Skyrim: Special Edition - PC Graphics Comparison

Check out the difference between the original and remastered version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, both running on PC.

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  • James P

    What a lazy remaster. Hardly looks any different. You are better off modding the original.

  • GrabberBythePuss

    Damn listening to this music made me feel so nostalgic. I love Skyrim so much.

  • TruScottishGuy

    Thank god I got this for free on PC the most laziest remaster I've ever seen hardly any difference at all.

  • zen strata

    So... The Remastered version adds more fog and makes things harder to see? . . . because thats basically the biggest change i've noticed...

  • justin Jhon

    literally no difference...

  • Sunfire789

    should i be impressed?

  • Jonathan Manning

    Damn the difference at 2:18 is actually huge

  • Francois Roy

    That's the most embarrassing non-remaster of all time. It's kind of crazy that they gave it away on PC yet are charging the full premium price for the console version..

  • Aldo L

    ok ill just put the brightness up on my monitor

  • Ser Garlan Tyrell

    They should have just incorporated some of the best mods into the game as standard and called it a day and people would have loved it.

  • Farmerfrugal

    lighting, shadows, foliage, draw distance, and water are better. the textures are a slight upgrade but it's nothing drastic. luckily it's 64bit instead of 32bit so the mods will be significantly better and probably way more optimized for SSE. i still love it though!

  • Nuclear Shadowscale

    I'm so bad at noticing the differences in these videos, the only thing that stood out to me was the change in contrast.

  • RottenProduce

    Reminds me of how glad I am we've moved past the bland, "gritty" earth-tone colors that dominated last gen. gaming.

  • Sergio Cabrera

    Got this for free for having all the DLCs and Base Game on PC. If anything, this remaster provides a new foundation for Mods moving forward and less on improving the Skyrim experience since Nexus and Steam Workshop already have tons of mods that do that already.

  • T0m My

    Definitely seems like they should of done Oblivion and then maybe Skyrim on the next generation. Xbox Scorpio maybe

  • Bruno Jorge

    Lets be honest, besides the new lighting effects and better performance the game still looks like shit! Skyrim is one of the best games ever made but it needs mods to look really good. Bethesda thanks but modders do a better job when it comes to remaster your games!

  • Brannon H

    Where is my Oblivion remaster???

  • Scyllaya

    I think what's more important is that the game is much more stable now and the framerates are also significantly better everywhere. Also, it runs on 64x.e.g. I had issues with Skyrim in Win 10, but those crashes and performance issues will no longer be there. Now we will be able to add more mods without risking performance as well. And hey, new creation kit. This is anything but useless, especially since it's free for PC, so why complain?

  • Hotshots2890

    so they gave you a game with Shaders updated from 2.0 to 4.0... GG 200% profit on the same game

  • Venom 007

    Changing the lighting in the game could be considered a remaster now?

  • itzJKB

    it's a waste of time to release the remastered on PC

  • FreelanceXD

    The difference is a lot more noticeable in person, however, still insignificant.

  • Mufasa the lion

    It looks like the only things they changed are the brightness and the trees...

  • Whiterun Guard

    I'm not complaining because I got it free anyways lol

  • lemstry

    Thank God my friend is a sucker and bought and game shared this over priced game with me. I got more important things to buy like Final Fantasy XV which is a definite Game of the Year contender this year.

  • Adamham82

    Just a money grab thats all

  • charvelgtrs

    Obviously the current gen consoles will be seeing a bigger boost with the remasters compared to the PS3/360 vs the PC version compared to the original PC release.

  • RexSol

    ''hurr durr the original looks better'' SHUT YE FOOKIN MOUTH 64-bit DirectX 11 enough said

  • DAY-V Entertainment™

    I would easily forgive if there was no extra quests but I was at least expecting a change in the lip syncing.

  • Ilya Watanabe

    Remastered version = 30 fps ultOriginal version = 55/60 fps ultNot even worth it.

  • Ramesses

    Hardly deserving of the Remastered title more like Skyrim console cash grab edition.

  • ofek 1

    It looks the same, bethesda drones will buy it anyway

  • Lucian Leesonja

    I can download free mods of the steam workshop and get a better graphical improvement.

  • Hypeless

    The thing that most changed are the system requirements

  • drug

    an improvement.looks better than fallout 4not worth moneymods do betterfeels bad man

  • F34RDSoldier805

    Not worth the price for a game I've already played the hell out of.

  • 0002niarDneK

    So, we on PC get a more stable version of Skyrim with an easy porting thing for old mods more potential for future mods. For free. Why are people complaining, again?

  • Evolution Games

    The texture mods in Original is much better than this remaster

  • Kadmon Jr.

    Veteran Skyrim players: you just got a free game but not really worth itNew players: just get the original and mod it, it'll look and run better

  • Syler82

    we need a brand new skyrim no this mediocre remastered crap

  • kilo365days

    take the original and download some texture mods theirs your special edition lol

  • InkOnTube

    The only real advantage of remaster is that now we don't have limit for mods and slightly better loading times. It is such a lazy remaster. They could use better models for people and hair. Now I must search again for textures on Nexux mods for better experience. Bethesda is a giant, should not do things so poorly.


    Basically if you've played it and did the whole "I spent my whole life on this game man" phase then really you don't need to get it maybe if you're a console and want mods. But if you've never played at all ever......what are you still doing reading this? Go get this now!

  • Ankit Sharma

    keeping aside all the hate call of duty is getting....developers should learn from MW remaster as to how a remaster should be done....I see a lot of money grabbing remasters these days

  • Ed

    Let's just change the color pallet, hopefully nobody notices.

  • K-Watte Entertainment Studios

    The only difference I've seen is higher resolution, brighter saturation, more diverse lighting, forgetable depth of field, and higher draw distance. Which in my book is AMAZING for consoles 😂! This remaster was clearly meant for the console crowd, since PC can mod the graphics and such.

  • Guhsteh

    The difference is negligible lol..

  • Space Bud95

    So many people saying the Special Edition is a waste of money and that there's no difference..For starters there's a clear difference in terms of rendering capability. Better lighting/shadows, better antialiasing, more ground clutter, sharper textures, etc.And for whatever reason the people who say how shit the game is tend to ignore mentioning the best part about it.. IT'S 64 BIT!!For those who don't know what that means.. 64 bit basically means the game has access to more memory. in the original version the game was limited to using about 4GB of RAM..Now that limitation is gone the game can have a lot more going on without crashing. It also means modders can make more substantial mods than before. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm super keen on the idea of large scale battles between the Imperials and Stormcloaks or some huge Daedric invasions :D

  • Juan Pablo Chalave

    so, it's skyrim with instagram filters

  • Grenet

    i like the original better....

  • Millor

    They really should have worked a lot more on the textures. They barely did anything to them at all.

  • Cory in the Maus

    Better off downloading higher res textures from the workshop lmao.

  • BlizzardKhaos

    Great graphics, but nit as great as the graphics you get from mods

  • Soviet Ninja

    should I get Skyrim or xv2

  • Márton Pajer

    these are just light changes, and more nature -.-

  • Haschwell

    So basically its slightly more colorful? Money well spent. I mean its not like you could adjust those yourself or anything.

  • FyreMagyk67

    I think it looks rather nice but we should forget that this was all more a technical remaster over graphical. Besides, it's hard not to appreciate the little things. The foliage looks softer, there isn't that weird flickering in the distance, and more which all adds up in the end. Besides that, the upgrade to 64bit is reeeeaaalll nice! I also got it for free so my opinion doesn't matter anyway, right?

  • Elitist Prince Dizzy

    there's plenty of MODS that put this remaster to shame but then again I understand Bethestha not upgrading this game even more due to the game being released on consoles

  • EliKRistberg

    The original version looked allot better, everything is just more sharp in the original and the water looked pretty bad on the remastered. My original copy of Skyrim looks much better with the graphics mods.

  • Stephen Granville

    Man. I kinda like the look of the original more haha.

  • Megumu

    It's like installing shaders for Minecraft and keeping the default texture/resource pack

  • Vicarate

    A lot of people are saying "Bethesda are lazy" but also forget that mods weren't possible on consoles until now and that the 64-bit engine will do wonders for us PC users both in terms of performance and stability. Sure the price tag was a little much for what it is, but if you got it for free (like myself) you have nothing to complain about. Just go back and play vanilla Skyrim and enjoy it!If you've never played Skyrim before and want to get the Special Edition, go ahead. It is cheaper than before (since it includes the DLC) and it's gonna be better than vanilla Skyrim once more mods are available. Win-win for you guys.

  • KobraKira HD

    To those that think this remaster has no major differences, here's what I noticed (I play on PC btw):They added Volumetric lighting, volumetric fog, temporal anti-aliasing, SSAO, Screen space reflections, extra vegetation, better shadow quality, new water shaders, Extended draw distance, 64-bit (original was 32-bit), and DX11 to the game. Yes you could mod the original with those effects, but having a 64-bit version of Skyrim gives modders extra stability and more flexibility than the original version. And because of that, this version runs more stable than the original. Plus it's free for those that already own it (for Steam users).This is actually a fairly big upgrade from the default Skyrim TBH.

  • EmeraldEyeProductions

    Gives me the same feeling as the Return to Arkham remaster. The only differences are: Shit is shiny, there's the occasional lighting change, and 9 times outta ten it looks like they just cranked the saturation up to 100.

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