Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 17)

Skyrim is massive game with no shortage of activities for the Dragonborn to pursue and take up, but seven years later many players may finally be beginning to question if they’ve explored all The Elder Scrolls 5 offers. Alas, we’re confident that’s still not yet the case for Skyrim. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you probably didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Mackenzie Sigmon

    is the prince of betrayalChampion: betrays herBoethiah: insert surprised pikachu meme here

  • Wecoc1

    If you kill Camilla AFTER giving the Golden Claw he doesn't get angry at all.Indeed it was something like:Me: kills Camilla right in front of himHim: "You and me... we are the only people around who aren't complete fools"

  • Galimeer5

    Damn. I had no idea the Champion of Boethiah was actually a rather chill guy

  • Gaming 876

    when you escape execution but get teleported to another dimension and get killed by a bosmer clone :(

  • Antoine Landreth

    Damn. Roggvir had his name wrote in the Death Note

  • ShadowFenix

    If you somehow scare Serana (Like fear spells) she will cast invisibility on herself

  • yeehaw

    Little known fact: Nate has no doors on his house. Not a single one. He keeps a bowl in his car and when he gets home he puts it against the wall and runs at it really fast and clips into his foyer

  • Chivels

    I have a tiny detail to share. I just found it recently, and I don't think you've talked about it before:It has to do with Arvel the Swift in Bleak Falls Barrow. Normally, you kill the spider that caught him, and he asks to be cut down when you talk to him; however, if you manage to sneak past the spider or nonlethally incapacitate it (by paralysis), Arvel will have some unique dialogue that goes along the lines of "who are you? Nevermind, that doesn't matter. Cut me down before that thing gets to us."

  • Aethro

    You can return "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller" back to Ustengrav which will give the player a free dragon soul :)

  • Literally The Moon

    Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.

  • Connor Burton

    Sounds like Boethia's champion was going to just be some random peaceful blacksmith who you'd have to show up and murder. Guess Beth didn't remove the dialogue since they assumed no one would access it.

  • Shizu -chan

    You can read the names written on the gravestones in Falkreath Cemetery , some of them are very sad , creepy , or hilarious.

  • Michael Pisciotta

    I think The champion of Boethiah was supposed to talk to you before you fight him but Bethesda forgot to make him neutral.

  • Anime Kun

    Sneak madesis ring in brynjolf's pocket and get him arrested by the guards

  • Gerben van Egmond

    Oh my God the first fact on Boetiah's champ blew my mind! Thanks for the video Nate, I'm looking forward for part 18

  • Paladin Johnson

    The first fact is one of the most interesting things ever said on this channel about skyrim.

  • Bidhan Tandukar

    What if you mod and set Roggvir as an essential NPC?Would he still be MURDERED TO DEATH?

  • Tom Stafford

    Alduin's last words are a reference to Malafor's last words in Spyro. They translaste from Dovahzhul to 'I cannot die. I am eternal' which is basically the same as what Malafor says before being killed in a very similar way to Alduin.... Food for thought.

  • Dappershmellow

    4:56 This is why I like the Thieves Guild, they always got your back.

  • Lukáš Richtárik

    Things I can do in Skyrim? Not playing sleath archer, found out after 4k hours of stealthy boi gameplay

  • English Ollie

    I'd love to see a "10 things you missed in: beyond skyrim bruma, project AHO... ect"

  • Zoom queer

    So I was playing Skyrim and decided to leave odahviing prisoner while I went and got health potions so I wouldn’t die during the quest when I came back farengar secret fire the court wizard was talking to the dragon then he walked behind him and said “surly you won’t miss a few scales or a bit of blood.” then the dragon used yol and the wizard ran away Thought that was pretty interesting and you might put it in one of your videos

  • Exodus Payne

    It would've been cool if you started the storm cloak missions by saving rogvir and escaping solitude

  • Stage Lights

    who would win1000 Riften GuardsA couple essential thieves

  • ThisIsAUser Name

    "To the uninitiated"Can we acknowledge how Nate is basically now a cult, with "Skyrim is a big game" and "murdered to death" as its demonic chants?

  • GrimStrider

    The champion one. Blew my mind off that you can actually talk to the man and hear his story. Good one, Nate!!

  • Sheba Lathoria

    What happens if you calm spell the bandit, then pickpocket the ebony mail armor and leave?

  • MorseKawa

    Jesus. Roggvir’s fate in that room is like the ending of Skyline.

  • Claire Hinson

    Okay so I saw another commenter mention Arvel the Swift and it reminded me how when you get the quest marker "Cut Arvel down" in the golden claw quest, cutting him down can mean both cutting him out of the webs and just straight up murdering him (to death). It's a little obvious, but I thought it was cool

  • ClaraJ

    That Champion of Boethiah dialogue is awesome. A lot more interesting than just killing the guy. Why would they make it so difficult to access?

  • jokeonyou89

    I see the grander scheme here: We are being knowledged to death to satisfy Nate's wisdom lust.

  • Arbbym9er

    7:40 You're not fooling anyone in that disguise Nick Valentine

  • squattingheads

    8:30 he used magic. Nothing fair about that

  • SpikeRosered

    This makes me question what other hidden dialogue there is if you're able to calm certain hostile NPCs. If there are a lot you could make a series just off that.

  • A Tree


  • ßrändön ßütler—Lewis

    Can you drag the guards of falkreath/dawnstar into the dark brotherhood sanctuaries?

  • Ark Addict

    So I did this quest and one of the bandit mages decided to randomly attack the champion,the mage won so I only had to kill the mage

  • Lord Otaku

    8:30 haha! His head was cut off in my game but he got up and ran away saying something like”you’ll never catch me!”

  • E Sh

    You named your character disposable nord 1010 i see you have been experimenting a lot while making these videos lmao

  • Blaine Webb

    Lol hey Nate, don't forget that when you are a vampire, if using the Dawnbreaker sword, when it explodes it lights YOU on fire as well. It made it to where I cant use the great weapon because I am of course a vampire. Inigo is angry at me because he always wants to use it but I won't let him XD

  • HellFire Guy

    If you make you character have a single blind eye when you make the character, and later become a vampire, that blind eye will not be turned the bright orange color you see on other vampires

  • Follow The Whiter Rabbit

    Hint...Goto riverwood, talk to fendael, goto riverwood shop, LIE to kamala, go back to Fendael...Wallah... Instant companion who will train you in archery for free up to 50.

  • Shinigami

    Nothing better than sitting in my chair, sipping the tears of Alduin and listening to Nate by the fire.

  • LegionRapier61

    My wife was actually able to save the guy in Solitude, and the result was amazing! Because her sneak and archery was really high on her Xbox one play through she was able to stealth kill the guards and the headsman without the guy being hit. After that we are guessing the game had a bug, and the guy just spent the rest of her game standing on stage looking confused and occasionally sharpening a sword on the grinding stone. We had the best time making our own head cannon about how the town was just ignoring him like Mikasa in Another

  • Airisu Dragon

    Is there a chance that the player could kill Roggvir themselves when he is going to be beheaded, and if so, would it trigger something?

  • Joel Simmens

    I still don't have dawnguard :(

  • Zander Watson

    That surprised me. I expected that I would of known all 5. I actually wasn’t going to watch. Every days a school day, I guess. Good job

  • Dar'vani

    Do you know what I did on Boethia's calling?I took all the stuff from my follower, then sacrificed them. 👌

  • Camron Martin

    I watch these videos to test myself.

  • K Favro

    And you can take the claw back if you carry it upstairs, sneak, and then steal it. XD

  • Oceassa

    The companions protect you from the guards. Once I accidentally transformed into a werewolf and then I went into Jorvasskr and let it run out. Aela and Farkas killed the guards after me and I lived without a bounty.

  • Matthew Boles

    If you talk to Camilla after accepting the golden claw quest, she will take you outside to the bridge and tell you where to go for the quest

  • Zmishi Ymishi

    Things you didnt know you could do, part 17 - Retrieve a golden claw.... Wut?

  • Rabbix Edwards

    This is the first "you don't know video" that I've seen where I actually didn't f_ing know

  • Hurdleaaron

    What would happen if you complete the storm cloak quest line before going solitude

  • Augustus Valentine

    Roggvir ran out of the city in my version..?

  • Seth Patrick

    Anyone else getting pissed off about the double adds at beginning, YouTube why

  • Zeradash

    Actually, another tiny detail about number 3 is that in Whiterun Vignar Greymane apparently isnt in the guards faction unless he becomes the Jarl with the stormcloak main questline, but he is also a companion and a essential character. That means that if you are in the companions and get attacked by guards near him, he will go on a rampage all around the city. I think that this also happens if you complete the Greymane's quest to find Thorald.

  • KorilD

    Damn, things like no.1 are proof that Bethesda has gone to some seriously strange lengths to get the game engine to function the way they want it to..!

  • x Fondle

    10:15 so Roggvir essentially teleports to THE BACKROOMS

  • Kale Landrie

    Bethesda= traitors11/11 remembranceDay

  • IlSaMsm 7083

    What if you revive Roggvir with console commands?

  • C. Nasser

    3:29 - Disposable Nord 1010?

  • Corvus

    I always steal the golden claw back after giving it to the guy

  • David Landry

    I play on the PC. I created a batch file containing a bunch of console commands that essentially turns Roggvir into a giant, unstoppable, enraged maniac. I usually wait for him to finish his speech justifying his actions, run the script, and let him save himself, or at least postpone his own inevitable death. It's kind of funny watching Roggvir kill half the town, only to keel over and die randomly.

  • Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer

    The thing about the guards is incorrect, I've had the Companions protect me many a times from guards in Skyrim

  • Guacamole

    Companions attack the Whiterun guards. I got attacked by the guards and Farkas, Aela, Skjor and Kodlak helped me kill them all.

  • Geeta Kalapala

    What mods do you us to enhance visualfx

  • - Allduckslikewater-

    I've tiny detail to share, Kodlak has voiced mai'q lines (at least in my language version idk how in english, but probably same thing)

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