Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Alduin Boss Fight - Remastered SE)

Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Aldin Boss Fight - Remastered SE Gameplay)!
- Playthrough PLAYLIST:
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  • DapperDragon

    Guys, Paarthurnax used to be crazy bad. Paar Thur Nax means "Position Tyranny Cruelty". He really was a high-ranking member of Alduin's horde. Al Du In means Destroy Devour Master, for comparison, and Nahkriin can mean either "revenge" or "To Kill By Revenge".

  • OliOli

    Damn 1 hour YouTube glitch I'll have to wait to watch the full stream :/

  • Clorox Bleach

    It says it's 2 hours but it only goes to one hour?

  • Oliver Bryan

    Be very careful when you go out on the street, because yesterday at around 6:30pm a bastard who was wearing a black sweatshirt pulled out a pair of scissors, luckily I had enough agility and I pulled out a rock, because if I would have pulled out a paper, he would have won. P.S: Love ya vids from Birmingham 👍🙏

  • SUNNY DZthree

    eso will you please do another video on how to level up smithing because the original way has been patched

  • Daffa Aufa

    What part did Blade ask him To kill paarturnax?

  • RedFoxG_Joe

    the horse with the most health is shadowmere

  • Fardeen Wasey

    At 2:06:23 Thank you so much ESO for finally pronouncing my name correctly and also do correct Aldin to Alduin in the description.

  • Joseph Colburn

    It's a whale bone bridge

  • Ole Brumm

    Will you please come out with a video for best build for mage with a highelve? pleeeease also if there is a vieo on better way to get gold or a gold glitch other than those chests because they never reset on me

  • LolliLover 66

    Is he gonna keep playing this or?

  • Emil Sall

    ESO you forgot to get the riverwood treasure chest

  • Unum

    A new drinking game: Take a drink every time ESO say "wrecked".

  • NeoMoon LPF

    Are you gonna do all the guild quests too or was that the end sad face

  • Clay

    A storm of yellow in the distance... "post r kelly paranoia"

  • Daniel viera

    Those the special edition bring the dlc?

  • Rodrigo Schmidt

    Why you didn''t searched Alduin?

  • Draaxus

    Seriously? He never thought to use Clear Skies?

  • blabla7360

    dude love your haircut

  • Warshipgamers

    eso please i have a question ! i need your help !

  • Jared Hentschel

    ESO ik this is old but whens the next Skyrim live stream gonna be

  • robert andresen

    have you tried World of Warcraft ESO?

  • flyingbullets2

    why do all his bows do so much damage my daedric bow only does 22 damage

  • the poke'man


  • Ghost4days

    Can you do dawnguard quest 🙂

  • Joshua Romero

    What happened between episode 4 and 5 wasn't he fighting aulduin

  • Gambino

    ESO you look like David degea 😂

  • Lucas Sandoval

    ESO, can you address the game breaking glitch where many npcs, essential and non-essential, disappear or have quest markers that are out of bounds, floating, or in other random places? It is terrible and Bethesda NEEDS to fix it ASAP. This has essentially put a halt to my 45 hour play through, and I am furious! Please address, your help is needed!

  • Braden Pierce

    ESO did you know that quest items weigh nothing

  • metalim

    What kind of story crap is "dragon brotherhood"? Paarthurnax says Alduid "was my brother once". Dragons - and families? GTFO, scriptwriter.

  • RIGGST64

    Eso if you going to rock light armour I think u should get something that's not elven

  • DareDevil08

    both of the drauger at the start for me was dearhlords

  • chris nguyen

    I think we're all waiting for stream #6 but we'll need to wait

  • becoming me

    What do you get if you search Alduin?

  • Gianni Basandella

    Strongest Horse shadow mare from dark brotherhood

  • Pranav Prakash

    Actually, ESO is supporting the stormcloaks without thinking. We all know that Ulfric's ambitions are blind. and no one will deal with the thalmor. the empire, on the other hand, might.

  • Not So Grumpy

    Useless fact: Paarthurnax and Mario are voiced by the same guy

  • The Gaming Fang

    Doesn't anyone want the Miraak follower mod by nexus mods on console

  • Eglieag

    What happened to the rest of the video??


    i beat alduin after the release of skyrim

  • Richard Randall

    why didn't you search Alduin's body after you slayed him?

  • Devin Ridenour

    The bridge is made of whale bones, not dragon bones

  • rch dut

    Alduin was the first born of all dragons. he had no ancestor.

  • Tarrbarrabros Angel

    Finally it starts at 12 minutes

  • Im Bad at Good Names

    Its whale bones not dragon bones.

  • Ravi Ischan

    when are u going to do dark brotherhood

  • mowhar

    i am 1.20 in, and video keeps rolling, so the problem with it stopping after 1 hour is gone.

  • nicksunny808

    Did he ever buy a house?

  • Kirito Shadow

    when are you going to do the other quest lines ?

  • felixen44

    when is the next stream

  • billly Bob jr

    why the bows always eso?

  • Dan Rann

    I have been watching ESO for a long time and the one thing i have learned from this play though, ESO is a really terrible shot lol.

  • Joshua Lalla

    I luv this playthrough plz continue it

  • Nicholas bowman

    Why does he always go into magic when he needs a potion😂

  • Fritz Filming

    Please continue this walkthrough

  • Judgement Gaming

    The Dwarven Bow is better than your foresworn bow. It says they do the same damage, but your bow has your bonuses from your enchanted armor, making it 37 damage. The Dwarven Bow is 37 damage before the buffs from your armor.

  • derp booslik

    ESO animated would be pretty cool


    eso when are you going to make part #6 ?

  • Kaitlynoconnor1

    goodluck with your new home.

  • Rhydian Hughes 13

    Shadowmere is the fastest hose coz it has more stamina than normal horses

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