Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts - Volendrung ("The Cursed Tribe" quest)

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The Daedric artifact, Volendrung, and the related "The Cursed Tribe" quest, in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

- arrive at Largashbur
- kill the giant
- talk to Atub (she might come to talk to you as well)
- take part in the ritual
- meet Chief Yamarz at Fallowstone Cave
- travel through the cave and eliminate all threats, protecting Chief Yamarz
- kill the last giant, and then Chief Yamarz, or let Chief Yamarz try and fail, then kill the giant
- take the Shagrol's Warhammer from the giant and return to Largashbur
- talk with Atub, replace the Shagrol's Warhammer on the shrine and receive the Volendrung

- can be improved with Ebony ingot, LEGENDARY requires a Smithing skill boosted to 168 or more (apparel and potions) and the Arcane Blacksmith perk (is not affected by other Smithing perks)
- absorbs 50 points of Stamina per hit
- compared to a regular warhammer, has an attack rate of 1 per second (regular warhammer has a slower attack rate of 0.75 per second)
- has the same base damage with Ebony Warhammer (only Daedric Warhammer has few points more base damage)
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  • K.I Reloaded

    I used to look for daedric artifacts like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Georg Gross

    Yamarz, the full stubborn, pathetic, useless blasphemer. I'll take the hammer.

  • TheLankieMidget

    "don't do that" (player is mid swing into beheading an imperial)

  • Brock

    I killed everyone in Largashbur after I got the Volendrung. >:)

  • Darkwave

    What if I killed that whole clan for the orcish armor and didn't know it gave the daedric artifact....... ;(

  • DEADtoRISE08

    Good thing I let Yamarz fight the Giant and he killed him then I just cleaned up the mess

  • Harlon McMarthy

    I died laughing when the dragon flew over at 1:12

  • Ziarem

    Must be a bug with the new game. Yamarz doesn't exist in my game, Atub won't tell me crap. Hell even the dog from Clavicus Vile got stuck on a staircase and hasn't moved for days.

  • Cosmack

    what are the weapons you were using 

  • bakendorf _

    Best two handed weapon in the game, Bassicaly with the enchantment on it you become a stamina sponge, allowing you to power attack constantly.

  • Mr Pool

    i just love the voice of Malacath.threatening but powerful

  • Gekkemanker

    When i go to that orc stronghold.. the outer gate is locked, and when i jump in they are all inside and i cant talk to them help pls

  • Miral Kayed

    "Don't do that." Jesus christ, I can't stop laughing 😂😂

  • Nomadic Rampage

    1:07Dragon: HI MOM,I'M ON YOUTUBE!

  • Darkseas 14

    What if you wiped out the entire village...

  • The Black Cross

    i don't know why but i really like the voice of strong and powerful

  • thomas kok

    13:50 "Dont do that" LOL

  • hollardude

    I couldn't find Atub... Anywhere... Do I have to start a new game?

  • Pouncy G

    that overlord stonget than a dragon

  • Weasel Spit

    smashes Imperial in the face "Don't do that!" 😂😂

  • mutilator97

    Seems rather fitting that I do this quest with my orc character(he uses hammers so this is even better). I also noticed that for once a masculine daedric prince isn't a total dick.

  • Ali pr3b

    by the ring ang neckle i incrased its damage to 170

  • Preston Garvey

    HELP!!! for some reason the gate to the stronghold is locked and there is no giant around, can someone help me please

  • Nexe Smiley

    What if the contacts to the quest are dead

  • Reid Macioge

    funny how the death lord was stronger than the dragon

  • Frink77

    Hey Orcidea, your vids have helped me alot!:) but just a question, i have just started a warrior and i don't want to grind Smithing, do u know any good armor i could get?

  • Blake Casey

    What if u killed them by accident

  • Father Lawbringer

    for my game Atub doesn't mention the quest 😞

  • Zach Pflug

    What axes do you have and how to get them?

  • Cory

    Great job! I like your videos and your characters armor.

  • rasta king

    I remember my first skyrim character had a thousand armour rating with dragonscale armour my daedric bow did 700 dam and 1000 with a special potion

  • ItsDeric

    Orcidea please help, I killed her early cause I had a tribal orc bounty and not enough to pay it off. How can I still get it :\

  • Andrew Price

    what weaons are you carrying

  • ayegenee

    U didn't even take the 640 gold on that giant -_-

  • Oneru Matamu- Kafoa

    Dis is sick, make more please I've just started playing and where did you get those axes?

  • Zambiedood Airsoft

    Oooffff I lost my hammer and can't find it now :(

  • FeyWinter Fox

    Lets see around 12;30, yet that is full blown dragon rape >.> yep, totally

  • RideTheLightning

    Stamina falls under destruction skill tree, I love this hammer but it eats away the enchantment charges like candy. So, I hope enchanting fortify destruction on my heavy armor will fix that issue.

  • Brutal Bob

    Ok so the character I tried to do this quest with is only lvl 5, I didn't realize that it was a lvl 9 I was thinking one of my mods was glitching the game. I decided to drop down into the camp by climbing up the mountan side. I got into the camp and saw that the orc who was going to become chef (after you kill the other one) was already chef... thing is I only have a few mods running in that profile(because something like this happened to me before with another character and I didn't want it to happen again!) Anyone else have this problem?

  • Cyro 2604

    I don't really like two handed weapons though... But I took it for Oblivion Walker achievement :)

  • MertensCW

    I let him die a Hero's death and clearly he was a superb tactician if nothing else because he did say it would take a second.

  • Dark Assassin

    the funny thing is that i did the quest and all the other stuff but i didn't watch the hammer change i just put it down and heard garzable or whatever the orcs name was, i heard him be named chief and left

  • Arturas Opulskis

    i killed everyone but cant kill yamarz i want VOLENDRUNG

  • Tumbleflop

    13:13 wow, it kills skeletons in 1 hit like every other weapon in skyrim, thanks cause i didnt know

  • Otaknii Da Robloxian

    How would you get a smithing skill of 168? I know by using boost, but how could it be that much?

  • Austin Jasper

    Uuuuh there's a dragon flying in circles around you...

  • Alias

    cuz its not like Volendrung was forged by the dwemer or anything... makes perfect sense for an Orc god to give it to you

  • Blue Jelly

    I was thinking that the hammer would be handy for taking a giant, but then I saw you pummel that dragon and thought "forget the giant, this thing could take down a tank!"

  • 19smooshes Gaming

    is it possible to duplicate shagrol's warhammer to get both the shagrol's warhammer and the volendrung?

  • diouremy

    como é que fasso matei todos lá já eu naun sabia

  • Teflon

    Best part of the whole vid is when he cuts off the guards head with a hammer...

  • Halston Heap

    When I hit people with it, the enchantment drops crazy. It only has like 15 hits.

  • THE scorpion

    13:48 THAT WAS SOOOOOO BADASS!!!.... ok ..well..... im.. gonna go get this

  • David Williams

    that dragon during when he talks to her in the beginning is all like "hey y'all"

  • Pixel Ator

    Hey where were the locations of the places you tried the hammer out?

  • California Dreamin' 99

    those orcs are all mad at me and I can't find Atub, they keep going on aqbout malacath, and how they don't want me there,what do I do?

  • Ahmad AlJayashi

    some are from dlc dude some are not

  • RM Vids

    What happens if you atub before the quest can you still get it

  • Therisius

    holy shit that thing is powerful

  • liamc4rter

    I stole a Daedra Heart from the Companions in Whiterun

  • Panda

    I get a heavy Dain Ironfoot vibe when I use that hammer

  • ToiletTwinky

    Is that enchantment the same every time

  • josejuan rosales

    "What do you intend to do with that hammer, friend? Knock down a house?"  Hold Guard.

  • Monika

    I killed atub early in the game I didn't know she was the one that gives u the hammer can I still get it someway?I'm on ps3

  • Qwerds

    Orcish armor at lvl 10 this quest makes you op if you manage to kill the giant

  • Chuck Norris

    Best weapon in the game for 2-handed characters. You can power attack without break.

  • Darth Vader

    i think i killed her ... but i still want that hammer / axe

  • Volt Jolt

    Skeletons are just funny, you just use a firebolt on them then they asplode.

  • omen129

    orcidea u are very badass in the game but could u keep both warhammers or do u need to go to the tribune room thanks

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