Skyrim - All Unique Clothing Pieces & Sets


In this video I run through ALL Unique Clothing Pieces & Sets in Skyrim (Sets and stand alone pieces).
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • Moistened Mann

    1:12"Next, we have  CICERO'S  boots"

  • XoRandomGuyoX

    That not-so-stealthy-edit of the name Cicero...

  • Grim The Gnoll

    The Mystic Tuning Gloves are both left handed.

  • Tim dishonored

    i wish it was possible to get the psyjjic robes and the greybeards robes

  • Icecube3343

    How were you pronouncing Cicero? :P 

  • Grayson Barbee

    i got the executioner from solitude as a follower and gave him the execution hood and let him keep his axe so now he looks like them big dudes from resident evil

  • Caitlin Zurcher

    I always make my follower wear the wedding wreath. Farkas turns way too pretty with that on

  • Limppu Man

    I can get infinite amounts of Penitus Oculatus on my main account. A set of three Penitus Oculatus agents always spawn in Solitude after a certain amount of time and I can kill them without getting a bounty on my head.

  • Carbon Prime

    That one sneaking joke earned you a subscriber

  • Baumer Mage

    what is "pineapple man 4000"? you whisper it at the very end of the video. just wondering if anyone else caught that. I looked it up and found nothing.

  • Emily Wilson

    Is it bad that I joined the dark brotherhood just to het the wedding clothes?

  • Normal

    The best enchantment for the executioner's hood is water-breathing, no doubt about it

  • TableRunner 47

    you can get both hooded monk robes and full set of thalmor armor right off the bat at the beginning at a Talos shrine

  • Vaping Dad

    Taron Dreith's robes aren't a unique texture it uses the master robes skin

  • 123 456

    Where is the 'Fine Raiment' ?? obtainable from potema's ghost??

  • Micro T

    I got the emperor clothes by doing a dark brother hood

  • justin jarman

    There is a way to get Royal vamp armor without killing anyone important when u go threw the back of the castle to get the the soul cairn there is one laying on the shelf in the corner most of u probably just ran past it

  • Blode Kont

    And Tavern clothes are quite rare aswell....

  • Clementine

    I think Telvanni robes are my favorite :)

  • Chicken Nugget

    If you go to a shack called Froki's Shack, you can also find Diadem Of The Savant there, it actually wasn't suppose to be there it was a mistake made by the one of game makers

  • deltasquad62

    Where is the temple priest clothes? Where can I get them?

  • Tyler King

    Scrolled down to read comments before it ended, then "Pineapple Man 4000(?)" Was whispered into my ears. Scared the shit outta me 😂😂 Great vid tho. Definitely saved for later.

  • Ravonies Ravenshir

    @CamelworksYou left out the Tavern Clothes... according to the Wiki, there are only 2 places to find them.  One is in a cavern dungeon place, can't remember which one, and the second is the vampire girl in Marcoth (SP?)  from what I know.  I have never seen any other chars wearing or other places to buy/find said outfit.

  • possumverde

    The mystic tuning gloves give you a "hidden" 100% bonus to magicka regen for 2 hours when used to cleanse the first focal point (the item description remains blank but the effect shows up on the active effects list.) Very rarely this can glitch and give you -100% magicka cost for spells for 2 hours instead.

  • William Morse

    1. Where get Fir-Trimmed Cloak? (I wanna be the guy who proves the lizard conspiracy by becoming Ulfric High-King, plus it looks cool.)2. How do I obtain the Temple Priest stuff. Do I pickpocket or kill the guys? Or is it found in a corner?3. Where do I get the shrouded clothes? 4. And, the Execution Hood. (For research.) I'm gonna be the ugliest motherfucker yet.

  • Corbin the king

    where can you get the cuffed boots i have look around for ages

  • no onne

    There is another solo unique gauntlets they are on the emperors ship in a locked small room i think

  • ItsJesusMan TM

    The hooded red robes are unobtainable without the use of console commands. The unhooded version is obtainable though

  • Naufal Fajri

    If you show how it looks when the character wears it, that'll be awesome

  • Marios Hristodulu

    Did you edit/replace "cicero's"? It sounds so. Perhaps you were mispronouncing it before?

  • Fuzzy Spring772trilogy

    These videos help when I want to get good stuff

  • Ranger Rick Gaming

    How do you get the mystic tuning gloves

  • Makilov

    The description is wrong. Do t know if anyone told you that.

  • Logan Burnell

    you only get the wedding set once you colmplete a sertan quest

  • TBrot

    Where do I get these Hooded Red Robes?

  • Willy Da Chickennugget

    you got a new subscriber!!! your videos are awesome!!! :)

  • Darth Vader The Hater

    What playerhome mod are you using?

  • Cheryl Mille

    where can you find cuffed boots?

  • The Third Crusader

    Ulfrics bracers are light armor yet dosn't interfere with the mage armor perk

  • jess e

    Where do you get the wedding dress/shoes/wreath? I'm on console so I can't use mods or computer commands and stuff

  • kill a coppercab

    Boom first view another top notch vid

  • José Silva Mendes

    What is place you are recording and showing the unique things

  • kill a coppercab

    I think you can get an Infinite amount of pleated shoes there just relatively rare

  • Berend Kunstman

    just realized, that's a dromedary.

  • 😎

    putting on a deep voice, an unbound dremora perhaps?

  • Watcher #Otaku

    I got two arch mage robes once tho ....( glitch i think )

  • blackoutking

    I was given 2 pairs of archmage robes

  • Grumpy Cream

    how do you get cuff boots

  • thunderstruk033

    lol, can u say Cicero?

  • Winder Slyce 2

    How Do You Get The Cloak?

  • Soviet Onion

    Got a mod that expands labrythia to be your home, and basically you can show off with other pieces

  • blackoutking

    I also have 3 emperors robes

  • Richard Mc

    Nice you made it over 10 minutes

  • Gregory Weiß

    Who was you mixing Cicero up with.

  • GamingNoobs101

    is there a video showing were all this stuff is


    Tf can you pronounce Alik'r but not Cicero?Wtf

  • Lord Robb Stark

    Where do you get the cuffed boots?

  • Oliver Courtney

    you can buy the monk robes from the clothes shop in riften

  • Okeen Crossfire

    How I prononce Ciecero: afhuajhkdfajbkhsjkfbajhkl

  • Creepypasta

    I have the aetherial crown I got it last night.....along with Zepher the bow allows you to have draw speed of 30% faster for Zepher. The quest name is called Lost in ages.

  • Thomas Huffcutt

    you missed the execution hood from the initial DB .

  • K Man

    dark brother hood questline

  • xX SKULLY Xx

    Anyone else notice he said "pineappleman4000" at the end?

  • kill a coppercab

    You forgot green robes t dont know about unique but you can only get them as a present from your adopted children

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