Skyrim Remastered Best DAEDRIC Weapons & Armor ALL Enchanted At LEVEL ONE! (Special Edition Build)

Skyrim Remastered Best DAEDRIC Weapons & Armor & Enchanted At LEVEL ONE! (Special Edition Build Guide) LEVEL ONE TO STRONGEST IN 1 HOUR!
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Ingredients Locations:
- Void Salts:
- Daedric Heart:
- Ebony Ingot:
- Greater Soul Gem: Brought from Mages, General Goods Merchants, Looted in Dwemer Mines.
- Silver Sword: Kill the silver bloods: Just do a section of the Companion guild quest in Whiterun and you will get lots of silver swords.
- Full Ebony Armor:
- Ebony Weapons (Level One):


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  • Sir Hamma Drama

    "I don't claim to be the greatest smith in Whiterun, Eorland Graymane holds that honor." >What do you have for sale? "The finest weapons and armor."

  • Lil' Miss Dropbear

    "You've advanced quickly." Yeah it only took me 30 minutes and a mudcrab.

  • Adam Xei

    A demonic weapon with the Holy enchantment. Irony at its finest.

  • Leaded Eagle

    14hrs of grinding dwarven ruins to make bows for 90 smithing and instead I could have just violated a crab with dark magic and physically abuse a demon

  • Fibblewitz

    My daedric armor didn't come with a tail

  • Jay Magoo

    Dremora: I ... I submit! What is your bidding, master?Me: I want you to say "Nobody summons Megatron!"Dremora: What?Me: Say it!Dremora: Nobody summons Megatron!Me: Heh, cool. Now say "Decepticons! RETREAT!"Dremora: Dude, what the f -Me: NOW!Dremora: Decepticons! RETREAT!Me: Awesome. Now yell "Starscreeeeam! You have failed me for the last time!"Dremora: Starscream you have failed me for the last time.Me: No, no, no. Like you're mad. Really sell it.Dremora: Starscreeeam! You have failed me for the last time!Me: Okay, that's good, you can go now.Dremora: What? But I'll do your bidding in your quest to lay waste to the land of Skyr -Me: 'Kay bye.

  • AdriftSkies GD

    Now my armor glows all the colors of the rainbow, my boots increase my weight and my sword sounds like this:UH OH YAH UHH UHHLike if you get the reference.

  • GD- SpliX

    Who else hated their lives when they had to lvl up their conjuration?

  • Aislin Lindsay


  • Not a Man Studios

    m8... you have misled me, this isnt at level one, this is at whatever level you end up on after leveling up your conjuration that high

  • MetroVerse

    IMPORTANT STUFF:1) Do NOT eat the hearts!2) If you keep getting Warhammers only, I've seen several solutions people claim will work: Take the Sigil Stone, drop it, then put it back, or make sure you have a save where you just entered the Midden, and reload that.

  • Dakedres

    Realistically why can't we just ask the dremora for some deadric armor?

  • Abdallah Diaa

    Him: don't eat daedra heart because its so rare.Me: Sells it to belethor at level 20 speech

  • Honest M'aiq

    "How quickly you advanced. Most impressive."Is that a Star Wars reference ?

  • TheRobotReaper 2

    it took me way more than 30 mins lol

  • JimE901

    In level 30 and still have no clue what I’m doing in Skyrim

  • Creative Username

    What happens if I use the black star as the black soul gem

  • Eli N

    I want to see you craft that sword bc all I get is war axe and hammers and taking the thing in and out doesn’t help

  • Nikriin

    I'd say that conjuring bound weapons in combat is a more viable method with the soul trap perk.

  • AJ Killerofall

    QUICK TIP while killing the unbound dramora if you are quick enough you can grab his enchanted weapon

  • lucas correa

    Dude after level 70 of conjuration this thing took forever to level up,holy cow

  • Zakk's Farts

    Phinis Gestor : Summoning an unbound dremora or whatever its called with hand signs...Me : So like Naruto?Phinis Gestor : Yeah basically

  • The_ Wølfs_Claws

    I got 7 daedric warhammers and 2 war axes for free, well except the one daedric heart I ate on accident

  • Rush Drag

    When I summon the dremora it doesn’t actually summon

  • Gab Cham

    For the people who are still getting only the warhammer, the ultimate solution, and believe me, I tried many, is actually adding more ebony ingots to the recipe. This will 100% work!

  • Dar'vani Plays

    This really helped! Thank you so much :D+1 sub gained!

  • Jaime Pelayo

    Deadric Weapons are like friends.....I’ve always wanted one.


    Does it have to be a greater soul gem? Or can I use a different one?


    Did anyone else did this on Legendary Mode and Killed a Giant for the Conjuration Dummy?

  • ninjamastas

    Huh the glitch where i only get warhammers or axes wont fix... :(

  • Mason Games and stuff

    My Friend: I had to get my smithing up to level 90 to get this armorMe: i had to violate a wood elf and a treasure hunter with a spell to level up my conjuration to get this armor!

  • Hiped Ballista

    When I put my ebony boots in it came to the forge but when I picked it up it wasn’t in my inventory

  • Dyl

    I have literally just binged watched most of your skyrim videos to prepare for Friday, I'm so happy that I found your channel

  • Allianz

    I tried using the recipe in this video for daedric weapons, but it didn't work. Later I found out I had to use a grand soul gem filled with a grand soul (not greater). But all that matters is that I found a better weapon than a shiv.

  • Klmtt0024 0

    Right... level one smh

  • FarmingSimulatorGuy

    the weapon i got was for 41 damage

  • Great Value

    Hey eso when I pull the lever with all the ingredients for a weapon it keeps giving me armor instead of a weapon. I have a silver sword in the box

  • Fernando Augusto Zamprogna

    daedric stuff at level 1 guide:first step:get to level 100:(

  • VanGendt

    For some reason no matter how many times i keep taking off the sigil stone i keep getting the warhammer

  • Tyrese .G

    The game gives me so much Daedric Warhammers that I'm beginning to think I might never get a sword

  • M'aiq The Liar

    Enchanted Daedric Weapons: Daedra Heart, Ebony ingot, Silver Sword, and a greater soul gem (filled)Enchanted Daedric Armor: Daedra Heart, Ebony ingot, Filled greater soul gem, and void saltsUnenchanted Daedric Weapon: Daedra Heart, Centurion Dynamo Core, Black soul gem, Ebony Weapon(Depending on what you want), Void Salts, and A filled greater soul gem

  • I don't know what to put

    My armor won't summon what am I doing wrong?

  • fireandcopper

    In order to prove you're in control of a dremora, pee on it and hump it to assert dominance

  • Kaidominic

    alternatively you can craft some resto pots and become one punch man

  • William Maldonado

    Thanks but if I’d known about what I needed to put in the box I would of had the ingredients to put in the box so I can start making amor but I do appreciate your channel

  • dhg the vulture

    I hate it because i never get a dadric bow

  • Lil_ZilZoney38 YT

    “I Used To Be A Bad Skyrim Gamer Like You, Then I Took A ESO To The Knee.”

  • Jesus Beenebus

    Deadric gauntlets uncharnted here I come

  • Sander Mesila

    Level one, IN CAPS. God, everyone is out on clickbait nowadays.Nonetheless, this could prove useful, but using console commands might be easier.

  • Butter my crispy flakes

    Getting all the stuff in the box before getting the item doesn't freeze my xbox 360

  • socialis_anxietatem

    I'm crying now I just beat the guy then a dragon pop out and kills me

  • DeadRexxy 223

    My little Nephew literally smashed where the subscribe button is and cracked my screen LOL

  • Tony Ghost

    Aren't black soul gems only for black souls like redguards or i'm i wrong

  • LoveyMcstuffy AJ

    But how do you exit the midden? I'm trapped 😂

  • Radical Ronin

    I ate 3 daedric hearts and nearly cried

  • CouchPotato

    Who still watches this in 2019

  • T J

    NOOO I ATE MY DEDRA HEART Thats why I made a save before doing this

  • AutisticWiz

    I know this video is old but, technically you can't do it at level one because the conjuring levels you up.

  • Let me hit 1,000 subs with no content Goo

    It took me 1 hour and 23 minutes to finish the conjuration thing

  • lachosss

    Apparantly i don't have enough magicka, even though the spell costs 62 and Im level 28 with 170 magicka

  • Kurama England

    Really handy for Xbox when you play a legitimate build to level Conjuration and get Armor for my mage build

  • Syizzy Sketch

    for anyone looking for silver swords when they already completed all of the champions quests, find Gallows Rock. it resets silver hands every once in a while.

  • Onii-chan

    "Holy Daedric War Axe" LOL the name.

  • Domtuber

    GUYS! You can just take a wooden bowl/plate, and go to the College of Winterhold. The fourth pillar to the left of the main hall, where the "lessons" are held, and drop the wooden bowl or plate. Pick it up and hold it, then dash (NOT WHIRLWIND SPRINT) into the bowl/plate while it's held against the wall. You should eventually go into the pillar (may take more than one try), and look down. There's a chest, a "glitch" chest, which is lootable. If it says stealing, it doesn't cause any trouble. The chest holds the Sigil Stone, meaning you can skip the ENTIRE first phase of the video. It also holds a book that teaches Fire Storm, the best damage fire spell (takes level 100 destruction, though). You are welcome.

  • The Darkness

    I got the Daedric Sword of the Vampire by taking Solitude. I use it in combination with the Blade of Woe.

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