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  • Clayton Vaughn

    Jeannie: i deleted all your skyrim and fallout filesHenry: WHAT!!!!Jeannie: just kidding im cheating on you im sorry....Henry: IS MY SKYRIM AND FALLOUT SAFE!!!!!!Jeannie: are you mad at me?Henry: no. Henry: is my fallout and skyrim safe thoughJeannie: yeahHenry: ok still love you

  • Hideyuki Saito

    I've never lost a relationship for messages, I've never had any ;-;

  • kikuhoshi

    00:30 - excuse u Jeannie, Henry is a strong Asian woman who don't need no man.Except your dad.

  • Huskyz

    9:25..smooth Henry, mother feking smooth ;)

  • Jognt

    What would you have to send your GF to get her to break up with you?Here's a simple one: "I slept with my ex.". Or, if you really want to make it weird: "I slept with your ex.".

  • Nic Boles

    Calls her boyfriend pino because she only wants him for his mushroom tip

  • Glisero

    Hah! I could never send a text that ruins my relationship!...Because nobody wants me anyway. fml

  • Picaso Black

    ... Jeannie can make her voice deeper than Henry's...My life is a lie...Also...Where did this boner come from...?

  • Andrew Taylor

    "I didn't realise you could go that deep" - MxR to Jeannie 2017

  • Manel Grgic

    The french accent dialogue was some gud shiiieeeeet :D

  • The Dragon's Cave

    ...did anyone else find the french segment in this adorable?...or whatever the hell they were speaking XD

  • Lupus Draco Aquila

    Oh, oooh, I get it. Henry wants to eat that potato. ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  • Max Abbe

    Henry should propose already so that he can have Jeannie as "Potato Wifey" as her contact. Jeans will be much pleased.

  • ThatsBVNK

    New to facebook I made a group chat with all my ex's thinking I'll be the only one to see this group 👀, but nope. They all messaged each other and started roasting me.. oh and I was in a fresh relationship at the time.. you can guess what happened to that

  • Bag on head 2


  • justach3

    2:52 wait, was that a marriage proposal? Attempt failed...

  • milestehmad117

    So is Jennie actually bisexual or.....

  • Da Devol

    6:27 to 6:30We as guys, live for that single moment in life when we can prove our girls are wrong, even though they are right 99% of the time

  • Mike Algiers

    >POTASTIC Panda>Gets mad about “My Potato”But it makes sense. Don’t get mad. Get glad.

  • Provided Jet

    Was anyone else not expecting Jeanie's voice to go that deep at 2:25😓😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • QuizMaster Hanzo

    I honestly never give nicknames to people on my contact list, is that weird?

  • Peanut Butler

    9:19 Jeannie's world is crumbling real slow as henry say those lines. That reaction lol

  • Kelsenpai

    I'm pretty sure there are a few girls that hot that would steal Jeannie that watch these vids. Watch yourself Henry, she has options. And they're tempting.

  • Martin Verrisin

    I didn't think real love existed until I found this couple. :D- Thank god I like lewd skyrim mods. XD

  • NotSoBadIndustries

    Bro it isn't will power it's just knowing what's better for you. After 6 months of being used for sex by a chick with a pretty bangin bod, but I realized I was better without her. All about knowing whats better MxR all about knowing. 😸😸😸😸


    Melanie:....Henry: I didn't know you can go that deep...

  • Gellert Grindelwald

    Blink182 is a metal/hard rock band


    is it me or does he sound abit like Pewdiepie?

  • Daniel Henry

    Jeannie send Henry some Christmas nudes, tis the season of giving after all ;)

  • Simon Belmont

    Also at 2:37, Jeannie's mouth DOESN'T MOVE! Yo girl, you training to be a ventriloquist?

  • TheAnon26

    ... can we have a video of Jeannie just making weird voices at the camera for like half an hour for christmas?


    Cutest couple ever...DONT BREAK UP

  • Redtor Maximo

    I WANNA SEE JEANNIE ON ALICE (or vice-versa) ACTION!!!!

  • Tødd Nïchols

    I'm proud to be a Potato 🍷🍮🔪 :D

  • germanic lad

    Anyone else confused why they suddenly began doing horrible french accents?PS: You guys are awesome

  • King Q

    I had let my now ex of maybe 2 years wear a $150 jacket (gift from my mother) of mine because she was cold, and I forgot it at her house. Next day she broke up with me over text lolPost breakup to the one mutual friend I could get a hold of her through"I honestly hope he isn't expecting to get his jacket back. He left it here, why should I bring it to work with me for him? What a shit for brains"Did I mention I got her the job she worked with me at?Needed to say, I replied extremely harshly to that. Got my jacket the next day, and she gave her two weeks the day after that. Dumb cunt

  • Patrick Best

    Jennie is a bi. She said she would take that one girl if no one else would.

  • Tatsusama

    Pause it at exactly 0:29 and tell me this doesn't sum up their whole relationship...

  • Angus Watson

    Guys, Blink 182 was a popular band 😞✋

  • ElectricEric

    It is amazing that she gets more excited about the female pictures than MxR does

  • Tracy S

    omg..you guys don't know Blink 182..I'm sobbing, am I that old...

  • Freakzontour

    For you to find out, you'd need to check your girlfriends phone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Kinseloku

    Me Texting to my Grandma > Yes I will visit you and I still love you but I need to take care of something.My Ex (Now) Reading my text > What ???? is he cheating on me !!!! Oh hell noo Ill Take care of him first.My Ex-screaming at me > You wanted to take care of me for another chick ??? Well, I'm breaking up with u !!I be like > That was my grandma and it's her birthday so I wanted to come visit but I was taking care of the presents.My Ex >... IM SORRY SWEETY!!!!.

  • Máté Levenete Szabó

    I taxted her that I love you


    She is a gemKeep her man

  • Booty GAwD

    Boobs and then underboob... amazing

  • Booty GAwD

    “Jeanie .... I have herpaghonnasyphillaids” She left

  • Krolshi

    4:18-4:36 #RelationshipGoals

  • joakim stark

    in my phone my wife is "Dragon"

  • League of Moments

    So I went like:" hey, we've been hanging out for a while and I think we could do a bit better. Wanna be with me?" (In greek I could explain better)And she went like :"tf, I didn't even know you were serious when you sended me hearts n stuff"So yeah apparently when you play bad boy and cute boy means you're her friend. B4 I could respond she went like "forget everything u said, k?"

  • Waheed Thomas

    She said she hated memes

  • Ron Yuma

    Where the heck is Metro gameplay?

  • Sprite Cranberry man

    Wow this is their relationship in a nutshellDo you ever just be in a relation ship toFLEX ON VIRGINS

  • BookCade NB

    These 2 are great together!

  • Alex Smallex

    Blink182 was my favorite middleschopl band

  • Rellikx

    Dude, you need to stop roasting Jeans, this is getting out of hand. I have total faith that she could land a chick like Alice.

  • _칠불

    Hey Henry and Jeannie Merry Christmas~~ Also can you PLEASE tell us Jeannie's parent's reaction to Henry's obsession with Jeannie's father?

  • John Pinter

    0:26 the way to a woman's heart it's through her father's approval ftw!!! Lol!!!😂😂😂

  • Citizen Cain

    "I didn't know you could go that deep." - MxR 2017

  • Kathulu

    GOD DAMN SOCIAL ANXIETY I can't even speak with the grill I like

  • Flixey

    Best YouTube couple. No question

  • Kevan Morris

    Jeannie: "who is Blink182?" Me: facepalm "ow"

  • Dan Hinchliffe

    The joke about bladder problems made me pee myself laughing...Wait...

  • Kevin Corkum

    And that night Henry got underboob shots from Jeannie and all was well. The end.


    «That’s when he knew he fWucked up!» 2:16

  • Naotomi

    thanks for making me feel old. Really don't know blink 182 ?

  • Vladimir Lenin

    Me: NewVideo: HILARIOUSPersonality of the content providers: AwesomeMe now: Proud subscriber

  • Harmless Critter

    can't lose what you never had (insert picture of RS)

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