Skyrim: 5 More Evil Things You Can Do and May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that offers the player an abundance of choices and big decisions to make, often leading to some notable consequences. In The Elder Scrolls 5, most of the choices we’re handed are rather cloudy from a moral perspective. But some of the things we can do in Skyrim are indeed downright evil. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more evil things you can do and may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Brite Bomber

    Letting Nazeem continue walking the streets is the most evil thing you can do

  • Honest M'aiq

    Killing Naze-Oh I'm sorry I misspoke...Killing Paarthunax is very evil.


    I mean I made the choice to postpone killing Alduin for years of in game time. Not sure if that's evil, or if I'm just lazy.

  • Justin Y.

    With mods, even children can't escape the wrath of the dragonborn.

  • James Anthony

    I have never killed any of my characters' kid's pets or told them they couldn't keep them.I have given them upgraded Wooden Swords that they were excited about ... and then they accidentally killed their own pets while whacking at the combat dummy.I felt bad the first time that it happened, then got over it when I realized that the animal got to go straight to Sovngarde for dying a warrior's death, so it was all good. =)

  • Jikke

    Fun Fact: Lemkil is actually an anagram for “Kill me”. Bethesda seems to not like him either.

  • Nazeem

    1: You don't actually have to kill ME. Most people consider it evil to NOT kill me. Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am I saying.. Of course you don't..

  • broly

    Over 9000 years of nonstop skyrim videos later 5 more things you may have missed

  • Mr Putin

    my child came back with a bear child is now that bear

  • Ewan playz

    I killed a kids parents adopted him killed his pet gave him 1 gold and teased him with a fake gift and played tag with him but fast travelled away probably still looking for meI also killed a chicken

  • Jon Collins

    Didn't realize Hakar was a unique encounter because, when he showed up for me, Hakar was not being chased by vampires, he was all alone just walking about and got murdered by my bored vampire PC. I guess that means I was the vampire trying to kill him in the encounter?

  • skullpull 101

    Beat children for fun and profit- Bethesda

  • VagueSneakThief Gaming

    Once a dragon spawned in my house and killed my sons pet mudcrab, he never spoke to me for the rest of the game

  • LUKA

    I just killed a dragon while it was in the skyAnd guess what it didIt flew away, with it's dying breath just so that I couldn't loot it's body or claim it's soulThanks Todd

  • Heather Phillips

    The least heroic thing I've done is take out an entire village, but I think we all have done that

  • M'aiq The Liar

    I got that letter to attack his kids once. Instead of beating up the kids I brutally murdered Lemkil soul trapped him using Azura's Star and enchanted a necklace with the most useless enchantments I could think of. I then adopted both of the kids and gave the necklace to one of the kids. Will teach him to ask the Dragonborn to hurt children. I usually do the same sort of thing to Grelod the Kind so what can I say I hate child abusers.

  • Magmta

    you know whats evil? lollygaggin

  • Parker Steele

    The worst thing I've done on Skyrim was turn my wife into a sweet roll and eat her. You can turn people into a sweet roll and other things by using the wabbajack.

  • Gruby Olsen

    Dragonborn: Do your homework child!Kid: No...Dragonborn: Ok... Ok... Where is your rabbit?Kid: In bedroom but why you...Dragonborn: FUS...

  • MajorMoron

    Last time i met hakar, he tried to kill me in an inn. I have a level 100+ character who happens to be a Vampire lord (boosted by better Vampires and sacrosanct). So he's not a total coward. A bit suicidal maybe

  • Andres Anón

    Hey Nate, can you give us your mod list?

  • Cameron Schuster

    Malborn was glitched without cuffs and then he started killing me, so I killed him because I thought he was a traitor, now I feel bad because it's a glitch

  • Dustwarewolf 55

    Killed a bandit in Rorikstead, got a letter from Lemkil asking me to beat up his own children, decided that NOT turning his children into orphans would probably put their lives in danger eventually, killed Lemkil, resurrected his corpse, then killed him again, distentergrating him. No equivelent of Protective Services seems to exist, so that was really the only option.

  • Jared van Breda

    There was only ever one time where I killed my child's pet; it was when sofie brought back the fox. It sounded like an asthmatic Darth Vader.

  • Pearl.

    The first time I played skyrim I never knew that kids could adopt pets so when I came home to my child with a pet mudcrab I legit nearly shot the thing with an arrow. Right as I was getting an arrow ready my child interrupted me with the dialogue asking to keep it. Right when the dialogue started the arrow was set loose. Thankfully it wasn't fully drawn so it came up just short of the mudcrab.

  • Razzrazz90

    What are the chances you and Graenolf both posted a vid about Skyrim in the same damn minute??

  • fleacythesheepgirl

    My problem with evil choices is they don't feel like I'm getting away with stuff or a mastermind, it's more like I'm being forced to things I don't like. I wish evil choices were more selfish and fun.

  • SuperRisingStorm

    You really should do a video on "top 10 graphics changes to skyrim that make it look worse.Because...2:45 what the hell is that abomination of a child? Seriously what the hell is wrong with your graphics in skyrim Nate?

  • jimjam totheflimflam

    I recently saw a reddit post where a guy was doing a legion playthru on FNV and he was able to cook and eat Boone for the quest at the Ultra Luxe. Pretty evil, right?Ave. True to Caesar.

  • Xzayana Henderson

    I'm having a terrible day but seeing a notification for this made it better. If only a little.

  • Gardanoth Daedra-Blood

    Wait, there was a prisoner in the heartstone resurrected elf's domain? Fack.... I got distracted by the bloody solstheim spiders.

  • Omega- Hitz

    Stealing a sweet roll is the greatest sin in Nord history.


    i killed my sons skeever but i tried to explain i was trying to fight off hired thugs

  • Alduin The world eater

    The most awesome thing I did in Skyrim was killing Nazeem! Ahh it felt good.

  • Sauce Dripp

    Not buying flowers from the little homeless children

  • Angelo x Nara

    5 most evil things you can do.#1:kill a chicken

  • thejamplan

    bunny murder nooooooo!!

  • The Rethan-Family

    In my playthroughs I usially kill Lemkill, adopt the nice daughter Sissel because she deserves something good happening in her life for once, and leave the bad daughter to rot in the orphanage.

  • Hunter Otte

    My level 81 (I didn't know glitches at the time so I had been playing VERY long time)Child: I want money.Me: Here, have 10,000 gold.Child: ... YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!

  • Herdîr-o i Ñoldor

    "Betrayl", huh nate?

  • Damian Ochoa

    holycow I was surprised that a man will hire you to kick his kids around no thanks I will go beat on him instead

  • Commonfolk

    We can murder them to death

  • Chaplain_Valen

    "which civil war fac---" imperial you filthy stormcloak . Great video though!

  • Sebastian Muntaner

    "Murder them to death"English 100

  • Hail_Storm

    At first I killed the pet not knowing it was my kid's (in game) pet

  • J French

    Arch mage Red Forman’s legendary ass foot spell

  • only 1890 kids will remember thi s

    Maybe I'm the dragonborn and I just don't know it yet

  • TheNamesGames

    You know that you’ve played Skyrim far too much when you already know every small detail from the get-go that Nate reveals XD

  • Kelly Collins

    bro we’re gonna need to know what texture mods you’re using

  • Dustin Adams

    I accidentally killed Malborn because I went in for a heavy attack on the guards before they saw me and Malborn was in front of them

  • Andreas Peder Sørensen

    Most evil thing I do is killing Paarthurnax. Every. Single. Time.

  • Anesio Ferreira

    I don't know how you're still able to make these videos man, Keep up the great work!

  • Ork Trukk Drivah

    Cows - the most common animals in skyrim...You can find more Giants and even dragons then cows on the map...

  • Wesley Mink

    I think leading a dragon to a city is just pure evil

  • Charbel Hachem

    The most evil thing to do in Skyrim is shouting Lydia off the mountains 🏔 Ps I love doing that hehe 😜 🥴😏🥳

  • Kaboose79

    On fact number 2, can you use a frenzy spell on him to cause him to fight?

  • Jarrid S.

    In Sovengarde, you are able to kill the Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers. Have to say out of most things I've done in the game, that tops it for me.

  • Matic

    Hey Nate! Could you list ALL your mods? I know you made the graphics video, but like the armor mods and weapon mods and stuff like that I see in your videos.

  • Loosinit MC

    The only proper way to deal with Hakar is to shoot him for cowardice, in the name of the emperor

  • Kellen Orlando

    Nate you vids helped me through the hospital. Thank you.

  • Odysseus Savvakis

    TheEpicNate315 For things we probably didn't know we could do: You can kill ildari when you first meet her if you are fast enough and plan ahead, also Tel Mithryn doesn't have to be repeared(as the wiki says) for Neloth to give you the quest. Also some people don't know that you can go to Solstheim before beginning Dragonborn.

  • MrLandShark 55

    "Muhahahahahaha... lol" - Every player after doing something on this list.

  • Sam Strubelt

    I shot a guard in his other knee

  • Felfolk

    I was playing a lawful evil character, but when Lucia brought home a bunny I could never say no. Never. Lucia is precious.

  • mental knight

    Can you please make a video explaining what texture mods and enb you use because you game looks really good

  • Monster Hunter166

    This has nothing to do with the video, just wanted to say love the updates on the video making, just some cute stuff that makes the videos better.

  • SektionK

    Great video Nate! Keep it up. :)I see that you're playing on the Xbox. Love the grafic and font for your game. Could you perhaps add your mod list to the description or in the comments. Would be much appreciated. :)

  • Alibey Bal

    Dragon Daddy: Lucia, go do your chores.Lucia: Daaad...Dragon Daddy: I WILL INCINERATE PINCER!!!

  • Lyanhyrt

    I married Camilla Valerius.

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