Skyrim: 7 Mind Blowing Mods To Improve Your Elder Scrolls 5

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MSZ Cathedral -2018 Xmas-
Skyrim Radar Mod
Kozakowy's 1600 Isabella De Bourbon Court Gown UNP
HD Unique Hand Made Signs Overhaul
Additional Techniques
Main Menu Design Replacer - Multilanguage - 60 FPS
The Great City Of Falkreath

  • WarlandWriter

    This is how you make Falkreath great again: A wall.I'm getting the weirdest deja vu here...

  • Sok Pupet The Barbarian

    You don't have to call it "weekly," but please keep the counter going. The counter is important.

  • pal1d1nl1ght

    Just call it Skyrim Wheneverly. It seems like a good title

  • Ha-Lan Tran

    Recently subscribed again, after a short break. I like your content and see you have changed around some things. Here's my feedback:PaceThis one does feel a bit rushed, compared to the other ones, but it's not going too fast. So showing smaller mods is nice. Transitions can be smoother but are good overall.ContentI'm probably in the minority here, but I appreciate the less-slooty armours. So it might be nice to alternate between slooty and classy. Overall good diversity of different mods. Please keep that in.MiscellaneousDon't be afraid to try new stuff. Your audience tends to change with you, as you age. I like your content because I like the humour you bring to the table.

  • TMercury480

    Next time just call it "Skyrim mods irregularly"

  • Miles Briones

    Honestly I really enjoy your regular or "old" content of showcasing a variety of mods like in the "weekly" series and I wouldn't want to change anything, however you should upload content as you please. Either way, keep up the great work!

  • Genociding Gemini

    what you should do is create mod tutorials for really difficult to install mods. Like How to get ENBs working properly. Or how to get a mod list of 250 plus mods working correctly with alot of difficult and touchy mods. ive used some of the mods youve covered from ..THAT OTHER WEBSITE OF MOD ORIGIN and Nexus and well ive always run into issues even when im the most careful.i think what your doing is great. both this Mind blowing mods series. as well as the "adult" mods series. they both are great. Also i cant really come up with other suggestions you have done alot of mod coverage in a ton of aspects. Maybe you could Start getting a series to build certain kinds of characters like "these would be good if you wanna play the game archery style. and give you quality of life" etc stuff like that?. Either way keep up the good works. FOR SCIENCE AND IMMERSION!

  • HeadWigDankfire

    God damn it Henry, claps BONUS MOD

  • Serious Cat

    2:26 B O N U S M O DYASS

  • Ajster1234

    I'd love some step by step tutorials for modding noobs. I've played Skyrim for years on xbox 360 (because poverty lol) but I saved up and recently moved to PC. I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing with some of the weirder mods like SKSE, FNIS, Reshades and I don't even understand wtf an ENB is. Basically the ones you can't just click on install with Nexus Mod Manager, so a guide from an experienced modder such as yourself would be great. Keep up the good work my friend :)

  • Your friendly Cynic

    Bonus meme may have died. It was reborn as bonus mod.

  • HiddenAssassin32

    He didn't know who Celebrimbor was.... im out.

  • Johnny Pearseed

    The only way the arrows could be balanced would be if you had to be a male character with no slooty armors or followers

  • penjo1

    Bro do whatever you want. as long as you're reviewing Skyrim mods and talking about shit I fking love it and I'll watch every video you put up. You're legit one of the funniest YouTubers I know simply because of your dry humor, randomness and all around hilarity. Keep it up boss 🤙👍

  • Justine Mangaoang

    clap clap BONUS MOD I see what you did there Henry 😊😊 and its awesome

  • Mathew Mingle

    You need to branch out more with your content, if you could come up with a series thats fun to play then you have content to upload, but you should try new things out with your editing. See what creative things you could show us in a video. Look at other content creators and see what things they might do to improve. There was an amazing series i would recommend you watching but it was deleted. Don’t be too afraid to try new things try and develop an efficient schedule to get you to where you want to be two years into the future.

  • FusRoDah Daily

    4:23 "Would I recommend it? Nooo! Yes, maybe, idk"You have one job MxR...

  • Rahmad Renaldi

    Maybe called it skyrim mods monthly for next video

  • Snow

    do funny mods to make skyrim not look like skyrim

  • Daryl Jeruz

    Do more skyrim mods!!!

  • Sovereign Sage

    Isn't Celebrimbor from Lord of the Rings? He crafted the 3 Elven Rings of Power known as Vilya, Narya and Nenya....

  • Izzy

    Skyrim mods weekly? Nah FamSkyrim mods wheneverly.

  • AValiantSoul

    What armor mod is in the thumbnail?

  • Tony Diaz

    Started to watch you again after watching some MxR Plays. you just got an amazing sence of humor and a good review style and voice. If you need feedback all i can say is you are great at what you do. There isnt a lot of new content to Make content on. Fallout 76 doesnt support mods so their isnt much you can do mod wise. If fallout 76 gets mod support you can definitely review mods for it. Keep your head up man you got a loyal fan base. Here's an idea maybe? Every now and then you should maybe come up with a mod you might want in fallout 4 or skyrim and maybe have a discussion or "tangent" another idea would be to to maybe talk to about other games you may like ex. guild wars wow. Etc I dont know anything about it but maybe a review or a let's play or just a story time or lore video would not only make me want to play but also its something you enjoy and are knowledgeable at and with your personality I think you could make more content if you feel worn out by the mod videos just an idea. Like I said I'm not a fanboy but when someone says mods I think of mxr mods no one else asking as you remain entertaining and happy with what you put out your fans will support you.

  • Explosive Lava

    I want the same thing over and over again, also, where is me adult mods?

  • MrTorocop

    Bonus mod 👏 Bonus mod 👏

  • Marcus Estrada

    You accidentally put the word “mind” in your title

  • Ymmot Reihtnog

    Additional techniques dint get a JOJO reference ? Unsub

  • Zed V

    Best show on the best channel on YouTube

  • Fujikawa42

    You could always try doing mod reviews for another game. Monster hunter world has mods to erm... enhance... female armor sets for example.

  • lukas tyfun

    Can you make a video of the best graphic mods on Xbox pls?

  • Stefan Simionov

    Something is missing.🤔

  • wolfy boy

    Don't change anything! why would you change any?? Just keep doing what you have been doing for 7 years, that's why you got popular! Don't change that!

  • will kupernik

    @MxR, here's an idea for a new series. "Skyrim SE Console Mods Wheneverly". you know, for us plebs who can't afford a high-end gaming PC or can't get use to mouse & keyboard.

  • Shiba

    You could probably do some single episode per game modding videos, kind of what dunkey did after he stopped playing league.At this point, I haven't played skyrim for like 2 years, and don't even have fallout 4.But I still watch your videos because they are hilarious, and would love to see some other games.

  • Lu Nara

    Yo MXR seems like u do love world of warcraft WOTLK music

  • Automatik

    You can call the episodes: "Skyrim Mods: When I feel like it" :)

  • Potato Kitty

    my mind didn't get any blow job's... I'm sueing for false advertising!!

  • Abdullah Kaan Cetin

    Can you make a new ultimate skyrim modpack for regular skyrim?

  • Erock Snips

    dont act like you don't enjoy the hentai mods you degenerate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Icằŗūs Kūŗøı

    Okay that's cool and all but have you ever asked yourself who's the strongest enemy in Skyrim?

  • Rational Orc

    clearly the horrible sign is WHY the father now hates his son duh

  • Robert Karling

    Give a vr opinion and some vr specific mods. Just for a slight change up.

  • burnt f1ames

    Is this now Skyrim mods interesting

  • Ankfintaren Duck

    You should make a fallout New vegas mod video

  • Alexandre de Sousa

    What is that white armor?

  • Mr_Frajola

    Which your texture mod?

  • lukas tyfun

    Playing skyrim after school xd

  • RPG robot


  • NotTylr

    clap clap BONUS MOD clap clap clap clap BONUS MOD 2

  • Sir Brucie

    MxR; sluuuooots, sluuoots everywhere!!!!

  • LadyxInsanity

    I’m actually gonna kill myself. I downloaded over 130 mods last night but only when I was done did I realise I downloaded them all to the wrong place, and I can’t drag and drop downloads since I’m using NMM so I’m gonna have to do it all over again 😭😭😭

  • Deus Dovahkiin

    Legitimate SKYRIM Mods...been so long....yes, yes, yes, thank you. I do miss weekly, or the every other weekly

  • Project Vlad

    Plz do more lets plays

  • Ancestor Ji

    " Penetration or some sort"

  • Funky Chunk

    If Ordinator isn’t in here I’m calling the cops

  • Decapper

    Why I would choose vr over pancake Skyrim.

  • andrew moore

    I like the mods vieos, but I think it would be nice to watch you actually play skyrim or fallout, or any other games. I know that that's done a lot on youtube, but I watch your channel because I like your content and your humor, so watching you actually sit down and play something feels like the natural next step after mod reviews.

  • Kaneki Ken

    How on EARTH do you NOT know who Cellibrimor is? He's a HUGE character in the Lord Of The Rings games Shadow Of Mordor and Shadow Of War! Also, you pronounced his name WRONG lol.

  • Kakeli Kuukeli

    Uhuumm Celebrimbor is a lord of the rings character and is pronounced with a hard c

  • Majklkiller


  • Đức Gà

    Can anyone tell me the name of the bow mod at the end of the video, please ?

  • Pivot Animations

    Is... Is MxR... No surely not...Is he beeping himself?!?!?!?!YouTube what have you done

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