Skyrim Secrets - Only One Way to get this item!

Skyrim Secrets – It’s the only one in the entire game!

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  • Francisco Franco - Chan

    I heard they're reforming the Dawnguard... Vampire hunters or something

  • Grayson Barbee

    use kyne's peace shout and they just fall out of the sky. It's really helpful. like so others see

  • Naru

    Harkon is like: "Don't mind me. Just bugging out."

  • iPhoneeditor

    Bone Hawk Ring + Unarmed Enchantment + Punch Cat = Epic

  • Christopher Hall

    "you cannot obtain the bone hawk ring any other way..."challenge accepted opens console

  • HowTo Sour

    I have NEVER heard of this ever...

  • AlienPoppaHead

    Just so you can get your...' BEAR RINGS 'bodum tiss1:19

  • Shadow3357

    Hope this video isn’t demonitized right now. I know things are rough.

  • Echo Flamehoof

    You'll need to kill some bone Hawks (shoots and kills one) like um trying to do here and failing...


    If you have a enchantment lvl 100 do this: acquire 25 rings 5 of each sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald, and gold. Afterwards, enchant the 5 emerald rings with stamina regen and increase.5 ruby rings with health regen and increase. 5 sapphire rings with magica regen and increase.Amethyst and gold can be used for armor skills, archery skills and so on.. Obtain the werewolf power and start a conversation with a companion preferably aela as she won't freak out when you transform.So save your game. Then try to transform into a werewolf and start a conversation with aela. If done correctly you should be in the conversation menu as well as transformed.Ask to trade goods with her and access the items menu. Once in there everything in your apparel/clothing can be equipped but what im talking about equipping in particular is the rings i mentioned earlier. 1 out of each set of 5 can only be equipped but trying to equip the other rings does something funny the affects multiply so by spam clicking the rings that aren't equipped will yield you some crazy stats that basically make you a god with infinite magica, health, and stamina as well as outrageous weight limits and armor rating.. I did this on ps4 skyrim remastered edition.. It works.. It really does.. Otherwise I wouldn't have wrote all of this lol... Seriously try it though

  • EmperorZarikar

    Yo I've never seen this item. Nice one, ESO! : )

  • Piggy Zilla

    I'm gonna put Fortify Unarmed on that ring for sure

  • revanstar85

    You can also use kyrn's peace Shout and the bone Hawks will fall out of the sky, the shout is also great for getting salmon Roe from the salmon jumping Upstream

  • Frank West

    "Oh, there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red Who came riding to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead!"


    I love using these rings with Daedric armor :D they match so well, they look like an extension of the gauntlet. Also, while these rings can be only obtained one way, they are not unique. The rings respawn after a certain amount of time, so if you want to update your enchantments, you can do so.

  • Marian Tromba

    Thanks for the tip. But why so much advertisment.

  • xSpeedBump96x

    Bird sniping. How about FUS RO DAH!

  • Random Me

    "One Punch Kitty" will appreciates this video!That's my role playing character if your wondering.

  • Masked

    you'd think it's already equip with increased unarmed damage

  • Eternal Flames

    bone hawk ring + pugilist enchantment + go and make it legendary + cat claws = epic one hit death cinimatics

  • Dúo Bizarro Bizarro

    I though u could just craft them like the amulet, but btw, the ring actually respawn with the time, so you can have diferent enchanted bad-ass rings.EDIT: For easily killing hawks just use some shout like frost or fire.

  • Magnus Alexander Strømseng

    Congrats on 1 Million subscribers!

  • Josiah Ross

    I've actually made the ring on one of my characters, I had no clue there was one in the castle so I just shot extra birds and went to a forge

  • Braden Brecht

    I've never seen this and I've put thousands of hours into skyrim thank you!

  • Kolby Beck

    When you complete the dawgard quest you can get them without stealing them

  • Paul Snelling

    And.... You Have To Assault/Join Harkon's Keep.....(Bethesda Really Doesn't Make Some Things Easy....)

  • gjsterp

    Thanks for this info.There is so much a person can miss playing Skyrim, and it's great having someone point these things out.Peace!

  • Poet_

    My enchantment for the ring. “Fortify Unarmed Damage” yeahhhh

  • Drew Biggah

    Akar looks like an underground rapper 😂🤣😂 @ 0:15

  • Nathan Rosario

    I love this ring and it almost makes up for not being allowed to enchant the Ancient Nord Amulet.

  • Axe man

    I've passed that so many times. I loot everything on my first visit, to new places. Don't know how I missed this.

  • Jürgen Weißmann

    Asked me Many times where to get this amulett ingredients. Thank you eso

  • The.Inferno

    I cant believe how many times I passed it without knowing l thanks man !

  • Congruent Crib

    Still remember when you were at 10k subs, and now you're over 1,000,000

  • Riley The G

    I miss the old intro.........😓

  • Corona

    Weird I'm still learning new things after all these years.

  • Chris Carter

    You can make these in the jewelry section of the forge XD

  • Hatty Gops

    I live on the castle actually xd

  • The Sphinx

    I didn't know this was hard, I just shot one of the birds then realised i could make cool stuff from it

  • Underwater Alex Jones

    Now that you;re over 1M subs, think it might be time to update that "click the bell" part? More than double of what it was when you made it lol.

  • Dakotah Perkins

    ESO heres a video idea, Achievement tutorials

  • Gammius430 Destroyer of Thots

    "Castle volkir"

  • Diabloid

    Skyrims been out so many years and I never knew about this ring wow thanks

  • Rich Rand

    So I’m on my bee se edition and it’s Ben years since I have been back. Do you have a vid talking about the good and the bad of black/pure? Soul gems?

  • Firekeeper Wolf

    that ring is just awesome. I think Serana is gonna love it —although I stole it from her own castle. Who cares, I'm a thief...

  • Firewolf12937

    "The Bone Hawk Ring is a unique ring found in Castle Volkihar in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. Unlike the Bone Hawk Amulet, the ring cannot be crafted." - Fandom, powered by Wikia (mods like craftable everything: Dawnguard should allow the crafting of BH rings.)I should mention that they do respawn, so there are technically infinite amounts of them, however the time it takes to respawn is indeterminate.

  • Jonathan White

    You got 4 minutes to get 20 credits on AppZone 😁😂 I'm such a stoner to catch that lmaoo

  • Triton 23

    That ad, was probably the only good advert I have seen before. Thank you ESO, for giving us a proper ad!

  • Antonio Rodriguez

    Wow I've never heard of this one before most items you post I have so great job on this eso!

  • TFlame 572

    I made a build called the vigilante he used the bone hawk amulet

  • Hunter Spence

    I really like how you've been cross-referencing your previous guides that you mention during the videos. It's very helpful to have quick links back to content you are building on as we squeeze every last drop out of Skyrim (in the best way possible lol). Thanks for the interesting content as always!

  • Shane Murry

    Thanks man I have been looking for those dang birds forever and the ring I was told there was another way to get one but I be live I was lied too lol

  • Lost_Pickle 173

    Finnaly eso I have been watching you for 2 years I started playing skyrim when I was 8 in Washington then I had to move with my dad and currently i am in Arizona right when I moved here I started my new account on ps4 and I needed help with walk thrues and secret stuff when I terned 9 it was my ascend year watching you then I terned 10 still wachting you right now I'm 11 but if I said 3 years you would not believe me so let's keep it at 2 years thx you eso for your help in skyrim I would have never got stalrim armor if not for you

  • SteelTownErick

    The Unofficial Dawngaurd Patch, (and the unofficial patches for LE and SE) give you a crafting recipe for the ring. Nifty. :)

  • TheDudeOnThePenny

    Wait so this is a remastered? If so will we still be able to get it on the last gen

  • Brutal Override

    Already know how to get it, but I'm waiting to see what he says.

  • NaddaWhale

    This is what i love about skyrim you can play for years and still find new things

  • Biohazard Inc.

    after all these years playing skyrim i just heard about this item

  • The Oni

    When ESO coulda used conjured bow..

  • failing at being a failure

    ESO! Wen is the next companions part 2 streem going to be? Thanks for this vid it's good help 😉😉😉

  • greenjoe420

    yeah, I'm definitely not gonna ruin my phone BC of your sponsor.

  • rebelboi88

    Hey ESO, I just recently purchased TES V SE and I had a question. In this video, when you fired an arrow at the first bonehawk. It said it went down to 94 and then back up to 95 when you nocked an arrow. Also when you bought the leather strips in Solitude, it said the “carrying too much, can’t run” thing. Are you running the game with the TIM console command? Sincerely yours, A new viewer and your 1,301,332nd subscriber!P.s. Best of luck to you and thank you for what you’re doing for the community!


    I have one on each finger !Jk 🙂Always great vids !

  • Andrew Fisher

    I appreciate your channel an your wisdom of this game keep up the good work that you do

  • Fernando Carvalho

    One way umm Help "Bone Hawk Ring"

  • FakePale

    Wow. How do you still find stuff like this after all this time?

  • Tom Brown

    Never heard of this ring and I put tons of hours into Skyrim. Guess I have been playing it wrong. What graphics mods do you have? Your Skyrim looks so good!!!

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