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Hi again! Today, I show you my top 10 armor sets in Skyrim, an idea suggested by Shadowwolf TD5000, among many others. Sorry if I don't pick your comment, I tend to prioritize higher rated comments since I know people will tend to like them.

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  • Vrosh Abhisam

    lol there is no heavy armor in this vid

  • Sloth

    best "light armor" sets

  • Santos Lamarche

    Wtf i wanted to know what armor the video pictures armor was. Very misleading

  • brian sheehan

    Every video I see people either play as a Khajiit or a Bosmer, even all my friends are either Khajiit or Bosmer, where my Nords at??

  • Sonofamother

    More like best light armor sets

  • Burger King Foot lettuce

    It increase my Fwost ressswistence

  • Caitlin Hearne

    Daedric?? Ebony???Dragon???

  • Darth Vader

    Ancient shrouded... No... "Sigh"

  • Bastion

    how about the arch-mages robes with the morokei mask?no?only me?okay...casts invisibility and goes away

  • PopThatPump

    Damn when I saw the thumbnail I thought to my self, "did I miss something in the theives guild quest?"

  • Sammy Claus

    Roses are redVioleta are blue I came for the thumbnailAnd so did you

  • VoyagerXVI


  • Tyler Dahr

    I find your preference of only putting light armour on this list diturbing...Intriguing but highly disturbing

  • quangtran527

    Deathbrand is the 2nd Hokage's armor. lul

  • Tristan Scott

    what about the Ancient Shrouded armour which is twice as good enchantments than the DB normal armour

  • Chad

    Cicero's Set Is Not Armor. Its Clothing.

  • IEA10

    do you spit when you talk

  • molebeard fumbleclunge

    Ciceros armour is awful as it has no armour rating.

  • Israel Hughes

    can't wait for remastered edition

  • Cheesus Crust

    I also recommend the Ancient Shrouded Armour. Very powerful enchantments and also gives an armour bonus when wearing additional pieces of the set.

  • bionicleone

    Why was there no heavy armors?

  • Celesté Uddin

    My favorite are the Ebony stuff.. all of them

  • Joshua Bailey

    You forgot about the ancient dark brotherhood armor you get from doing the side quest

  • Matthew Ivison

    anyone watching this in 2016

  • bristol heimann

    The ancient shrouded armor should have been included as it is better than the shrouded armor.

  • Alex Barbella

    these were all just variations of thieves' guild and dark brotherhood.....

  • Silver Bokoblin

    What's the armor in the thumbnail?

  • Piraja27th

    But Cicero's crap is not armor, just clothing. :(

  • Eileen Liew

    i always wear dark brotherhood armor but i dislike how it looks :T im more of an all black kind of assassin.

  • Brett Vavra

    Nothing is better than Daedric Armor, in my opinion.

  • Mark Stevenson

    hey that's pretty good

  • Tangy Tang

    should of titled this video top 10 LIGHT ARMOR... - -

  • The Muffinprincesa

    What is the thumbnail armor?

  • James Murphy


  • TAV

    So all the armor is light, stealth armor.

  • Nick Zotixx

    all those armor sets are light armor lame

  • Gianni Brock

    I didn't get guild master but completed the quest line. Help?

  • World Eater

    Nightingale is probably the coolest armor in my opinion

  • SuchWow

    Finally, something Nightingale related isn't #1

  • Lil Broomthicc

    I'm very new to Skyrim and just wanted to ask, what's the armor in the thumbnail? It looks badass and I really wanna know what it's called.

  • Dionisie Tarlev

    No 5 has no armor ratingIts just enchantments

  • Literal Toast

    I just want to point out that these are the most powerful pre-enchanted armors. I have a set of just normal Stalhrim armor that I've enchanted so that my destruction spells cost 0 mana. I'm pretty sure that if that was a pre-enchanted armor set it would be #1 on this list... I mean you can just infinitely use any spell you want!Also, Deathbrand armor isn't really that great considering a few things: Storage makes carrying capacity rather useless, if you're a mage character then stamina is almost irrelevant, and the gloves do absolutely nothing if you like to use shields or two-handed weapons. Sure this armor is powerful if you have the exact right build, but nine times out of ten I find it to be sub-par. The extra armor rating is nice, but if that's the only real buff you get from it, then is it worth using?

  • Dranreb Benedicto

    Hey Where in the world is Daedric??? That was the most strongest armor in the game!!

  • Connor Carpenter

    what is the armor in the thumbnail

  • GMD Ulcatron

    My Number 1 Is Deathbrand

  • Erick Gault

    how are these the best armor it's all light armor

  • cee awesomeness

    i hope you didn't kill cicero?!

  • Oleum 78

    thixthty perthent better

  • Mayor Hancock

    The ebony mail is pretty sick.You can kill people just by standing by them.

  • Axar Herp Derp

    Has anyone tempered the deathbrand armor to legendary making you practically invincible?

  • Brandon Withnell

    death brand armor may be super powerful, but who cares when it makes you look like a giant blue idiot?, i rather have my self enchanted bad ass looking Daedric armor

  • Blizzard Tigers's Gaming channel

    I like how No one Mentioned DEADRIC ARMOR on the comments...?? Deadric armor is way better than ebony.

  • Vierynbryn

    so it looks like you were sticking with unique, preenchanted sets here. Yes? personally i run dragonscale with my own set of enchants on a marksman assassin character

  • jason smith

    A lot of those armors looked the same or very similiar. Only difference was the color scheme.

  • drdesiree5

    Interesting that there is no heavy armor sets on here.

  • Ethan truth

    not only is deathbrand armor awesome, in a hall during the quest you can find piles and piles of coins. i went in with 4,000 gold, came out with 16,000 gold

  • c1umsy

    My smithing is 100 but i can only make light dragonbone armour

  • Dale Damme

    This would probably have been better had it been diverse and not solely based on best armors for a Khajit Thief. What about power fighters or dedicated mage? Down voting for lack of overall view.

  • AlphAxiuss Akko

    What's the name of the armor on the thumbnail ?

  • Supreme 逆説

    th th th th s s s s. thth


    you wer lisping words with out s's

  • Sean

    was this exclusive to light armor if not why don't you have ahzidal's armor set from DB dlc waterwalking, +10 enchanting, being hit by melee attacks may paralyze the attacker, wards absorb magica, and runes and conjurations cost more but can be casted at twice the distance

  • NikiLuca

    Hey what's with The Deadric armor?

  • Robert Tapalaga

    Nahh, i remain at my Daedric Armor set

  • Mitchell Benson

    hwo is ancient shrouded armor not on this but ciceros armor is hahahahahahaha

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