Skyrim Remastered Best DAEDRIC Weapons & Armor ALL Enchanted At LEVEL ONE! (Special Edition Build)

Skyrim Remastered Best DAEDRIC Weapons & Armor & Enchanted At LEVEL ONE! (Special Edition Build Guide) LEVEL ONE TO STRONGEST IN 1 HOUR!
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Ingredients Locations:
- Void Salts:
- Daedric Heart:
- Ebony Ingot:
- Greater Soul Gem: Brought from Mages, General Goods Merchants, Looted in Dwemer Mines.
- Silver Sword: Kill the silver bloods: Just do a section of the Companion guild quest in Whiterun and you will get lots of silver swords.
- Full Ebony Armor:
- Ebony Weapons (Level One):


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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

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  • Fibblewitz

    My daedric armor didn't come with a tail

  • Sir Hamma Drama

    "I don't claim to be the greatest smith in Whiterun, Eorland Graymane holds that honor." >What do you have for sale? "The finest weapons and armor."

  • MetroVerse

    IMPORTANT STUFF:1) Do NOT eat the hearts!2) If you keep getting Warhammers only, I've seen several solutions people claim will work: Take the Sigil Stone, drop it, then put it back, or make sure you have a save where you just entered the Midden, and reload that.

  • Chloe Dropbear

    "You've advanced quickly." Yeah it only took me 30 minutes and a mudcrab.

  • Adam Xei

    A demonic weapon with the Holy enchantment. Irony at its finest.

  • Jay Magoo

    Dremora: I ... I submit! What is your bidding, master?Me: I want you to say "Nobody summons Megatron!"Dremora: What?Me: Say it!Dremora: Nobody summons Megatron!Me: Heh, cool. Now say "Decepticons! RETREAT!"Dremora: Dude, what the f -Me: NOW!Dremora: Decepticons! RETREAT!Me: Awesome. Now yell "Starscreeeeam! You have failed me for the last time!"Dremora: Starscream you have failed me for the last time.Me: No, no, no. Like you're mad. Really sell it.Dremora: Starscreeeam! You have failed me for the last time!Me: Okay, that's good, you can go now.Dremora: What? But I'll do your bidding in your quest to lay waste to the land of Skyr -Me: 'Kay bye.

  • Creative Username

    What happens if I use the black star as the black soul gem

  • Not a Man Studios

    m8... you have misled me, this isnt at level one, this is at whatever level you end up on after leveling up your conjuration that high

  • Nicholas Evans

    Hands down best Skyrim channel out there. These guides are amazing and are of very high quality. Thank you ESO

  • Aislin Lindsay


  • Eli N

    I want to see you craft that sword bc all I get is war axe and hammers and taking the thing in and out doesn’t help

  • Dakedres

    Realistically why can't we just ask the dremora for some deadric armor?

  • TonedMars0734

    Why the hell wouldn’t you tell us the required ingredients sooner? Lol you make it seem you’ll get the armor out of thin air, then in the end you need some pretty rare shit for a level one. But I suppose clickbaity titles are what get you paid.

  • Honest M'aiq

    "How quickly you advanced. Most impressive."Is that a Star Wars reference ?

  • Tony Ghost

    Aren't black soul gems only for black souls like redguards or i'm i wrong

  • AdriftSkies GD

    Now my armor glows all the colors of the rainbow, my boots increase my weight and my sword sounds like this:UH OH YAH UHH UHHLike if you get the reference.

  • JimE901

    In level 30 and still have no clue what I’m doing in Skyrim

  • Klmtt0024 0

    Right... level one smh

  • vargen1414

    0:27 how do Khajiits wear Daedric Armor like seriously the Daedric Helmet Blocks their ears completely so how do they hear anything?

  • AutisticWiz

    I know this video is old but, technically you can't do it at level one because the conjuring levels you up.

  • Killzs K

    why wont the demora spwan?

  • Definitely a Hooman


  • Allianz

    I tried using the recipe in this video for daedric weapons, but it didn't work. Later I found out I had to use a grand soul gem filled with a grand soul (not greater). But all that matters is that I found a better weapon than a shiv.

  • Ms. Queen

    I did this on the 360 and I have to do it again on the Xbox one 😤 so annoying

  • Harry Wilcock

    My method. Put the ebony blade in and add void salts, it will conjure a random enchanted weapon. Research the offering box and the ebony blade is still in it.

  • dhg the vulture

    I hate it because i never get a dadric bow

  • Tiffany Ulloa

    Eso can we use soul gems that are more powerful than the greater soul gem ?

  • BigManLuke

    I am unable to summon the unbound dremora but i didnt get a sigel stone and ive only killed him once. I didnt save after getting level 100 conjuration so i cant go back doesnt anybody know what to do.

  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    This is a guide to go from LEVEL ONE to GOD MODE Enchanted Armor and weapons! I hope you enjoy it and share with your mates to help them out!... or just send your mates pictures of your low level character with full daedra XD Yes I have made a similar collection of guides to this before, but it was spread across several 3 year old videos and they were all text based and very hard to follow for anybody new. So here is the new improved one video guide.

  • IDontKnow WhatToPut

    They patched the thing where you could take the items out and still get amour rip

  • how do i delete my channel? !

    I have a problem when I try to summon the dremora spell it just doesn't work this might have to do when I summonsed and killed the dremora there was a blood dragon attacking. Can anyone help me?


    Did anyone else did this on Legendary Mode and Killed a Giant for the Conjuration Dummy?

  • Nothing Is left

    Here's a faster way to get to 100 conjurations faster, but only on pc.And just to be clear, this method uses cheat engine.1. download cheat engine2. press process list and click on Skyrim3. put speed hacks on4. put speed to 50-100 (don't go higher)5. do the exact thing on the video 6. You'll reach 100 conjurations less than 1 or 2 mins.AND DONT WORRY YOU WILL NOT GET VAC BAN OR ANYTHING.


    Aye my friend I have skyrim normal edition (the old first edition) and I want to replace it by the legendary edition and some mods do you know how can I continue my progress.

  • Chris Joao

    This doesn’t work. It’s next to impossible beating that dude on the roof. Level one my ass.

  • justsomekid 99

    I took the sigil stone off and on again but still only gave the war hammer and war axe

  • Great Value

    Hey eso when I pull the lever with all the ingredients for a weapon it keeps giving me armor instead of a weapon. I have a silver sword in the box

  • Butter my crispy flakes

    Getting all the stuff in the box before getting the item doesn't freeze my xbox 360

  • Mr.Hamster

    Or if you are using pc just press ~ on keyboard and type player.forceav Conjuration 100 It will give you the power temporarily 😉

  • Fernando Augusto Zamprogna

    daedric stuff at level 1 guide:first step:get to level 100:(

  • Venom Forged

    Hall of continence hahahah is there loads of incontinent people in there? Hope they have towels

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    I just got my Sigil Stone by glitching in with wooden plate into 2nd pillar to the left in Hall of Elements.Then, in Midden i used only:- Ebony piece of armor or weapon- Daedra Heart- Centurion Dynamo Core- Black Soul Gem (can be filled or not)Now i have (almost) whole Daedra Set except Boots.There is a glitch where you offcourse can spawn them and pick up but then It won't appear in inventory. Kinda sucks.

  • Chihuahua in a Fedora

    This really helped! Thank you so much :D+1 sub gained!

  • ValericaThorne

    I did the dawngaurd and I found Royal vampire robes/clothes and it gave me 125% more magicka regeneration and I enchanted my vampire boots to give me 15% more carry weight and I did this hack/trick to get the daedric gauntlets that gives you magicka regeneration (I can't remeber how much) so when I eventually got them I disenchanted them and put the enchantment on my vampire gloves. I'm a power vampire lord now. (I only went through this much hard work so I can roleplay😂) P. S thankyou ESO for another helpful hack! Also I subscribed and left a 👍.

  • Dylan B

    Do you know if a steel sword works

  • Caden Machado

    It doesn’t work for me even though I have all of the right ingredients and yes I have elder scrolls five special edition for Xbox one

  • J. A.

    Weird the video says lv 1 but you do it at lv 20?

  • Lil_ZilZoney38 YT

    “I Used To Be A Bad Skyrim Gamer Like You, Then I Took A ESO To The Knee.”

  • Eco

    Is this patched with the unofficial se patch mod?

  • pilzerfa

    Can i do this in the original game with all of the dlcs?

  • socialis_anxietatem

    I'm crying now I just beat the guy then a dragon pop out and kills me

  • Tropical Rain

    My cousins out fighting dragons and what do I get guard duty

  • Yoki Fam

    I'm trying to get gauntlets of peerless wielding but I'm only getting peerless sur grip and archery.Can any body help me out?

  • Rutger

    Im only getting daedric warhammers.. I tried replacing the pedestal but that doesn't do anything:/

  • IDoesGaming

    I have question.Can i use grand soul gem?

  • scarletneedle kraken

    I am level 34 right now, I found an equipment that has like 100 of armor, does this armor will have a higher amount of armor as Im on a higher level than your character or not?, I'm wondering since is to much of a hustle to do all of that for a cooler but weaker armor

  • Dyl

    I have literally just binged watched most of your skyrim videos to prepare for Friday, I'm so happy that I found your channel

  • Lyra Moore

    For anyone who needs help finding a daedra heart you will find one in jorrvaskar in whiterun on like a plate in the ‘leaders’ roomI’m pretty sure you can find four in another quest where if you’ve been invited to a museum go there and do this whole quest thingy

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