Skyrim: Daedric Artifacts - Volendrung ("The Cursed Tribe" quest)

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The Daedric artifact, Volendrung, and the related "The Cursed Tribe" quest, in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

- arrive at Largashbur
- kill the giant
- talk to Atub (she might come to talk to you as well)
- take part in the ritual
- meet Chief Yamarz at Fallowstone Cave
- travel through the cave and eliminate all threats, protecting Chief Yamarz
- kill the last giant, and then Chief Yamarz, or let Chief Yamarz try and fail, then kill the giant
- take the Shagrol's Warhammer from the giant and return to Largashbur
- talk with Atub, replace the Shagrol's Warhammer on the shrine and receive the Volendrung

- can be improved with Ebony ingot, LEGENDARY requires a Smithing skill boosted to 168 or more (apparel and potions) and the Arcane Blacksmith perk (is not affected by other Smithing perks)
- absorbs 50 points of Stamina per hit
- compared to a regular warhammer, has an attack rate of 1 per second (regular warhammer has a slower attack rate of 0.75 per second)
- has the same base damage with Ebony Warhammer (only Daedric Warhammer has few points more base damage)
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    I used to look for daedric artifacts like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Georg Gross

    Yamarz, the full stubborn, pathetic, useless blasphemer. I'll take the hammer.

  • TheLankieMidget

    "don't do that" (player is mid swing into beheading an imperial)

  • Brock

    I killed everyone in Largashbur after I got the Volendrung. >:)

  • DEADtoRISE08

    Good thing I let Yamarz fight the Giant and he killed him then I just cleaned up the mess

  • Darkwave

    What if I killed that whole clan for the orcish armor and didn't know it gave the daedric artifact....... ;(

  • Harlon McMarthy

    I died laughing when the dragon flew over at 1:12

  • Mr Pool

    i just love the voice of Malacath.threatening but powerful

  • thomas kok

    13:50 "Dont do that" LOL

  • Preston Garvey

    HELP!!! for some reason the gate to the stronghold is locked and there is no giant around, can someone help me please

  • Ziarem

    Must be a bug with the new game. Yamarz doesn't exist in my game, Atub won't tell me crap. Hell even the dog from Clavicus Vile got stuck on a staircase and hasn't moved for days.

  • Darkseas 14

    What if you wiped out the entire village...

  • Cosmack

    what are the weapons you were using 

  • Miral Kayed

    "Don't do that." Jesus christ, I can't stop laughing 😂😂

  • bakendorf _

    Best two handed weapon in the game, Bassicaly with the enchantment on it you become a stamina sponge, allowing you to power attack constantly.

  • Nomadic Rampage

    1:07Dragon: HI MOM,I'M ON YOUTUBE!

  • Weasel Spit

    smashes Imperial in the face "Don't do that!" 😂😂

  • Reid Macioge

    funny how the death lord was stronger than the dragon

  • Grant Kibel

    Sweet! Now I have this wepon and my follower has a giants club. We are so overpowered. If you guys want a giants club go to the giants camp near shearpoint and got to the ledge over looking the camp. Then ask your follower to pick it up and they will use it as a wepon. Make sure you use a two handed dude like vikas or stevendar. It does 106 damage. 

  • Ali pr3b

    by the ring ang neckle i incrased its damage to 170

  • The Black Cross

    i don't know why but i really like the voice of strong and powerful

  • Frink77

    Hey Orcidea, your vids have helped me alot!:) but just a question, i have just started a warrior and i don't want to grind Smithing, do u know any good armor i could get?

  • Blake Casey

    What if u killed them by accident

  • hollardude

    I couldn't find Atub... Anywhere... Do I have to start a new game?

  • Cory

    Great job! I like your videos and your characters armor.

  • Father Lawbringer

    for my game Atub doesn't mention the quest 😞

  • Zach Pflug

    What axes do you have and how to get them?

  • Nexe Smiley

    What if the contacts to the quest are dead

  • Oneru Matamu- Kafoa

    Dis is sick, make more please I've just started playing and where did you get those axes?

  • Pouncy G

    that overlord stonget than a dragon

  • ItsDeric

    Orcidea please help, I killed her early cause I had a tribal orc bounty and not enough to pay it off. How can I still get it :\

  • ayegenee

    U didn't even take the 640 gold on that giant -_-

  • rasta king

    I remember my first skyrim character had a thousand armour rating with dragonscale armour my daedric bow did 700 dam and 1000 with a special potion

  • Andrew Price

    what weaons are you carrying

  • FeyWinter Fox

    Lets see around 12;30, yet that is full blown dragon rape >.> yep, totally

  • Brutal Bob

    Ok so the character I tried to do this quest with is only lvl 5, I didn't realize that it was a lvl 9 I was thinking one of my mods was glitching the game. I decided to drop down into the camp by climbing up the mountan side. I got into the camp and saw that the orc who was going to become chef (after you kill the other one) was already chef... thing is I only have a few mods running in that profile(because something like this happened to me before with another character and I didn't want it to happen again!) Anyone else have this problem?

  • MertensCW

    I let him die a Hero's death and clearly he was a superb tactician if nothing else because he did say it would take a second.

  • Alias

    cuz its not like Volendrung was forged by the dwemer or anything... makes perfect sense for an Orc god to give it to you

  • Austin Jasper

    Uuuuh there's a dragon flying in circles around you...

  • Blue Jelly

    I was thinking that the hammer would be handy for taking a giant, but then I saw you pummel that dragon and thought "forget the giant, this thing could take down a tank!"

  • Tumbleflop

    13:13 wow, it kills skeletons in 1 hit like every other weapon in skyrim, thanks cause i didnt know

  • Dark Assassin

    the funny thing is that i did the quest and all the other stuff but i didn't watch the hammer change i just put it down and heard garzable or whatever the orcs name was, i heard him be named chief and left

  • Halston Heap

    When I hit people with it, the enchantment drops crazy. It only has like 15 hits.

  • CamzillaGaming

    If your low lvl then get the wabbajack first and use that

  • the luckless lime

    "don't do that" procedes to be beheaded

  • Teflon

    Best part of the whole vid is when he cuts off the guards head with a hammer...

  • Arturas Opulskis

    i killed everyone but cant kill yamarz i want VOLENDRUNG

  • Rune

    where is atub I can't find him

  • diouremy

    como é que fasso matei todos lá já eu naun sabia

  • Anthony Ray

    Atub is not there for me wtf

  • Volt Jolt

    Skeletons are just funny, you just use a firebolt on them then they asplode.

  • RM Vids

    What happens if you atub before the quest can you still get it

  • TheBrokenMadMan

    I get a heavy Dain Ironfoot vibe when I use that hammer

  • Jacob Parson

    lol so we have to talk to a tub

  • braydon welch

    orcidea u are very badass in the game but could u keep both warhammers or do u need to go to the tribune room thanks

  • Darth Vader

    i think i killed her ... but i still want that hammer / axe

  • California Dreamin' 99

    those orcs are all mad at me and I can't find Atub, they keep going on aqbout malacath, and how they don't want me there,what do I do?

  • Ahmad AlJayashi

    some are from dlc dude some are not

  • Otaknii Da Robloxian

    How would you get a smithing skill of 168? I know by using boost, but how could it be that much?

  • Michael favinger

    I placed the hammer on the shrine and nothing appeared but I did that quest long ago so now I can't get that hammer

  • Cyro 2604

    I don't really like two handed weapons though... But I took it for Oblivion Walker achievement :)

  • Monika

    I killed atub early in the game I didn't know she was the one that gives u the hammer can I still get it someway?I'm on ps3

  • RideTheLightning

    Stamina falls under destruction skill tree, I love this hammer but it eats away the enchantment charges like candy. So, I hope enchanting fortify destruction on my heavy armor will fix that issue.

  • Aj Rucci

    I killed all the people there already except the leader it wouldn't allow me but yeah oh well I only use one handed weapons

  • David Williams

    that dragon during when he talks to her in the beginning is all like "hey y'all"

  • EnragedFliqpy

    13:50 While you crushed his skull with a hammer he said "Don't do that."Lol.

  • Elio Serrano

    I got this hammer by accident now its just in display in my house because i don't like using hammers.

  • Varthillo Alleria

    The ending is so funny

  • thomas s

    Is that enchantment the same every time

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