How To Install Mount and Blade Warband Mods

This is the same process for the 1st mount and blade and with fire and sword!

My recommended download site is:

  • ChePe

    How to download and Install minecraft mods?

  • The Entire State of Minnesota

    minecraft? you said minecraft at the beginning lol.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    I place the file in a folder and put it in warband modules, but it doesnt show up on the warband launcher

  • Thecheken

    I've always wanted progressive worlds on minecraft!

  • Slaire Awesome

    PEOPLE, he made one mistake at the start, just ignore it.

  • alex riches

    Just a warning: there are lots of fake winrars which tend to give you Trojans, found this out the hard way.

  • SpecialHwanGames

    Guys in the beginning he said he is installing minecraft LOL

  • Narkotic

    Lol am i the only one who sees monopoly in junk pile

  • SHB Giant

    really... minecraft?!?!

  • Matija šinko

    minecraft ?wtf lolololol

  • Mike M

    Great easy to follow guide. Thanks man!

  • rupert kiler

    lol he says i will teach you how to install "minecraft mods" lol

  • Stephen Pope

    yeah hearts of iron 3!

  • Joe Momma

    It doesnt show up in my modules and I did everything exactly like you did.

  • Chaoyang Chen

    you said minecraft mod at the first place

  • Tim Rosén

    I downloaded 7zip but i cant extract the file

  • Mark Gray

    LOLOLOL You have a virus bro

  • PewDiePie Bro

    I Just Need To Fix An Error Which Says Unable to find module info file. if you know how to fix these please comment the steps on how to fix it.

  • Hellslaughtr10

    i want to install the 1776 mod for it, does it work the same way?

  • swedishspel

    I have this problem that i cannot acess the mod when i install in .exe, only mods i have been able to install are through .rar. Does anyone else have this problem or have a solution?

  • rovert881

    I did this and it isn't workingI put the file in the modules file and it doesn't show upI need help!

  • Terrance R

    Lol I think I'm at the wrong vid I was looking for MaB mod installs

  • Porkinchaps

    I did this but it did not work for me

  • Tohoan Cliff

    dude, some mods just keep on crashing with something like "unable to open Commonres/ costumes_b.brf" when i start the game with a different mod it keep crashing while in the loading screen. WTF should i do? its completely pissing me off

  • Justaguy AroundYoutube

    Excuse me. I downloaded the mod I open up the folder BOOM 20 FILES not in 1 file they put it separated how do put it In my module now? I can't just put 20 file which contains variable sound BLAH BLAH BLAH It won't work!

  • UneatableToast


  • Hou Yi

    Hey.... Someone explain to me why i dont have a modules folder..Let me answer that! Some of you might have the problem of steam not being in program files; Just find the warband one XDEdit number 3; Lol still doesnt work

  • They Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an Eggplant

    How do I install mods in Modules? Thats why i'm here. Cause I wanna have a Decapitation mod with Native/Viking/Floria/Pendor, but i don't know if thats allowed or even possible. Also adding weapons and Flags and stuff.

  • WildWolf979

    +AesomeTacoGameGuide i tried installing anglo-zulu war for a long time and it seems to work but i get instantly kicked from servers i try to join.Please help!

  • Pomogite menya

    When I run my mod that I've downloaded, after quite a while trying, it says when I run the mod (north & south) unable to open file: commonRes/costumes_a.brf

  • Craimax Black

    i have a problem,when i download the mod i put all the files in he main folder,before modules,and the mod doesn't work,the rest works but whit the skin of the other mod,and now i put the mod on modules but is the same,how can i fix it,or i must re-instal the game from 0?

  • Reverse Priest

    im trying to install the old america 1860s mod, i unzipped the folder and put it in my modules - then i opened m&b warband and it didnt show up in my modules.

  • Tidester

    Minecraft?...Minecraft!?!?DAMN IT BRAIN!

  • Lassi 'PsYYChoSiiS' Lehtonen

    When I open warband and select the mod it loads for some time and then says Unable to open file, textures.

  • Nicolai Andersen

    Toda im gonna be showing you how to install minecraft mods and how simple it is. So as an example, im gonna be downloading the persistent world mod for mount and blade...     Where is the logic????

  • Crusading Crusader

    does downloading "the last days of middle earth" have the same steps or are they different, if so can you please make a video on how to do so.

  • Jay Helps

    hey AwesomeTacoGameGuide do you know how to get the xbox 360 to work better than it do coz atm turns really slow and stuff gets you killed

  • Quintus Sertorius

    It doesn't work with March of Rome mod for me :(. I just don't know what to do exactly. When I but the folder in it it doesn't show up in the mount&blade warband launcher

  • Calum Murray

    How do you install 7Z files

  • Jack Lewis

    hey can someone tell me how to install moutt and blade warband enhanced for other mods  TLD requests to fix crashes i use this but dont know how


    THANK YOU I learned how to start up a mod and this is my first time doing it thanks bru I liked, subscribed, added to playlist/watch later.

  • nick martin

    i go into mount and blade warband file and it dont have the modules folder help!

  • Haakon Berg

    I need help. I downloaded mount and blade using good old games, but i can't seem to be able to install any mods. I used the same technique as you but it did not work. plz help

  • Keir Dinsdale

    i have it in my mount and blades folder but its in documents do i have to move it to my data file

  • Mr

    Everybody is a noob, the only people who think they aren't just have a higher ping rate than the people they are killing.

  • Crimson Phoenix YT

    minecraft mods ? lol I think you mean mount and blade mod

  • EasY Gaming

    Minecraft? hahah xD nice failInstall MountandBlade mod on minecraft instead :P

  • Bruno Alexander

    I placed the folder into the moduels but it is not showing up..anyone know whY?

  • Dylan Raynor

    Thanks a lot it was my first time not getting mods from the workshop and I tried just pasting it into the game and not going through folder 86 so thanks a lot

  • The Banana Guy

    help please make an video how to intall the BF0.43 patch for BF0.42

  • lander schellens

    Plz help with this error: rgl error unable to open file modules/ironeurope/textures_face_gen.brf  the only videos that have a fix are in a different language and a 9 y/o who is recording with a potato...

  • NashGrash and JACKABHOY

    Dude can u tell me how to get warsword conquest for mount and blade warband

  • Bobert

    Finally some good guy showing how to quick download and for 100% working

  • Tristan de Klerk

    thnx man i frogot what the program i needed to make the file a zip ( now i feel like a idiot )

  • Skitzeyy

    When i download 2 sepret things one is a bug fix and one is the mod. Do i add them together ?

  • Andrés Cachay

    i cant find a tutorial for mac someone can help me i want to install peloponnesian war mod but dont appear in steam

  • TheSwagsta Olive

    MINECRAFT MODS? damn thinked it was called mount & Blade well you dum me :D

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