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Hi again! Today, I show you my top 10 armor sets in Skyrim, an idea suggested by Shadowwolf TD5000, among many others. Sorry if I don't pick your comment, I tend to prioritize higher rated comments since I know people will tend to like them.

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  • Vrosh Abhisam

    lol there is no heavy armor in this vid

  • brian sheehan

    Every video I see people either play as a Khajiit or a Bosmer, even all my friends are either Khajiit or Bosmer, where my Nords at??

  • Sonofamother

    More like best light armor sets

  • Darth Vader

    Ancient shrouded... No... "Sigh"

  • John Queen

    Damn when I saw the thumbnail I thought to my self, "did I miss something in the theives guild quest?"

  • Simpson Coc


  • Sammy Claus

    Roses are redVioleta are blue I came for the thumbnailAnd so did you

  • Bastion

    how about the arch-mages robes with the morokei mask?no?only me?okay...casts invisibility and goes away

  • Tristan Scott

    what about the Ancient Shrouded armour which is twice as good enchantments than the DB normal armour

  • quangtran527

    Deathbrand is the 2nd Hokage's armor. lul

  • molebeard fumbleclunge

    Ciceros armour is awful as it has no armour rating.

  • Chad

    Cicero's Set Is Not Armor. Its Clothing.

  • IEA10

    do you spit when you talk

  • Ice pappy Lord Boi

    It increase my Fwost ressswistence

  • Last Dragonborn

    I also recommend the Ancient Shrouded Armour. Very powerful enchantments and also gives an armour bonus when wearing additional pieces of the set.

  • Celesté Uddin

    My favorite are the Ebony stuff.. all of them

  • Joshua Bailey

    You forgot about the ancient dark brotherhood armor you get from doing the side quest

  • bionicleone

    Why was there no heavy armors?

  • bristol heimann

    The ancient shrouded armor should have been included as it is better than the shrouded armor.

  • The Muffinprincesa

    What is the thumbnail armor?

  • James Murphy


  • TReigns99

    So all the armor is light, stealth armor.

  • Eileen Liew

    i always wear dark brotherhood armor but i dislike how it looks :T im more of an all black kind of assassin.

  • Brett Vavra

    Nothing is better than Daedric Armor, in my opinion.

  • Alex Barbella

    these were all just variations of thieves' guild and dark brotherhood.....

  • Lil Broomthicc

    I'm very new to Skyrim and just wanted to ask, what's the armor in the thumbnail? It looks badass and I really wanna know what it's called.

  • Caitlin Hearne

    Daedric?? Ebony???Dragon???

  • Piraja27th

    But Cicero's crap is not armor, just clothing. :(

  • Mark Stevenson

    hey that's pretty good

  • GMD Ulcatron

    My Number 1 Is Deathbrand

  • Erick Gault

    how are these the best armor it's all light armor

  • cee awesomeness

    i hope you didn't kill cicero?!

  • Santos Lamarche

    Wtf i wanted to know what armor the video pictures armor was. Very misleading

  • Oleum 78

    thixthty perthent better

  • Nick Zotixx

    all those armor sets are light armor lame

  • Dionisie Tarlev

    No 5 has no armor ratingIts just enchantments

  • Brandon Withnell

    death brand armor may be super powerful, but who cares when it makes you look like a giant blue idiot?, i rather have my self enchanted bad ass looking Daedric armor

  • Tyler Dahr

    I find your preference of only putting light armour on this list diturbing...Intriguing but highly disturbing

  • Blizzard Tigers's Gaming channel

    I like how No one Mentioned DEADRIC ARMOR on the comments...?? Deadric armor is way better than ebony.

  • Vierynbryn

    so it looks like you were sticking with unique, preenchanted sets here. Yes? personally i run dragonscale with my own set of enchants on a marksman assassin character

  • Literal Toast

    I just want to point out that these are the most powerful pre-enchanted armors. I have a set of just normal Stalhrim armor that I've enchanted so that my destruction spells cost 0 mana. I'm pretty sure that if that was a pre-enchanted armor set it would be #1 on this list... I mean you can just infinitely use any spell you want!Also, Deathbrand armor isn't really that great considering a few things: Storage makes carrying capacity rather useless, if you're a mage character then stamina is almost irrelevant, and the gloves do absolutely nothing if you like to use shields or two-handed weapons. Sure this armor is powerful if you have the exact right build, but nine times out of ten I find it to be sub-par. The extra armor rating is nice, but if that's the only real buff you get from it, then is it worth using?

  • jason smith

    A lot of those armors looked the same or very similiar. Only difference was the color scheme.

  • Val

    Cicero's Clothes aren't armor. Neither are shrouded robes... you're talking about armor sets but you don't include the best light armor "ancient falmer armor" and the best base heavy armor's "daedric and dragon" -_-

  • Connor Carpenter

    what is the armor in the thumbnail

  • Ethan truth

    not only is deathbrand armor awesome, in a hall during the quest you can find piles and piles of coins. i went in with 4,000 gold, came out with 16,000 gold

  • c1umsy

    My smithing is 100 but i can only make light dragonbone armour

  • Nick Hernandez

    Nah best armor is dragon armor, heavy or light, with high heavy or light armor skill. Your enchanting should be 100 with all perk skills in it. So, you can now add two enchantments on any armor piece. I suggest a 25% Destruction spell reduction you can only enchant this on a helmet and torso piece, if you want 100% then enchant a ring and necklace also. Then bingo it now cost no magica for destruction spells xD For the second enchantment just add whatever you like or also get a 25% reduction on illusion or restoration spells. Like so, you need to enchant another ring or necklace with the fortify illusion or restoration.

  • AlphAxiuss Akko

    What's the name of the armor on the thumbnail ?

  • Sloth

    best "light armor" sets

  • Gianni Brock

    I didn't get guild master but completed the quest line. Help?

  • Xeui

    Hey wutith up guyths it is thmike here


    you wer lisping words with out s's

  • Sean

    was this exclusive to light armor if not why don't you have ahzidal's armor set from DB dlc waterwalking, +10 enchanting, being hit by melee attacks may paralyze the attacker, wards absorb magica, and runes and conjurations cost more but can be casted at twice the distance

  • NikiLuca

    Hey what's with The Deadric armor?

  • Robert Tapalaga

    Nahh, i remain at my Daedric Armor set

  • Matthew Ivison

    anyone watching this in 2016

  • Mitchell Benson

    hwo is ancient shrouded armor not on this but ciceros armor is hahahahahahaha

  • Blood of Gaea

    The sad part, is you can completely crush any of these armours through custom enchanting.

  • Shinocraft

    This list is probably biased because it is literally ALL light armor.

  • godh8su h8himback

    I had a speech impediment. I concored it at age 7. what's your excuse?

  • Bailey Hinton

    What's the armour in the thumb nail

  • Deedubbs

    ebony mail is life. and I love how nightingale armor looks like kylo ren`s outfit

  • EMCEE Kaoz

    I still think the nightingale armor should be first

  • InsertNameHere.

    My character uses the Nightingale, gloves, boots, and armor, but uses the Shrouded Cowl, for extra bow damage, I play as a bow assassin, with the Nightingale Bow, but sometimes I use duel wield Ebony Blades, or destruction spells.

  • ThatRandomKid 21

    Which one is the one in the thumbnail?

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