Morrowind before and after Mods in 2017


- MGSO (Morrowind Graphics and Sounds Overhaul)
- Morrowind Rebirth
- Westly's Pluginless Head Replacer
- LGNPC (Less Generic NPCs) Project
- Tamriel Rebuilt
- Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attack v2
- Lovely Loading Screens
- Speechcraft Rebalance
  • Defronnie

    "Look at the ships interior how detailed."I can't see anythingrest was very nice tho really

  • Zach Huck

    The mods look like a 2009 game, which is still a massive improvement.

  • madcat789

    The fact that Morrowind is still getting mods nearly twelve years on is quite baffling, to say the least.

  • Lingering Fungus

    A few things to check out. Morrowind S.T.E.P. (better than mgso in terms of graphics) and OpenMW and what is possible with it's graphics, not to mention how much better it runs.Morrowind will never die, as each year people will release mods to update it, to rebuild it, to bring it to modern gamers. Wheather it's Skywind (Morrowind in Skyrim), OpenMW (a new engine for Morrowind), or a graphical overhaul and engine patcher, Morrowind will always have something to keep it alive, and that goes to show you the level of love people have for this game!

  • Stinkyremy

    morrowinds graphics may look dated but they are still comfy to me.

  • Isaak

    I might have to buy Morrowind because I am sick of waiting for Skywind..

  • Dwimerytguy

    Worst thing about Morrowind arent graphics. Its animations and combat system

  • MrDeits97

    "There are some long loading times but what are you going to do?"Buy an SSD

  • veel60

    The original graphics are quite good, I kinda like them. But holy hell those mods look good!

  • Caleb Imrie

    And to this day Bethesda is too stupid to realize that a half assed remaster of the older ES games thrown into a collection would be nothing but money on consoles.

  • jsisidore

    It is a magical time when you are 15 playing an open world rpg like Morrowind. Now I'm twice that age and I lost the magic.

  • daniel nunez

    this is why I need to get a pc

  • Filthy Pickens

    I've spend over 250 hours in vanilla morrowind on xbox. Fight me.

  • Oliver Beoulve

    I can't wait to fire 26 arrows at a mudcrab and miss 90% of them!

  • Astral Blood

    It's sad when the water graphics for this game looks better than skyrims. Skyrims water is just crap

  • peregrine

    it's nice but the vanilla graphics hold a certain nostalgia for me, I prefer the old in this case

  • Syndera

    If you don't count the character models, this looks pretty close to oblivion to be honest :D

  • LordSeth

    A lot of nostalgic fanboys in the comments.

  • beavis

    Haha morrowind back when I actually needed to use the map the game comes with

  • The Great Cornholio

    The way the original barren land becomes suddenly lush with green vegetation is kinda too much... there are some areas that are very green, almost jungle like in Morrowind but the starting area should be barren imo :P I guess there is room to choose from.Pretty cool though gotta admit!

  • Benjy Bro

    I prefer the signs in the original, felt like it was in dunmer text and you translate it into english letters to pronounce it correctly.

  • Psydrre

    I am not convinced. They need to thighten the graphics on level 3.

  • khatack

    The biggest problem with morrowind is the absolutely broken character progression system.

  • Belisarius0000

    Am I the only person who actually likes the old graphics? Beyond the nostalgia and charm, things just arent anywhere near as cluttered and overgrown. Also I dont understand why "Better Graphics" means we have to make interiors darker. Sure it may be realistic but it makes it harder to see (Halo 2 Anniversary did this too). Oh well, to each their own, enjoy the graphics mods if you need them. Great thing about mods is that they are all optional and thanks to this fantastic community there is no shortage of non graphics mods to play with as well

  • nos kep

    My unpopular opinion (maybe because my laptop isn't good enough for MGSO or MGE while keeping the game fluid): When playing Morrowind, I prefer to play it with no mods or only face mods. Morrowinds charme goes hand in hand with the old graphics and there's something in the modern look, that kills or better, that alters the specific feel I get, when I replay this wonderful game. It's the same with System Shock 2. Can't imagine playing that one with graphic enhancing mods.

  • The Turn Based Gamer

    Do older games become "unplayable" with age because muh graphicks? That seems a bit douchey to me.

  • Caius Cosades

    I would play in Morrowind on a Skyrim SE engine...

  • Connor Tyler

    I kind of feel like this is unnecessary. It's like putting a Van Gogh or a Da Vinci through a Photoshop filter to 'clean it up' because it looks kind of old. Morrowind was a masterpiece for its time, and has its own charm to it, glitchy polygons and all. If you want a Morrowind that looks super fancy and new, try Skywind.

  • Kris Sisk

    This makes me want to load up Morrowind again. Also, am I the only one who never used the silt striders on my first playthrough?

  • hurrdurrmurrgurr

    It looks like Morrowind Rebirth shifted the ground so the grass you loaded in with MGSO is floating.

  • Eric

    It's nuts that even though the graphics are dated as hell, it's still the best 'modern' Elder Scrolls game. I'll take Vvardenfell over Skyrim any fucking day.

  • Hogo69

    Best Elder Scrolls ever

  • IncultaWolf

    I prefer the original graphics.

  • Obsequey

    oh God, this almost brings tears to my eyes. I love this game so much and seeing how much work and love was put into this just makes me happy.

  • Donle J

    it's too bad morrowind's combat is so terrible, it really does look good with mods

  • Dennis Gordon

    problem still is animations, is there a reason modders cant update animations?

  • GamerPoets

    appreciate the video :)

  • TheGonzo

    I would pay full price for a Remastered version by Bethesda themselves of Morrowind & Oblivion.

  • Dawson Retter

    I think that if ES 6, mixed Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim together, we'd have the ULTIMATE MOST AWESOME GAME EVER MADE BY THE HANDS OF BETHESDA!!!!!

  • Shit House Rat

    Why walk when you can ride?

  • Loli

    Even though it's cool and all, graphics don't matter if it's one of the best games ever

  • sunicarus

    The only problem I have with Morrowind is the walking animation.. yeah thats it 😂

  • Fork AyeBee

    I actually think the modded graphics look worse... Not sure why, but they look too cluttered and glitchy. The island isn't supposed to be lush or green, I think that makes it look more unnatural.Also lol at the loading times, way to make the game worse

  • Harold, The Talking Tree

    Skywind Skywind Skywind

  • billyjean1073

    Sky-morro-blivion.Sky- for the graphics and better combat systemMorro- for the awesome quests and storylinesblivion- also for the awesome quests and storylines.

  • MattHagashikata

    looks better than fallout 3

  • BlueShit199

    Is it weird that I prefer vanilla over modded Morrowind?

  • SuperAWaC

    elder scrolls online is going to be releasing a vvardenfell expansion

  • lorraine

    Morrowind was a great game for the time it was in. I absolutely loved this game, and the graphics never really bothered me.

  • Minicule X

    the mod loses all of the creative decisioning from the original, sure it's more hq and detailed, but those details are just shoved in for the sake of quantity. not a good look for me. i like the mood of the original. also i feel that you don't need to improve graphics of older games to enjoy them, it's like not being able to enjoy an older movie or an old song just because of the production quality.

  • souperman72

    Played this for the first time a few months ago and could see why this is the most popular game in the series. Took me awhile to figure out why I could never hit anything with my attacks.

  • Owen_Basil

    Original graphics best graphics. :3

  • Mystertman85

    Do you need good pc to run this? I'm interested in starting morrowind again after 10 years

  • liberator48

    Honestly, Morrowind is arguably the best in the series, and I think Bethesda agrees with that, so they need to make a remake of the game someday.

  • Adrian B.

    Thanks for the video. Been considering playing Morrowind for some time now, but you actually convinced me. These mods are insane, they really do justice to the game.

  • Herbert Byrd

    Even with the original graphics the game is still better than the last 2 in the franchise.

  • Ryan Houk

    jiub looks terrifying now... first thing I noticed

  • Kain Dracula

    I really need to play Morrowind again. Only ever played it on X-Box and I now have a decent PC.

  • John Smith

    Honestly I think it looked much better before.Not a fan of blurry DoF effects, laggy shadows, texture popping, and pointless ground clutter whuch makes alchemy a pain in the ass.Also going from 200fps to 20fps is terrible.

  • Śniący

    Look at this smooth 60-28 fps.

  • Sinister Scout

    05:33 Ah that sincere tone in the voice, the childish need to play with the oldest, dirtiest but favourite, I only need to see a video or hear 2 seconds of that music to feel like this <3

  • Dank Potatoes

    Roses are redViolets are blueSkyrim´s still betterWith mods tooMorrowind is datedFans still bickerBe careful youdont get triggered

  • El Señor Jordán

    Oh. My. GOD. I've fell in love

  • Buy Slap City!

    I mostly care about the clarity in character creation and the better walking animation. If we can get voice acting instead of having to read though...

  • Jay'Von Ro

    Makom's better faces (for all races) :) youll love it

  • adropintheocean

    this is better than mass effect andromeda

  • Kayana Koe

    It was a struggle to find a working download of MGSO, the nexus link was broken and the moddb link was locked behind a membership paywall...

  • Slam Dunk Cosmos

    I have come upon many videos about these mods. Where can I safely download these mods? They aren't on Steam are they?

  • Marcin Demianiuk

    Overhauling Morrowind sounds like heresy to me.

  • David Moore

    tons of new foliage, trees, better draw distance, sharper and improved textures. nice! but i still see the original water and think its some of the best water animation ever.

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