Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 - How to Start/Intro (Gameplay/Commentary)

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 - Prologue/Getting Starting (Gameplay/Commentary)

One of the Biggiest DLC's of the year, so excited. This is show you how to get started and first mission taking place.

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  • Sali Bean

    Turn the damn subtitles on!

  • Macximus Primus

    You have really become way more confident over the last few years Scott! :D Love watching your old videos to see how you've changed ^_^

  • Mouradel.bdc

    the guards wont give me the mission... please help

  • Tim Panda

    thankyou for cutting out travel time,dont listen to the people that want it

  • Aaron Bruce

    I like how wen ur a vampire u still kill vampires

  • Saint Germian

    your friends with ghostrobo

  • AKA dubs

    Tyvm :) didnt know how to start lol

  • SkullCrusherSC1 Gaming

    The dawn guard people try to kill me for some reason I entered and they all killed me

  • Yoghurt Pot

    I'm lev 6 I wanna be ten

  • Azharil Azizi

    After i talk to Serana father then he ask me to ask to someone then i go to him i press "E" and nothing happents. i thing i need to wait him but after 30 min nothing happents.. why ?

  • Jaroslav Parnicky

    When I refused role when we find Durak?Can not find him.I want to go to the tasks entrusted to me an offer.

  • Andrew Scene

    Crossbow have the same perks/skill as bow? Both of them are archery, right?

  • Leo Bruce

    I am really struggling what side to go with, any suggestions???

  • Michael Brown

    Who wins a fight between Harquen and Miraak? 

  • James Trolston

    why is it not working? im level 6 and got dawnguard please help

  • Maverick Games

    He never showed up in the beginning..

  • histudious15

    I can understand him perfectly then again im from Canada and i lived in scotland

  • Jake Linking

    U need to be enthusiastic

  • RieGuy is Un_Dead

    can you be a vampire in this if you are a werewolf?

  • chaka tacos

    I found Durak in riften if it helps

  • chaka tacos

    They all just want to arrest me

  • Zach Taylor

    i talked to nearly every guard in Whiterun after i downloaded the DLC but none of them immediately told me what the quest was! i'm really confused! help!

  • Kelli Hammack

    what the hell i got the guest but whenever i go to where the quest marker tells me to go it leads me to the side of a snowy mountain in the middle of no where! and the quest marker is in the exact same place as in this video!

  • ChannelofAngus

    you are a terrible shot

  • ChannelofAngus

    becuase the xbox is a piece of shit. just get a pc.

  • ChannelofAngus

    England,i'm guessing you're american and you pronounce things wrong and call it american english. you're wrong. die

  • Joshua Jernigan

    lol he calls a soul gem a diamond xD

  • teddy like

    You don't need to be level 10 or higher if you go to the dawnguard fort

  • matt bice

    you need to be lvl 10 or higher

  • Esteban Ruiz

    i tride to play dawnguard fuck the dlc

  • Sam Gaming

    Epic video. I subbed after this and now I really want the DLC.

  • assassin of despair

    What's stronger the crossbow or a regular bow (different types of bows not just a long bow or something)

  • kaetzel1337

    To those having trouble in order to get the dawnguard quest u must be lvl 10 then ull be able to hear rumors

  • Shade


  • daken akihiro

    crossbow!!!??? that shit is for pussies ( i only say that because i dont have this DLC ¬¬)

  • Merrick Huffhines

    thats what i did and nothing im lvl 33

  • Merrick Huffhines

    this isnt working i talk to them and nothing or is it they might not tell

  • DarkNobleSaitos

    I'm already dead and he needs to try more normal.

  • Armand Henson

    when i got back from whiterun everybody was dead even the jarl

  • Yiorgios Vazouras

    Do you have to complete the main Questline first? I bought Dawnguard but the guards don't say anything :/

  • ConquistadorU

    Why does no one do a Dawnguard walkthrough from level 1 to the end of the end?

  • Xander

    Some Slurred Talking but all in all pretty damn good my friend.

  • Dakota Slytherin

    =o i almosted started to freak out cuz I noticed somthin about your accent. Then I realized its cuz its british ^.^ hahaha I love british people!! And no its not cuz of one direction -_-

  • Dan Smith

    cheers mate keep rocking

  • 2010METALFAN

    I didn't know the guy that builds batmobile's plays skyrim ;9

  • 2010METALFAN

    Oh, and i forgot to tel you, u also have to atleast be levl 10 to do it

  • 2010METALFAN

    It's not on ps3, because ps3 sucks, and bethesda knows it

  • 2010METALFAN

    As long as you downloaded it, it should work

  • George Fenton

    How do you name your horse?

  • Smelly luegy

    Cant do Dawnguard unless your level 10 or higher

  • Jetttex

    Hey I just got Dawnguard and a guard wont give me the option please message me back HELP!!

  • Verac The Evil

    Blaeergh vampire hunter

  • Artorias Abysswalker

    Now I wanna play skyrim again -.-

  • Louis Marty (kickin)

    I have a question, When you buy DLC where is the content saved? inside the console/computer? Say i was to get Dawngaurd, Would the content be available in every character profile i have or will create in the future? or can you only use the contet with one character? that would be a rip off. can someone please answer me.

  • nate bond

    i cant get the quest to start

  • 08Ghost893

    i like the way you play games, you dont speed through it, you explore

  • shawn zylla

    to bad that you cant do like a hellsing / alucard thing, where you are a vampire that hunts vampires.

  • KalianaH13

    :o Sat here like this, cos I have not seen such good quality stairs in game!!

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