Skyrim Builds - The Paladin

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  • Dennis

    "Helping as many people as he can"Knee's Bandit in the face

  • You're Pretty Good

    "The Paladin shows much mercy to his foes." Proceeds to bash in the skull of a draugr.

  • Hellbeast

    I feel that Dawn breaker and Ariels bow would be a nice touch.

  • Epsy Tepsy

    #FudgeMuppet   Going to play on my Paladin-character tonight. Just wanted to come and say hello and also wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! :) Peace and love to you both :)

  • Arkham Creed

    "This build and all our future builds can be made in plain old vanilla Skyrim."Proceeds to talk about requiring weapons and spells from Dawnguard, and works Dawnguard into the character's role play.Sorry guys, love these builds, but do you not actually know what "vanilla" means?

  • Sabr3cat

    Restoration=wAaaaaaaay underrated

  • tanks608

    Been having this soo much fun with this. I am pretty much playing my wow paladin and it is awesome.

  • nordic fatcheese

    R-O-A to the M-I-N, he's a crime solving rank 11 paladin!

  • Dionisie Tarlev

    I don't really know much of paladinsI picture them as warriors capable of using holy magic to heal and deal damageA paladin should have heavy armor and restorationMy problem is the restYou could specialize in two handedOr in one handed and blockSmithing and enchanting is also usefulBut using all the skills at once would probably be too much

  • Julian Reyes

    ik this is late but i was thinking about this and making an "anti-paladin" i would use everything they used but having one thing added to the backstory....after the paladin help lots of people lets say level 40ish he realized the world is a terrible place and his actions cant make it better so he decides to be "evil" he changes his steel plate helmet,gloves and boots for ebony variants and instead of dawnguard rune hammer he uses a ebony hammer or the ebony blade thats fully charged one addition would be conjuration for necromancy so he can heal the dead and not kill them and if you haven't started dawnguard join the vampires instead of the dawnguard

  • iDankCai

    So it's basically a vigilant of standear

  • Airturtle86

    Yeah I'm still using a sword. Hate hammers and axes, and I don't care what anyone says.

  • Jason Todd

    I like this build.  I made my own towards the beginning of the game.  Although, mine had one handed and a shield cause Dawnbreaker.  Also, I poured all my time into crafting armor until I could max steel plate and give it a ton of restoration/anti undead/ tanking enchantments.  General enchantments like breath underwater and muffle also help..Did make 2 other variations of the paladin.  One of them had a 2 handed sword (Elven) with lunar forge and life drain.  The other variation had a daedric mace and I put lunar forge and life drain on it but made myself into a vampire and had daedric armor, dark paladin.

  • Golwen

    What do you think about this one: The Akavir CollectorHe is a Dunmer mercenary that sided with the Empire during the invasion of Akavir during the Third Era, in 288. He took part to the Battle of Ionith, but he was terribly wounded by one of the Akaviri swords. Instead of hating it, he was astonished by its sharpness and decided to keep it. He also took one of the Akavir armor with him. He managed to coome back to Tamriel, and there he started to work as a mercenary. He went to Skyrim to help the Empire against the Stormcolack, but he was captured near the border. He has to look old and he has a scar running trough his face. You can choose any race except for the Altmer and the Bosmer, that obviously would be Lore breaking. He uses the Blade's sword, but you can also choose to wield the Ebony Blade, the ideal armor would be the Akaviri Armor (that can be found on the nexus or on  steam workshop), but if you can't use mods, than you can use the Blade's set.Sorry for my bad Enlglish, I'm italian.

  • Ben Reynolds

    what about a priest build

  • A Bear with phone 408

    His back story sounds like Oliver queens I like it

  • Balinux

    The warhammer stays when you switch to magic. What mod is that?

  • Athan Matsoukas

    Great build (loved it)

  • Magus Silveresti

    Out of curiosity, FudgeMuppet, which mod did you use to have your weapons remain visible while casting spells?  There's a few out there, but that one actually looked like it worked without much fuss.  (Also, what's that spell casting animation mod?)

  • M'aiq Knows Much

    what is the status distribution?


    First, love the build! Holy warriors like clerics/priest, crusaders, and a paladins are among my favorites. Second, did you happen to use ranged weapons like crossbows or destruction? (I didn't see those perks in the calculator). Just wondering how you handled dragons, archers, and other non-dead ranged enemies.

  • Sam Urwin

    Haha, love this one. The backstory is awesome and seamlessly entwines with the story of the Dawnguard. :D

  • Hersa036

    I know I'm a bit late but I want to replay Skyrim as a Paladin.I thought to add "Speech" with the three main skills (Restoration, Two-Handed and Enchanting) for persuading and evading some fights.I want to evade everything "evil" as stealing, assassinations etc...Which factions would be good for this build except for "Dawnguard". I'm not sure with the companions as werewolves are a threat to the people too. What about the Daedras? Are the "good" ones acceptable or shall I play the paladin as the Vigilant of Stendarr and hate everything related to Daedras?Maybe I will create a wordpress-blog for my adventures with the paladin. I'm just asking myself if I will write the blog like a journal of the paladin or not...

  • Caleb Jones

    I think Steelplate Armor looks great for this build. Just preference

  • Edward Martinez

    I have a character called Mirulda The Just who starts out as a warrior of virtue, showing mercy and compassion except to the Undead, Daedra and evil people like thieves or murderers. She joins the Dawnguard but is later corrupted and becomes a vampire. She wears Vampire Royal Armour, Ancient Falmer boots and gauntlets, and an enchanted iron helmet and she wields Dawnbreaker or Harkon's Sword (or both). Main skills are restoration, one handed, conjuration, light armour and destruction. Any and all opinions are appreciated

  • ComeSweetDeath

    I don't think a paladin would use enchanting because that would require to trap souls.

  • Andrew N.

    Love it. This is the kind of build/rp I typically gravitate toward in Skyrim. Only difference is I go with Imperial race, Greatsword, and Dawnguard full helmet.

  • PotatoWielder 9001

    what mods are you using in this video?

  • Nick Hamilton

    Paladins fight with swords and shields.. 


    I was waning a paladin build awesome work guys

  • Dragonstar

    You know what would be cool? Use either the Templar build, along with the Paladin as a companion! Seriously, pairing up builds like the Gladiator and Barbarian, or the Morang Tong Assassin and Messenger of Death would be awesome! Leave a reply on which partnership would be your favorite!

  • Sly Sniper Fox

    you could easily use dawnbreaker

  • OblivionKing12

    An amulet of Mara, eh?(insert Lenny face here)

  • Young Jesus

    how do you look at yourself from the front when weapon drawn?

  • TheAlmighty Blob

    What are the stat distributions?

  • Pharahtrooper

    I'm using this in my remastered play through. Looks great

  • ducksoup10

    I think I know a good build with the these words: The Forsworn, Wood Elf, Werewolf, destruction, and hunting. 

  • Thallanar Rabidtooth

    Wow, retrieving nettlebane for the healing the gildergreen quest is extremely difficult for brand new characters. The witches there with their fire spells do like 75% of your health in one shot.

  • Molag Bal

    i got a build.Red guard reinforsment.Back story:The red guard was a soldier in hammer fell. He took part in the rebellion that broke hammer fell away from the empire, and he was one of the most feared soldiers. After he heard about the rebellion in Skyrim,he headed there, but he was caught on the border by the imperial soldiers. And the story begins from there.You are a storm cloak, obviously.Have skills in light armour, and one handed (dual wielding)you can wear anything that looks like it came from hammer fell, me personally i like to wear everything nazir has. (nazir armour is found by destroying the dark brother hood)for weapons you can use any curved. swords :Dso yeah thats the build.

  • Keandre Brown

    I'm looking forward to play this build but what is the stat spread? I'll try to go with 40% magika, 40% health, and 20% stamina I'll also do some work with the skills one handed, block, smithing,alchemy and either alteration or illusion.

  • Flare Gun

    This build gives me a lot of perspective, as I am currently playing a Paladin, but not this roleplaying type. Mine leans more towards all heavy armor, a mace, and a resto spell. More gameplay oriented.

  • The RainBoltBunny

    For my paladin I use Auriels Bow, That sword you get from the daedra that smacks undead hard and i usde the ancient falmer armor

  • Alec Bishop

    What's the Health/Magica/Stamina split? I saw quite a few power attacks in a row in there?

  • clawdywins11

    What is the animation mod you're using?

  • Willahelm Dolberth

    All those spells are from Dawnguard ?

  • waynestar100

    what mods were used for aesthetics?

  • Blahow Gaming

    I did this build for a legendary character and I'm having problems pretty early on and advice?

  • Jesper Roos

    argh i hate how paladin spells in most games just hurt undead...

  • Leon Zijlstra

    Is it not smart to gif him a dawn breaker to

  • The Rusty Cutlass

    That doesnt seem like enough armor to be playing at higher levels

  • Paradiso

    I slightly modified it for me... I'm using mace in one hand and restoration magic in the other.

  • Role-Playing Ginger

    Why did you decide to replace the body piece with apprentice robes when Paladins are generally decked out in heavy plate armour? I'm just curious at to what made you decide to do this.

  • TheNordicfrost

    I really liked this one, but I was wondering if you could do one more "evil" or "selfish" one, as in a sellsword type character, who sells his sword to the highest bidder, etc. It'd be a pretty interesting built I think.

  • TheAssassinChannel

    May I know what mods do you use for the spells?

  • Thunderscreamer

    I made a paladin once. He looked like a buff Jesus!

  • Stephen

    My Paladin character is a Khajit who is a paladin of Azura.

  • dodler2

    WOW - your fantastic  :D

  • Jair Artis

    Another idea for the weapon dawn breaker and heavy shield of some kind

  • Mr. Pickles

    I played a build similar to this, except I used Alteration and Block. Vegetable soup and Shield Bashing allowed me to stunlock Dragon Priests to death, while alteration made me 80% immune from Magic with the Atronach sign and Atronach perk, and with the Breton racial Dragon Skin I could get 100% when I really needed it. I could also get my Magicka back while I encountered those pesky mages and while being in Circle of Protection or Guardian Circle. Equilibrium was another very useful spell that helped me train restoration and replenish my Magicka until I got the circle spells. The build stopped being fun when I got Chillrend at level 46 w/ Glass Smithing and swapped my shield for paralyze.

  • micah johnson

    Hey @FudgeMuppet, I thought of an awesome build for u guyz! U did the shadowfoot, now try the shadowfist. He's a Khajit that wears guild master/blackguard boots and armor, nightengale hood, and daedric gauntlets. He focuses on light armor, heavy armor, smithing, and sneak.Backstory: The Khajit was once a street fighter within the imperial city. He would always bet money on his fights and always win them. After a day at the meadary, the shadowfist had time to think, he could also make money by using his hand to hand combat skills to protect others. He started looking for work and was quite successful. One day, one of his previous rivals put an enormous bounty on the khajits head. Tired of having to look over his shoulder extremely often, he fled to skyrim, was caught crossing the border, and the players story begins from there.

  • Lordsheogorath73 productions

    I think I have an idea: the Ka Po TunRace: KhajiitGender: FemaleCharacteristics: Female Khajiit, thin, not muscular, tiger like skin and standard khajiit hair, wields two katanas or blades swords and also uses destruction magic, mostly fire themed spells like incinerate of fireball, for her armor I would suggest it to be anything but dragon scale or dragon bone, perhaps light starthlim or if you´re looking for heavy, orcish would be suitable, however, there is also a mod where you can get kimonos in sky haven temple , her combat style consist on ranged combat using destruction and dual wielding in close combat while moving quickly, you can use stealth if you like.Her shouts of choice would be fire and frost breath to represent the shouts that are commonly used by dragons, she will also use call dragon, dragon form and bend will to symbolize her people´s worship and affinity to dragons.Story: She was the daughter of a dragon priest from Akavir, when the Tsaesci the snake people of the same land attacked them to kill the remaining dragons in akavir, her father sent her to Tamriel to keep her safe and to ask for the aid of the dragons there and to protect them in case the Tsaesci found out about them.As a dragon worshipper she will try to avoid fighting them and try to bend their will or make peace with them, she will also become Paarthurnax`s apprentice and will denny the Blades request.She will not be much into guilds but she will get along and will be allies with the graybeards, paarthurnax, odahviing and most dragons. She will be enemies with the Blades and will ignore any other factions.

  • hugo jantzen

    What do you Guys think of my idea Once ther was a great priest who helpt the living and banisht the dead. On a day he was invited to help killing a alliance of cunjurers. Which ended in a bloody fight. One of the master conjurers staped him with a poisend knife. He feld dizzy and full of anger and tried to kill Everone around him. One of his friends knocked him down and he fainted. When hè woke up hè was captured and felt still a bit angry. After you fled from helgen a dark inside you speaks to you telling that you Should kill Everyone and do terrebil thinks. You also Discovert that you a new sort of power conjuraction. You use restoration and conjuration Restoration to heal Yourself and others and burn undeadConjuration to cast dreamora and dead and summon Yourself a sword

  • Saiman No

    I'm working on your paladin build.   I have about L50 resto, Exquisite scale mail, character level about 22.   I haven't done any major quests.  Do you have a suggestion, should I start the main quest and unleash dragons or go for dawnguard for the spells and weapon?

  • Fog Man

    I'm actually using spellbreaker/auriels shield, and the Dawnbreaker rather than the warhammer.

  • Arctic Koala Curry

    Comment is late but I've only recently discovered your channels. I've watched almost all of your Skyrim Build videos and was very excited to try out some of them, this one in particular stood out to me. I've always wanted to play as a paladin but I'd usually take the safe route and go for one handed + spell but this is so much better and makes me feel like a fucking badass just crushing my enemies with my dope ass fucking warhammer. Cheers fudgemuppet for your builds! :D

  • Alex Ducharm,e

    what about a disciple of fate build that utilizes randomness to defeat his enemies and protect himself, relying on fate alone to keep him alive? I was looking at doing a playthrough on this, but I'm not sure how I should go about it... since I have both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's, I wouldn't mind if those were included

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