Skyrim: 7 Mind Blowing Mods To Improve Your Elder Scrolls 5

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Skyrim Mods Weekly Playlist:

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MSZ Cathedral -2018 Xmas-
Skyrim Radar Mod
Kozakowy's 1600 Isabella De Bourbon Court Gown UNP
HD Unique Hand Made Signs Overhaul
Additional Techniques
Main Menu Design Replacer - Multilanguage - 60 FPS
The Great City Of Falkreath

  • TMercury480

    Next time just call it "Skyrim mods irregularly"

  • Sok Pupet The Barbarian

    You don't have to call it "weekly," but please keep the counter going. The counter is important.

  • pal1d1nl1ght

    Just call it Skyrim Wheneverly. It seems like a good title

  • WarlandWriter

    This is how you make Falkreath great again: A wall.I'm getting the weirdest deja vu here...

  • FusRoDah Daily

    4:23 "Would I recommend it? Nooo! Yes, maybe, idk"You have one job MxR...

  • HeadWigDankfire

    God damn it Henry, claps BONUS MOD

  • Your friendly Cynic

    Bonus meme may have died. It was reborn as bonus mod.

  • Sovereign Sage

    Isn't Celebrimbor from Lord of the Rings? He crafted the 3 Elven Rings of Power known as Vilya, Narya and Nenya....

  • Justine Mangaoang

    clap clap BONUS MOD I see what you did there Henry 😊😊 and its awesome

  • Rahmad Renaldi

    Maybe called it skyrim mods monthly for next video

  • penjo1

    Bro do whatever you want. as long as you're reviewing Skyrim mods and talking about shit I fking love it and I'll watch every video you put up. You're legit one of the funniest YouTubers I know simply because of your dry humor, randomness and all around hilarity. Keep it up boss 🤙👍

  • Johnny Pearseed

    The only way the arrows could be balanced would be if you had to be a male character with no slooty armors or followers

  • DranKof

    The most Skyrim I've ever played is watching your videos.

  • Scrax

    Hey MxR, we need a mod bundle for those of us who enjoy, eh... High quality characters, shall we say.

  • Izzy

    Skyrim mods weekly? Nah FamSkyrim mods wheneverly.

  • Lu Nara

    Yo MXR seems like u do love world of warcraft WOTLK music

  • Noob Noob

    Nice. BTW, why play Dragon Age: Inquisition music in the background?

  • jan arts

    What ENB, climate and texture upgrades are you using?I've finally gotten to mod skyrim myself (now I have a laptop that can handle it). And I'm always wondering how you make your skyrim so pretty. Maybe it would also be nice if you did some videos about how to mod and how to get your mod setup. Maybe in a mini series or as some update videos every so often, or both...I'm gonna take my chance and say this here. I've been watching your channel since you started with skyrim, when I was 12 (don't tell mom). And I'm enjoying it still. Hope you still enjoy it as much as I do and keep up the good work!

  • honnorgaurd

    whats the armor mod your character is using in the thumbnail?

  • Shiba

    You could probably do some single episode per game modding videos, kind of what dunkey did after he stopped playing league.At this point, I haven't played skyrim for like 2 years, and don't even have fallout 4.But I still watch your videos because they are hilarious, and would love to see some other games.

  • wildside316

    That projectile holding mod had me thinking of a DBZ scene. Goku was hiding underwater from some powerful villain, he generated two energy blasts under the villain, then when he was ready, directed said energy to spring forth and blast.☺

  • Automatik

    You can call the episodes: "Skyrim Mods: When I feel like it" :)

  • MrTorocop

    Bonus mod 👏 Bonus mod 👏

  • John Munro

    It must be hard to review mods for so long and keep up the enthusiasm. It also must be hard for the process of making the videos to feel fresh, but I'm still just as entertained as when I first started watching years ago😄 You're crushing it.Maybe can apply your comedic touch to a modding tutorial for new subs who want to get into modding? Your channel is intitially what got me interested in modding Skyrim which eventually lead me to build my first PC.

  • Snow

    do funny mods to make skyrim not look like skyrim

  • greg nubody

    Dude I love your Skyrim mod vids, wheneverly. That's why I subbed.Mor skyrim plz

  • Chistoph Ludwig Von Stille

    You accidentally put the word “mind” in your title

  • Corey Burton

    "S-elebrimbor"? It's pronounced Kelebrimbor. I thought you knew basic Elfish

  • Knorbie _

    I don't know if it's something you'll have fun with, but with your knowledge and the amount of mods that are out there, assembling small to medium mod recommendations to make your game, for example challenging, or beautiful, or immersive af.Though seeing how there are literally hundreds of episodes and not all mods function together this could also be pretty difficult and time-consuming

  • Robert Richter

    I realize you discontinued your series on SSE mods, but this makes me a little sad as I don't play Oldrim.SSE modding has seemed a bit more dynamic since the Script Extender became available. Maybe it deserves another look?

  • DrakoVanh

    Henri, how about calling it just MxR Skyrim Mod Reviews

  • RPG robot


  • IlI UltraX IlI

    I just found your channel and I'm DYING of laughter!!! Please keep it up!Oh and of course I subscribed

  • Snow Blackfrost

    2:26 BONUS MOD EPIC STYLE, i expect a bonus mod every episode now mxr army unite xD

  • Zachary Fluke

    THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE RECENT SKYRIM UPLOADS, MxR ;DIt's been very fun to watch all of them. I became a patron just because of all of the Skyrim content you're doing :>

  • Abdullah Kaan Cetin

    Can you make a new ultimate skyrim modpack for regular skyrim?

  • Miles Briones

    Honestly I really enjoy your regular or "old" content of showcasing a variety of mods like in the "weekly" series and I wouldn't want to change anything, however you should upload content as you please. Either way, keep up the great work!

  • JuJuBear Gaming

    Was there a pewdiepie bonus meme reference?!?! GASPS HoW....IMmErSiVe

  • Net Watcher

    Ideas for content? Build a mod with Jeanie. Plan, research, build and test it. Record your process, design art, voice work, etc... For bonus points get interviews with modders getting their input on how to create what your working on. Allow the community to make suggestions on what you should build, what details you should include and how big a project it should be, etc... Finish up with guest videos of other content creators testing what you built. Then release the mod, and do a final review where you react others reviewing your mod

  • Juggled Lotus

    Honestly i didn't notice talking too fast until i read someone mention it then you said it in the video well i wouldn't call it "too" fast it's not like you were struggling at any point. Also it's still a 10 minute video which you just showcased a lot of content so good stuff. 💯/💯

  • Ymmot Reihtnog

    Additional techniques dint get a JOJO reference ? Unsub

  • Majklkiller


  • Boo Box

    I've been subbed to you for years now, and watch almost all of your videos still. I really like, and prefer "themed" videos... like how you have the sloot mod series for skyrim, where you get all the adult mods.I'd like to see more things similar to that, or maybe you coming up with different mod lists to give skyrim a whole new feel. Like... a "Dark Souls" feeling skyrim mod list Or a "Monster Hunter" feelingstuff like that... just finding a collection of mods that flow together and make a video about it.

  • Mayhem

    Awl I ken say izza big HOO-RAY fo' awl-duh SLOOT-ay wit phat BOOT-ay!!!

  • Tom The Fish

    Why show Oldrin and not SE?IDK they both have their issues and advantages But it seems ad if Beyond skrim is going to be focusing on SE from now on Just saying.Also I L O V E the sloot, keep doing it man

  • Hayden Perry

    Can we get a video on how to make a playable skyrim that's realistic and challenging but not overboard? Thx and I love your work, keep it up.

  • Ha-Lan Tran

    Recently subscribed again, after a short break. I like your content and see you have changed around some things. Here's my feedback:PaceThis one does feel a bit rushed, compared to the other ones, but it's not going too fast. So showing smaller mods is nice. Transitions can be smoother but are good overall.ContentI'm probably in the minority here, but I appreciate the less-slooty armours. So it might be nice to alternate between slooty and classy. Overall good diversity of different mods. Please keep that in.MiscellaneousDon't be afraid to try new stuff. Your audience tends to change with you, as you age. I like your content because I like the humour you bring to the table.

  • MaxUniverse

    Celebrimbor....dude...COME ON!!!ps: what mod is he from? thx

  • Jakey Fremgen

    Bruh, if you think multiple weak spells is OP you have never tried Alchemy. Just sayinThe vanilla game is way more unbalanced

  • Splentforcer

    according to the officehentai is artI also appreciated the dragon age inquisition theme

  • Legendary King

    for a minute i thought this was meme review

  • Deus Dovahkiin

    Legitimate SKYRIM Mods...been so long....yes, yes, yes, thank you. I do miss weekly, or the every other weekly

  • Joshua Estes

    Dude, it’s Cal-le-brim-bor🤦‍♂️😂

  • J. Lee Tillery

    -0/infinity. No sloots or hentai. XD Seriously, that additional techniques mod looks pretty cool.

  • Roger Keener

    Quite possibly my favorite video from you MxR. I like how it came together. Cheers.

  • Andrew Virtue

    Dude you seem bored. That's perfectly understandable after eight.....years....of skyrim...Just wait till Elder Scrolls 6. You need a new game that you can review mods for until then.Maybe my personal favorite Dark Souls o_0....Or something with a shit ton of mods, to do what you do best. Review mods

  • Serious Cat

    2:26 B O N U S M O DYASS

  • hornetkiller25

    I improved my ''Gaming Experience'' thanks to you MxR

  • Selçuk Emre

    👏👏BONUS MOD👏👏👏👏MOD REVIEW👏👏👏👏LWITM(Last Week I tried a Mod)👏👏👏👏YOU MOD YOU LOSE👏👏

  • Emily Singer

    Is there a mod to replace all npc's faces/hair, I have found some but they only replace some? (New at modding skyrim)

  • Genociding Gemini

    what you should do is create mod tutorials for really difficult to install mods. Like How to get ENBs working properly. Or how to get a mod list of 250 plus mods working correctly with alot of difficult and touchy mods. ive used some of the mods youve covered from ..THAT OTHER WEBSITE OF MOD ORIGIN and Nexus and well ive always run into issues even when im the most careful.i think what your doing is great. both this Mind blowing mods series. as well as the "adult" mods series. they both are great. Also i cant really come up with other suggestions you have done alot of mod coverage in a ton of aspects. Maybe you could Start getting a series to build certain kinds of characters like "these would be good if you wanna play the game archery style. and give you quality of life" etc stuff like that?. Either way keep up the good works. FOR SCIENCE AND IMMERSION!

  • Vaughn Dayen

    "Oh it's camilla. It must be the map marker for- WHORE!" XD lol

  • Grey Bones

    At first i came for the mods. Then i stayed for the hillarious commentary. And now i still watch because of the sloots over top of the hilarious commentary.Also doesn't hurt that I love all the games.You just do you, Henry. Keep making those bad jokes that we all love and keep making the world a better slootier place

  • a fancy British man

    Shadow of war/mordor reference it's CELE BRIM MOR



  • Erock Snips

    dont act like you don't enjoy the hentai mods you degenerate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Byzanoid

    Do mod packs for certain builds/playstyles/themes/etc!

  • m. buss

    Good question.Maybe a holliday would be nice, to help you think.Anyways, good luck. You've already done quite a few experiments with the camera. That was appreciated.

  • Bublio53

    I kinda like how you've been categorizing the skyrim mod videos now a bit. Like when you listed the mods to make your game the hardest, or immersive, realistic, etc. That's pretty cool. :] you could also try best mage stuff, warrior stuff, whatever you want. Also, I've always loved your current video style. If it ain't broke don't fix it. But you do you ^_^. Others have suggested this too... tutorials. Doesn't sound like a fun idea maybe, but you'd be helping a ton of people. Me personally for example, I've never installed FNIS. I kinda want to, but I feel a little daunted looking at the page on nexus... And your newer naughty mod videos I'm actually enjoying and you're loosening me up to the idea of utilizing the site in tangent to my nexus stuff. I've been hesitant to try the site too, but you're making me think other wise! ... I still get lost on it though lol.

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