Skyrim Builds - The Paladin

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  • Dennis

    "Helping as many people as he can"Knee's Bandit in the face

  • You're Pretty Good

    "The Paladin shows much mercy to his foes." Proceeds to bash in the skull of a draugr.

  • Hellbeast

    I feel that Dawn breaker and Ariels bow would be a nice touch.

  • tanks608

    Been having this soo much fun with this. I am pretty much playing my wow paladin and it is awesome.

  • Epsy Tepsy

    #FudgeMuppet   Going to play on my Paladin-character tonight. Just wanted to come and say hello and also wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! :) Peace and love to you both :)

  • Golwen

    What do you think about this one: The Akavir CollectorHe is a Dunmer mercenary that sided with the Empire during the invasion of Akavir during the Third Era, in 288. He took part to the Battle of Ionith, but he was terribly wounded by one of the Akaviri swords. Instead of hating it, he was astonished by its sharpness and decided to keep it. He also took one of the Akavir armor with him. He managed to coome back to Tamriel, and there he started to work as a mercenary. He went to Skyrim to help the Empire against the Stormcolack, but he was captured near the border. He has to look old and he has a scar running trough his face. You can choose any race except for the Altmer and the Bosmer, that obviously would be Lore breaking. He uses the Blade's sword, but you can also choose to wield the Ebony Blade, the ideal armor would be the Akaviri Armor (that can be found on the nexus or on  steam workshop), but if you can't use mods, than you can use the Blade's set.Sorry for my bad Enlglish, I'm italian.

  • Athan Matsoukas

    Great build (loved it)

  • nordic fatcheese

    R-O-A to the M-I-N, he's a crime solving rank 11 paladin!

  • Ben Reynolds

    what about a priest build

  • A Bear with phone 408

    His back story sounds like Oliver queens I like it

  • Sam Urwin

    Haha, love this one. The backstory is awesome and seamlessly entwines with the story of the Dawnguard. :D

  • ComeSweetDeath

    I don't think a paladin would use enchanting because that would require to trap souls.

  • Leon Zijlstra

    Is it not smart to gif him a dawn breaker to

  • N.N

    Such a great build, and I really love how RP-ish he looks like!Awesome inspiration for an old pen & paper roleplayer as I am :)

  • PotatoWielder 9001

    what mods are you using in this video?

  • Magus Silveresti

    Out of curiosity, FudgeMuppet, which mod did you use to have your weapons remain visible while casting spells?  There's a few out there, but that one actually looked like it worked without much fuss.  (Also, what's that spell casting animation mod?)


    I was waning a paladin build awesome work guys

  • M'aiq Knows Much

    what is the status distribution?

  • Balinux

    The warhammer stays when you switch to magic. What mod is that?

  • waynestar100

    what mods were used for aesthetics?

  • TheAssassinChannel

    May I know what mods do you use for the spells?

  • Kimberly Carr-Ball

    Bloodskal warrior Armor ahzidal armorWeapon bloodskal bladeSkills two handed,heavy armor and smithing to get armor and weapon damage up

  • wistfane

    >paladin>goody 2 shoes>not being a zealous crusader to smite heathens heretics and other abominations alike>ishiggy diggyPelinal Whitedrake is best pala

  • Molag Bal

    i got a build.Red guard reinforsment.Back story:The red guard was a soldier in hammer fell. He took part in the rebellion that broke hammer fell away from the empire, and he was one of the most feared soldiers. After he heard about the rebellion in Skyrim,he headed there, but he was caught on the border by the imperial soldiers. And the story begins from there.You are a storm cloak, obviously.Have skills in light armour, and one handed (dual wielding)you can wear anything that looks like it came from hammer fell, me personally i like to wear everything nazir has. (nazir armour is found by destroying the dark brother hood)for weapons you can use any curved. swords :Dso yeah thats the build.

  • Thunderscreamer

    I made a paladin once. He looked like a buff Jesus!

  • Jason Todd

    I like this build.  I made my own towards the beginning of the game.  Although, mine had one handed and a shield cause Dawnbreaker.  Also, I poured all my time into crafting armor until I could max steel plate and give it a ton of restoration/anti undead/ tanking enchantments.  General enchantments like breath underwater and muffle also help..Did make 2 other variations of the paladin.  One of them had a 2 handed sword (Elven) with lunar forge and life drain.  The other variation had a daedric mace and I put lunar forge and life drain on it but made myself into a vampire and had daedric armor, dark paladin.


    First, love the build! Holy warriors like clerics/priest, crusaders, and a paladins are among my favorites. Second, did you happen to use ranged weapons like crossbows or destruction? (I didn't see those perks in the calculator). Just wondering how you handled dragons, archers, and other non-dead ranged enemies.

  • Airturtle86

    Yeah I'm still using a sword. Hate hammers and axes, and I don't care what anyone says.

  • beefweasel

    Instead of a Steel Plate Helmet, I used the Dawnguard Full Helmet. Looks cooler

  • eric kelly

    so what mod keeps your weapon visible when you switch to spells?

  • Willahelm Dolberth

    All those spells are from Dawnguard ?

  • Pharahtrooper

    I'm using this in my remastered play through. Looks great

  • Lourenço Pinho

    +FudgeMuppet what are the stat distributions? love the series you guys are awesome

  • Paradiso

    I slightly modified it for me... I'm using mace in one hand and restoration magic in the other.

  • Eric Cordero

    could you make a Cleric build?

  • Caleb Jones

    I think Steelplate Armor looks great for this build. Just preference

  • Andrew N.

    Love it. This is the kind of build/rp I typically gravitate toward in Skyrim. Only difference is I go with Imperial race, Greatsword, and Dawnguard full helmet.

  • Thomas Hamon

    Hi FudgeMuppet ! Great build i really enjoy the Paladin with all these Light Bubbles :DThis message is coming a bit late but i'd like to know how you spread your points between Magicka/Health/Stamina, and i'm also wondering what Stone you choose : do you take Warrior/Mage at first to get the perks faster and then switch to Lord Stone ?Anyway amazing job like always, keep doing great builds !

  • The RainBoltBunny

    For my paladin I use Auriels Bow, That sword you get from the daedra that smacks undead hard and i usde the ancient falmer armor

  • Dionisie Tarlev

    I don't really know much of paladinsI picture them as warriors capable of using holy magic to heal and deal damageA paladin should have heavy armor and restorationMy problem is the restYou could specialize in two handedOr in one handed and blockSmithing and enchanting is also usefulBut using all the skills at once would probably be too much

  • Kyle Baltzer

    hey fudgemuppet would fire work with the paladin like holy fire with destruction

  • SV KBW

    I'm looking forward to play this build but what is the stat spread? I'll try to go with 40% magika, 40% health, and 20% stamina I'll also do some work with the skills one handed, block, smithing,alchemy and either alteration or illusion.

  • Singularity Bound

    There is a mod (forgot name) that adds paladin spells (resto dmg) and enchantments.Still I cant stand all the switching.. Wish they went back to how magic was handled in Oblivion...

  • J Mell

    I prefer using the Dawnguard Full Helmet and Elven Gilded armour for my aesthetic (:

  • Juancho Soriano

    Wait, didn't you guys do a paladin build already but with a High elf?

  • Jacob the Funk ✌️

    The good stuff about facebook :) seeing the next vote XD

  • Jesper Roos

    argh i hate how paladin spells in most games just hurt undead...

  • TheShadowOfMadness

    .... What's a paladin? (a cookie for whoever gets the reference)

  • Flare Gun

    This build gives me a lot of perspective, as I am currently playing a Paladin, but not this roleplaying type. Mine leans more towards all heavy armor, a mace, and a resto spell. More gameplay oriented.

  • Punk Fans

    This Has To Be My 1 of my Favourite Build

  • Dragonstar

    You know what would be cool? Use either the Templar build, along with the Paladin as a companion! Seriously, pairing up builds like the Gladiator and Barbarian, or the Morang Tong Assassin and Messenger of Death would be awesome! Leave a reply on which partnership would be your favorite!

  • Wolfram von Vyller, the Wizard

    An elven version of The Paladin, could use the set of Snow Elven armor, Auriel's Shield, Dawnbreaker, Restoration spells and , of course, Auriel's Bow

  • Waylon Frazier

    I ran a play-through with an Orish Paladin with ALL heavy armor. It's an awesome build for people that want to smash stuff. Definitely my favorite tank build, love your guys's take on it. Great vid!

  • Grumlord Thegreat

    This seems more like a cleric lol

  • Nerthunius Baratheon

    Nice I was using a Paladin build once, was pretty awesome.

  • Alec Bishop

    What's the Health/Magica/Stamina split? I saw quite a few power attacks in a row in there?

  • Csb 22

    only 2 handed weapon I like is the ebony blade

  • Blahow Gaming

    I did this build for a legendary character and I'm having problems pretty early on and advice?

  • KingTurtle

    So I'm currently playing a Breton battlemage. How hard would it be to switch him to paladin? level 25 atm.

  • Ironication

    lovely build, reminds me when I played the paladin in Diablo 2

  • Thomas Matheson

    thank you so much I love this build

  • Raymond Rubin

    If I was gonna use this build, I think I'd go the "classic" (note the air quotes) two-handed, plate-armored holy sword-wielder. Skills would be Two-handed, Block, Restoration, Alteration (primarily for the Flesh spells), Illusion (for the Rally spell and similar), Heavy Armor, and possibly Smithing or Enchanting on the side so you can strengthen your equipment when need be. For race, I'd go for either Breton (for the magic resistance) or possibly Nord (for a more brutal & fearsome kind of warrior). The stone I'd use is the Lord Stone (+50 "natural armor", and 25% magic resistance; goes up to 50% if you're playing a Breton), though I might exchange it for the Atronach Stone for a more magic-oriented PC. If you intend on using Smithing as a way to obtain your armor, make sure not to use Daedric weapons & armor (for roleplaying reasons, unless you plan on playing a Dark Paladin/Blackguard). As for the armor itself, I'd say get yourself a suit of Steel Plate armor (with or without the helmet) then work your way up to Dragonbone (if you intend on becoming a Dragonborn Paladin) or work up to Ebony and stop there. If you want a holy-looking armor & you're playing on PC, looking the Kynesguard/Daedra Hunter mod on the Steam Workshop. I'll provide a link for those interested: (

  • Epic_Ted

    Love this build! Really lore friendly and fun. I going to make the Paladin!

  • iDankCai

    So it's basically a vigilant of standear

  • clawdywins11

    What is the animation mod you're using?

  • G 12

    when I wentnthrough helgen no one had an iron warhammer

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