Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 35)

Skyrim is a monumental game with no shortage of quests, characters and locations, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim truly stands out as one of the largest titles to date. Even nearly seven years later, many people are still uncovering Easter Eggs and hidden secrets in Skyrim’s vast world. So today we’ll be breaking down some of them as we take a look at yet another ten tiny details you may still have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Spoonk

    You’ve already used monumental smh my head

  • Liraaell

    Rumors say that deep within Bethesda HQ, Todd has a giant whiteboard that lists ALL of Skyrim's tiny details. Every time Nate posts a new video, Todd crosses out ten of them. No one that's employed there knows what happens when all of them get crossed out. No one except Todd himself.

  • Honest M'aiq

    But can you make this Oblivion ?

  • Jan Krajnc

    After 7 years how are you still finding people that have been murdered to death?

  • Randall Dark

    Aegis is Greek for shield, so Aegisbane means "Bane of Shields." Pretty fitting for Clan Shatter-Shield.

  • Claudio Ibarra

    Old Norse mythology, or old Horse mythology?I'll see myself out.

  • Captain Rex

    Don't you find it weird how that guys 'small band of students' has more members than the entire college of winterhold

  • Yeezy Bear

    "It takes a lot a courage to walk around naked" best quote of 4E 201

  • Eric Lutzow

    you're kind of leaving out the best part of sleipnir. sleipnir's mother (yes mother) was loki. loki turned himself into a mare and got impregnated by a stallion. so yeah. thats a thing

  • TheAttackofHeichous

    todd howard is going to give this man a challenge in Elderscrolls 6

  • TheCalmingSurgeon

    How long until we get "1 tiny detail you may have missed in Skyrim"?

  • Dylan Leitch

    In the next elder scrolls I want an item called Nate’s handbook that you decide not to read due to its enormous size of seemingly useless information, probably the works of some madman...

  • Mojojito

    I can imagine you before every episode typing in Google "synonyms of big"

  • Serduin De Lagon 9th

    I got a message for you from a...Mr.Whiterun Guard.It says: "I've got a lot of respect for the Restoration School. Skyrim could use more healers."P.S "No lollygaggin'."

  • DoctorVic

    Sleipnir is also the child of Loki, who disguised himself as a prissy white mare, to distract and lure Svadilfari(a magical stallion who never tired) away. By doing this, the Gods won a bet, and got the wall around Asgard, built for free. Loki returned a short time after with a baby 8 legged stallion following him around as if he were its mother, and he gifted the horse to Odin.

  • Cipher Strife

    Another tiny detail you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on blacksmith forges you can find hammers. With this item if you approach a woodcuters stump, you will have the ability to lay your nutsack on the block and proceed to smash it with the hammer. This also unlocks a new shout that isn't available anywheres else. Using this shout against dragons will open up new dialogue were they say "What twisted words have you created?"


    Here nate ?guys going it How's

  • Almost Clever

    Nate, you should use wumbo as the synonym next time.

  • Iulia Mihaela

    I only recently discovered that some arrows that you're hit with appear in your inventory, after I kept wondering why was I picking up forsworn arrows without knowing it:)

  • MrDUneven

    Aegis is some times name of greek goddess Pallas Athena's shield (some times her armour), clan called Shattershield have hammer called Aegisbane. Why didn't I see this connection between their name and the weapon before?

  • Benjie Abbas

    10:27-10:31 "...ultimately murdering a student..."I'm surprised, the "to death" part is missing. Hmm... Are you okay, Nate?

  • Dazkrieg CRU

    The next intro should be "Skyrim old, Skyrim BIG ,secret lots, look take"

  • Dat’s Shadow 😔

    Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5(Part 928)

  • Lord Miraak

    The only reason I'm here is because I'm on the thumbnail yet nothing was about me ???😐

  • J Bram

    Skyrim has magic :o I thought it was just sneaky archer

  • OreoCakestir

    I heard somewhere that you can role-play something other than a stealth archer assassin. pretty sure thats just a myth tho

  • Skyrim Xbox Gamer

    Did you know if you have a disease some citizens will tell you "You look sick you should get some rest" or I had all the diseases and they told me that a lot.

  • not you

    You underestimate how often my characters have been naked

  • Roast Toast

    Damn, tell me if I’m wrong but since there are 35 episodes and each episode talk about 10 details, there have been 350 details that we have probably not seen, that’s insane

  • Atharv Gautam

    New adjective: Gargantuan

  • JB

    I like when the kids shout "Naked! Naked! Naked!" I got that from the male child in Riverwood.

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I'm watching a Skyrim video yet while I'm playing Oblivion.....

  • captainslam

    7 years. 3000 hours. Still discovering brand new things.

  • Andrew Turnbull

    As much as i like fallout 4" why did Bethesda not put in as much detail as they did in Skyrim and will they do the same with elder scolls 6" i so hope they dont mess it up.

  • Petar Garmaz

    Did you know that if you cast/shoot an Ice shard on a stone or similar hard materials, the ice shard will shatter imidiatelly, but when you cast it on wood or similar soft material, the shard will stick to it and shatter after about a second or so...

  • E M P T Y

    In what other game then Skyrim can you learn something new everyday from?

  • WhyDoIHaveAChannel?

    Anyone else think Nate doesn't play as much skyrim as he claims

  • ReZaHydra

    We already know what your going to say, murder.The poor fellow was Nated to Death.

  • Fancy Dawg

    My boy Nate finna have SO MUCH content when elder scrolls 6 drop 😂

  • Dénes Jana

    In Ralbdthar, west of Windhelm, the Falmer makes leather strips. From humans! Though worth to mention it. P.s. best Skyrim channel 😉

  • Sorin Snow

    I tweeted these 2 at you a while back but i figure ill mention them here tooIve found not one but 2 tiny details in skyrim, tho im 90% sure one is a leftover alternate ending/characterization or a glitch1.South of Gjukars Monument theres a Giant mudcrab corpse thats burying a skelton in the mud, its interesting to think how he may have died2.Wilhelm (Ivarstead) will react... See for yourself, if you show him Reydas necklace, no spoiling this one, you gotta see for yourself, its worth it

  • pr0- m0

    Log #236,2nd of October 2017,Every night I hear him, every time I blink I see it, "10 Tiny Details That You May Have Missed". How have I missed yet another 10 details? I search the whole of Skyrim to beat him at his own devilish game, to finally be rid of this hell. But alas, he as proven himself better than I, I can never beat him, I will be here forever, or at least until ES6.

  • Thomas Holmes

    a metric ton of murdered to death

  • Exu

    Nate, you need a thesaurus at your side

  • Etang Bose

    2057. Year another another more things you didn’t know about Skyrim(Ep.1978)

  • Joe Nesvick

    Players may get lost in Skyrim, but I got Morrowind on Xbox Backwards Compatible and I get more lost in that. No Quest Marker? Even Oblivion has a Quest MarkerAthis maybe the only Elven Companion before the game starts, but the Dragonborn can be Elven too. I’m playing a High Elf myself at the momentSkyrim For Pimps likes to call that place in the Dragonborn DLC Library Land. It may not be accurate, but it sure is funny.

  • Rylan Cox

    I just found this one out, but in valerica's laboratory in the nook to the left of the portal vessel. You can find a bonemeal named berit's ashes on the shelf to the left. I don't know what it could be a reference to and it's not a quest item. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

  • pumpken pie

    I’ve found a lot of these, perks of never doing the main quests ahaha

  • Jennz

    I'm sure NPCs commenting on nudity are some of the first lines many players encountered in game.

  • Kody Smithson

    Part 2498: "Felicitations fellow brethren! How art thee going along with thy lives? I, Lord Nate of Murdered-to-Death, present to ye all another edition of 10 miniature inner-workings, in which ye had most incontrovertibly not engrossed thy selves, in the ocular entertainment activity commonly know as "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim"

  • Just Call Me Sköll

    I can't wait for this series on The Elder Scrolls VI

  • Letus the Dragon

    I'm pretty certain we're running out of normal Thesaurus words and are going to start delving into etymology from the 12th century.

  • Stepan Oduha

    "Archer build" "Magic build" are we`re talking about Skyrim? Game, where you can reach level 250 and get almost all perks after ~3 days?

  • Benjie Abbas

    I really like how you create a unique intro to each and every Tiny Details video you create. It might be a small gesture that not many people notice but I really appreciate it. Thanks, Nate.P.S. I really miss the mammoth

  • Atharv Gautam

    Hey Nate I have a detail to share how do I do it?

  • Tibovl

    I have a small one you haven't covered. Katria (i think that's her name), the ghost that can be found in Arkngthamz, has a unique voiceline when you strip the armor of her dead body. Don't ask me how I know this.

  • Varun Ram

    I can only imagine what you are going to do, once Elder Scrolls 6 comes out.

  • shadowdragonomega

    Try casting spells around Frodnar in Riverwood. It may trigger some interesting dialog.

  • The Next Hokage

    There are more secrets in this game than any government database

  • That One Argonian

    Hey Nate, What's your favorite race?

  • R3fug33

    I have noticed a mistake Bethesda made when writing the scripts seemingly.At one point in Heimskr's speech, he says "Earth" instead of "Nirn"Thought that would be interesting to you.

  • T

    Just a suggestion but maybe you could do videos with a more "practical" use. For instance, "10 awesome dead thralls you did not know you could have". I've played this games for ages and just found out that you could have Ulfric or Arch Curate Vyrthir (or whatever his name).

  • When Will I Get A Rework?

    I love this guy's voice

  • Matt J

    Can't believe that I still play and enjoy this game lol. It never dies.

  • Geno Breaker

    The naked dialogue isn't a "small chance" in my games lol

  • Alex Wagstaff

    The guards have absolutely no deductive ability lol

  • NiiKKO


  • MarsellusWallace

    He said "cultivating in" again instead of "culminating in".

  • Jeff

    These series is going to become an inside joke in the tes communityedit: im not going to remove the ''the''

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