Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Alduin Boss Fight - Remastered SE)

Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Aldin Boss Fight - Remastered SE Gameplay)!
- Playthrough PLAYLIST:
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  • Oliver Bryan

    Be very careful when you go out on the street, because yesterday at around 6:30pm a bastard who was wearing a black sweatshirt pulled out a pair of scissors, luckily I had enough agility and I pulled out a rock, because if I would have pulled out a paper, he would have won. P.S: Love ya vids from Birmingham 👍🙏

  • Salim Ahmed

    A skyrim movie is coming out in 2018 with Chris hemsworth

  • Adam Thompson

    Wish I was in the top 10 loveYour work David Beckham of you tube :) another top quality video

  • Emil Wiegeraad

    if i got a dollar for every time you opened the magic menu instead of the items menu when getting a potion, i would be a millionare..

  • Josh Egan

    1:48:50 when you die with a health potion in your hand

  • Alien AgarYt

    I'm level 253 and I have to fight droger death overlords and I'm on legendary and thier still easy!

  • Coyote Kent

    54:16 Man, look at Tsun's nipples 😳

  • MrPotato San

    Fight with Alduin is at 42:35

  • Jessica Walsh

    Dark Brotherhood ESO I LOVE As a YouTube so Much

  • Unum

    A new drinking game: Take a drink every time ESO say "wrecked".

  • ItzBot360 Studios or GreatThecoolbot

    #parthunax4life hats off to Mario

  • Wyatt Frye

    I killed her without a mod

  • rafael nunez

    hey ESO can you make a video that teaches people how enchanting, smiting, and alchemy? i don't fully understand it. please! and thank you very much

  • Michaela Flynn

    All I heard when he jumped off the bridge was "I'm a flying pussy"😂😂

  • Obey Toven

    After the stray dog died, I had to go watch some adoption vids before I was ready to continue xD

  • bobley

    The alduin boss fight is easy in my opinion

  • Jaleel Williams


  • Argon

    2:10:47 lol Lydia wat. U got amnesia or something? :D

  • Josh Egan

    Yeah, everyone come to sovenguard. NO! Suicide is not an option!

  • Tristan Hufford

    does anyone else call alduin alduweinie

  • Conor And Xander Carter

    there was a Easter egg in the fire place

  • Rosey 758

    stream fallout 3 or 4 plzlike if agree

  • anonymous anonymous

    I did not notice the metors

  • Stephen Furse

    lol i done the hole main quest line in a few days :P

  • Tatsusama

    34:26 Even if it may be kind of racist; I wish they had different reactions to anyone who wasn't a Nord during this scene. I played as a Redguard because I happen to be Blackanese (father from the Caribbean and mother from Japan) and felt like I had wandered into a gated community. I would have found it funny/lore friendly if they at least noticed that I wasn't Nord:3

  • OliOli

    Damn 1 hour YouTube glitch I'll have to wait to watch the full stream :/

  • Swords & Spells

    the three people in your battle party are the ones in elder scroll cut seen

  • SAT0M1 R3NTAR0

    we can kill delphine with soul trap

  • Michelle Mills


  • Grant Walter

    Stream starts at 12:20Gaming starts at 16:36

  • Trevor Johnson

    are you Logan the editor off of Papa Jake

  • Clorox Bleach

    It says it's 2 hours but it only goes to one hour?

  • leetlebob

    What does your name stand for again?

  • Josh Egan

    You are a sneaky character with a natural night vision ability so naturally you only go outside when it's daytime.

  • anonymous anonymous

    your fate lies elswere

  • Reillykids Gaming

    am I the only person who was doing a quest and Alduin comes in from nowhere and this is not the quest he should be in and he sends me flying a ways back but when I come back I see a white dragon?

  • Jasper Patterson


  • Eva van Haren

    Bloody hell how did he get past the two dragons at the dragon priest just before you enter Sovngarde without waking them up?????

  • Conor And Xander Carter

    the bearer statues look at u when your not looking at them. no really just walk alitle bit and look back and then they're looking at you

  • DragonWithaMonacle

    Guys, Paarthurnax used to be crazy bad. Paar Thur Nax means "Position Tyranny Cruelty". He really was a high-ranking member of Alduin's horde. Al Du In means Destroy Devour Master, for comparison, and Nahkriin can mean either "revenge" or "To Kill By Revenge".

  • leetlebob

    Anyone ever feel itch but not know where it is

  • anson bryant

    you just mist a dimond

  • Kris Igneri


  • Jasper Patterson


  • GameTitan74

    Holy shit... shard in the chest... IT TOOK 2! One time I had to shoot an arrow at a guys FACE TWICE! TWO FUCKING TIMES IN THE FACE! THE FACE

  • Diego Verhaegh

    around 2:07:30 your totally lost with names man😂

  • LolliLover 66

    Is he gonna keep playing this or?

  • JoeBuzz

    the horse with the most health is shadowmere

  • Clay

    A storm of yellow in the distance... "post r kelly paranoia"


    It is unlikely the bridge is made of his ancestors as he is the first dragon, according to himself.

  • blabla7360

    dude love your haircut

  • Emil Sall

    ESO you forgot to get the riverwood treasure chest

  • Fardeen Wasey

    At 2:06:23 Thank you so much ESO for finally pronouncing my name correctly and also do correct Aldin to Alduin in the description.

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