Days Gone PS4 Gameplay - What They Didn't Show You At The Conference

Nathan and Dave talk about all the details we've uncovered about Days Gone

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  • You're An Idiot

    games like this make me look at my xbox with hate.

  • M.A.D.E MAN


  • arnas784

    i think after playing this game my days will be gone

  • Doongie4ever

    Oh yes this game looks like a must play.

  • Omar Colon

    If they make this game online like GTA5 was done, It will be one of the greatest games of all time

  • Shuggy

    7:15 theres wildlife in that little clip

  • CosmicKid

    This is taking the Last of Us and I am legend and glueing it together. Unreal. Cannot wait.

  • Fabian macias sandoval

    december 29 2017days are not gonna go by quickly

  • J. Rambo

    Looks better than dead rising 4

  • Ethan Johnson

    This is now my favorite zombie game to be shown at e3 since Dying Light

  • Eduardo H.

    im only getting god of war and days gone. wish they had taken ps4 neo out. oh well

  • RE-L Mayer

    motorcycles - checkguns - checkhandsome main character - checkpost apocalyptic world - checkcmon show me the collectors edition

  • Goolash

    I really enjoy thr world war z esque zombies (you know wt I mean if you've seen the movie)

  • Goolash

    why do people compare this to last of us

  • ATH3X G

    Same actor from the force unleashed

  • Spoofy Swagger

    What if there was a camouflage system like in Dying Light? In Dying Light, when you kill a zombie, you have the option to spread all over yourself zombie's blood, and for the next 2 mins or so, the rest of the zombies cant realise you are a human (unless if you hit them ofc). Like in The Walking Dead in season 1! When Rick and Glenn did the exact same trick but rain washed zombies' blood off them and zombies started chasing them! Zombie games have such big potential.

  • Lithus17

    My only problem is the way they weaken the zombies to where you kill them by the hundreds. It takes the scare factor out of it. Why I never liked Dead Rising. It's like "oh look, another horde I can mow down..." mehI'd rather be scared shitless by one dangerous zombie than a hundred punching bag zombies.

  • Andy Azael

    I honestly wish it wasn't so action oriented but I'll have to see

  • boc6791

    the last of us zombies on crack edition?

  • Eduardo H.

    whose getting no mans sky?

  • Hel Heim

    reminds me a lot of dying light, just different setting, more open, and pov.

  • Billy Marroquin

    Seems like Days Gone is Sony's answer to Xbox's Dead Rising...but with a serious tone.

  • Two Mewtwos in Too-toos

    Well, there are a couple of deer at 7:14, so we know there will be some wildlife.

  • Member Berry

    Poor Xbox fan boys.....theyve been quiet for about a year now......I wonder how they are? Lets send a scout.

  • Shazer

    I just want this on PC.

  • Mike Ramirez

    My list5/Days gone 4/Last of us 3/God of war2/Shadow of war1/Spiderman Like if you agreeLike if you dont

  • Saud

    Well i'm not a sony fanboy but this is the truth - GT sport > Horizon motorsport - Horizon > scalebound- Days Gone > Dead rising 4 ( too early to judge , but by comparing trailers, days gone looks better ) Uncharted 4 >>> Rise of the Tomb raider But there is also a really great games which is exclusive to Xbox one such as Halo , Recore , Quantum break

  • Orange Boy

    Is there multiplayer in days gone?

  • Patrik Bengtsson

    looks f***ing stressful to me. But still want it!

  • Charlie Purcell

    To the. many people whining about wanting this game on're on the wrong channel :D

  • Nathaniel Muscat

    would be cool if you could customize the dude and the bike

  • vmwindustries

    OMFG! When is this game coming out?!

  • SnazMC

    Will this only be on PS4?

  • Chase

    3rd person Dying Light game.

  • Closet Nerd Gaming

    I thought i was done with zombie games.... until I saw this.... I hope that it has a good story. If it has that in common with the Last of Us, I'm deff. buying.

  • twisted_loki Unforgiven Kings

    if this was the game to bring back couch co-op.. It already looks awesome.. but it would be so epic.

  • BrainSlaves

    Only thing I don't like is he rides a damn chopper with swarms of zombies everywhere that can hear anything 😂

  • b

    yeah, a used oil filter as a supressor is more likely to dump dirty oil into your gun, ruin it and make a huge mess.

  • NGMonocrom

    "Bad stuff has happened to him...."Honestly, what that bad stuff is is rather obvious since in one scene he's wearing a 1%er patch. That's not some fun, decorative, morale patch you see good-natured blokes wearing. That patch means something. For those of us who know what it means, the playable character has not only experienced many bad things, but has done them as well. I'll give this vid. a thumbs up. But a huge thumbs down for the Developer for making the playable character into an absolute disgusting scumbag and glorifying rapists, thugs, murderers, and other such individuals who sport the 1%er patch.

  • Rooster 2000

    is it me, or does the main character look an awful lot like Starkiller from The force unleashed?

  • AwkwardYet

    He has no sights on his weapon...

  • moalisiddiqui

    I think it was awesome that there is confirmation by Nathan that the "Freakers" seen in the conference play through were slightly dumbed down to show the game play. This means that the actual game could have harder horde encounters and types. Excited about that prospect. The "Freakers" remind me of the infected from the movie World War Z. The fluidity of their movement especially.

  • Ramuk Pearson

    Wait a bike no no no. You need some hardcore truck to smash these hordes

  • Sawzar BF4

    this looks much more realistic than dead rising

  • Kiel McCartney

    Is this what h1z1 turned into?

  • hotsteamypudding

    No sights on his rifle... odd choice...

  • Zoyeb Zia

    a few games have created a huge hype.... and flopped real bad

  • Sig Zag

    When is it meant to release !?!?!?!?!?!?

  • TarantuLando CalCuLingus

    A dirt bike/enduro would definitely be more beneficial and efficient in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Would'nt catch me straddling a fat hog.

  • JesusChristIt’sJasonBourne

    It's too bad it won't come out until 2018.

  • Master LP

    I hope this game has a new game plus

  • El Monster

    Please, somebody tell me why you are looking forward to this game

  • MrCashmere101

    Another promising looking ps4 exclusive to add to the list. Greatness awaits.

  • Kostas Saridis

    playstation acces 4 vid a day nice worth the subscribers

  • Kaster Robbins

    I hope that the wildlife also turn into freakers and have a horde based off of animals

  • captin dirmaco

    i was gutted cus we werent gettin dead rising not no more now haha

  • WTFlacky

    He doesn't have sights on his rifle. dumb.

  • WauwautosaTufGuy

    Do "you people" consider me a savage? Please be honest.

  • dgregory79

    Where is the next gen MAG 256 that would be so cool on PS4

  • DarkThomy

    They also said freakers are gonna have a day/night cycle, they are alive, they need to feed etc.They want to put a kinda real ecosystem there.

  • fabian van der slikke

    This looks so good, can tell this is going to be an awesome game, only downside would be the hordes of zombies, would be way more fun if it were just a few, and harder to kill, anyways, can't wait to play this:)

  • Joe Parry

    this game looks fantastic

  • Adhiraj Roy

    this game is gonna be awesome!!!!!!

  • sean

    XBox DAYS is GONE...forever...and ever...GONE!

  • NaughtyBethesda 1

    my most anticipated game

  • George Daniel Smith

    When Days Gone is out. You guys should do an actual Walkthrough. All in favour?

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