Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Alduin Boss Fight - Remastered SE)

Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Aldin Boss Fight - Remastered SE Gameplay)!
- Playthrough PLAYLIST:
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  • RichC Gaming

    Does anyone else now hear ESO's voice when they play their own game of Skyrim? I can't help but hear ESO in my brain sayin' "GET REKT SON" every time I get a kill cam! YOU are the best ESO! Keep streaming! These videos are awesome! +1

  • Oliver Bryan

    Be very careful when you go out on the street, because yesterday at around 6:30pm a bastard who was wearing a black sweatshirt pulled out a pair of scissors, luckily I had enough agility and I pulled out a rock, because if I would have pulled out a paper, he would have won. P.S: Love ya vids from Birmingham 👍🙏

  • Fardeen Wasey

    At 2:06:23 Thank you so much ESO for finally pronouncing my name correctly and also do correct Aldin to Alduin in the description.

  • Unum

    A new drinking game: Take a drink every time ESO say "wrecked".

  • Clorox Bleach

    It says it's 2 hours but it only goes to one hour?

  • Royraj Vichaidit

    Danny, bro. That bridge is a whale bone bridge. hahaha (The whale carvings on the claws and puzzles represent this bridge) Not dragon bone.

  • Emily Kornreich

    every time I go through a breakup, I drown myself in the joys of Skyrim

  • Baja Mack

    Why do I always miss these streams ... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • OliOli

    Damn 1 hour YouTube glitch I'll have to wait to watch the full stream :/

  • Joseph Colburn

    It's a whale bone bridge

  • LolliLover 66

    Is he gonna keep playing this or?

  • MovieTrailersNow 2017

    Is it me or does his voice not match up with him at all? Don't know just a bit weird for me

  • Bragi Fridriksson

    you should stream oblivion someday

  • Gr33nlntrn

    Lod wants a beast to keep him company? no problem summons Durnehviir

  • Charlie Cheeseman

    Video starts at 12:20, gameplay starts at 16:28

  • ALTP13

    ESO we miss you! Upload #6 please <3

  • J- Bakes

    The upload got messed up

  • Doctor Brownbear

    if i got a dollar for every time you opened the magic menu instead of the items menu when getting a potion, i would be a millionare..

  • Not So Grumpy

    Useless fact: Paarthurnax and Mario are voiced by the same guy

  • DragonWithaMonocle

    Guys, Paarthurnax used to be crazy bad. Paar Thur Nax means "Position Tyranny Cruelty". He really was a high-ranking member of Alduin's horde. Al Du In means Destroy Devour Master, for comparison, and Nahkriin can mean either "revenge" or "To Kill By Revenge".

  • Judgement Gaming

    The Dwarven Bow is better than your foresworn bow. It says they do the same damage, but your bow has your bonuses from your enchanted armor, making it 37 damage. The Dwarven Bow is 37 damage before the buffs from your armor.

  • rafael nunez

    hey ESO can you make a video that teaches people how enchanting, smiting, and alchemy? i don't fully understand it. please! and thank you very much

  • Pranav Prakash

    Actually, ESO is supporting the stormcloaks without thinking. We all know that Ulfric's ambitions are blind. and no one will deal with the thalmor. the empire, on the other hand, might.

  • Yung Teenager

    Can you do dawnguard quest 🙂

  • Dark Hydra

    Been throughout the whole stream, #SKOOMAFORLIFVE

  • Stephen Furse

    lol i done the hole main quest line in a few days :P

  • Daffa Aufa

    What part did Blade ask him To kill paarturnax?

  • Mr. Wigster

    6 yrs old? It's not even 5 years old yet.

  • xH4T3x NATIONx

    ESO u should marry lydia

  • JoeBuzz

    the horse with the most health is shadowmere

  • Not Very Good At Games

    Will there be another stream?

  • Nicholas bowman

    Why does he always go into magic when he needs a potion😂

  • Huy Huynh

    please make a #6 one eso

  • Cool Cookie

    He looks so much different then what I thought he looked like

  • Dan Rann

    I have been watching ESO for a long time and the one thing i have learned from this play though, ESO is a really terrible shot lol.

  • derp booslik

    ESO animated would be pretty cool

  • Braden Pierce

    ESO did you know that quest items weigh nothing

  • Mike Chladek

    I still wonder... a la Morrowind... will you peer into the Well of Souls?

  • Tatsusama

    34:26 Even if it may be kind of racist; I wish they had different reactions to anyone who wasn't a Nord during this scene. I played as a Redguard because I happen to be Blackanese (father from the Caribbean and mother from Japan) and felt like I had wandered into a gated community. I would have found it funny/lore friendly if they at least noticed that I wasn't Nord:3

  • NeoMoon LPF

    Are you gonna do all the guild quests too or was that the end sad face

  • EveryDay_ Savage

    Alduin is a scared little b*tch

  • youtube gamer

    28:21 comment if you also saw the dragon at the top if the screen29:35 there was a dragon as well as a preist

  • Lucas Sandoval

    ESO, can you address the game breaking glitch where many npcs, essential and non-essential, disappear or have quest markers that are out of bounds, floating, or in other random places? It is terrible and Bethesda NEEDS to fix it ASAP. This has essentially put a halt to my 45 hour play through, and I am furious! Please address, your help is needed!

  • Emil Sall

    ESO you forgot to get the riverwood treasure chest

  • Joshua Romero

    What happened between episode 4 and 5 wasn't he fighting aulduin

  • billly Bob jr

    why the bows always eso?

  • Gianni Basandella

    Strongest Horse shadow mare from dark brotherhood

  • Jared Hentschel

    ESO ik this is old but whens the next Skyrim live stream gonna be

  • Kris Igneri



    I broke my hand and can’t play console anymore ;(

  • youtube gamer

    I hate it when people ask for likes when somebody died or something........p.s can i get a like my granny died

  • Teddy Hanson

    In Skyrim they should make Dadrick robes for mages

  • Thomas Easley

    It it probably would be better than an 2 damage bow and arrow

  • Aaron Gregg

    Eso could you please do a Dragonborn dlc walkthrough

  • JSpada81

    "and I smote his ruin upon the mountainside"

  • Shadow Hunter

    Sponsored bye Dr Pepper lolz

  • XDigsX 13

    Bro I like your walktroughs and everything,but sometimes you just irritate the f#&* out of me,your play style is so freaking dumb it's almost retarded,you can't hit shit with a bow,and the way you ignore the potions you have and the strategies you should use on some enemies is just irritating at the least.

  • Nate Pierce

    1:45:32 that's a star wars reference right?

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