Skyrim: 5 More Evil Things You Can Do and May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that offers the player an abundance of choices and big decisions to make, often leading to some notable consequences. In The Elder Scrolls 5, most of the choices we’re handed are rather cloudy from a moral perspective. But some of the things we can do in Skyrim are indeed downright evil. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more evil things you can do and may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Stitchdroid 626

    I remember I killed my daughter's frost spider. I think my game glitched Because while I was out adventuring I got attacked by a group of sellswords. So I read the contract...Why the Hell did my goddamn child send them?!

  • Gruby Olsen

    Dragonborn: Do your homework child!Kid: No...Dragonborn: Ok... Ok... Where is your rabbit?Kid: In bedroom but why you...Dragonborn: FUS...

  • ツLesKen

    I gave the man the golden claw, heard how happy he was about it, then broke into his shop at night and stole everything

  • Ork Trukk Drivah

    Cows - the most common animals in skyrim...You can find more Giants and even dragons then cows on the map...

  • Parker Steele

    The worst thing I've done on Skyrim was turn my wife into a sweet roll and eat her. You can turn people into a sweet roll and other things by using the wabbajack.

  • Sam Strubelt

    I shot a guard in his other knee

  • Ninjapilot10

    Skyrim is a game where you start out wondering why you're a prisoner then learning

  • CherryPop Soda

    “Number 1: Killing Paarthunax”

  • Shizu -chan

    Killing Naze-Oh I'm sorry I misspoke...Killing Paarthunax is very evil.

  • Professor Baguette

    1 install killable children mod2 start DB questline3 kill Grelod the Kind and all the orphans, leave the other woman alive.

  • Patrick Roy

    I downloaded a mod where my child can bring home any animal/monster. Long story short she brought home a Draugr Deathlord, and my son brought home a Frost Troll.

  • jwhitely7

    I collected every skull i could find and dropped them off in my daughter's room and fus roh dah to turn it into a snowglobe.

  • SpartiuS94

    It's year 2069, the world is coming to an end.Looking for a little bit of hope to live through the horrible events.Then out of a sudden...TheEpicNate315 Uploaded "Skryim: 5 More Little Details You May Have Missed - Part 420."*Smiles and mutters: there is still hope*

  • Sebastian Muntaner

    "Murder them to death"English 100

  • Cello Seras

    "You see, adopted kids don't just stand around and stare at walls all day"Wait, they don't?

  • Ayy Bby

    "Non of these animals are listed as essential NPCs..."no, Nate. Don't do it, not like this- NOOOO

  • Reece Pinchin

    I always wished you could recruit Nazeem as a follower, so you could take him the the Boethiah shrine during Boethiah's Calling...

  • Nazeem

    1: You don't actually have to kill ME. Most people consider it evil to NOT kill me. Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am I saying.. Of course you don't..

  • Butters Scotch

    “Why would Bethesda Include this..”Me:*has killable children mod installed*

  • Ádám Szuper

    My father went into his house in Whiterun during the civil war attack. Killed the rat of the kid BEFORE he could ask.After the attack the kid asked if he could keep THE NOW DEAD RAT.The dead rat follows the kid no moving houses can fix this. The rat's corpse will spawn in somewhere the house and when the kid moves to a different area it will teleport.

  • Alibey Bal

    Dragon Daddy: Lucia, go do your chores.Lucia: Daaad...Dragon Daddy: I WILL INCINERATE PINCER!!!

  • Bubbly Chubbly

    My boy Samuel brought home a Mudcrab and I let him keep it.We had roasted Mudcrab legs for dinner.


    1:46"If you wanna be a bit evil already..."Me: Haha way ahead of you dude!Me: downloads kill children modMe: pulls out daedric battle axeMe: ...oh... you... you meant put the dog outside.

  • Len Kagamine

    I usually adopt one of lemkil's killing him stealthily of course.

  • Juha Autio

    So... i helped Lemkil and got the "Hero of people" achievement

  • Jaelynn Johnson

    i once used a wabbajack on my spounse to turn them into a sweetroll and the proceeded to feed it to my child

  • Jikke

    Fun Fact: Lemkil is actually an anagram for “Kill me”. Bethesda seems to not like him either.

  • ACE DeFaLt

    i killed my sons skeever but i tried to explain i was trying to fight off hired thugs

  • Hunter Otte

    My level 81 (I didn't know glitches at the time so I had been playing VERY long time)Child: I want money.Me: Here, have 10,000 gold.Child: ... YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!

  • A Lakótelepi Bosszúálló

    Ah that's a great incentive for kids."Now honey remember to do your chores or i will carve up your little bunny with my battleaxe"

  • DATGUY59

    “Unless you’re role playing Red Foreman” that killed me

  • James Anthony

    I have never killed any of my characters' kid's pets or told them they couldn't keep them.I have given them upgraded Wooden Swords that they were excited about ... and then they accidentally killed their own pets while whacking at the combat dummy.I felt bad the first time that it happened, then got over it when I realized that the animal got to go straight to Sovngarde for dying a warrior's death, so it was all good. =)

  • Chaplain_Valen

    "which civil war fac---" imperial you filthy stormcloak . Great video though!

  • Meme Police Official

    When my kid had a pet I let him keep it. Then I gave him a dagger and when he was practicing on the dummy his pet walked in the way and got killed... I never had laughed so hard at this game before.

  • Jake Branthe

    12:22Dragonborn: Fight me, child! EN GARDE!!

  • BornXeno

    2:19 "murder the pets to death"

  • Butters Scotch

    Oh shit I just realized I left the elf behind on that mission by accident

  • Mohammad Mustafa

    Evil thing I've done: Killed the person holding the history of Mehrunes Dagon, as Dagon offered me his Razor for killing the man.

  • Tyl

    "Which civil war faction is the best?" The imperials

  • Trickster Nevermore

    "Is it right to spare Cicero?" Well, by that point, you're already a high ranking member of a murder cult that worships the grim reaper, so I think it's a little late to be having moral quandaries.

  • Justin Y.

    With mods, even children can't escape the wrath of the dragonborn.

  • Trusty McCoolGuy

    “Perhaps you’re role playing Red Foreman”😂

  • MLGP00PerDuperBilly ThiccMaster69DragonHamburger

    “Perhaps you’re just roll playing Red Formen”I love this reference😂

  • Blaine Webb

    Can you cast courage on Hakar without being seen to get him to just stand true for himself?

  • emily power

    "a good ally" ope nate is a good ally confirmed

  • Melinda Greer

    "Role playing Red Forman."Beautiful.

  • Thanos Kun

    When i killed Paarthunax i felt like an asshole... So i made with his bones an axe, and named it in his honor Paarthunaxe!

  • Soy Boy

    When the kid hitting contract came up when I first found out about it I was like "hit kids and get money, hell yeah.

  • I’m not okay

    I was a hero once, I killed Nazeem

  • broly

    Over 9000 years of nonstop skyrim videos later 5 more things you may have missed

  • bigyeet andnaenae

    2:19 "murder your child's pet to death"

  • Carl Johnson

    5:18 GODDAMIT i just got to this mission and now you spoiled it for me ;-;

  • Oliver Hugaas

    "They will cool off" no my friends, it's just the beginning.

  • Joanna Emilia C.

    Your skyrim looks so good, I love how the sky looks

  • Fish Head

    I "accidentally" killed my daughter's snow fox once... bent the laws of time to make it right and erace her memory of the event

  • Rayzorbladez

    One of my faves is killing Paarthurnax and then turning his remains into the Paarthurn-Axe

  • McCaroni Sup

    2:19 Yeah I sure will murder someone to death!

  • WindLegendz


  • James Davies

    Lemkil sounds like Tywin Lannister when he’s talking to Tyrion

  • Kelly Collins

    bro we’re gonna need to know what texture mods you’re using

  • KaitoShadowKnight

    Lemkil: attack my kidsMe a kind hearted knight with a bad temper: gives a smile before running ebony broadsword through his stomach worry not, you won't have to see your children ever again

  • The Animatronics

    So I was watching this while playing skyrim, and my kid brought a pet home lol

  • Ewan playz

    I killed a kids parents adopted him killed his pet gave him 1 gold and teased him with a fake gift and played tag with him but fast travelled away probably still looking for meI also killed a chicken

  • Atomic Lazercat

    Once I was fighting a dragon in riverside. Accidentally hit a guard. And then suddenly I was a bigger threat to them than a damn dragon

  • Josse Coupe

    Am I imagining hearing a frog croak when he ends his sentences? I think I’m going insane.

  • J Bizzle

    why there isn't a mission called "It's just been revoked..." I have no idea


    1:54 Role Playing Red Forman LOL, I see someone's been watching "That 70's Show" Lately Too

  • Mr Putin

    my child came back with a bear child is now that bear

  • Dustin Adams

    I accidentally killed Malborn because I went in for a heavy attack on the guards before they saw me and Malborn was in front of them

  • Johnathan Cardenas

    The first time I played through the main storyline when the thalmor came into the dungeon, they glitched, and randomly just started beating the elf

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