Resident Evil 7: "Desolation" Trailer - E3 2016

The next chapter in Capcom’s survival horror series leaps onto PlayStation VR in what appears to be the first tape of a series of trailers.

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  • Rhino1931

    "This doesn't look like Resident Evil!" Great conclusion to draw from a 3 minute trailer

  • Dusan Ivic

    God damn it....first person???How am i supposed to look at leons perfect hair???? 💇

  • ZeStreD

    Wow going back through the comments from 7 months ago everyone was bitching so much and now the game is out and it is fantastic.....

  • hermyrubi

    I only gonna say...where is Jill Valentine?! She deserve a good, good bye from the series if this going be this way

  • Zichfried

    Silent Hill + Outlast + Resident Evil = Hype, but please, don't make RE a FPS.

  • Brayden Pace

    Resident evil needs to evolve and change again and this is the game that will do so. Can't wait.

  • Sam Faeh

    Original song is: Burl Ives - Go Tell Aunt RhodyHowever this is a new cover that will be available after a couple of weeks (im assuming)

  • ExcelHedge

    This is not Resident Evil. This is a freaking PT Clone.

  • The Man Called Sting

    Hey Konami, when this game releases and make lots of $$$ and gets great reviews, don't get salty and start trying to regret cancelling Silent Hills. It was your own fault.

  • Ramen117

    So God of War and Re7 are completely different now eh?

  • Semi Simian

    "Doesn't look like a RE game!"None of them have ever looked, or played like each other. They are all different. Be glad this one is going back to the horror genre, instead of the action genre.

  • Joster Plays

    "This isn't Resident Evil"No, Resident Evil 6 wasn't Resident Evil


    Exclusive Producer: Hideo Kojima

  • motaz turk

    so anyone knows the name of the song in this trailer??ps. if you say darude sandstorm i'll slap you back to 2012 to enjoy ur meme more

  • DomoDolo

    I'm getting the Lisa Trevor vibe for this one.

  • RoseParamore1

    Este "Resident Evil 7", parece la version mejorada de P.T... Capcom, sigue con estupideces. .'

  • Orange Dots

    I really enjoyed the screenplay and audio sync in this trailer. almost feels like a strongly fluid stop motion animation.

  • Robert Redfern

    so many crybabies here. you asked for horror and you got it.

  • Ryu Ken

    the way RE 1,2,3 played wont work in today's world. go back and play them and see them for yourself. it is very outdated and not even scary at all. yall getting high on that nostalgia

  • silverbell871

    Hate to state the obvious, but this doesn't look much like a Resident Evil game...

  • The Phantom Dick Whipper

    i'm not sure how i feel about resident evil looking like an actual horror game

  • Keith from D East

    How is this Resident Evil it looks more like PT.

  • Mr.BeastCobraMasta64

    Why am I so goddamn hyped for a game that came out months ago?!

  • KnightOfTheWind

    Looks great but I'm really not digging the first person perspective

  • Michael Angelo

    VR required or not... it's a Resident Evil game... in First Person view... I quit...

  • Chriz Lei

    "She's back" ALEX WESKER?????

  • Salmase Marcos

    Is the best trailer for a Silent hill game in a long time

  • Raheel Shahid

    FFS Capcom, why cant you just make a goddamn new Onimusha game

  • D A

    So people were complaining that the latest Resident Evil's were action games and now they're complaining that it's a horror game

  • bs2455

    silent resident evil hills

  • Spitfire94

    People are saying "This doesn't look like Resident Evil" when Resident Evil stopped looking like Resident Evil when Resident Evil 4 came out lol.

  • Sayiseesteel

    Holy Shit......I mean, This is a new direction for the Resident Evil series and on top of that its the 7th installment I'm interested to see how this turn's out.

  • Nivan Field

    i dont know how i feel about this....

  • GeorgeBonanza

    So they turned RE into outlast?

  • ronald harmon

    so there just gonna drop everything else in the series ? cause this doesnt look like a third person survival horror game or a tank controls game. i take it its all about supernatrual stuff instead of viruses. no leon or chris, no guns, nothing that makes an R.E. game an R.E. game.

  • laxfan727

    It's VR? Aw I thought it was going to be like RE4.

  • steezie bone

    people are soo god damn scared of change

  • geminiwolf91

    Is this really Resident Evil 7? Are you sure this isn't like some new first person horror game? Because this looks NOTHING like Resident Evil game. I am SO very disappointed with this. fter hearing bout Resident 7 going back to it's routes with being a more of a horror game like the old ones I was hoping for another Resident Evil 3 or even 4. But no all we get is some first person "run away" horror game. This is really stupid.

  • Jakob Johnson

    I'm still waiting on Condemned 3

  • Oman Rap

    NO third person ??NO Resident Evil Characters ??NO Umbrilla ??NO ZOMBIES ??NO WEAPONS ??a tru & real Resident Evil from 1996 its about Zombie & Monsters & Guns because u can't kill a 1000 zombie & monsters with knife !! but this Game its not a Resident Evil .. its a new game WITHOUT Resident Evil Famous Characters, Real Resident Evil is other story .. NOT THISWhy its Resident Evil 7 ?? it has to be Resident Evil new story Resident Evil 7 so it has to continue the story from part 6..WHY YOU CALL THIS RESIDENT EVIL 7 ?? ...

  • Jeremy Fields

    RE 4 will always be the best one

  • Yacine

    Wait ' it's a VR game ! lost the hype completely

  • EvilLiquidSnake Al Asam

    People If She is Back Who Will Be ? My only Hope Is Jill or May its from the Past before Resident Evil 0 That will be the hell of Creapiness

  • TheOneTrueStAN

    How is this a RE game? It's just a VR haunted house with zombies. I'll pass.

  • Schindler's Cyst

    To all the people complaining about it being different do you really want another resident evil 5 or 6?

  • sean supermang117

    Resident evil fans are so hard to please lol

  • FluxMaster Flex

    Whaaaaat???? No Chris, Jill, Leon, Ada, Claire, or even Carlos....ummm

  • xboxgamer969

    this isn't Resident Evil

  • Ciaran Thayer

    Is it a shooter or survival horror I'm very confused?

  • gongon1037

    1:25 still gives me goosebumps.

  • BamBamP

    People is brainwashed to the action and explosiveness of resident of evil with 5&6 and you can thank the movies for ruining the series at its very end this resident evil is more influenced by games like outlast it's a great start

  • Ryan D.

    For Christs' sake. Everybody was complaining about how Resident Evil isn't horror anymore, but when they finally make a scary game, people are upset that it doesn't look like Resident Evil. This series just can't catch a break. Sure it's different, but they're just not gonna make a game like the first three again. It's been 20 years! When are people going to realize that a series as old as Resident Evil is going to drastically change over time?

  • DarkAnti

    remember when resident evil was innovating

  • Just a Unlucky Guy

    So... Resident evil 7 is not a 3rd person survival horror or action shooter but just a First person horror game? I don't know what to think... It seem scary but also not resident evil... I don't know....I am lost... I don't hate it or like it... i'm very confuse....

  • Noah9016

    I don't understand. This is almost exactly what I wanted and I thought others wanted. Everyone loved PT to death, and got really angry when Silent Hills was canceled. Then Capcom returns to its roots of survival horror following the path of PT, and everyone hates them for it? The only bad thing this brings is that style of combat. The combat simply won't be the same.

  • MrC Thomson

    this isnt a resident evil game anymore in my opinion its just a remake of pt but different by the look of it and the story it has no connections to umbrella corporation nor any of the characters from the previous games so its just PT slapped around a while and give the name resident evil that is all what a let down from capcom in my opinion

  • Crazzy Crisis

    You know what.This radical change of pace with this compared to with the last 3 RE titles has actually gotten me interested. I, for one, am hyped now. This could be a new RE 4, although I doubt that.Doesn't mean I'll buy it, but now I'm looking forward to this.Good job Capcom.

  • Tyler Valentine

    This is the Halloween 3 of Resident Evil games...

  • Nicholas Payne

    This game will be great. Resident Evil needed a change, and I think he creators knew that. They did the same with RE4. Took a step in a new direction.

  • 5ER10USBR0

    Just give me Helena Harper as playable in game and I'll give you all the money.

  • Conner MacDougall

    Resident Evil told from the perspective of non-badass survivors?Why did I not think I wanted that until now.Still not sure if I should feel betrayed, happy, sad, or scared?

  • Michael Rios

    They weren't kidding when they said Resident Evil was going back to it's root's. More horror and less Call of Duty.

  • Steven Dalouche

    wtf. i came on here in the first 20 seconds. . and I'm not first. . dammit!!

  • John Rex Dela Cruz

    finally RE Is returns to horror gameplay :D .

  • Darksoulami

    Game looks really scary for a resident evil game, hope you can play without having VR

  • alexgamer 155

    dafuq is this? a walking simulator

  • ChrisJM

    just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than RE6 smh...

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