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Hi again! Today, I show you my top 10 armor sets in Skyrim, an idea suggested by Shadowwolf TD5000, among many others. Sorry if I don't pick your comment, I tend to prioritize higher rated comments since I know people will tend to like them.

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  • Swagger Mcjagger


  • Tyreke Hetzel

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail, and so did you 👍🏻

  • Giant Dad

    I always missed his lispy voice

  • PizzaOwl

    ancient shrouded armour?

  • percy lmao

    Smike you have such a nice voice !

  • Mason Listiak

    Smike, maybe next time put light armor lol😂😂

  • TheBlueGamer

    Thes comsbisneds atstask damagesssssssss fsosrssss tshsissssss psiseces osfs asrosrs

  • Truborg666

    No heavy armor. I'm offended.

  • Matthew Last

    Best armor sets yes, light armor sets. The best armor in the game is obviously daedric. Also dragonbone and ebony

  • I offend everybody

    Can you just say Cicero over and over again

  • M.I.L.K

    Is #1 light or heavy armor?

  • Commander Wolf

    These armours are basically used for thieves and assassins

  • Abbie Clough

    Where do you find the nightingale armor Im realy curious

  • SAMwolf

    i wish the armor on the thumbnail was real 😭

  • B N

    Why is there a reskined night gale set for thumb nail?

  • merfy appercon

    I love his speech impediment he sounds so cute

  • TITANS Bane85

    whats the red and white armor in videos pic

  • sajid jabbar

    where is dragonscale or daederic

  • Andre Yap

    your like sylvester xD

  • the skeleton

    I join the darkbrother hood so I have that shrouded armor

  • GhostBoyJake

    eh at least i got the best one in the normal version

  • GamingDogeFire

    what about the chef's hat?No?Ok then... Poofs away

  • Sk8thunder

    most of the armor sets are worse then the dark brotherhood armor

  • Joe DiCocco

    deathbrand is my fav but op as hell lol

  • Elaquardia

    I Noticed all your armor is directed at light not heavy

  • ShortStop Animations

    Nightingale armor at 31 plus? Got mine at level 19. Not bragging just thought it was cool.

  • villiger melon


  • Bobby Kilby

    Why is daedric armor not on this list

  • Arthur Costa

    I also play skyrim am also a khajiit and also have a deathbrand armor

  • Fart sickle

    You can also get Ciceros clothing if you don't kill him

  • Vokun Raghot

    Best "thief armor" you can tell this guy is really one sided here. Misleading title and thumbnail.

  • Grey South

    I got nightingale at level twelve

  • Kole Hume

    most of the armor has good intentments but low armor rating


    soz phone getting fixed

  • Cooper Anderson

    Reply to this comment what level you are

  • Whiterun Guard

    You can get Cicero's clothes without killing Cicero. Its just called the jesters clothes

  • Connor Ross

    what armor is that on the video's picture before you click

  • NeonGaming2005

    The only reason I watched this video is cause I'm an assassin, I don't really need to watch this cause I have the cheat mod I can get any item I want😏

  • PepsRocks

    So 5 of those are variants of the thieves guild armor, Cicero's armor is not even armor, also, what about people who aren't playing sneaky characters ?

  • Sticky Da God

    I'm a nord my brother

  • T H

    50% complaining that it's all light armor 49% wanting to know the thumbnail armor 1% agree with the video listed armor

  • imane ben

    which one is the thumbnail?

  • First name Last name

    Ha ha ha I remember when I use to watch a fnaf vodeos

  • Citlalli Aceves

    Where's the ebony mail armor ?

  • Isabella Cortez

    I'm sorry but you sound like a snake and a turd mixed together.

  • Pablo Fabrizio

    The best light armour you can get is dragonscale armour with 2 enchantments on each item, and if you're a male khajiit there is a glitch where you can equip the ancient shrowded cowl while also wearing another head piece

  • Call Me V

    the slurring completely threw me off

  • Meža animācijas studija

    don't you want all the armours in real life?

  • Jake Tripp

    pretty much all of the dark brotherhood and thieves guilds armor + dragonbrand

  • [WYVERN]

    Anctient Shrouded Armor may not look as cool as nightingale armor, but it is better.

  • Grant Walter

    Can you disenchant deathbeand armor and enchat it to your own

  • GracefulOwl1996 :/

    Coulda just said everything associated with the thieves guild

  • Visinial

    Wait if I wait to be a higher lvl I can get better armor? Cause I'm lvl 15 on my thief playthrough and I have the Nightingale armor already

  • Honoured LeGaCy

    How the hell is your weight 2/3000? Mines only 500 😂😂

  • crambone t

    That's bs... The ebony in exquisite with the ebony mail has a much better rating.. And of course daidrek (s) Deathbrand doesn't have anything on them... I know.. I have them all


    Do you mead mods to get the armor

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