont see mor this one! this is the best game in the moment! wen God of War4 outrealmente é um grande jogo, tem muita acção, todos contra todos, torno o destino do The Elder Scrolls incerto quanto ao personagem principal.estou muito grato por ter visto e desde já quero ver mais sobre isto!

  • Razorel SilverFlare

    Is it me or there's really to many sides and the plot ia just confusing as hellWHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON

  • Mrmoldremoval

    Wow  I am 53 years old       I feel like a 15 year old having FUN...  Thank You

  • Grim The Gnoll

    Shame there were no Argoninans, the daedra would of been like "oh fuck no these guys again."

  • Joe Mike P

    Someone please, Is this like skyrim? you can walk and discover the whole world? dragons? discover new quests, armors, npcs??

  • aleko beridze

    what is the music name that starts at 23:40

  • QTC_Ginger

    The animations on the trailers are way too overexaderated and the game elder scrolls online the creators put little effort into it and im very disapointed since for one it doesnt even look even close to as good as skyrim or the cinematics that were made like these again very disapointed

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