Top 5 Weapon Mods - Skyrim: Special Edition Mods (PC/Xbox One)

Today Is show you guys what are in my eyes some of the best weapon mods currently available for Skyrim: Special Edition on PC and Xbox One. This week I am showing you some of the best mods for consoles released in the near.

The Mods:

Kyne's Breath:
PC -
Xbox One -

LOTR Weapons:
PC -
Xbox One -

Expanded Skyrim Weaponry:
PC -
Xbox One -

Ghosus - Weapon Pack:
PC -
Xbox One -

Unique Uniques:
PC -
Xbox One -

Weapons of the Third Era:
PC -
Xbox One -
  • The True Harkon

    "Morrowond"- Juicehead 2016

  • C Kaduck

    you aren't a fan of LOTR?I don't know if I can forgive you....

  • Yrume Fernandinan

    If I had a dollar for every time you said "high quality"

  • Joe Haselwood

    How in Middle-Earth do you not like LOTR?

  • Norwegian Viking

    The reason why they added ten weapons is because, first, to add most if not all of the lotr main weapons. Second because not everybody uses a greatsword, or a dagger so variety is good in different characters. Third, people normally don't just have one character in skyrim. Just saying.

  • konig8181

    go watch LOTR before we all murder you

  • KryptonicMatter

    Hi papa juice, plz pin this comment and u will get a lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jakonui

    What you said about the LOTR weapon pack mod, that it's not as great because you wouldn't use all the weapons at all times. The same could be said for any other weapon pack + juicehead

  • Balder Knight

    what's the mod that gives those bandits all that armor

  • Evolved Tactics

    Your channel has helped me get into skyrim modding more. Thank you for your tips. :)

  • McGriggles 603

    Should have included Mehrune's Razor Reborn! Awesome weapon mod, greatsword just got a sheath too in the update.

  • Jason Coker

    fuuuug now I have to move mods around my Xbox to put in weapons of the third Era.I love things being added to the leveled list for a more diverse Skyrim... here's hoping we hey immersion armors ok the leveled lost for the xbone

  • Mark lewis

    Hey juice head have you heard or can you find out if the mod the wildlife overhaul is coming to Xbox one ? Thanks

  • Christopher M

    how come you always teleport and back stab them?

  • JarHead

    coffee, nah black tea is better about the same amount of sugar but comes in a wider varareity and has a better taste

  • Connor

    About 5 new sword mods came out for XB1. Really cool ones too.

  • mrbbell

    Aaaaaaaaand I'm out. Seems like all you want to cover are weapon mods. Your videos are always usually all weapons or 3 of the 6 are weapons. Gets old man. Just not for me. Good luck with youtube.

  • 8bitfrenzy

    Expanded weaponry is really shitty

  • Socialist Revolutionary

    I've never watched/read Game of Thrones, LOTR, or an Anime

  • MrBoriqua2000

    Can you use all of these mods at the same time or will they conflict with each other?

  • anjairis

    you blabber rly fast and edit it all together in a mush so my ears r tired and out of here now, nice try tho bai

  • Mason Rawding

    Is immersive armours on xbox one yet

  • Henry Allen

    What is that chain mail armor and is it for the Xbox

  • V1cT

    Have you done a video on Immersive Sounds - Compendium? Its an amazing sound overhaul that makes the game sound several times more realistic.

  • Vasquiem

    is there any big two handed sword mod?

  • Angus McDonald

    I want to know if immersive armours is on Xbox one

  • rinevu blood-fang

    Wish there was one piece mod

  • Mirko bla2bab7u

    what armor mod is on your character

  • Foster S.

    I NEED GURTHANG!!!! only a true lotr fan would understand

  • Ian Rodgers

    The road goes ever on, and on. Down from the door where it began...

  • Archhole io

    Nice content! I love seeing some genuinely cool mods that have been really fun to play around with. And it's nice to see more than just slutty armours. Keep up the great work!!!:)

  • Ok rape you next week

    Does expanded skyrim weaponry work with better shaped weapons?

  • Preston Garvy

    what armor MOD is he using? that armor is lit

  • Preston Garvy

    I am Anna see some good arena mods, like if you agree

  • RedNecGamer

    Coffee, I love it, oh and good video

  • The dark argonian lord

    what is the armor mod is he using?

  • Sir Hatty Hattington

    0:50 What is the mod that u equip a 2H and and backup blade?

  • Ryu primeus

    The X Box one well get all the mods that the PC version has right or no what do you all think:).

  • Molt Disciple

    Has anyone noticed that the Kyne's Breath or "Wrath" mod for X1 has vanished?

  • Jack Bees

    A different "Nish" ahahahaha

  • Blisyer Red

    Is that Guts armor? Where can I find it? and is there his as well?

  • Nova

    His point on why the lotr mod was low down in the list is so stupid lol


    immersive armor weapon snd jaysus sword + apocalypse best mod :-).

  • Allzure

    Keep up the good work juice

  • Jacob Fisher

    What is the mod that means he has other weapons showing when he isn't actually using them?

  • theczarofguitar

    What armor mods are you using in this video?

  • Sean GS

    coffee!!!! get better soon juice!

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