WOLFENSTEIN 2 The New Colossus - Full Diner Scene / Roswell

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus Roswell and Diner Scene. Disguised as a fire fighter, William B. J. sneaks into Roswell, New Mexico. Diner interrogation in Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus.

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus Diner Scene
  • WelloBello

    Never thought I’d feel bad for a Klansmen getting chewed out on the streets.But here I am.

  • Gameman659

    To be fair, the nazi in the beginning had a right to complain. He learned perfect English while they can’t even remember thank you

  • Wingardium Levioverdose

    So a Nazi and a pair of Klansmen walk into a bar...

  • Jonas Mathews

    “Shut the door before anymore nazi’s show up for milkshakes”.

  • It's Okay, I'm a Weeaboo Too

    So how do you say thanks in German? KKK:...uh...dank? Soldier: NI🅱️🅱️A UNDERSTANDABLE HAVE A 🅱️REAT DAY

  • RR114

    This scene is something out of inglorious basterds

  • Ebaula Bola

    I really hate Nazis but my god they had such great looking uniforms.

  • Ethan Arnold

    John Smith? That's the most unoriginal and generic white guy name ever!

  • TeleBread ***

    atleast he got his favourite milkshake before he died

  • James LaFleur

    This Nazi even didn't pay for milkshake!!!

  • David Marks

    A fireman in full gear lugging around a big extinguisher through town. Was the idea to be so overt that it's covert?

  • LennySpammer

    He ordered a strawberry milkshake when no one else would

  • ChiefAlex82

    1:54 , Grammer nazi inbound

  • PatienttZero

    5:42 When you're talking to this hot chick but you can't tell what her age is

  • G-NUB _

    1:54 German soldier : have you been take a German language lesson KKK : yes German soldier : then how to say thank you in Germans ?KKK : dank dank umm..... DANKMEMES

  • Mechanical Fix

    I'm actually pretty impressed with the quality of dialogue and cutscenes I've seen about this game so far. I thought it would be complete trash but I'm wrong.

  • MajinAdell

    The atmosphere in the city it has a huge Fallout vibe to it.

  • Mason Lutz

    5:27 "I recognize your face,"TV shows Blaskowitz with 2 or 3 wanted posters.

  • Ethan Arnold

    5:25. Oh, shit!. When a Nazi says they recognizes your face, How often is that a good thing?

  • Westen Quasar 24 F

    Lol grammar nazi....literally

  • adka datka

    That's a milkshake to die for

  • Garrett Hochmuth

    also this ss unit with the milkshake was the best Nazi in the game (and franshise overall). he just seem like a genuinely friendly human being, eve though he probably, most definitely, isn't.

  • Constantine Joseph

    Why are the Nazis so stupid in wolfenstein. If you watched the inglorious basterds, the major who realised that the people around his table were spies played it cool till he drew his pistol under the table.

  • Jimmy nutrin

    Why did the Nazi in the beginning give the vibe of a father concerned for his children's grades in school

  • Matthew The Festive Railfanner

    That kid is a savage. He said a full sentence in German, while that one redneck guy didn't even know how to say "thank you" in German. S A V A G E !

  • Ceasze

    Probably the best Nazi, he was so nice

  • Us Marine

    Poor dude he just wanted a strawberry milkshake

  • HipsterBot

    I love how at @2:22 he slides his hand on the gaming machine. Looks like something someone would actually do.

  • Randy Cheow

    How to say I have 2 number nines in german

  • Majin Vegeta

    7:47- greatest line in a video game ever

  • I Bara

    german soldier so friendly here..i like it.. i though the first soldier gonna kill the white costum guy because he can speak proper german.. but he encourage it instead.. shit makes me respect him.

  • Mr Grinch

    When someone asks me what my favorite meme is 1:35

  • silentsnake31

    The fact this Nazi had the nerve to drink that strawberry shake in front of me sorta pisses me off.

  • Irish American pride

    C.O: what would u like for ur last mealNazi: strawberry milkshake please

  • Awerless

    "Danke Shaun" Lol watching this as a german is so funny

  • noah

    5:27I love how the television shows his face as soon as he says I recognise your face XD

  • Muzzly1234

    I loved seeing a national socialist and two members of the Ku Klux Klan interact with each other. Depicted is the distinction between the two white supremacy groups - - one is competent and actually formed a state, the other is incompetent and (for the most part) remains in the backwoods of the United States. Both groups are comprised of utter sons of bitches, but one is an actual ideology, and the other is simply the cowardly expression of hatred.

  • Ernesto Perez

    Feels like Inglorious Basterds and I like it.

  • Jack Johnson

    Didn't hotdogs originate from Germany?

  • Dakotah Hutchinson

    He's so nice I feel bad killing him

  • Overwatch Transhuman Arm OVERWATCH Shotgunner

    Sees Klu Klux Klan membersRealizes that they shouldn't be in Nazi Territory

  • Fart Smucker

    This cut scene is better than most movies in the last decade.

  • Ryan Zander


  • Jason Tran

    Now I’m craving for a strawberry milkshake


    i love to learn german but no body in my country let's me learn it for free

  • Patrick Huyten

    2:14now I want to play Elite Hans

  • Grimreaper57

    Why is it I play this mission and look around and think it’s a perfect world

  • Fresh Mint

    "before any god dam nazis show up for milk shakes"Has to be my favorite quote

  • ExtremeDeathman

    Now imagine a world spanning empire deciding to make it's own language THE global language for trade, culture and communication, rendering all other languages as "worthless"... Oh, wait... That has happened already > British Empire|English...

  • Kinshin Ikari

    Communication line: Ay bruh we need you at Oberkommando statCommander: Aight SUCCS MILKSHAKE DRY

  • TheOdd Boogie

    The look on the German officer he was like gasp it’s you.

  • Alexandra H.

    I’m Black and I’d never thought I’d be so interested in a conversation between Klan Members and a Nazi. Man, could you imagine if America was really like tha...oh shit.

  • drageben

    Kkk meets futuristic naziDanke schön

  • AoKee

    ''i like your style americans'' - nazi soldier lol

  • MotuTTB

    It’s a piece of paper that says ni🅱️🅱️a fa🅱️🅱️ot

  • The Boys

    Thats how you tell someone to shut the front door

  • Amar Lally

    Did you know the Nazis actually despised The Ku Klux Klan

  • Le Yeet

    Open 24 hours! We’re about to close

  • BudokaiMan 1200

    Obsidion should make a fallout like open world game in the wolfinstien universe.


    He thought BJ had an "aryan face" but he didn't know BJ's mother was a Jewess.

  • TV Controller

    Don’t trigger a nazi, only if you give a nazi an milkshake.

  • Give me garlic bread or give me- nvm that's perfect

    You know. The Nazis in this game really don't seem so bad...

  • The Hanged Man

    Oh look, it's America but it's not overrun by criminals, thieves, murderers and squatamalans. How horrible.

  • MatosandFrancisProd

    Does this scene remind anyone else of the first scene from Inglorious Bastards?

  • Word?

    I'm just happy to see a video game that actually uses the languages of the characters in them. Maybe Ubisoft could get a fucking clue and save the AC franchise by actually having that shit translated into the native tongues instead of having random foreign crowd sayings. I loved AC Unity, but they weren't even fucking French lol.

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