Skyrim: 5 Solstheim Secrets You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim was a massive game upon it’s release in 2011. However, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim got even bigger in the following years with a variety of DLC releases. The Dragonborn DLC introduced the island of Solsthiem to Skyrim’s playable world and it too is loaded with dozens of Easter Eggs and hidden tales. So today, we’ll be taking a look at five Dragonborn DLC/Solsthiem secrets you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • mzwethu

    murdered to death. (Please pin this)


    I genuinely have no idea how Nate keeps finding new things in skyrim. But I love it!!

  • iiAmFrosty

    Fake because maiq didn't tell me this.

  • Flex Gopnik

    Solsteim total population:15 House Redoran Dunmer10 House Telvani Dunmer20 Skaal Nords2 Billion bandits...Prety good!

  • Jeremy Landon

    I about died laughing when I did the quest for Neloth only to have him later call out, "Verona! Verona, where are... Oh wait, you're dead."

  • Jeremy Landon

    If I am not mistaken just to the north on another small island off the north east coast of solthsheim there can be found the king of the Nirn root, a giant Nirn root about 10 times larger than all others!

  • patrick Harlev

    Claims you're not creative"More quests than adam sandler has movies"Yea I laughed a little bit too hard at that ;)

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    The horkers murdered them to death

  • Lukas 'Winterwolf' Yagami

    M U R D E R E D T O D E A T H

  • Khajiit

    Khajiit loves Morrowind,Solsthiem reminds him of it

  • SalamenceTrainer Wac

    There is something that most people miss - when you defeat the first dragon, if you have subtitles on you can see he says "Dovahkiin! No!" before dying and getting his soul reaped.

  • Limppu Man

    There is a guy somewhere on Solstheim, who will appear at midnight in a broken shack and he has a unique weapon which can be pickpocketed from him.

  • Tomb Keeper13

    Merilar has a note on her body about chanting and unnatural growling. The chanting is from the word wall and the growling is from a black book. Hearing the chanting is a sign that she is a possible Dragon Born just like the player.

  • John McCall

    "Skyrim is a huge game" Laughs in Daggerfall.

  • Heather Thomas

    "Being creative is difficult." mood when writing essays with word counts.

  • Nolan Friedline

    What about Old Salty the unique mudcrab?

  • Michael Ross

    I'm expecting Nate's next intro to just be "Skyrim big", and then he'll get into the video

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    Skyrim:5 people who murdered others to death you may have missed in The elder scrolls V:Skyrim

  • Jesse H.

    HEY, Nate, it's your resident English Teacher, here. Gosh, you really are making me work harder to find pronunciation or grammatical errors in your videos these days! Today, I found just ONE, and it's as small as the one in your previous video, maybe. even. smaller. gaspDid anyone else catch it?It's around 7:50 , where you pronounce pedestal like "Pede-stool" actually kind of a fun way to say it lol, but it IS incorrect, ultimately. The "a" in pedestal is effectively silent, so it's like "pedest'l" If you're into the phonetic alphabet it's "pedəstl"And There You Have It - one more tiny pronunciation detail you may've missed, in ... TheEpicNate315:) Have a nice day!

  • Brett Middleton

    Good golly. After all the talk about Horker Island, you didn't even mention that this was the source of the name for a major pirate group in the main game (quest Rise in the East)? Read Saden's journal again. He wasn't a reaver, but a member of a nameless gang of pirates based on Japhet's Folly. The pirate leader sent two pirates out to Horker Island. One returned to bear the tale, which obviously prompted the gang to choose the name "Blood Horkers".

  • carl

    Nice thubnail, you murdered it to death in this one!

  • Fadwa Yousef

    There's also that wizard who just blows himself up trying to achieve flight via magicka, rambling about "they said i could never do it" etcAnd i mean! He did fly! For a bit...

  • Jazmyn Jackson

    It wouldnt be an epicnate video without Murdered to death

  • FrozenSolid

    Should have played Morrowind music in the background instead

  • 060steve

    Hey Nate, I recently discovered some bandits just east of Whiterun. They were posing as imperial soldiers and tried to extort money out of me while standing next to the bodies of the soldiers they killed 😂😂 I never saw them until recently despite playing this game for aaaages.Here’s the link to the location: imgur(dot)com/uBLspZpNot sure if YouTube still blocks comments with URLs, hence the (dot)

  • Phantom Fox

    There is a werebear tribe in Solsthiem and if you are a werewolf they will allow you to hang with them instead of attacking you . I found that to be quite interesting . :)

  • Marmer

    If only I can make Lord Tusk a Hearthfire pet😔

  • BadgerIsHere

    *when the madman murdered you to death multiple times before you could kill him*

  • Gavin L

    Because of your vids I am thinking about playing skyrim again. U know a lot about skyrim. I found some things out a about oblivion

  • Makhail Oliver

    When the Greybeards summon the Dragonborn, you hear a boom similar to when you shout. This means that "Dovahkiin" is a dragon shout. They shout it like the Dragonborn summoning Odahviin. This also means that the REAL CANON name of the dragonborn is Dovahkiin. If the Dragonborn was an actual dragon, Dovahkiin would be his name

  • Luneth Fujisaki

    Did you guys know, the guards actually comment on the type of material your weapon is. So far I’ve discovered elven, steel, and iron.

  • Daniel Pettit

    >Nate makes a video about solstheim>Brings up several dunmer>Shows footage of his modded game which changes their skin colour welp.

  • CenturianEagle

    I loved solstheim in Skyrim (sadly I never played morrowind) but despite having missed the opportunity for a nostalgic boost to the experience of this dlc, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The atmosphere and quests and characters and locations, items and upgrades and incentives to keep playing, make it one of the best dlcs of any game. Dark souls 1-3 had some good dlcs too, and Witcher 3. And so far I’m doing nuka world and far harbor so I’ll see how those stack up once I’m done. But yeah- this was a great dlc.

  • Ze Medic

    I'm early by 3 minutes but dont have anything funny or witty to yeah...hi?

  • Leonidas Nerevar

    Tel Myrith? Nate, you've got to be kidding. Please don't fail that badly ever again. It's Tel Mithryn.

  • TheSarcasmSquid

    Hey Nate, did you know that you can sit on Karstaag's throne after killing him, which gives you a unique sitting animation?

  • MrHaunter

    light armor forging is a smithing skill book not a light armor

  • Monica Gilhooley

    I was super impressed to discover that most of the music that you can hear on Solstheim, especially near Raven Rock, is the music from TES3: Morrowind. I really appreciate musical references and subtle themes carried across to signify certain people and places. :)

  • UGU Zach

    Tel-WHATNOW!?MithrynIt's Tel-MithrynNot Myrith

  • James Perkins

    Looks like the Horkers had their reavers and ate it too.

  • Nicoya

    Here's a spooky theory for you: (spoilers ahead for the one person left on earth who hasn't completed the main quest in Skyrim)At the start of the main quest line in Skyrim, the prisoner, soon to be revealed as the dragonborn, will encounter no dragons between being attacked by Alduin at Helgen, and the appearance of Mirmulnir at the western watchtower. Additionally, exactly one dragon burial mound will become empty during the quest into Bleak Falls Barrow to retrieve the Dragonstone. No matter how long the dragonborn waits before handing over the Dragonstone, no other dragons will ever be seen (thus saving the denizens of Skyrim from their pesky attacks).Does this mean that Mirmulnir was the dragon buried in that one particular mound in Autumnshade Woods? The blades record that Mirmulnir was, at the very least, not killed by them, but that he also hadn't been seen since 2E212, so it's possible that he was murdered to death some other way, or was simply not identified upon his death, given that dragons don't exactly carry any ID cards. Given that no other dragons are seen until after you dispatch Mirmulnir, it seems most likely that it was him that was taking a dirt nap there.But then, who or what revived him at this particular time? If Alduin was resurrecting dragons, he wouldn't have been sitting around twiddling his draconic thumbs hoping that Mirmulnir would take care of things. Something must have been holding him back from raising his dragon army.I think it's most likely that the renowned dragon lover Farengar Secret-Fire either resurrected Mirmulnir on his own, inadvertently revealing to Alduin how to do so, or that Farengar made a deal with Alduin that empowered the world eater to resurrect the dragons by himself, with Farengar hoping that having live dragons around would give him an opportunity to possibly trap and study one (which eventually comes to pass, sort of, when Odahviing is trapped at Dragonsreach).Also, since it's only after Dragon Rising, when the dragonborn hands over the Dragonstone to Farengar, that the rest of the dragons start appearing in Skyrim, it kind of points to Farengar passing on the knowledge from the Dragonstone to Alduin, telling him where to find the other buried dragons.

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    Me: clicks on video without looking at titleVideo:hello guys and as you know skyrim is a big gameMe: oh yea this is Nate's video❤❤

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Nate I am begginig to question your humanity...... Are you a skyrim encyclopedia???? Hmmmm I think so..... Aha I caught you

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    Love the skin on that Horker mace

  • Nealen the Nerd

    More quests than Adam Sandler has movies?Yet one has more quality than all of the put together

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    The Horkers snacked them to death?

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    It makes me cringe every time you say "Murdered to death". But these videos are awsome so keep it up.

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    You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people pin me or i have to dislike the video

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    Nah, Adam Sandler still has many more movies than Skyrim EE.

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    These are some of the most interesting video's that i look forward too every week! Keep it up 👍

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    Nate, if you read this, make a video of "Murdered to Death" in 10 different languages.

  • venabre

    Can people who are not dragonborn or grey beards hear the word walls? I can't recall any in-game evidence saying they can or can't

  • nogin smith

    Thirst. (For these secrets, love the vids)

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    Yo nate I'm still waiting for that second herobrine prank man

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    Watch this with subtitles, the errors will be make you laugh.

  • crazymammoth

    you using a mod for Horksbain appearance?

  • Jarrod A

    Horkers are horrifieing

  • Stayn Wayn

    Wait, if saden didn't know what horkers are, why did he have a mace that was specifically designed to deal bonus dmg against them?


    The ships don't "seem" shipwrecked, they are shipwrecked.

  • Dr Proximo

    Serious question: has the person who narrates these actually ever played the game, or is he reading text that's been written by someone who has? I ask because this is the fourth of these that I've watched, and in every one he's mispronounced a place name that a character in the game says out loud. This time, he doesn't even pronounce Tel Mithryn the way it's spelled! It's like "tell MYTH-rin", I don't know where the hell the garbled attempt in this video came from.

  • Jeremy Alien Smith

    i wudda used WABBBAJACK! to cheer the poor Madman Up like how u do for that Madwomen in skyrim

  • Joe Nesvick

    With the Beyond Skyrim Burma & Moonpath to Elsweyr mods, I have more to explore too. Xbox running out of space, may have to upgrade to PC once Beyond Skyrim is finished (imagine it’ll cancel out moonpath).

  • John Anderson

    I think that mind controlling spider is a reference to Half-Life

  • Cog Productions

    Why do you use practice arrows? They do no damage remember?

  • exBasist1

    what is that armor mod

  • Gustavo [Darklordz]

    If you know any truly sons and daughters of skyrim tell them to subscribe to nate's Channel. The 360p squad is Always looking for Strong capable warrior

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    7:30 He does not lie dead, he lies murdered to death.

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    I’m sure haelga will make good use of Horker Island

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