Skyrim: Modded Marriage

My Skyrim is heavily modded. I download mods from other people and make a few of my own. I end up doing a lot more editing than playing, but most modders probably do.

I'm not going to mention all the mods here because I mod almost everything in the game, so if you have a question, ask. The most obvious questions I can think of are;

1. What's the house mod? It's called Scholar's Solace and can be directly downloaded here: The author has made a "one stop shop" page for several of her mods, including this one. That page can be found here:
2. How can your family live in a custom house?
3. What mod are you using for the husband? It's an edit I made myself and it's not available. I never released it.
4. What mod are you using for the kids? (Mine is a tweaked version of Bagserk's older mod that contained changes to the girls only.)
5. What's the wedding dress mod? I don't have a link. I got it a long time ago from a Russian site, however it has been uploaded to the Nexus since then.
6. The elf ears I'm using are from the following link. I am not using the head mesh that is also included with this mod. In fact, I made my own version of this mod that contained just the ears and combined it with this mod.

▶▶By the way, Nexus Mod Manager is NOT needed to run mods. I don't understand why everybody can't seem to get along without it, but then again I learned how to mod Bethesda games before the NMM existed, so I prefer not to use it.
  • Aaron Hapgood

    does it kinda feel weird that we just pick these kids from the street

  • Gabrielle Marin

    You adopted the same girls I did. When I saw Sofie I was like TTT^TTT and immediately bought all of her flowers and adopted her

  • martijn van weele

    You know, I get the whole "life in Skyrim is too short for complicated romantic drama"-thing, but I do feel like this game could benefit from some form of courting system. At least as a bit of a life lesson, let the player make some effort to get their desired spouse instead of the "you do one thing for them and now they're secretly madly in love with you"-thing.

  • I am Hello

    The best part is that this is a guy, role playing as a woman, whose getting married to a guy, while in a pretty outfit.He's gay.

  • Mahami92

    You adopted the EXACT two girls I did! :D I loved those two because they warmed my heart so, so I just couldn't leave them on the streets.

  • Antoine 689

    all the time play skyrim i just focus on fight & fight. after watching this video i decide to adopt Sofie the little girl in Winheln

  • scuba steve

    I adopted Lucia and darthe Alvar and Sigurd's kid. I fast traveled to Riverwood and when I got there vampires killed them. it's the saddest thing that has ever happened to me when I have played skyrim.

  • Anonymouse07

    Hey, what's the mod that adds the divorce option, as well as the on where your dialogue to your spouse is " I'd like to give you a gift, dear"??

  • flutterheart

    This was really cute and pretty. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Xyl

    ah heres the bride with her clipping cape

  • Caitlin McPhillimey

    WHHYY??!! Why can't consoles get mods!!! ToT

  • Ewan

    3:28 them eyebrows lmao

  • Thalmor Justiciar

    Lol i'm more interested in what they say when you choose the i want a divorce option.

  • Blak Charane

    what is the enb do you using in this vidéo please ?

  • medo sam

    what the heck is that house? where is it?

  • 黃威廉

    how do u mod the game?or u just use the option?

  • IllushiaOfTheShadows

    Where's that house? Or did you build it? I absolutely love the part when you go upstairs!

  • snipeR McMaster

    how did you get a dialoge from husband, i want a divorce.

  • Dark Tiger

    what is the mod for omluag?

  • Chris Miller

    your husband gets a gift which is a bag of trash

  • Maynard Dela Cruz

    As soon as I saw at 5:05 i want a divorce lmfao.... is that mods? Im playing male and no options xD

  • boujiebarbie

    is omluag a modded npc? never seen him before

  • Anais Meunier

    Hi!  I wanted to know, what is theod used for your female hair? It looks amazing, also, what is the modfor the backpack? for the female character.

  • Samuel Weinstein

    Now, the next step is to transform into a Vampire Lord and murder everyone. XD

  • میلاد کارگر ذوقی

    I have this problem in the mod To have and hold that the marmal won't stop asking just keeps askingAnd won't finish marriage wove and marriage quest

  • The Gaming Wolf

    what mod is the dress from

  • Isabelle Zahn

    I love the ears and the dress

  • DeviousKitten27

    Oh wow the husband he was so cool looking the wedding dress was very beautiful and that house I loved it the most it was tiny but very cozy and I'd definitely use it oh and I have a modded house but can't find any good ones besides that where they have a children's bedroom in them the house I use is called "House in the Woods" or it's called "Hunters Cabin" sorry can't remember.... And on my character I'm married to the famous follower mid Sofia lol

  • Grimoires

    Anais Meunier,I don't know which hair specifically. I've several hair mods installed but I'd recommend you start with Apachii Sky Hair. backpack is part of the Wet & Cold mod.

  • Rhianna Murphy

    Are you using a mod for the ears on your character? They look amazing. And I don't know why you're so cautious about likes and comments. This is a good video. I just watched a different marriage video and it was just completely obnoxious. Good editing, you left out all the waiting time, etc. This is great. 

  • Camissa Miller

    Who is the guy your character married might I ask? I'm pretty sure he isn't part of the original Skyrim but instead a mod, right?

  • Ryley L

    What mod did you use to gift your partner? I've been looking for a mod to use to gift my wife in Skyrim but can't find anything.

  • Sara Pylkkönen

    i love this video so much! cant wait to get the mods :3 thank you for sharing the mods and this video!

  • Sky Blue

    Lovin' the beautiful character!

  • Hand Holding Produtions

    What race? My eyes see no colours...

  • Blue J

    How do you make a husband?

  • thebunnyrules

    Those kids are so cute!

  • Kimberly Mazzie

    what home is that??!! <3

  • Christina Edgar

    What mod did you use to change the look of your husband?

  • Alpha BloodMoon

    What is the mod of divorce?

  • jade burton

    What mod was your dress? (:

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