Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Azazel by Slackaholicus in 18:04 - Summer Games Done Quick 2015 - Part 134

This is a speedrun of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Azazel by Slackaholicus from Summer Games Done Quick 2015. The run starts at 2:00.

SGDQ2015 raised over $1,200,000 for Doctors Without Borders, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick.

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  • Spencer Kaminsky

    As somebody who's been playing Isaac since the original came out, I can't imagine how hard it is to follow what the hell is going on for somebody who's never seen this game before. So many terms...

  • Bingus Dingus

    Bruh, he had the time to restart steam and still make it in under 20 minutes

  • RomblöSylvestevez

    I seriously wonder if the people adding him on steam are trying to make him screw up. God, it's so distracting.

  • linkXness

    The hardest RNG in this game is to not run into bobs brain

  • T-Figgy

    Doesn't pick up D4...WHERES THE ZANE?!!

  • evertime123

    Did you hear that Northernlion eats two lunches?

  • MGVoltJesk LST

    Good, Now do an 1001% run

  • BlueBros

    Pop-ups... Put a rectangle over it

  • Pop Car

    The red guy on the couch sounds like a cartoon character. Which is awesome.

  • Riley Stobaus

    now do it with azazel fire rate nerf

  • Reptile

    This game is the epitome of RNG, so it's kinda weird to speedrun it.

  • Phooka Pica

    I love how people don't clap on bosses (haven't finished video) but on chance items clap lol

  • Noble Gamer

    We need the egg to get on this

  • AcuityVoices

    Hutts would eat this time alive.

  • Trubblegum

    This reminds me exactly of the way they talk in the "Make love not Warcraft" episode of South Park

  • Knuxiefan

    I wonder who these people are that can donate a couple thousand dollars at a time.That's more than I make in 2 months

  • kontrol42

    I thought that Black Candle removes Cursed Eye's effect of teleporting character back and forth. Or was it added in Afterbirth?

  • MemorySpark

    This is the run that got me into Isaac speedrunning. Dude is legit one of the top 3 best players I've ever seen play this game.

  • Zigi Samblak

    Why are they applauding the RNG?

  • Fazbear Entertainment

    They need to get Bisnap in to try a speedrun

  • LeHarlequin

    I'm so ducking bad at TBOI lolI remember playing it so much back when it was new. I remember playing the demo man, and when the game was released I actually got the Golden boy achievement, totally legit. So proud of myself. Couple years later, I try to play every now and then and I just get bodied lol.

  • Skizor

    Can someone please tell me the name of the music in the start of this video :o sounds so catchy!

  • Shaun H

    Slower than most dark room dailys haha

  • Frank Da Tank

    were the pop ups really impeding his vision enough to where it was worth it for him to waste so much time restarting?

  • Ace

    Name of the girl in the back?

  • Aiden Nelson

    why did they not turn off steam notifications

  • Watarmalon

    Picks Book of Shadows over Krampus Head, uses Fool Card on the first floor, doesn't even check Boss Rush. Wtf is this guy doing?

  • Jerry Remig

    They got something wrong about devil deals the only way to lock in devil deals is to pick up an item that costs a red heart (this includes black markets) so picking up the head of krampus didnt lock in devil deals he just got lucky that he got a devil deal the next floor and then he locked in the devil deal

  • TheRagnel

    Fo the 1st time since I started watching speedruns I can finally say that I can also do it ! \o/Isaac FTW

  • Daneela

    cricket's head is what made the run

  • MisterPixels

    Why azazel? Just boring that way

  • Knju1 MonsterHunt

    5:40 I've never seen so many people happy to see the severed head of a puppy...

  • Orang Juice

    Krapus head is BOSS KILLER who would swap that out.

  • popescu mario

    My record was 17:34 with boss rush

  • Ivan Ivanov

    The Afterbirth is finally out!

  • shaun03a

    ah... watching him fight the bosses in the cellar brought back memories of how much i fucking love azazel.i need to play this game again.

  • Patrick B.

    Cursed eye is just a better quad shot with black candle

  • PsychicSkitty

    Man I freaking love this game, but I utterly suck at it. This run just makes me feel even more ashamed

  • -Insertnamehere-

    That clap for crickets head

  • Dragonslayer24c

    I cant even make boss rush this guy is good

  • Schwezzy不同

    Have they done a Mega Satan speed run?

  • Whatamadoo

    I just realized this game is like legend of Zelda 1

  • The Flying Pigs Association

    Now do it with the lost

  • SkullHelm


  • Ethan Barker

    I ran into a glitch on maybe my eighth run. I beat the game in about eight minutes. I wasn't recording tho 😥. I got teleported to Mom with a card and my damage made for a quick death.

  • renegadedaxter

    I might be entirely wrong here but doesn't the black candle nullify the curse from cursed eye?

  • Dr.Stein

    Why didnt he pick up Eve's Mascara?

  • You Got Hacked

    wow skrub he didn't even fight the hush or mega satan ... nurd...

  • Ares

    Do they not know that there is in-game timer that you can just turn on...?

  • CoolExcite

    I beat this game in 18 minutes as azazel but I started with the d4 and got a sacrifice room on the caves 2 so I don't think it's really comparable

  • Tim Leonard

    The red guy sounds like jimmy Hendrix

  • getdrinking

    How do you unlock azazel?

  • Faytrat

    Binding of Isaac is Good but with keyboard is annoying!!

  • Groggy

    No! 15% DMG multipler. And the Fly multiplier is 2.5

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