Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 - How to Start/Intro (Gameplay/Commentary)

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 - Prologue/Getting Starting (Gameplay/Commentary)

One of the Biggiest DLC's of the year, so excited. This is show you how to get started and first mission taking place.

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  • Amaze Doge

    Turn the damn subtitles on!

  • Macximus Primus

    You have really become way more confident over the last few years Scott! :D Love watching your old videos to see how you've changed ^_^

  • Azharil Azizi

    After i talk to Serana father then he ask me to ask to someone then i go to him i press "E" and nothing happents. i thing i need to wait him but after 30 min nothing happents.. why ?

  • Aaron Bruce

    I like how wen ur a vampire u still kill vampires

  • Yoghurt Pot

    I'm lev 6 I wanna be ten

  • FairyMoustache

    the guards wont give me the mission... please help

  • Jaroslav Parnicky

    When I refused role when we find Durak?Can not find him.I want to go to the tasks entrusted to me an offer.

  • lilquise17

    It won't start for me. Plz help somebody. I've deleted it an reinstalled plz tell me I didn't waste my fucking money

  • Leo Bruce

    I am really struggling what side to go with, any suggestions???

  • Tim Panda

    thankyou for cutting out travel time,dont listen to the people that want it

  • SkullCrusherSC1 Gaming

    The dawn guard people try to kill me for some reason I entered and they all killed me

  • Saint Germian

    your friends with ghostrobo

  • Andrew Scene

    Crossbow have the same perks/skill as bow? Both of them are archery, right?

  • Josée Pariseau

    Started a new game. it's not working for me...

  • Michael Brown

    Who wins a fight between Harquen and Miraak? 

  • AKA dubs

    Tyvm :) didnt know how to start lol

  • Kc Regalado

    The fucking guard keeps saying what is it

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