The Elder Scrolls Online - All Cinematic Trailers

New Version including the 'Confrontation' cinematic:

Trailers used:
-Announcment Trailer
-The Alliances Trailer
-The Arrival Trailer
-The Siege Trailer

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence

New Fallout 4 Trailer out now!!!
  • Neil Gallardo

    I think it would be better if they just made a movie instead of a game. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a LoTR style movie set in the Elder Scrolls universe and also the game suxxxxxxxxxxxxx....

  • Pająk

    its excellent video I want know what is after it :(

  • deraJ einriB

    Why'd the badass assassin guy have to become a zombie/lich/unread? I liked him.

  • Rimfaxe96

    We need a movie please.

  • Autismo

    I guess their budget was low after creating these trailers so that's why the actual game sucks.

  • SilverFang

    Children in the comment section so ignorant to the lore of the Elder Scrolls. I am just not bothered to lecture these peasants on why it makes perfect sense why the alliances are as they are, why the Breton from the trailer got zombified, who the Necromancer is on the tower and much more. Just know that it all makes perfect sense and the game is fun too.

  • Negative Loaf

    That awkward moment when you realize that the trailers were way better than the actual game...

  • Rickey Brown

    Does anyone else feel that an elder scrolls should be made in the ancient time with the dwemer and snow elves?I feel it would give everyone a better understanding of the history. And it would be fun to play races never seen/playable besides in the dawnguard dlc for Skyrim

  • Ethan Regal

    just give me elder scrolls 6 plz lol

  • Led Floyd

    TES got games, comics, books, trailers and music now all they have to do Is make a movie!!!!!

  • Gamer2478

    What was the assassin doing, he can't win a fight against a warrior face to face, he should've backstabbed him for 1000 times dmg

  • Carls

    These trailers are obsessed with circles.

  • Preacher_The_Conqueror

    am i the only one that wishes this was a movie coming out

  • L0kAazUl92

    My boyfriend made me watch this.

  • Mitch7494

    This game had an amazing potential, but it was tossed. GPS arrows.Stealth is a joke.too many exploits and abused only became powerful when you hit vet rank, after vetrank 1 you became damn near unkillable to anyone else besides another vet rank.(don't get me wrong, i was the 156th player in my faction, it was enjoyable while it was balanced). However... after seeing the results.. PvP became a little... redundant. level 40 vs vet rank 10 was impossible, 1 guy killed 30 in a squad.Don't get me wrong, if you caught someone of guard, you could kill them, so long as they weren't a vet rank vet rank 5+ most people would just 'flick walk' out of a fight, teleporting 100m away, untouchable. Then teleport back in, and nuke you, unkillable.I was one of the players who enjoyed sitting in a 'war path' (place where reinforcements came in) and silently pick off anyone i could get in range then go back into hiding.Unfortunately when everyone got to a point, magelight, anything invisible was now seen for 20m in range, kinda ruined all stealth. (also, for the fact you could stand in front of someone, and attack their location and not see them, until they attacked, or you used magelight, was wrong. Aye.. unfortunately, they did not use a skill cast/skill based archery and magic engine.You point, aim, fire, and it automatically hits..Heat seeking/target spells/target skills, keep'em, but a basicarrow, and basic/advanced ball magic? LET THE PLAYER CONTROL IT. :l hated having my arrows GPS and turn into a full 180' to hit the target that was moving. (that's a slap in the face to any marksman). i understand they did that for latency, but taking off the range limit, and allowing a gravity pull on arrows, that'd make archery useful. be sure to make shields actually work as well.. nice to have a shield, but they didn't block anything they only increased a dice roll on whether or not you blocked skill based weapons, enable arrow drop and magic dissipation (after x amount of meters your magic will be gradually lose effectiveness. (same thing with arrows)remove gps magic / arrowsmake shields block arrows/magic slightly when usedarmor and weapon type matter.DYNAMIC INJURIES.enable crippling,burning,frostbite,disease,poison damage to spread.enable bleed broken bone. (you broke your left leg, you can't sprint anymore).bleeding head, blurred vision.increase weapon damage, enable hit boxes, backstabbing.remove teleportation inside combat, or limit how far. (i hated watching my teammates chase people for 10 minutes until he ran out of mana).stealth, works until someone has spotted, or attacked you.remove magelight,implement a cone of true vision. if they're behind you, you will not see them. your cone of vision must be on them for more than 1 second. cone size 7m in front of you 1m at your feet, 5m at the end of your vision line.I have put this infront of them twice, i was given an approval by 2 designers, but no luck with the actual implementation of the changes.(for the record, these are simple examples, no direct quantity or limit of regulation or buff is necessary, and not all changes are possible to keep without some sort of complication).********(((((Be sure to put your thoughts on the reply, but keep it civil.. i'm only here to see where the perspectives are, not to be confronted about a more advanced gameplay))))).********

  • John Wilbur

    This is why we need an Elder Scrolls movie. This video is Tamriel at it's most bad ass.

  • ThatOneGaiWhoDoesTheMemes

    Evem voldemort didn't have that much power

  • Imperial Legion Battlemage

    Pftt , I slew manamarco and left him to Rot in a secluded cave somewhere in cyrodill

  • Slyrman

    at 14:22 anyone see the figure in the clouds? top left

  • DesiPanda674

    Did Dumbledore voice this??

  • Jon Delapaz

    Can someone tell me how to install minecraft on the PC?

  • ThePudgyBudgie

    anyone else wish they had a good computer to run this and morrowind,Oblivion,AND SKYRIM!!!!

  • Max Berlyn

    if only the game lived up to this   :(

  • Ryo Asuka

    so given the premise to this game, I guess ginger's not have souls is a good thing 😉

  • Anna Newell

    I would love to know who the heck the elf looking guy with the white hair is. Is he one of the mages that worships molag bal or is he just some daedra? Because he appears to be wearing the same armor as the daedra.

  • germankar98ify

    These trailers are just so........deceptive

  • Alex Vazquez

    I like the argonians and don't like how disposable they made them look but the orcs and kahjit seem like they deserve much more love.

  • Alduin

    i get it the warriorthe magethe thief...

  • Simone H.

    Gosh, I love the elf woman! She's a real badass. And she's Queen Ayrenn, isn't she? Correct me if it's false.

  • Rhodz

    is that badass warrior Ysgramor or something? If not i was just wondering because it showed the badass warrior killing werewolves and that could've been were the werewolf blood came in but if i am wrong please dont go full nerd on me

  • Marcus Mcsharry

    I'd be really cool if there was a Giant beam of light and within it, Is the Dragonborn using the Elderscroll to go back in time to help out and stop the Daedra from attacking.

  • Madz chickenlover

    can someone (aka the people who did the trailers) please make this into a lovery three hour movie!!!!we really need this!

  • JC

    For all those wondering.Elf is Bosmer, probably the Green Lady. Breton is not Emeric, hes an undead.Nord could possibly be Jorunn-Skald King.The only Altmer of any importance in these trailers is Mannimarco, ontop of the White-Gold Tower in the third trailer. Come on people, read yer lore! =P

  • Fadhil Azka

    best.. game.. trailer.. ever...

  • TheHalfFullHalfEmpty

    I think it is safe to say that the trailers themselves are better than the game.

  • Daedric Prince Sheogorath

    Well it seems I wasn't invited to this party.....BORING!!!!!!

  • Big Shark

    why can you play as women lol. Sure i think they should be in the game but behind pub counters or so and if you really don't wanna make the game sexist then give one of the like the role of a queen or ambasador. But keep em off the battle field. It's like sprinkeling gummie bears on your bbq steak, they just don't belong there. Doesn't anyone agree with me?!

  • Onur Nasir

    Many people talking about this game sucks no worth to play i cant agree this idea, many people forget this game is an mmorpg not an single player rpg they can't make it same as skyrim mechanics or gameplay I think this the best mmorpg at the moment but all people wants same as skyrim mechanics thats why nobody gives a chance to game its so sadly...

  • GoLem PoPo

    Whahahha WARRİOR very cool and strong WARRİOR best

  • foryeerold

    I don't get it. Are the nord, chick and dude enemies, then buddies, then enemies again?What is happening here.

  • DeadlyKiŦŦen

    Whats with all the hate? It's a great game and most definitely feels like and Elder Scrolls game, apart from the locking on with ranged weapons and no free magic, of course the magic is because it would be too much for an MMO to handle, and the locking on because of lag. I don't get why everyone complains, they probably haven't even played it, it's an AMAZING game, nothing like WoW either which i have seen people saying.

  • Lord D

    Great cinematics but the game was a 2014 disappointment to me

  • TheNDreed

    I fucking love Imperials' armors, especially the heavy ones above lvl 44, they are so majestic

  • thomasotje10

    omg i cant wait for the Tamriel Unlimited version to come out on xbox one.

  • jtk961

    these are better then some of that stuff that comes outa hollywood

  • segura2112

    I'm kind of surprised someone hasn't made a Elder Scrolls movie like they did with StarCraft 2.

  • TheInfamousWolf

    If only the game lived up to the Trailers.

  • faibarlinc999

    trailer 10/10, game -10/10

  • TheToonpimp

    is that Nord with the beard Ysgramor?

  • Ethan O'Sullivan

    I really wish trailers were representative of the actual game. I'm always wondering why I can't do things like what is displayed in the trailers in the actual product. I have high hopes for ESO on PS4, though. I could get some good memories out of it.

  • Marty Laroche

    Cant wait to get this game !!! Getting it after my court :'(

  • Michael White

    I personally don't get the rage. I haven't played Elder Scrolls games prior to ESO, so my opinion isn't tainted, and I love ESO. I've seen a lot of people saying it's just like every other cookie cutter MMO. and to them I flip the bird and tell them to actually look at it. How is it like WoW?In WoW, you have class skills, not weapon skills, and what you can do in combat is ultimately determined by what class you chose and how you talented it. Granted, I gave up when Catafail was released, so I don't know if that's changed since 2010.IN COMPARISON: ESO does not limit what you can do just because you chose, oh for example, a Sorcerer. Yes, you get sorcerer abilities. But you get TWO ability bars, each with the potential for a different type of weapon and thus potentially different abilities. Weapons have their own set of abilities you can slot into your bars. The NPC guilds give you abilities you can slot onto your bars. WORLD abilities (Vampire, Werewolve, Soul) give you abilities. You mix and match.Short version of the above: Warlock/Mage (WoW) = dps ... nothing more, nothing less. If you're trying to tank, you're a moron ... unless you're a warlock. Some can pull that off. I've seen it, so hush. If you're trying to heal, wtf are you even thinking because as far as I know mages have no heals and warlocks only have self heals. GTFO. Sorcerer (ESO) equipped with resto staff can become a healer, equipped with another weapon becomes a dps. Equipped with a sword and board, becomes a fucking tank. In fact, one of the best tanks I've ever grouped with in ESO was a goddamn sorcerer and ffs that bastard needed NO healing help.OK, I get that I started off more or less politely confused and am now sounding a little aggressively defensive of the game. For that I apologise. But seriously, don't shit on a game just because it's another MMO of an already existing franchise. WoW didn't fucking invent the genre, and will not (imo) forever set the goddamn standard for the genre. If you want to judge the game, judge it on its own merits, and stop comparing it to the rest of the franchise because of course it's not going to be the same. That's the whole point.

  • Cuong Hoang

    hay quá. k biết có phim này k nhỉ

  • Ryan Isaac

    Who else is watching this while waiting on the huge file to install?

  • OGsGebba

    It was totally worth it for me due to the incredibly atmospheric RP-PvE experience. Pure relaxation and the graphics really kick in on many spots.PvP was kind of unfair because everyone uses mounts while I, as a newbie, have to spend a very long time to get one. So for the first time, my exciting anticipation about mounts got replaced there by constant monotonous walks. Combined with the really large battle ground, never ending capturing and huge group fights, it gave me only rarely the feeling as well as the chances of making a significant difference in PvP. So it's probably more fun to clan members and a considerable number of TeamSpeak friends.I really love to play alone and casual in this game, so that's why I'll probably stick to PvE. Although the quests are sometimes standard MMO-Quests, you feel that the developers still tried to fill them with a thrilling story. In addition there are unique questlines shining with sweet details (e.g. Monster turn neutral after helping them, humoristic or characteristic dialogues) or small deep scenarios like the issue of sacrifice, redemption, trust or sometimes your freedom of choice.However, one thing I really have to criticise here is the synchronisation. Don't get me wrong: I really loved it and it always keeped me in this world. If you watch the entirety, you know that they put much effort in it. The problem is that I really played it a lot, because the world was so believable, and I noticed that like 90% of all quest-synchronisations are nearly equal to the others. They made effort in every single time, but it was still not enough to give quests a certain individuality in theirs speech (I know it's a huge task considering the amount of quests, but anyway). Furthermore, I think that every of the three fractions has an incomparable quest at around level 8-12~ because its synchronisation almost blew my mind. I played 2 fractions and got 1 big questline in each which made me even cry in between only because your companion's synch was so lovely made. I really loved both characters, their commitment and presentation made each of their quests so interesting. I really miss that special passion in other synchs, and I only started to realise this flaw after finishing these two. Moreover, I only began skipping quests after 20~ hours, so it's still not as bad as it sounds.So that's my first month of experience. I played two characters from two different fractions, and I absorbed the quests and atmospheres in the early territories, until level 12. After that, I was looking for more variety: the general synch and PvP sobered me a lot.I'm actually going to extend my account for another month and start a character of the third fraction, only due to the storylines and the various, new areas. I hope I can find my pure love back in this game, but I doubt it a bit. I guess nothing can replace the aftermath of playing it for the first time! :) Oh, and the community was extremly helpful and friendly from my experience.I do truly recommend this game for people having much stress in life and searching for a possible cure for a time. In my point of view, it fulfilled its purpose. Relax^^

  • Steven McDonald

    Considering how crap the game actually is, they would of had better success just bringing out a Elder Scrolls movie. More so if the graphics were anything like the trailer.

  • Chris Phillips

    why couldn't imperial armor look like that in Skyrim?

  • jay hutzler

    that mage chick seems way op

  • Cameron Somerville

    10:45 that's what makes me want to join the aldemeri dominion.

  • Enrico Nehemia

    i love that ninja guy O.O

  • TheJamovich

    Is the guy who does the voice over at the beginning the guy who plays dumbledore?

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