Skyrim – The Ultimate Guide to the BEST Black Book Powers & Effects


In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we go through all 7 Black Books from the Dragonborn DLC. These relics of Hermaeus Mora are powerful tomes of forbidden knowledge, granting the user immense power… if they don’t go insane. In this video we explain the powers and effects offered from each book, and help you to choose the option which best suits your character.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Marta Tarasiuk

    I cannot force myself to sell anything to dremora merchant. I keep storing everything, even kitchen equipment and buckets. I think I may have a bit of a hording problem.

  • jhs2110

    I think they prefer to be called African American books

  • Dakota Davidson

    This is all wrong. Everybody knows the Atronach Stone is the best black book perk.

  • Adam Thompson

    Awesome video do you have any starter/beginner guides for a first play through of Morrowind. I’ve had it for awhile and decided to play through it. I searched YouTube but was hoping my favourites knew where to begin :). I have a dark elf character at the moment and only at the start area and so overwhelmed (more than Skyrim) Lol:) thank you so much again.

  • TheNN

    " might be a virtual hoarder"Stop judging me! I can quit any time I want. So what if I have all this raw food sitting on the floor, or a pile of ingots on my bed, or all these dragon bones and scales I'll TOTALLY make into armor one day...probably. Let alone the containers of infinite carry weight all over the house that's filled with every bit of junk I stole from all the houses in town, and every OTHER town and city in Skyrim.

  • OG Haze

    All black books are great tbh but my favourite is the one that enhances unrelenting force

  • Eliran Tuil

    "Ravaged by tentacles..."

  • ItsIxel

    This would've been helpful 6 years ago.

  • War Project Gaming

    I clicked on the video 1.5 seconds before I got the notificationI am more powerful than any Jedi before me

  • Greenwood4727

    whenever i have a companion, they always seem to be suicidal. they always jump into the battle usually in front of my arrows or spells..

  • HyperWatch

    10:22 I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going!

  • TheArklyte

    Feels like Dremora Butler wasn't supposed to be limited in terms of carry weight.

  • DemonicAngel

    I know I'm late to the party, but I actually really dislike having companions following me. They just get in the way and always screw me over.

  • zed aye

    the unlimited magic has a glitch that can give you 100 in alteration in 5 seconds, quite literallyusing telekinesis and fast travel(there's a video on YouTube about it)

  • Keiko

    It's amazing how you keeo doing skyrim videos. This game never dies

  • William Graham

    companions insight is great for mages because if you use ice storm, fireball, chain lightning and others easily hurt your followers

  • Chompy Said

    Dremora butler. 2,000g isn't a lot, you also don't talk about how long it takes the store to reset and the fact it's not effected by the master trader/investor perks. May not be effected by the gender based discount perk, and book power you mention earlier either.


    Infinite daedric arrows from the dremora merchant. Best damn thing. He's always got at least 7 or 8 arrows on him and he restocks every other day so you can get as many arrows as you need.

  • ////////// //////////

    V-virtual h-h-hoarder? What are you talking about?

  • M Squared

    Black Market is not a fence so it is not all that great. You are forced to get a fence perk to make it worth your time.

  • Christopher Murphree

    why you they gotta be black books man, just say books man. that like totally unprogressive man

  • The Person Above Hella Gay

    Virtual hoarder? I don't know what you're talking about.//proceeds to put 50 dragon scales and bones into a single chest//

  • MrDecuss

    That jail breaking trick sounds awesome, especially if you have a mod that lets you break locks with your weapon, just suit up and surprise everyone by breaking out wearing your heavy backup gear and slaughter everyone.

  • Fallout Nerd

    Dank memes are made of reees who am I to disagree

  • Vish Wah

    The Dragonborn dlc was great, but its a clear way for bethesda to remove the dragonborn from continuity

  • Butthole Licker

    Companion’s Insight is useless. Just use Serana as a companion.

  • Alex Tandos

    you may not know this but you can use the black book power secret of the arcane found in kolbjorn barrow to remove spell cost for a limited time to level up quickly and infinitely, if you start casting spells with a spray effect e.g flames, sparks, frostbite, even after the power wears off along as you haven't stopped casting the spell remains active at no magicka cost if you do this with telekinesis just holding any item you will level up alteration incredibly fast and once you get to level 100 you can if you have the legendary edition reset alteration to level 15edit: i just checked the wiki and this is what it says "Once this power is activated, it is possible to cast any "streaming effect" spell, such as Healing or Wall of Storms, infinitely by activating such a spell and never releasing it. This enables said spells to be cast with no magicka for longer than the power's described "30 seconds." This is very useful for leveling up magic skills. An easy way to do Alteration is put a book on a bookshelf and activate Secret of Arcana, next use telekinesis on the book and do not let go, this will result in a never ending telekinesis spell that will quickly rank you up"

  • The Poet Of Fall

    Oh I am soooooooo using the butler the next time I do the "Cidna Mine" quest....

  • Jimboola

    This would be so much more useful if you actually showed the dungeon where you find the books...

  • The Third Crusader

    15:02 Call the chiropractor

  • Chance Iddles

    The compainion insight skill won't help me at all my compainion is always Serena

  • John Shepard

    I use the butler to carry dragon bones and scales

  • games and glory

    There is a use for the butler what about to carry crafting materials or items you need to disenchant.

  • Oto Kage

    How bout' that Glass-Warrior remaster 😏

  • AlphaCode Black

    You only need 1 stamina to power attack?! Someone please confirm

  • AJ Alonzo

    15:18 companions insight because no follower understands the importance of staying hidden while picking enemies off at a distance and will instead rush after i loose the first arrow. They run in and get into the line of fire and sometimes they incidentally get in the way while they're in the middle of s power attack.

  • Jere Varonen

    I'd like to see a Fallout 4 build inspired by Master chief

  • Fumbleweed Dumblecock

    But what if I am playing as Apache?

  • sylveon 69

    lovers insight is best because you can hit woman harder

  • Piggy Zilla

    I never found the black book in Waking Dreams

  • Haven Witchworks

    I'm the virtual hoarder I have almost every book the entire game Or that's the goal. The Butler is so great and he's he's so sassy it's adorable and I have like two people carrying my things and it's a thousand lb in loot so I don't have to go home.

  • Claude Alpha

    The problem with the merchant is that while 2000 gold sounds like a lot, for my level 75+ character that was always obtaining super expensive gear and has about 50% price reduction with enchantments, I would end up selling 2 or 3 ebony weapons for all his money and I would still be over encumbered. With the butler however having an extra 200 carry weight means you can do an extra quest or two before having to go and sell everything.

  • Damn You're Good

    There is one single usage that I will say the butler is the best of the three: Dwemer ruins.Everything in there that you can bring out is so damn heavy that an extra 248 carrying capacity is crazy good. You don't have to go back over and over again to get it all; maybe once or twice, and you're good. That's easily about a hundred or so extra ingots that can improve smithing quite a ways, not to mention the selling factor of what you create. (Which is arrows, most of the time, but bows the rest) It allows you to power level one of the best power leveling skills (in my opinion) and gets you the option of selling huge amounts of stuff to so many merchants, then buying more to smith more etc.There you go. The one single application that the Dremora Butler has that isn't for a niche build or something. Every single play through of this game I was using smithing. Even if I didn't use what I made, I sold it, or just took the stats.

  • David Fisher

    Because the game devs were stupid and didn't give creatues different sexes. Thus the only non-bandit enemy you come across that is female is a hag. Everything else in the game is classified as a male. Wolves, Spiders, Dragons, Bears, Saber Cats, Trolls, and even those hidden bosses...

  • Apollo Serenus

    Very nice breakdown. Now to go find Untold Legends!But first, I think I would have broken Untold Legends into two separate books. One book would summon the following:Dramora MerchantDramora Smith that sells supplies and brings an entire smithing workshop (Smelter, Anvil, Workbench, and Grindstone)Dramora Mage that sells supplies and brings an Enchanting Table and Alchemic LabThe other would summon the following:Bardic Drum, 300 second 150% stamina regen boostBardic Lute, 300 second 150% health regen boostBardic Flute, 300 second 150% magica regen boost

  • Kromunos

    Yes.... let the tentacles ravages my enemies~! >:3

  • Lawrence Gillespie

    After watching this, I used the Dremora Butler to break out of jail and get the Jailbreaker achievement. Thanks for the tip.

  • GuillotineLaw1

    For the Butler in Cidhna Mine it's hard to justify in RP, it' useful but it's kind of a non first time playing, know what's coming next move. You know you are going to be arrested. Your character on the other hand. They expect to return to Eltrys. kind of they don't know whts going to happen so why give their get to the butler? A way arround it I guess could be to have him always carry a set of armour and a weapon. If you are making it yourself can be as good as your usual.. So your character is planning to always have access to a backup set of equipment. Also would help if you are disarmed ad can't find the weapon you were using. I hate when that happens lol.

  • Xtreme Cringe

    It's easy to find black books.Go to the colored section of the library

  • AtomicArtumas

    I've gotta say this: half of these powers become completely useless if you're fine with using exploits. Companions can carry limitless stuff, making the butler useless.Enchanting loop can give you permanent free casting across the board. Item property exploits (like the whole soup thing) end up making a few more of these totally useless....Also the 30 second stun one is completely pointless if you have free casting from enchanting, as literally any build would be able to just toss out normal CC spells.I've also gotta say: the 10% boost to stealth skills is objectively the best, as all utility skills are used regardless, and they're ALL stealth for whatever reason. Though the enchanting one is probably the strongest if you aren't exploiting the infinite loop. ...I find it kind of sad yet funny that the arguably most useful are the perk resets and the shout buffs. Like all the other book powers just... really don't do all that much, tbh. The 10% passive is the only other one that even seems entirely worth getting. Particularly if you're playing on console and/or not using mods that allow shout/power multimapping, where those 30 second minor utility powers just aren't even worth switching over to use them.

  • Mr. Ultimate Avenger

    10:19 makes me think of Venom from Marvel

  • Drackoth

    moras grasp helps as a mage if you need to replenish magica and prepare some thralls for a difficult fight. nothing sais die mage than that one pesky archer ( im talking a 0 armor mage ) where hp and stamina are infinite and magic is rarely a problem but not watching that archer will end you. the powers are verry situational i never use force fire or ice shouts but slow time and ethereal most often ( they help on legendary difficulty with no armor and almost 2x damage from fire curse that ring making vamps op for mages )Edit: oh and 0 magic cost lets you power level restoration destruction and alteration to 100 easy ( healing hands/any concentration spell like flames and telekinesis as they will stay 0 cost as long as you channel them )

  • no

    11:13 funny how his body is in stasis, but his hair and beard are not

  • Patrick Star

    18:14 you might be a virtual horder.Yes, indeed, the stuff i find in tombs are usually of so little value i don't care. I do however have a lot of valuables which i like to keep as when i am crafting stuff 9/10 times i would need to buy the stuff and do effort finding that again, so better to just have a nicely organised storage system where every relatable item is in a seperate container, i get my money from selling potions anyway as 1 potion clears out an npc's pocket with the extra 1500 cash capacity. Also, as i am usually just playing dungeon after dungeon it is rather annoying to all of a sudden halfway run out of carry capacity, so the servant is the best for me.

  • Trynackle

    I made hundreds of potions and poisons, and use my servant to carry them to my next target. I don't worry so much about loot, and never need to worry about running out of potions or poisons.

  • Lawrence Gillespie

    The Sallow Regent is the best book for crafting specialists. The 10% bonus stacks as you make stronger potions, better Fortify Alchemy gear, and better Fortify Smithing gear and potions. Just make sure you switch the bonus - Seeker of Might, Sorcery or Shadow, to the appropriate bonus for the crafting skill you're currently using while in Solstheim.

  • Mike, from Texas

    You mean "Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Witcher channel.", right?

  • Allan Read

    isnt that save a lvl till needed to save you from death skyrim safety law 1

  • Ark the Bonsai

    I'd get Bardic knowledge to add to the battle band. Now not only will I have a bear playing a lute(most useless/amazing mod ever) I'll have a background beat


    I love the Dremore Merchant because I can just buy daedric arrows from him :P Also the armor and weapons are very useful for getting enchantments and buying unenchanted gear, when I want to increase the enchantments on my armor. It also helps in training your speech if you got money to spend.

  • Simon L

    Anyone who has a tip of what to do in Skyrim when you've played through the whole game? It's such a beautiful and fantastic game, but I don't know what to do anymore. There's like nothing more for me to be discovered, I've just played through it all. Kinda sad that a game like that have to end for me ;( Please give tips on what I'm going to do!

  • FollyOfArsinoe

    I like the one that allows you to remove all of your perks best.

  • Daniel Hounshell

    companion's insight can be really useful for shouts like storm call, which indiscriminately wrecks practically everything within what might as well be a mile from the player. This way one of the most fun shouts in the game doesn't also kill your companions.

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    If only the black books told me the secrets of fixing the games bugs.

  • M Squared

    You forgot to mention that the arcane power can be paired with the other spell or shout that also does the same effect. It's like having a longer timer to cast unlimited power!

  • Callum Sear

    Can you remaster fenrir stormblade with a face guide as well

  • Conrad Menville

    Secret of arcana is the best because there is an exploit for unlimited character leveling and perks

  • rebekka rice

    Isn't there a perk in the speech tree for better prices against the oposit sex. Making the lovers on-site kinda pointless

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