Skyrim - Randomness (Part 12)

The misadventures continue as Kharjo, Samuel, Inigo, and I encounter effed-up wildlife, a headless man who refuses to die, a dragon stuck in slo-mo, and much more! MOD AND SONG LIST BELOW...

MOD LIST... (some of these aren't in the video, but I listed them anyway)

Dance Rave - A Dance Pack Collection

Ducks and Swans for Skyrim


Touring Carriages

Project Flintlock

Seadog Pirate Armor

Blaze Of Eventide (fire horse)

Enhanced Camera Mod

Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul dragons 4K-8K

Horse Armors for Skyrim

Thanatos dragon (and Medusa Drakul armors, not in video)

Command Dragon - Ultimate Dragon Riding

Make Nearly Anyone Your Follower-Marriagable

Amazing Follower Tweaks (from Steam Workshop)

Armor for Children Followers

Enhanced Lights and FX

Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD

Dread Knight Weapon Set

Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement (I'm just using the armor)

A Daedric Weapons Retexture - Flame Blades

Tamriel Reloaded - Textures and Parallax

Climates Of Tamriel

Vivid Clouds and Fogs

Killable Children


Heavenly She-Wolf

Luminescent Luna Moths

Realistic Water Two (from Steam Workshop)

Realistic Water Two - Legendary (from Steam Workshop)

Real Ice


A Quality World Map

Interesting NPCs

SkyMoMod (Skyrim Monster Mod)

Lightning during Thunder Storms
CoT patch...

Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim

Deadly Spell Impacts

Skyrim HD

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Improved NPC Clothing - High Res

No More Blocky Faces


Enhanced Blood Textures

Realistic Smoke and Embers

Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul

Wet and Cold

Shooting Stars (from Steam Workshop)

Splash of Rain (from Steam Workshop)

Rainbows (from Steam Workshop)


Daft Punk - Around the World remix (from Daft Punk Dance Pack)
El Chombo - Chaccaron Maccaron
Hannah Montana theme
Enya - Only Time
Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider
Darude - Music
Hyrule Market (Hyrule Symphony version)
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    2017. I continue waiiting for Skyrim - Randomness (Part 13)

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    The slow dragons at that camp is a common glitch there. So annoying when your riding the dragons.

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    The light begins to darken, people fade away, pirate cat was scared, he cried inside, everything he sees is going dark, Lord Scatsbury is fading slowly, his eyes show a glint of fear, a tear rolls down his eye, Khar'Jo also crying on the inside, they hold hands, and they begin to share the memory's they had of random incidents they found, Pirate cat goes up to Lord Scatsbury and he whispers "have you ever seen dragon poop? Do dragons even poop?". But then before Lord Scatsbury answers, the dark consumed them all...

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