Skyrim Unlimited Gold Glitch! ALL CONSOLES

Hey Guys I finally have another video up.
And this Time Its a Skyrim Tutorial!

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Skyrim Unlimited Gold Glitch! ALL CONSOLES
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  • Nils Lorand

    "This Video will be removed soon"2016 - Video Still Up

  • Chad

    0:30 this video will be removed soon.4 years later..hmm...

  • NiftyCrafter

    UNLIMITED ARROWS GLITCH-Go To Solitude PS Pickpocket needs to be lvl 100PickPocket The Guy That Shoots Arrows at a targettake out his steel arrows (unless you want steel arrows) Put In Any Type Of Arrows He Will Start Shooting (chosen arrows) And You Can Take It From The Target

  • EREBUS3720

    First off, whoever needs a companion to help kill a saber cat shouldn't be playing Skyrim. Second, this is a huge waste of time and is by far the worst way to make money I've ever seen. Not trying to offend here, honest. Maybe it's your first time playing, I don't know. The best way to get gold fast other than pickpocketing and glitches is to forge a bunch of iron daggers and enchant each one with the Banish enchantment and a petty or lesser soul gem. Each dagger will be worth 800-1400 gold, depending on your Speech level.

  • Michael Malone

    sorry this is a lot more trouble than it's worth

  • Yorrick Games

    On PC it is cheating.On console it`s exploiting:D

  • Nerfs Are Important

    ''Unlimited''I think just playing skyrim naturally actually nets you more money than this lol, it's unlimited gold in the same sense this is. why do people always gotta have misinforming titles... Like this guy stating ''alchemy to 100 in 2 minutes!'' forgetting to mention gathering more than a 100 giant's toes, creep cluster and wheat takes a tad bit longer than 2 minutes

  • ToxicSivᴴᴰ


  • Ayylien

    Save the game, kill the merchant, load save. New inventory and money reset

  • ToxicSivᴴᴰ

    Haha wow I'm suprised at the amount of views, likes and dislikes this got and reading all the comments haha, hearing my young childish voice was an experience haha good times

  • Trevor Philips

    A freaking dragon appeared! First I die to a saber cat then a freaking dragon!!! (Dragons are easier to kill in my opinion :P)

  • ToxicSivᴴᴰ

    10 Thousand Views And Only 200 Subs?

  • Nzed123

    6 years later and still up. Lol

  • Choko Mah

    ahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahaahahahaahahahaahahahahaaha, AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAAHA

  • DEWM

    I know an even better way to get infinite goldgo to Whiterun (I'm not going to explain the glitch) jump out of the city, walk around the walls until you're by the companions area, go through a rock, open the hidden chest, go back into the city, wait 2 days, see the companions blacksmith's inventory, repeat.I do this glitch all the time, so if it doesn't work you're doing it wrong.

  • RaptusHellwolfe

    To be honest, just because the base value is 50 doesn't mean the merchant will buy it for 50 Gold. It'll probably be a lot cheaper. I came across this glitch before and when I tried to sell it, it was a lot less, probably ranging from 5-20 Gold. This happens with almost every item, unless you have good speechcraft.

  • LordSignur

    using a cheat code to get money isn't a glitch

  • ToxicSivᴴᴰ

    to all those haters dont worry Ill be doing a hater comments Review Shortly!

  • Shot Through Karl

    This has to be a joke right? This kid actually sounds like he believes that this is a viable way of making gold. With the amount of other stuff you cam get and sell and you were getting 16 gold per book? Are you disabled???  Or best troll ever.

  • Ramza

    doesn't always work on the switch

  • Light

    "00000f 1000000000"PCmasterrace

  • Jayson Tackett

    This isn't an Unlimited Gold Glitch, it's Console Commands and an Unlimited Skill Book Bug.

  • hatred.

    When ever I went up the mountain I got a blood dragon, ice or snow troll, and a snow bear. Just my luck!

  • Ritu

    player.additem 0000000f

  • Ein The Corgi

    Its helpful thankyou, but you're better off just doing missions, loot dead enemies, then sell them tbh

  • CrazyWalrus

    How do I get the glowing thing on the Daedric Sword???

  • _Noisemaster_

    The squiggly line is called the tild

  • Jake ST

    pretty nice discovery but not effective enough for my taste. venders can run out of money and there is a carrying capacity so this little trick would require a lot of walking back and forth. im wayyyy too impatient for that

  • Chaz Hennessey

    no offense but that's a completely useless glicth, at least later on on game.

  • bitter coffee

    Tip:use a horse, and you can take as much as you want since when you ride a horse while over-encumbered you can still fast travel.

  • Iced Eclipse

    Brah I know I'm two years late but before you made these vids you should have compleated the bleak falls barrow quest then kill the dragon then you get your own follower for free she can carry as much stuff as you want :D

  • Shocker_IRON

    Why do I want doors of oblivion books tho

  • Saphirefang1555 X

    thats the stupidest intro ever in the history of history

  • rayden vieira

    And the (~) is called a tilde.

  • Xander Cameron

    50 gold each pfft id pick pocket everyone an sell all there jewelry so much easier and more money hahaha

  • Jiber Tee

    I'm not gonna cheat, but I'm gonna show you how to cheat. By cheating.

  • Brittney Gill

    its called the Tilda key

  • Bryce Coney

    What do I do the skeleton is not there any more

  • 1.8_Pixel

    Hey dude, I would suggest you guys to just do the whiterun/dawnstar chests.. much faster I think

  • Oleksandr

    Pro tip you can bring back home a small piece of bone and the glitch will still work

  • Verdena Gardner

    it's called a "tilde" pronounced "till-duh" looks like ~

  • Joseph Sweeney

    Nearest vender goes to river wood XD

  • Ellis Rogers-Byrne

    "This video will be removed soon"Watching in 2017

  • bawboh

    thanks i needed to buy a house in whiterun and solitude

  • ben gildersleeve

    Wow unlimited booksI can find free books anywhere

  • Real Static

    E D U C A T I O N A LP E R P O U S E S

  • Toby Iveson

    does anyone else come here, not for the video, but for the epic full on arguments, or is that just me???

  • Ariel Perez

    It's really complicated to get gold this way, or any way in skyrim. You can get the most op gear with op enchants using the fortify restoration glitch or the oghma infinium glitch (pre-patch) but still be very poor.Where in fallout new vegas which hands down is a great game in my opinion, it's as simple as killing gun runner guards and selling the hunting rifles as well as combat armor to the vendortron. Wait three days by sleeping in a bed (not waiting by standing and pressing the wait button) then coming back and repeating. The three day sleep respawns the guardsAh but skyrim will always have a special place in my heart

  • Blackjack for eternity

    You have the cutest accent. c:

  • ToxicMoustache

    I fought on that road a elder dragon a snow bear and a frost troll!!!

  • Dustin Chatman

    did they fix this glitch ??? cause i can't seem get it to work ...

  • niffenator

    Best way to make money in my opinion is to complete the No Stone Unturned quest for the Thieves' Guild, then go to any Nordic ruin.  The Prowler's Profit ability you get for completing No Stone Unturned makes precious gems appear in certain containers 100% of the time - in fact, there is usually multiple gems in one container - and that includes urns and burial urns found in Nordic ruins.  Being lvl 40 or over helps since you can then find flawless diamonds in the urns.  Since gems hardly weigh anything you can loot loads of them before you have to store/sell them.

  • Kalen Oslie

    Thx sooooooooo much dude! Help to get proudspire manor easly

  • Videos Undamaged

    I'm not sure if this happened to anyone else but all I could get from this video were pixels, you talk boring too, and according to the comments you cant count either.

  • Taco Ninja

    Thanks for wasting my time with this patched out glitch that's WAY more trouble than what it's worth anyway. =)

  • Z3R0

    This is not a good way to farming money... Just playing normal the game will give you more money!


    That is a hack I've done it before and got 1,000,000 gold coins

  • Joseph Motherfuckin' Stalin

    Got it, yes, yes, lovely. Well, how do I use the command promp on console..? Oh wait, I can't... So that "ALL CONSOLES" thing is just a flat out lie to get attention from console users.

  • KidBlazen Tv

    anyone watching in 2016

  • vindicus

    um, console commands. meaning not all consoles.

  • Exploding Taco

    Good vid u got another subscriber

  • YoBoiKevo

    Just so you know, the key you are talking about at 0:57 is called a tilde


    you said all consoles liar

  • DingoWrench

    Wait... I went to whiterun to sell the books and I went back and the book was gone... What happened?

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