How To Install Mount and Blade Warband Mods

This is the same process for the 1st mount and blade and with fire and sword!

My recommended download site is:

  • ChePe

    How to download and Install minecraft mods?

  • The Entire State of Minnesota

    minecraft? you said minecraft at the beginning lol.

  • Jordan Hoffman

    I place the file in a folder and put it in warband modules, but it doesnt show up on the warband launcher

  • Mike M

    Great easy to follow guide. Thanks man!

  • alex riches

    Just a warning: there are lots of fake winrars which tend to give you Trojans, found this out the hard way.

  • Narkotic

    Lol am i the only one who sees monopoly in junk pile

  • Stephen Pope

    yeah hearts of iron 3!

  • Joe Momma

    It doesnt show up in my modules and I did everything exactly like you did.

  • SpecialHwanGames

    Guys in the beginning he said he is installing minecraft LOL

  • Supersubject101

    that desktop screen is the best...DARK SOULS

  • Pikselonix

    Like for the screen (Dark Souls Elite Knight)

  • Slaire Awesome

    PEOPLE, he made one mistake at the start, just ignore it.

  • Bome Yo

    Thanks for helping me install mincraft mods :)

  • rupert kiler

    lol he says i will teach you how to install "minecraft mods" lol

  • DriesProGamer K

    Thank you, good tutorial

  • CaptainJack

    ohmygodIFinalyFoundsome onewait?thatHasatutorial!!!!!!!

  • Darius the brony

    everytime I try to extract Napoleonic war single player, I keep getting 2 fatal errors, help!

  • Matija šinko

    minecraft ?wtf lolololol


    THANK YOU I learned how to start up a mod and this is my first time doing it thanks bru I liked, subscribed, added to playlist/watch later.

  • Elias Westgaard

    thank u man, this was realy helpful :-D

  • Witty Watson

    Gotta love that dark souls wallpaper. Thumbs up from me

  • Anran Tan

    Thanks! You really helped me :3

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    helped sooo much! thanks man!

  • Shane J

    Poor uploader. He has uploads from 3 years ago with like, 80 views. Subbed.

  • WILL0ify

    Subbed thats amazing man

  • majid_gamer

    I'm Sweet Sweet, but you're the same game every Achterb mount and blded

  • - Tim444777111

    Did u exually download the mod free?

  • UneatableToast


  • Thecheken

    I've always wanted progressive worlds on minecraft!

  • EasY Gaming

    Minecraft? hahah xD nice failInstall MountandBlade mod on minecraft instead :P

  • NextGen Anthill

    I got diplomacy mod the others didnt work like pw roman invasion and warsword

  • Hilde Venegas

    Thanks for the help :D

  • Anass lm

    How to install anglo zulu Mod ?

  • Marvin C

    i downloaded the red wars mod and the loading screen says it can;t open this Commonres folder. help pleaze.

  • Youssef Zaghloul

    dooes this work on mount and blades demo*

  • KuntuApi

    how do you uninstall clash of kings mod?

  • David Kalabic

    best site for me is moddb site have lot mods for warband and other games

  • skelletet123

    You just got sub nr 2000 :D

  • Mr.Finning

    This helped a lot thanks man

  • HAPPY camper

    you should get adblocker ;p

  • Hou Yi

    Hey.... Someone explain to me why i dont have a modules folder..Let me answer that! Some of you might have the problem of steam not being in program files; Just find the warband one XDEdit number 3; Lol still doesnt work

  • garrett W

    finally i can use minecraft mods! thank u

  • ARussianBadger

    Post your back round image its awsome

  • Seth Jennings

    it not working for mewhat should i do

  • Mark Gray

    LOLOLOL You have a virus bro

  • Frano Franjić

    crash when i start new game need help

  • Tim Rosén

    I downloaded 7zip but i cant extract the file

  • lander schellens

    Plz help with this error: rgl error unable to open file modules/ironeurope/textures_face_gen.brf  the only videos that have a fix are in a different language and a 9 y/o who is recording with a potato...

  • Crixus Gracida

    Thanks man, i apreciate your help

  • The MC Bros

    some much fun thank Dude

  • SHB Giant

    really... minecraft?!?!

  • max steel

    thanks bro ur very clear and good

  • WildWolf979

    +AesomeTacoGameGuide i tried installing anglo-zulu war for a long time and it seems to work but i get instantly kicked from servers i try to join.Please help!

  • Blastaq ッ

    bro you helped me as hell thx man

  • David Palmer

    Did he just say i'm going to teach you how to install minecraft mods?

  • Chaoyang Chen

    you said minecraft mod at the first place

  • max crawford

    Very useful for just getting into adding mods. Thanks

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