Riding the Skyrim Railway - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

All aboard with Kevin VanNord! Riding the ancient Skyrim railway can only be made better by wielding skeleton weapons at over two thousand new bandits, which Kevin is all about.

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Check out this week's mods:

Less Intrusive HUD II by Crashnburn

Medieval Furor from Oblivion V1.2 by Sam Suphit

Armory of Fear and Dark by lagrie

OBIS - Organized Bandits In Skyrim by Indigoblade

Blackreach Railroad by Trainwiz

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  • Samsung Shoebrain

    Lucy could be a road designer-LucyJamesLanesA tiger whisperer-LucyJamesTamesA moon scientist-LucyJamesWanesA lion whisperer-LucyJamesManesA khajit enthusiast-LucyJamesManesAn inhabitant of Denmark-LucyJamesDanesAn enemy of Batman-LucyJamesBanesA professional puncher-LucyJamesPainsAn MLG Faze Clan 420 noscoper-LucyJamesAimsA walking stick designer-LucyJamesCanesA weather forecaster-LucyJamesRainsA Goku-LucyJamesSaiyansA blood researcher-LucyJamesVeinsA gold digger-LucyJamesVainsA weather forecaster-LucyJamesVanesA One Direction fan-LucyJamesZayns

  • Row Boat

    My goodness I am the 8th comment and 28th like and 239 watcher!!! AND NOBODY CARES!!!! :D

  • Yasar Hartmann

    Am I the only one who bought Skyrim for PS3, XB360 and PC? I loved this game so much that i could not refuse to not support Bethesda for making such amazing games.

  • Garrus Vakarian

    The clipping in this game drives me crazy.

  • Eirikur

    Oversized swords ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • K2Live

    I'm so disappointed in myself as a gamer for never playing skyrim

  • Ragna Rock

    what ENB are you using? looks good

  • Xavier McQueen

    Suggestions for lucy james? You guys are making Lucy James Names

  • kokichi ouma

    mod 3 somone is...edgy or emo

  • Zaxarias Zlatkos

    i liked the organized bandits in skyrim  armory of fear and the melee blades that are epic also i have to say is what other mods are gonna follow and i liked very much the great quest mods in the game

  • drover9

    it IS dwee-mer tho... most people just call them the dweh-mer because they just don't care but it  actually is dwee-mer

  • Peter Winegarden

    "Come on lets fight!" Kills it.

  • Erik Zuk

    Guys if you would list the mods that u used for each episode it would be very much appreciated. Your game just looks better and better from each episode and it bugs me out that i cant make mine look the same! 

  • MrMartGonzo

    I've been using Less intrusive hud for a while and I think it's brilliant.the only problem is that there's an option to load presets but no means of saving them :/(I checked the nexus thread, apparently there really is no way of saving out a preset)

  • Gladius Erlade

    11:43Sans? Is that you?

  • Mitch Porter

    when ever I have a bad day I just watch their videos and I feel better

  • aylacas mogur

    is there a mod for wearable demon horns?

  • Revan

    Is there a version of the railroad without the annoying conductor?

  • Rorizle S

    Can someone please tell me what graphical mod and water mod they are using?

  • Tamrielic_Wastelander

    I like how the Dwemer train driver was like "Hey, maybe we'll run into a giant centurion,hah! I'm serious about that, we might die."

  • Eli Ruffin

    What enb or graphics mod are they using? The colors are sooo vibrant, I want to get it.

  • Travis Hamel

    When they said baby dragon, am I the only one who thought of Joey wheeler?

  • thegerbilplays

    i have a 18000 bounty in white run and dawn star

  • Niall Plummer

    what sword are they using here

  • Lord Arthnes

    STARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • hamster pants Weird People

    ER well Lothar is atchaly called a claymore

  • Bluefire

    Gamespot.. Why you know keep meeko😿

  • DragsZombies

    Does anyone know what sword that is? :) I like it.

  • Zog I of Albania

    Kevin is a lower level than my own warrior...NONE CAN STOP THE MIGHTY SUE! NOT EVEN KEVIN!

  • Dylz0

    An escort service. LucyJamesDames

  • Paw Zyl

    this 2 guys are annoying , i must always turn voice dow to watch clip

  • carcillian

    I suppose as great as these mods are giving further life to a game that is essentially over and all the hoopla with steam in the past few weeks when is Bethesda going to wake up from their nap? Zzzzz huh oh..I guess we should make another game. The next-gen systems are so barren of anything they're essentially still not worth buying.

  • Jonathan Buckley

    Which enb are they using?

  • Matty Brumby

    In-case u didn't know, the indenting in the sword's blade is there so that the blade is easier to take out of someone's chest as it allows for air space. science!

  • Ace IsTheShit

    Is this Ice blade of the monarch from morrowind ?

  • Aleksej Veliki

    How can I make my skyrim that good looking?

  • Matthew Hagerty

    Somebody should make a Halo quest line

  • Nikolay Kavaldzhiev

    What's the mod for the sword in the first mod?

  • Adam Banerji

    Correct me if I'm wrong but as I remember it, Barbas was part of Clavicus Vile which had been put into a dog - Lod's pet dog. Who Lod lost.

  • Cosmic Procrastination Dolphin

    Kevin is my bae. - 2013

  • vityanikiforova


  • Pigeonmaster 4000

    After spending too much time with Kevin, Lucy starts LucyJamesMaims as her new calling to violence is realized

  • derya2099

    Green flames?Blaze it?More like DANKforge xdddddd

  • mram3610

    Is there a mod that has real medieval armor? Like how they had cloaks...long cloaks not these half cloaks lol with trimmed fur you know like things they really used to wear?

  • Patriot News Network

    The Havok Staff is a reference and replica of the staff wielded by Skeletor from Masters of the Universe.

  • Isaiah Gentry

    hey im a noob at modding and am very interested! im just curious as to what they use to make Kevin the most OP gangster in skyrim ever!! and what program and the sorts. any new info helps!

  • BethesdaBoy 101

    I just got to say this but I think Lucy is really good looking.

  • Narain Chepuru

    Could you guys just have a list of all your visual mods (trees, grass, etc) that you update periodically. It would be a big help to a lot of people including myself I think.

  • Splash

    It was a lovley skyrim day I was walking doing my regular stuff going on advertures I passed a troll on my way the troll said hi and I was counfised why as I asked him how can you talk he said it wasent real as well because it was all just a dream I woke up the next day being sad because I know I havent got skyrim yet it this a true story?Well it depends is life real or not?

  • Drizzt Do'Urden

    It's finally here! Kevin VanNord's Carved Nordic Armour. Just found it on Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64560/

  • Enthro Mc

    the really big swords are actually used while riding horses if you were curious.  

  • Eric Clipson

    you should totally do revenge of the golden chicken! the chicken has a change in appearance and attacks. Much more suitable companion for Kevin VanNord.

  • UniqueUserName

    Your show is one of my favourite things on the internet. I always look forward to each week. Plz don't stop teh vids

  • chris hatter

    Lucy's human torch impersonation business - LucyJamesInflames

  • davo mo

    Fall out is the best -prepare for a use. JKJK skyrim is love skyrimIs life

  • Dizzyfatpigeon

    The reason the swords look so massive is because that's not how they are supposed to be held. There's a good alternate 2h idle animation on the nexus that demonstrates how it should look.

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