Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 - How to Start/Intro (Gameplay/Commentary)

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: Part 1 - Prologue/Getting Starting (Gameplay/Commentary)

One of the Biggiest DLC's of the year, so excited. This is show you how to get started and first mission taking place.

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  • Macximus Primus

    You have really become way more confident over the last few years Scott! :D Love watching your old videos to see how you've changed ^_^

  • Sali Bean

    Turn the damn subtitles on!

  • GameRiot

    I've gone for Dawnguard but I will be posting up some Vampire footage later today after part 3 is up :)

  • GameRiot

    It's about 56 but I have a sneak gear on as well. Enemies seem a bit blind :S

  • GameRiot

    You have to be level 10 for the guards to tell you anything. Otherwise just go to the location on the video you can see from map

  • GameRiot

    Thanks glad you enjoyed

  • GameRiot

    Turn your game on go to add ons on the skyrim menu DONE

  • GameRiot

    No just level 10 speak to any guard or go directly to the place I show you on the walkthrough

  • GameRiot

    The recent updated sorted out the Horse Combat, dont need the DLC for that

  • GameRiot

    I'm not sure I'm gona try some Vampire gameplay now

  • GameRiot

    you should be okay. Only Vampire loads

  • GameRiot

    It's sounds okay for me your worrying me :(

  • GameRiot

    I posted part 3 just now that will show you what you want to know. It's about 35 minutes into the DLC

  • GameRiot

    No but I would advise being level 10 before downloading

  • GameRiot

    I love the crossbow - so good

  • GameRiot

    true the mute button off :S

  • GameRiot

    apparently the vampire lord is so strong he will overcome the werewolf inside of you. So you can become a vampire lord - this is in part 3 which is up now

  • GameRiot

    No your character should be around level 10 and its fine and should be out on pc and ps3 towards the end of this month I think

  • GameRiot

    If your not level 10 it wont happen. But you can run straight to the location on the map that I show you on the walkthrough

  • GameRiot

    yes you can dude. You can pick up a crossbow and use it as a vampire

  • GameRiot

    I have yet to see the Extended Cut but I hear it's not much better :(

  • GameRiot

    most seem dead so far. So dont worry lol

  • GameRiot

    No not at all. Just advised that your level 10 and over

  • GameRiot

    no problem thanks for watching - You need the DLC to get the crossbow

  • GameRiot

    is that good or bad? I cant tell

  • GameRiot

    you are correct I will make sure to have that added

  • GameRiot

    No problem, if you check the description you will now see a link to the playlist

  • GameRiot

    can be what you want. I just decided to be a girl for a change. Which a lot of people dont like for some reason.

  • AlexZAfRo

    no man i love your vids!! keep it up!

  • AlexZAfRo

    nice vid dude , this will be a long series :P

  • GameRiot

    should be out in late July

  • GameRiot

    More is coming very soon

  • daniellua1

    so... which race are you ?Which skills are good at ?

  • Kelli Hammack

    what the hell i got the guest but whenever i go to where the quest marker tells me to go it leads me to the side of a snowy mountain in the middle of no where! and the quest marker is in the exact same place as in this video!

  • Bear

    can you turn on the subtitles plz

  • Leo Bruce

    I am really struggling what side to go with, any suggestions???

  • Azharil Azizi

    After i talk to Serana father then he ask me to ask to someone then i go to him i press "E" and nothing happents. i thing i need to wait him but after 30 min nothing happents.. why ?

  • Brain Bleach

    @GameRiotArmy um what will happen if you are already a vampire will he try to kill you or will you not be able to go onthe quest

  • Jetttex

    Hey I just got Dawnguard and a guard wont give me the option please message me back HELP!!

  • That Dan Guy

    I can't get it to work.. I've talked to a guard in every city. Wtf.. -_-

  • Xander

    Some Slurred Talking but all in all pretty damn good my friend.

  • Maverick Games

    He never showed up in the beginning..

  • Armand Henson

    when i got back from whiterun everybody was dead even the jarl

  • AssassinCrawler

    Uhm how to get the DLC O.O

  • Darkness Speaks

    you sound british, but where do you live?

  • KageGamingKG

    Do you know when ps3 getting it?

  • KageGamingKG

    does it reset your level? but you still have all your stuff right?

  • Smelly luegy

    Cant do Dawnguard unless your level 10 or higher

  • j0hke

    Yes!! Thank you! I wanted to see a full playthrough of just Dawnguard. (Or roughly close to it since I know I won't be a Vampire.) You sir, are awesome. Look forward for more! xD

  • j0hke

    Are you going to stick with the Dawnguards or Vampires?

  • metalgearfan21

    still thats wat rpg are for man being something you're not

  • metalgearfan21

    go talk to the Guards in any hold

  • kingalton10

    Wtf are u saying gt damn british

  • FairyMoustache

    the guards wont give me the mission... please help

  • BTEAR03

    right bear, promise yourself you wont get hooked here and spoil it for yourself!

  • Mjolvond

    i have the weirdest Boner right now!

  • Sora Alikard

    tyvm for the ansowhere right away i had problem since i just traded in my ps3 verson for xbox since its xbox only aparently to my knowleg now i dont have to spend hours of time figering out what to do but just need to lv to lv 10 :D tyvm

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