Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Alduin Boss Fight - Remastered SE)

Skyrim Special Edition - Let’s Play ENDING Walkthrough #5 (Aldin Boss Fight - Remastered SE Gameplay)!
- Playthrough PLAYLIST:
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  • Oliver Bryan

    Be very careful when you go out on the street, because yesterday at around 6:30pm a bastard who was wearing a black sweatshirt pulled out a pair of scissors, luckily I had enough agility and I pulled out a rock, because if I would have pulled out a paper, he would have won. P.S: Love ya vids from Birmingham 👍🙏

  • Adam Thompson

    Wish I was in the top 10 loveYour work David Beckham of you tube :) another top quality video

  • RichC Gaming

    Does anyone else now hear ESO's voice when they play their own game of Skyrim? I can't help but hear ESO in my brain sayin' "GET REKT SON" every time I get a kill cam! YOU are the best ESO! Keep streaming! These videos are awesome! +1

  • Emil Wiegeraad

    if i got a dollar for every time you opened the magic menu instead of the items menu when getting a potion, i would be a millionare..

  • OliOli

    Damn 1 hour YouTube glitch I'll have to wait to watch the full stream :/

  • DapperDragon

    Guys, Paarthurnax used to be crazy bad. Paar Thur Nax means "Position Tyranny Cruelty". He really was a high-ranking member of Alduin's horde. Al Du In means Destroy Devour Master, for comparison, and Nahkriin can mean either "revenge" or "To Kill By Revenge".

  • soon cod player dark knight

    stream fallout 3 or 4 plzlike if agree

  • superclash123

    the three people in your battle party are the ones in elder scroll cut seen

  • Clorox Bleach

    It says it's 2 hours but it only goes to one hour?

  • SAT0M1 R3NTAR0

    we can kill delphine with soul trap

  • Trevor Johnson

    are you Logan the editor off of Papa Jake

  • Tatsusama

    34:26 Even if it may be kind of racist; I wish they had different reactions to anyone who wasn't a Nord during this scene. I played as a Redguard because I happen to be Blackanese (father from the Caribbean and mother from Japan) and felt like I had wandered into a gated community. I would have found it funny/lore friendly if they at least noticed that I wasn't Nord:3

  • Unum

    A new drinking game: Take a drink every time ESO say "wrecked".

  • SirPineappleGuy

    the horse with the most health is shadowmere

  • leetlebob

    What does your name stand for again?

  • Jasper Patterson


  • Fardeen Wasey

    At 2:06:23 Thank you so much ESO for finally pronouncing my name correctly and also do correct Aldin to Alduin in the description.

  • Emil Sall

    ESO you forgot to get the riverwood treasure chest

  • leetlebob

    Anyone ever feel itch but not know where it is

  • Diego Verhaegh

    around 2:07:30 your totally lost with names man😂

  • Jasper Patterson


  • Draaxus

    Seriously? He never thought to use Clear Skies?

  • anson bryant

    you just mist a dimond

  • robert andresen

    have you tried World of Warcraft ESO?

  • Clay

    A storm of yellow in the distance... "post r kelly paranoia"

  • Jared Hentschel

    ESO ik this is old but whens the next Skyrim live stream gonna be

  • Daffa Aufa

    What part did Blade ask him To kill paarturnax?

  • GameTitan74

    Holy shit... shard in the chest... IT TOOK 2! One time I had to shoot an arrow at a guys FACE TWICE! TWO FUCKING TIMES IN THE FACE! THE FACE

  • flyingbullets2

    why do all his bows do so much damage my daedric bow only does 22 damage

  • blabla7360

    dude love your haircut

  • LolliLover 66

    Is he gonna keep playing this or?

  • I nerd friends

    Can you do dawnguard quest 🙂

  • AnnomousGamer

    both of the drauger at the start for me was dearhlords

  • the poke'man


  • Gambino

    ESO you look like David degea 😂

  • Braden Pierce

    ESO did you know that quest items weigh nothing

  • Ole Brumm

    Will you please come out with a video for best build for mage with a highelve? pleeeease also if there is a vieo on better way to get gold or a gold glitch other than those chests because they never reset on me

  • Joshua Romero

    What happened between episode 4 and 5 wasn't he fighting aulduin

  • SUNNY DZthree

    eso will you please do another video on how to level up smithing because the original way has been patched

  • chris nguyen

    I think we're all waiting for stream #6 but we'll need to wait

  • Kaz Scott

    when are you going to do the other quest lines ?

  • Not So Grumpy

    Useless fact: Paarthurnax and Mario are voiced by the same guy

  • Fritz Filming

    Please continue this walkthrough

  • Tarrbarrabros Angel

    Finally it starts at 12 minutes

  • Devin Ridenour

    The bridge is made of whale bones, not dragon bones

  • mowhar

    i am 1.20 in, and video keeps rolling, so the problem with it stopping after 1 hour is gone.

  • felixen44

    when is the next stream

  • Kris Igneri


  • Dan Rann

    I have been watching ESO for a long time and the one thing i have learned from this play though, ESO is a really terrible shot lol.

  • Judgement Gaming

    The Dwarven Bow is better than your foresworn bow. It says they do the same damage, but your bow has your bonuses from your enchanted armor, making it 37 damage. The Dwarven Bow is 37 damage before the buffs from your armor.

  • Elliott Cahill

    hey eso theres a mod for skyrim that ignores the part where you have to side with the blades or the greybeards and you speak to delphine and theres a unige dialogue when speaking to her so yea youd better install the mod that does that so that way you can be with both blades and greybeards so yea

  • Gianni Basandella

    Strongest Horse shadow mare from dark brotherhood

  • KitCat Moustache

    ESO has the good weapons&armor and here he is like "LYDIA, SAVE ME"

  • Rodrigo Schmidt

    Why you didn''t searched Alduin?

  • RIGGST64

    Eso if you going to rock light armour I think u should get something that's not elven

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