Skyrim Mods Star Wars: Let's Play Skyrim Remastered Star Wars Mods: KIPPERS VS THE DARK SIDE

Skyrim Special Edition's finest Star Wars mods are put to the test as Kippers the Dovahkitty attains Jedi powers -- and Sith powers too. Grab your Lightsaber as the battle for Kippers' soul begins: Will he succumb to the seductive mod-powered dark side, or Force Push his way to mastery of the Light side? Let's find out as we play with Skyrim PS4 mods.


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  • Outside Xtra

    Kippers the Khajiit returns! With mod-added FORCE POWERS. Will the Dovahkitty become a Jedi legend, or will he be tempted by the power of the Dark Side? Enjoy!

  • Caitlin RC

    Wait... Luke. Is Kippers your father???

  • Michiel Prak

    How to Ellen lesson 1: vocabulary. To talk like Ellen, use following vocabulary at least once a sentence:1. Yeeeeeeeeee2. Awwwwwwwwww3. KIPPERS

  • Nicole Ferguson

    Petition for Kippers to replace Jar Jar Binks

  • MrMartinBunny

    Darth Kippers, destroyer of worlds, friend to farm animals

  • Timothy McLean

    May the Force Roh Dah be with you.

  • ama zig


  • Nicole Ferguson

    "This armour is priceless so we're just redistributing the wealth" when kippers is a low key communist Sith Lord

  • BrO'Neill

    the emperor does have a lightsaber but he sees them as obsolete and only uses it to prove that he can defeat Jedi with their own weapon of choice

  • Sid Samel

    "So I summoned several chickens" is my new favorite excuse

  • peter solfeldt

    "The dark side is a path to many abilities some consider unnatural" like when a giant cat runs around using force grip and force lightning on some bandits.

  • Aaron McDonald

    "Oh you're no match for him, Kippers. He's a sith lord""So am I" ..."I mean, meow"

  • joe momma

    Kippers needs to become a yearly tradition, like Slender Man or Christmas Charades.

  • Kyle Wainwright

    I demand they release a CD of Luke and Ellen meowing popular Star Wars music.

  • Robert Brunton

    "Do it" in emperor voice = at least another 200K subs

  • Soul Reyzer

    Don't they have the "Magicka Sabers" mod for remastered?

  • R SP

    See the title, watch the video, hear the high ground joke, totally satisfied

  • DarkStar1406

    "Kippers the khajiit is no more." "Now there is only...... DARTH KITTYIOUS!!!"

  • R SP

    5:54 Have you ever considered throwing all those things into the water might poison the water?Think about all the living creature that use the water!!

  • Joey Wild

    8:47 "Watch out, Jarl!" = "Watch out, y'all!"Unintentional and unnoticed pun?

  • Booper Dooper

    Looks like Kippers took a page out of John Marston's book about redemption

  • Cherry Bomb Studios

    Ah, I see Kippers is very much embracing the Path of the Grey Jedi. Good that. Grey Jedis are quite the endangered species.

  • Ibsen Roger


  • peter solfeldt

    Ellen is enjoying the dark side way too much, I think we have found a dark lord of the sith, but is she the master or the apprentice? Is Jane her master?

  • Andres Nuñez

    ahh yes outside xtra come for the games stay for the singing

  • David James

    What were you smoking when this was filmed? Ellen's pure laugh is...Different...

  • Mr Fruigle

    Kippers: "Now to begin your training paw-dawan in the light-side of the force."Padawan: "But what about the Valheim Tower's massacre where you killed all those bandits, doesn't that make you a Sith Lord?"Kippers: "Shhhhhhh, there Barely wasn't enough evidence to convict me and if you keep quiet I will give some of whats in the 1st National Bank of Kippers. Now for your first lesson I will teach you a secret technique handed down from Qui-Gonn Jinn to Obi-Won, and now from me to you. Hit the enemy while they are down."

  • ThebreadthatcausedLesMis

    isnt force push just fus ro dah in hand form and force lightening a more powerful sparks.

  • Nicole Ferguson


  • Brandon F.

    I refuse to believe someone hasn't made a proper lightsaber mod yet.Also: get a mod to get unlimited carry weight. it'll help

  • Carter Sherwood

    note to self. Never give Luke or Ellen force powers. easily corrupted to the dark side...

  • Megan Miller

    This video has made my life substantially better.

  • Snowyowl24

    My cat is so interested in Kippers, I fear this has been a bad influence on her and I'm going to wake up one day with a Sith Lord for a cat

  • Ozz Lee

    as soon as trying force lightning:Poweeer! ULTIMATE POWEEEEEEERRR!

  • Kieran Quinlan

    can we all take a second to talk about luke's great yoda impression?

  • Gaming Dealer

    should have listed the mods in the description

  • Reece Cowell

    Anikitty Skywalker Count Dookat

  • Spike Spiegel

    Hencheforth you shall be known as, Darth Dobbin

  • Kedar Rao

    Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Kippers...

  • Yuvraaj Chahil

    what's the name of the mods used in the video?

  • Santosh Bawjee

    Have you ever heard the tale of Darth Kippers The Wise?

  • Zach Attack

    Kippers! We love you Kippers!

  • Lazy Mabari

    Luke has gone dark side!

  • G3n-T3ch Alpha

    well seems like we should start a third channel, Outside Orchestra anyone?

  • samuel soetratma

    I sense a disturbance in the force...

  • Miles Wisner

    Yassssss more kippers!!! You guys are amazing

  • Claytalian

    I love Skyrim as much as the next guy, especially with mods, but I think i speak for alot of people and definitely Ellen when i say that you guys should play Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. ✌️

  • ApexPenguin

    Having all of those items on the ground in my game would bother me so much. Do people actually play like that?!?

  • Liam Smith

    The emperor does have a light saber, it's just small!

  • Dark Rose

    "The dark side is so seductive." Oh Luke, you sir are amazing.

  • War Project Gaming

    Please someone leave a link to the force spell mod they were using for ps4! I just cant find it.

  • Mary Lucretia

    I was wondering why Luke and Ellen weren't in the last Oxbox list, even though it had Breath of the Wild. But now I know, they were too busy playing with Kippers!

  • Smithing Sexy Dolphins

    Kippers returns! I hope we have a return of Kippers' cow too.

  • The Sero

    "Kippers" is lost to the dark side...Definitely not the people that control him right?

  • 123 456

    So can we start a petition of Luke and Ellen to sing the theme tune for every future Star Wars film? Meow Meow, meow meow meow meow etc

  • ZackalTheJackal

    Wait.. wait what, what’s that on your left?My lef.. OH GOD

  • Jon Massey

    Hit him while down, you must

  • Katherine Hunold

    I don't know why it took me this long to realize, but Kippers looks a lot like my cat. Time to add "Dovahkitty" to the roster of nicknames for her!

  • The Cartogaphers society of 483 A.F

    This is one of my favourite things.

  • bob boberson

    At that second bandit camp did Kippers kill them all, and not just the outlaws, but the plunderers, and the marauders too?

  • Ali Shah

    Did you ever hear of the tragedy of Darth Kippers the wise?

  • jake pildis

    What mods are they using

  • Andres Tomas

    Imbet by the time this comment is noticed it will be 300k subsCongrats if thats so

  • Alakuriel

    "Get her while she's down." Who ever would have thought Ellen was secretly a Sith all this time? XD

  • Dustin Thompson

    what about magika sabers mod?

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