ULTIMATE POLYGAMY MOD - Skyrim Mods Remastered - #5

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Pure Waters by Laast
Realistic Water Two by isoku
Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold by joeThinkStudios
Dragon Falls Manor by Mattcm919
Elven Dresses by Naihaan by Naihaan Kragnaidael
Triss' Dress UNP-CBBE by Oaristys and Raven
Fancy Dress by lostdaywalker (LoversLab)
  • Simone Pagnotta

    So, yesterday I ordered Skyrim for PS4. I just cancelled the order.I'm building a gaming PC anyway.

  • The_Great_Benzoni

    Bethesda: can we have mods?Sony: fuk off m8FUCKING FARM SIMULATOR: can we have mods?Sony: oi m8 go right ahead!

  • SexyMonsterLover

    ...and batman. Fucking lost it. XDDD

  • Robert Allen

    mmm...... vanilla water..

  • Jake Sutton

    Fuck Sony. I'm going PC master race and selling my paperweight for however much I can get

  • Josh Loveday

    After watching for over 200 episodes I finally bought skyrim on pc and had to look through all the vids for good mods 😂

  • Haiden Marie

    My boyfriend has always been PCMR. I was stuck on sony. When sony decided to not allow mods, we bought an awesome graphics card and got me going on my first ultimate, modded skyrim play through. Never looking back. Your videos are so helpful too, so I dont have to dig on nexus much. lol.

  • Akala Tanara

    There's nothing homosexual about liking a beautiful dress, they're meant to be pleasing to the eye, male and female eyes alike. Is that not the reason we all dress up? To be pleasing to the eye, usually to the opposite sex, but not always. Now if you're male and getting into a dress, things may change, but there's still nothing wrong with that either. MXR, you can stop trying to prove you're not homosexual, I think we believed you long ago, and even if you were, you're still just fine as you are. Just be you, man. Just be you and only you.

  • El Capitán93

    I'm beginning to think that MxR isn't straight.

  • Keitaro 6

    I like the use of Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker music during the water mod

  • James Kelsch

    Mxr I used to look forward to you videos , they gave me hope that I could have these things on my ps4 now you just cock smack me across the face then laugh about it... I can't wait for more videos

  • EVEL

    hopefully i will get to see more sauce

  • Doge King Of Swag

    It's so creepy that Alexstraza blinks even when she is like a statue...

  • Sovereign

    What body mod are you using to make the characters look so damn amazing?

  • Phong Nguyễn Văn

    "SEE YOU GUY ON THE NEXT ONE" 6 month later:nothing :(come on, make more of these video for SE

  • Veterus V.

    did anyone else see MxR post part 2 of enderal like 45mins go then see him turn it private?

  • Dennis Plettner

    So, I guess Remastered never really "got there"?

  • DawnBreakerZ343

    whats your walking animation?

  • Eetu Palo

    This whole channel is just pure clickbait. I can't comprehend how so many people buy into this bullshit.

  • collin browning

    Are there any good mods that change the look of bows on skyrim special edition?

  • Xxxsorrow

    Now I can finally be married both to Sanguine and Serana! :D

  • Marquis Vargo

    make alexstrasza a follower for us.

  • Paintball Legacy

    Omfg when he was punching Lydia in the face I lost it 😂😂

  • 18wheard

    What is the mod that lets you see your body when you look down?

  • Frank Soutar

    "It's like people, actually virtually care about you." LMFAO

  • Silverblade

    what is that mod , before 'and batman' :D where he is going who the fuck is that?

  • hjgfehfaf gdsghgh

    Who's the girl at 10:28, and where to find her?

  • Jonas Angermund

    Everything links to normal Skyrim, why? This is supposed to be Special Edition - right?

  • Hey It's Marri

    okay buthe sounds like pewdiepie-

  • XHaradorkX

    10:16Those titties are crazy af

  • realitywarper93

    Seriously, what is the polygamy perk?

  • TerraEarthera

    Someone make a gif of Lydia being punched....

  • Jake Wertanen

    I love being a no life

  • Hahn Solo

    What happened to this series?

  • T Rex

    Gay marriage is legal in Skyrim? I think not!Skyrim is for the Nords!

  • May Thet Linn

    What mods are you using on Lydia? She doesn't look half bad

  • Akhfar barqi


  • The Digineer

    Boy I bet you feel like a dumbass.

  • John Harrison

    Could someone please point out which mods are used to make the facial features & hair on Aela striking as they are shown at 7:09?  I don't mind the booty modification mods, but I really enjoy the ones which make the NPCs easier to look at.

  • Hector Lepissier

    what is the platforme for this mod (Pc , Ps4, Xbox one)

  • Lloyd_loner _

    Ha Lol, the boobs in the background at 10:17

  • AntiCrusty

    Is episode 6 coming anytime soon?

  • Obinook

    why you removed enderal pt2 from your channel?

  • Kostas Kavourinos

    To answer to your question about "how to ressiest the temptetion of virtually cheating your wife" the answer is "Cicero".Done.10/10 voice acting, 10/10 craziness, 10/10 amazing adventures with.

  • Waidën

    I want the next one ='( !

  • Jacky Tran

    I'm wondering if this series is dead? looking at the date, tells me there might not be one soon?

  • 487shawn

    can't find that marriage mod anywhere on xbox one

  • Aaron Irby

    Is Skyrim remastered dead? I've been undergoing a huge move from Japan to Germany. I finally got some type of access and there's no new Skyrim remastered vids.

  • Kristine May Abrio

    What is your Face/Visual mods? It looks neat!

  • Hail Hydra

    Ahh I remember the days when skyrim had just come out and MxR was making his first videos. Those were the days am I right?

  • gunnycross

    are all these SE mods? Oh and thanks for introducing the word slooty to my life I am forever in your debt!

  • Valentin Rose

    somebody's jealous of your fabulousness at 3:07

  • Panico L

    having a problem downloading the mod on nexus mod manager, everytime it finishes downloading it says "error registering mod, string not recognized as valid Boolean." = how can i make this work?

  • Garlore Ķɨռɢ ʀåռɖօʍ

    I'm just going to say it and BATMAN ! lol what 😂

  • Leah Thompson-Brennan

    When he was talking about all the beautiful women in Skyrim, who was the red haired girl with the facepaint?

  • Hugo Van Der Heijde

    what happened to this playlist though?

  • Oliver

    Will someone please upload a polygamy mod to XBOX! Pwetty pwease!

  • Lavius_

    wat mod are u using to make the women in skyrim have a more 'appealing' appearance?

  • Banezilla22 Smith

    Love the oblivion music

  • Branden McNabb

    Where are more Skyrim Mods Remastered?!?!?!?!?

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    ZREO Windwaker XDOfficially requesting a remaster, relocation, and/or addition of nps for Windfall Island.

  • Little Slimy

    these mods are for Skyrim Vanilla, not the remastered edition.

  • Chess Key

    Bro MxR Mods, can i know about this girl on 10:28.How did you get her in the game ?

  • Fosforlu Kalem

    I like vanilla water.Tomato's are cool but don't throw potato guys :'(

  • David Bickham

    I'm so glad I have an Xbox, only reason I got skyrim remastered is for the mods

  • Fox God

    I don't see the marriage mod on Xbox one anybody else have the same problem?

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