Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts - Volendrung ("The Cursed Tribe" quest)

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The Daedric artifact, Volendrung, and the related "The Cursed Tribe" quest, in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

- arrive at Largashbur
- kill the giant
- talk to Atub (she might come to talk to you as well)
- take part in the ritual
- meet Chief Yamarz at Fallowstone Cave
- travel through the cave and eliminate all threats, protecting Chief Yamarz
- kill the last giant, and then Chief Yamarz, or let Chief Yamarz try and fail, then kill the giant
- take the Shagrol's Warhammer from the giant and return to Largashbur
- talk with Atub, replace the Shagrol's Warhammer on the shrine and receive the Volendrung

- can be improved with Ebony ingot, LEGENDARY requires a Smithing skill boosted to 168 or more (apparel and potions) and the Arcane Blacksmith perk (is not affected by other Smithing perks)
- absorbs 50 points of Stamina per hit
- compared to a regular warhammer, has an attack rate of 1 per second (regular warhammer has a slower attack rate of 0.75 per second)
- has the same base damage with Ebony Warhammer (only Daedric Warhammer has few points more base damage)
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    I used to look for daedric artifacts like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Georg Gross

    Yamarz, the full stubborn, pathetic, useless blasphemer. I'll take the hammer.

  • TheLankieMidget

    "don't do that" (player is mid swing into beheading an imperial)

  • Brock

    I killed everyone in Largashbur after I got the Volendrung. >:)

  • Darkwave

    What if I killed that whole clan for the orcish armor and didn't know it gave the daedric artifact....... ;(

  • thomas kok

    13:50 "Dont do that" LOL

  • Ziarem

    Must be a bug with the new game. Yamarz doesn't exist in my game, Atub won't tell me crap. Hell even the dog from Clavicus Vile got stuck on a staircase and hasn't moved for days.

  • Darkseas 14

    What if you wiped out the entire village...

  • Oneru Matamu- Kafoa

    Dis is sick, make more please I've just started playing and where did you get those axes?

  • bakendorf _

    Best two handed weapon in the game, Bassicaly with the enchantment on it you become a stamina sponge, allowing you to power attack constantly.

  • Cosmack

    what are the weapons you were using 

  • Nexe Smiley

    What if the contacts to the quest are dead

  • Pouncy G

    that overlord stonget than a dragon

  • rasta king

    I remember my first skyrim character had a thousand armour rating with dragonscale armour my daedric bow did 700 dam and 1000 with a special potion

  • We Are Your Watchers

    for my game Atub doesn't mention the quest 😞

  • hollardude

    I couldn't find Atub... Anywhere... Do I have to start a new game?

  • ayegenee

    U didn't even take the 640 gold on that giant -_-

  • Zach Pflug

    What axes do you have and how to get them?

  • Andrew Price

    what weaons are you carrying

  • Blake Casey

    What if u killed them by accident

  • Weasel Spit

    smashes Imperial in the face "Don't do that!" 😂😂

  • Reid Macioge

    funny how the death lord was stronger than the dragon

  • Ali pr3b

    by the ring ang neckle i incrased its damage to 170

  • Grant Kibel

    Sweet! Now I have this wepon and my follower has a giants club. We are so overpowered. If you guys want a giants club go to the giants camp near shearpoint and got to the ledge over looking the camp. Then ask your follower to pick it up and they will use it as a wepon. Make sure you use a two handed dude like vikas or stevendar. It does 106 damage. 

  • Frink77

    Hey Orcidea, your vids have helped me alot!:) but just a question, i have just started a warrior and i don't want to grind Smithing, do u know any good armor i could get?

  • Baguette

    HELP!!! for some reason the gate to the stronghold is locked and there is no giant around, can someone help me please

  • Hail Sithis

    i just love the voice of Malacath.threatening but powerful

  • Cory

    Great job! I like your videos and your characters armor.

  • ItsDeric

    Orcidea please help, I killed her early cause I had a tribal orc bounty and not enough to pay it off. How can I still get it :\

  • Harlon McMarthy

    I died laughing when the dragon flew over at 1:12

  • Nomadic Rampage

    1:07Dragon: HI MOM,I'M ON YOUTUBE!

  • quak167lolz

    Hey orc um could u tell me where 2 find that follower is she a mod or something?

  • quak167lolz

    Hey orc um could u tell me where 2 find that follower is she a mod or something?

  • DEADtoRISE08

    Good thing I let Yamarz fight the Giant and he killed him then I just cleaned up the mess

  • The Black Cross

    i don't know why but i really like the voice of strong and powerful

  • ProtoMario

    The Giants took care of him, and you took care of the Giants.... =/ That is a Daedric God for ya, always confused about what actually happened.

  • OrcCorp

    Well, next videos will most likely be unique weapons ;) Glitches and such are mostly patched at some point, so making videos of them dont have much value later.

  • OrcCorp

    Thanks! Yes, skills and perks for damage, and great weapons.

  • OrcCorp

    I gave her the Morokei mask with the Ebony Mail, and a Skyforge War Axe, improved to Legendary with fortify smithing apparel and potions and enchanted with fire damage (damage around 110 + 40 fire damage).

  • OrcCorp

    Thanks! You can make better weapons by yourself, but it requires high smithing and enchanting skill.

  • OrcCorp

    You find them in random loot, buy them randomly, or you make your own potions. Fortify Smithing potion requires: - Blisterwort - Glowing Mushroom - Sabre Cat Tooth - Spriggan Sap

  • OrcCorp

    Yea, from Tampere. Tieto löytyy kyllä mun kanavan "About" sivulta :)

  • OrcCorp

    Whats your two-handed rating? You have some perks for two-handed? Those will determine the amount of damage this weapon will deal.

  • OrcCorp

    I really dont remember the damage at that time, this video is 11 months old. Maybe around 120 per axe. My follower is Eola. For her, see my video Daedric Artifacts - Ring of Namira.

  • OrcCorp

    So...what you mean? What was the special "thing" about it at all? What was it you didnt understand about that situation? Is there something you do not understand about smithing and improving in the game? You simply didnt have high enough smithing skill or/and the required smithing perk to improve that sword to legendary (epic is worse than legendary). Thats all. What sword is it? Orcish? Elven? Steel? Ebony?

  • OrcCorp

    All in the original game. The first DLC, Dawnguard, will be publish 26th of this month for Xbox, and 26th of July for PC and Ps3.

  • OrcCorp

    Those were my secondary videos for a moment. I lost my inspirations for Skyrim, got completely tired of it few months ago. I didnt want to play it nor make videos of it, I wanted something else, something new. So I bought Dead Island, loved it and made few gameplay videos for it. However, those videos were not very popular. Just over a month ago I got Sniper Elite V2 and loved that as well. With that I decided to try live commentary gameplay for the first time, but I didnt like that after all :(

  • OrcCorp

    You know, Im 30 year-old, married man, and I work for a living (a real job). I also get extra money from Youtube nowadays, thanks to Machinima partnership. The price is 1700 in euros ($2150 USD). Altho I didnt pay for my new computer at all, since its a sponsor PC from the biggest computer store in Finland, Jimm's PC-Store. Just like sport and other professionals get sponsorship deals with some companies and have all the equipment for free, Jimm's PC-Store is sponsoring me with this computer.

  • OrcCorp

    Thank you for being with me for so long, meaning over 3 years now =) I love Minecraft, very much, but Skyrim is my main game and therefore thats my priority. And after Skyrim is done by me, there are new great games coming out, like Borderlands 2, which will then become my priority. Making Minecraft videos would require a lot of time, which I do not have much for secondary projects :(

  • OrcCorp

    Thanks for the support =) The truth is that I have time only for one video series at a time. If I make Dead Island videos, I dont have enough time to make other videos. Or I could of course do videos in turns, but then the gap between 2 Skyrim videos could be over a week. Anyway, Dead Island and Sniper Elite V2 were only secondary projects for me, while waiting for inspiration to continue Skyrim videos. Unfortunately I do not have enough time for multiple games at once :(

  • OrcCorp

    Because I dont have that perk. This is a light armor character. Daedric weapons are no more than 5-10% more powerful than Glass weapons, or 0-5% more powerful than Ebony weapons. Same with armor: Dragonscale armor is less than 5% worse than Daedric armor. In my opinion, its not worth the perks if you already have all the light smithing perks. I was able to improve these Ebone War Axe with immense boosting of Smithing skill, so they are very effective, even tho I dont have Ebony Smithing perk.

  • OrcCorp

    You mean the war axes I use? Ebony War Axes, improved to Legendary and then enchanted with fire damage.

  • OrcCorp

    Ebony War Axes with fire damage.

  • OrcCorp

    Hey! Arniel is not connected in any Daedric quests. I have videos for all Daedric Artifacts but one, Wabbajack (coming soon). Just click the video title in the player page "Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts" and it will take you to the complete list of all Daedric Artifacts (except Wabbajack).

  • OrcCorp

    Thats Eola, from "The Taste of Death" quest (my video Daedric Artifacts: Ring of Namira).

  • OrcCorp

    Ebony War Axes, with 33 points of frost damage to health and stamina, and 42 points of fire damage. Made them myself :)

  • OrcCorp

    Im not sure what you mean, but some weapons and armor, such as most Daedric items, can not be improved to Legendary without boosting you Smithing skill to 168 points. For example, you have smithing skill at 100. You put on some armor that will fortify your smithing by 40% (ring with 20% + necklace with 20% better smithing). Then you drink a potion that gives you +30% smithing. Now your smithing is at 170. 20+20+30=70, so 70% improve for 100 skill points = 170. Now you can improve to Legendary.

  • OrcCorp

    The level of your character wont matter. There is only one version of this weapon, its always the same.

  • OrcCorp

    Glad to hear you like it. Back to Skyrim? What do you mean by that?

  • OrcCorp

    Just loot and gather valuable items. I always start with items that has at least 1/10 ratio between weight and value, for example a helmet that weights 2, and has 20 or more value. An armor that weights 25 and has a value of less than 250, I wont take. Then sell all items you dont need. Later on you get the best money with rings, gems and necklaces. Pickpocket people (remember to save always before it) and get their rings/valuables. This will also raise your pickpocketing skill..

  • OrcCorp

    Thanks! Hope you liked the video as well :)

  • OrcCorp

    Thats the reason then. The higher the one-handed skill you have, the higher damage one-handed weapons will have.

  • OrcCorp

    Ebony War Axes, with fire damage. Made them myself.

  • OrcCorp

    Its very rare. Found in normal loot, or rarely available on some merchant after smithing level 80 or something like that :P

  • OrcCorp

    It happens everytime I record material. Every. Freaking. Time. :P

  • OrcCorp

    "Just trolling around here, trololol!!"

  • OrcCorp

    LoL!! Cut it out people..

  • OrcCorp

    I cant remember exactly, but I must be around level 50-60 in this video.

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