Skyrim Top 5 Sword Mods 2016

My top 5 favorite swords of all time on the Skyrim nexus. All links further in the description below.

1) Ice Blade Of The Monarch
2) Ciri's Greatsword
4) Glimmer
5) Dragonspear

If you have any problems leave a comment.
  • Darke sidee

    so short keep it up :D


    Short, not all in yo face, amazing editing and explainingThis is amazing

  • Ultimate Immersion

    Amazingly detailed swords, especially the last one! Nice video bro :)

  • Breb Meb

    Well, i like the swords called "Passion never dies" and "Peace lily". Both great Swords

  • Reshawn Facey

    answer this Why you do dope

  • Wy Zer

    Nice video! Can you do the same for your favorite armors ?

  • deathisfacelesw

    The Witcher 1 has aerondight mod and the sword(from the mod) looks exactly like numberone on the list!

  • ThunderHorse 555

    Do you plan on doing anymore videos like this? It would be cool if u did top 5 or 10 bow, greatsword, war hammer mods, home mods, etc. I'm definitely subscribing and looking forward to more Skyrim content. Awesome video and keep em coming!!!

  • Minh Huy Lê

    your sneak animtion :D can i have it?

  • lance sespene

    What's the mod ur using when you equip the long sword at 1:29

  • Stupid pigeon

    Skycutter is a Diablo weapon

  • Rezo World

    When Is this coming to XB1 SE ?

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