Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 17)

Skyrim is massive game with no shortage of activities for the Dragonborn to pursue and take up, but seven years later many players may finally be beginning to question if they’ve explored all The Elder Scrolls 5 offers. Alas, we’re confident that’s still not yet the case for Skyrim. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you probably didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Wecoc1

    If you kill Camilla AFTER giving the Golden Claw he doesn't get angry at all.Indeed it was something like:Me: kills Camilla right in front of himHim: "You and me... we are the only people around who aren't complete fools"

  • Mackenzie Sigmon

    is the prince of betrayalChampion: betrays herBoethiah: insert surprised pikachu meme here

  • ShadowxPhoenix

    If you somehow scare Serana (Like fear spells) she will cast invisibility on herself

  • Galimeer5

    Damn. I had no idea the Champion of Boethiah was actually a rather chill guy

  • ThisIsAUser Name

    "To the uninitiated"Can we acknowledge how Nate is basically now a cult, with "Skyrim is a big game" and "murdered to death" as its demonic chants?

  • Chivels

    I have a tiny detail to share. I just found it recently, and I don't think you've talked about it before:It has to do with Arvel the Swift in Bleak Falls Barrow. Normally, you kill the spider that caught him, and he asks to be cut down when you talk to him; however, if you manage to sneak past the spider or nonlethally incapacitate it (by paralysis), Arvel will have some unique dialogue that goes along the lines of "who are you? Nevermind, that doesn't matter. Cut me down before that thing gets to us."

  • Elliot White

    Nate please bring back some sort of outro

  • Gaming 876

    when you escape execution but get teleported to another dimension and get killed by a bosmer clone :(

  • Nazeem Chillfurrow

    Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.

  • Antoine Landreth

    Damn. Roggvir had his name wrote in the Death Note

  • yeehaw

    Little known fact: Nate has no doors on his house. Not a single one. He keeps a bowl in his car and when he gets home he puts it against the wall and runs at it really fast and clips into his foyer

  • KorilD

    Damn, things like no.1 are proof that Bethesda has gone to some seriously strange lengths to get the game engine to function the way they want it to..!

  • SpikeRosered

    This makes me question what other hidden dialogue there is if you're able to calm certain hostile NPCs. If there are a lot you could make a series just off that.

  • Shinigami

    Nothing better than sitting in my chair, sipping the tears of Alduin and listening to Nate by the fire.

  • 117 Theo

    I have a theory. So in the Thieves Guild quest line, you gotta beat up some shopkeepers to make them pay back some debt or something. After you do this, and go to Brynjolf to finish the quest. After he congratulates you, he removes the money from your inventory (300). What if the player doesn't have 300 gold? I think maybe he'll complain that you've spent it.

  • Gerben van Egmond

    Oh my God the first fact on Boetiah's champ blew my mind! Thanks for the video Nate, I'm looking forward for part 18

  • Aethro

    You can return "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller" back to Ustengrav which will give the player a free dragon soul :)

  • Ultimate Gamer

    Oh I love these series and keep up the good work Nate

  • Honest M'aiq

    You can read the names written on the gravestones in Falkreath Cemetery , some of them are very sad , creepy , or hilarious.

  • Connor Burton

    Sounds like Boethia's champion was going to just be some random peaceful blacksmith who you'd have to show up and murder. Guess Beth didn't remove the dialogue since they assumed no one would access it.


    Just finished my last exam! I'm ready to learn some Skyrim.

  • Paladin Johnson

    The first fact is one of the most interesting things ever said on this channel about skyrim.


    Hey how’s it’ going guys Nate here

  • Rogue Gamer117

    I’m early I need to comment... I didn’t know that the Blades were essential during the parthunax quest because I though you could kill them to end it. I was sorely wrong.

  • Apex05

    56 views56 likes0 dislikesNice

  • Anime Kun

    Sneak madesis ring in brynjolf's pocket and get him arrested by the guards

  • English Ollie

    I'd love to see a "10 things you missed in: beyond skyrim bruma, project AHO... ect"

  • Dappershmellow

    4:56 This is why I like the Thieves Guild, they always got your back.

  • Lost Khajiit

    Roggvir Batty:I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Skyrim. I watched Daedric eyes glitter in the dark near the Oblivion Gate. All those moments will be lost in time. Like tears in the rain. Time, to die.

  • Bidhan Tandukar

    What if you mod and set Roggvir as an essential NPC?Would he still be MURDERED TO DEATH?

  • ReZaHydra

    Hey, how’s it going Nate, random guy here. You’re probably thinking that I’m going to make a murdered to death pun, and I am.Murdered to Death!

  • ClaraJ

    That Champion of Boethiah dialogue is awesome. A lot more interesting than just killing the guy. Why would they make it so difficult to access?

  • Troy Stormblade

    I have a sin to confess: I lost the Ebony Blade. I have a nord two-handed warrior who would use not only one greatsword, I planned using the Ebony Blade and that was what I did, but recently (I mean 2 or 3 days ago) when I came back to the save, I noticed that I couldn't find the blade anywhere, I've gone to every damn place that I often visit during my gameplay, but the blade simply vanished. I want to think positively that I will end up finding the blade, instead of thinking that I left the blade in Deus Mons, a player home mod, and then deleted the mod, making the blade go back Oblivion.

  • DOOM Marine

    fun fact skyrim's birthday is also a annivercery of poland retaking it's independance this year is was over 100

  • Ulysses ThePagan

    Rarely do you tell me something I didn't know about Skyrim, but you still make it exciting and bring back fond memories. After one of your vids I find myself playing Skyrim once again. Keep up the epic work.

  • Asteiiox a

    Next video begin the intro with a scotish accent to change a bit, Btw I love your videos:D

  • EPIC GAMER 666

    Nate Austin's next intro: I'm gonna say the N word

  • Commando 385

    Looks at all those details and ignorant folks still accuse Bethesda being "lazy".

  • Tom Stafford

    Alduin's last words are a reference to Malafor's last words in Spyro. They translaste from Dovahzhul to 'I cannot die. I am eternal' which is basically the same as what Malafor says before being killed in a very similar way to Alduin.... Food for thought.

  • GrimStrider

    The champion one. Blew my mind off that you can actually talk to the man and hear his story. Good one, Nate!!

  • Tyler The meme lord

    Fun tip if your a Stormcloak and doing the civil war and did not enter Solitude before the final battle Roggvir will be dead before you enter but its either Ulfric or Galmar Stone-Fist I can't remember who but they say something along the line of its a shame Roggvir died before you enter try it your self but it will not work if you enter Solitude before the last stormcloak quest it must be during the last stormcloak civil war qust.

  • C. Nasser

    3:29 - Disposable Nord 1010?

  • Frost E Bear

    Damn, never realized Restoration was an OP skill.

  • Jesse Hinson

    Okay so I saw another commenter mention Arvel the Swift and it reminded me how when you get the quest marker "Cut Arvel down" in the golden claw quest, cutting him down can mean both cutting him out of the webs and just straight up murdering him (to death). It's a little obvious, but I thought it was cool

  • David Landry

    I play on the PC. I created a batch file containing a bunch of console commands that essentially turns Roggvir into a giant, unstoppable, enraged maniac. I usually wait for him to finish his speech justifying his actions, run the script, and let him save himself, or at least postpone his own inevitable death. It's kind of funny watching Roggvir kill half the town, only to keel over and die randomly.

  • ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░

    The Undead thing, man Holy Shit, never knew that like thats Mind Blowing.

  • Blaine Webb

    Lol hey Nate, don't forget that when you are a vampire, if using the Dawnbreaker sword, when it explodes it lights YOU on fire as well. It made it to where I cant use the great weapon because I am of course a vampire. Inigo is angry at me because he always wants to use it but I won't let him XD

  • Mr. Krusty

    I remember once on either PC or console I managed to actually save rogvir I made him into a follower and did atleast half the main story with him, then I got into dawnguard and had to replace him with serana, after that was done I went back to my house to try and get him back he wasint there I searched in solitude and still couldint find him then I went to his relatives to find out he died and when I went to get the amulate of talos from his coffin all of the gear I gave him was there to I got really sad because I started to think of it as him returning to clear his name only to get mowed down by the entire city, probably wasn't easy though since he was In high level gear with enchants regardless I put his armor on a mannequin in my house to remember him by :p

  • 2BuckChuck

    Damn, that necromage vampire combo is potent, is that a widely known thing?

  • Matthew Boles

    If you talk to Camilla after accepting the golden claw quest, she will take you outside to the bridge and tell you where to go for the quest

  • EPIC GAMER 666

    I wish Pewds gave a shout out to Nate

  • Acid Taco

    Is it just me or does TheEpicNate have a really cool voice??? Also keep up the good work Nate

  • A Tree


  • Grey Studios


  • Augustus Valentine

    Roggvir ran out of the city in my version..?

  • oh yeah yeah gamer

    I'm gonna get the game for Christmas this year am I late?

  • Sheba Lathoria

    What happens if you calm spell the bandit, then pickpocket the ebony mail armor and leave?

  • SmoKK z0r

    The game that keeps giving, unbeliveable! Thats why i still play it

  • Dexter Nelson

    My character right now is a female vampire. I spend three real days getting my restoration to 70 to get necromage, then I did the dawnguard DLC. I sided with the dawnguard, then used a mod to clean up Volkihar and mad that my home in Skyrim. lol.Heavy armor, conjuration/illusion focus and alternating between duel daggers (Woe/Mehrune's) and 2h (ebony blade). daggers when sneaking and 1-2 baddies, for 3 and up, magic and 2H. Makes for some interesting combat options.She wears the ebony mail with ebony gauntlets, boots, and helmet. And I used a mod to tint the set so it's a deep, deep red. It looks black until the light reflects off of it. Another mod to hide the helm.

  • Ya boi MiahTRT

    She protec (not really)She attacBut most importantly...She tell you to get her champion bac

  • Lunatrus

    Console commands to make Rogvir essential could be interesting...

  • Zoom

    So I was playing Skyrim and decided to leave odahviing prisoner while I went and got health potions so I wouldn’t die during the quest when I came back farengar secret fire the court wizard was talking to the dragon then he walked behind him and said “surly you won’t miss a few scales or a bit of blood.” then the dragon used yol and the wizard ran away Thought that was pretty interesting and you might put it in one of your videos

  • Super Tingle Gamer

    At least it's an excuse to get rid of Lydia

  • BakedPotatoYT

    I gave the claw back to the shop owner, then found some kettle, so i put it on camilla's head and his brother. After that i stole the claw and sold it back. Easy money

  • Catman 12

    The new creation update is great for ps4 players

  • B3ta

    My birthday is 11/11. No wonder why I like Skyrim so much..

  • CetchCS

    did you know in the thief guild quest to get money from the shops in the beginning of the storyline in riften you can actually make an alternate secret way to get the money from the argonians. you try to talk to her but fail everything than talk to her husband and talk to her again.

  • Ser Davos Seaworth

    I really like the views and the beliefs of the Champion of Boethiah. Its a shame I murdered him to death with getting to talk to him.

  • andrew luna

    So I was I blackreach fighting a chaurus reaper, my weapon of choice is dawnbreaker and as I land the killing blow its procs. The passive for fighting an undead? Is this a known ocurrance

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